Marks: 80 BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Attempt all questions 1. Discuss how the environment acts does as a stimulant to business. Analyse why business often does little for the preservation of physical environment despite the fact that it is significant for business activity. (10)

2. Explain the relevance of ecological issues to business environment (10)

3. What do you understand by Business Social Responsibility ( B S R ). How this can be used to improve the Business Environment. (10)

4. Explain how the business in an organization can be regulated with regard to the Organization’s Basic Objectives. (10)

explain how the Political and legal Environment of business plays a vital role.5. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of FDI. Describe in detail the different role played by the Government towards enriching the business Environment. (20) . Justify by bringing in suitable examples. In the Business Environment context. What is your opinion on the role of FDI in the Retail Sector? Justify your views with India's experience in this sector. (10) 6. (10) 7.

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