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Western University (Year II, Semester I) Mid-term Examination


Vocabulary 1. Complete the charts: Adjective friendly .. .. happy .. .. wonderful Noun friend music science greed danger . Noun invitation achievement .. Discussion .. .. exploration Verb Invite Complete Organize Appear ..

2. Match a word in A with a line in B: A B Answers 1-pay a-lives 1. e 2-pop b-a coat 2. 3-drive c-star 3. 4-mobile d-abroad 4. 5-save e-the bill 5. 6-text f-an email 6. 7-try on g-dangerously 7. 8-send h-job 8. 9-travel i-phone 9. j-my friends 3. Complete the sentences using a phrasal verb with look in the correct tense: 1. If I dont know the meaning of a word, I look it up in the dictionary. 2. Im my glasses. Have you seen them? 3. seeing you next week. 4. .! That glass is going to fall! 5. A Do you know Kims phone number? 6. B Sorry, I dont. You the phone book. 7. Babysittersthe children when the parents go out. II. Grammar 1. Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs: Last February, I (1) decided (decide) to go on holiday to Florida. The day I (2)..(leave) England it (3)..(rain), but when I (4)..(land) in Florida, the sun (5).(shine) and a lovely, warm breeze (6)(blow) from the sea. I (7)(take) a taxi to my hotel. As I(8)(check in), someone (9).(tap) me on the shoulder. I (10)(can not) believe my eyes! It was my old girlfriend. She (11). (stay) at the same hotel. The next day, we

(12).(go) snorkeling and (13).(see) hundreds of beautiful fish. It (14)..(get) dark when we (15).(return) to our hotel after a wonderful day. We(16).(spend) the rest of the week together. It was very romantic. We(17)(feel) very sad when the holiday (18)..(end). 2. Complete the sentences with suitable words in the box: exhibition drew read wrote plays chapter portrait Fairy tales went to sketch a. b. c. d. e. f. g.




Shakespeare..many famous and poems. I couldnt put the book down until Id .the last .. . I love reading about the lives of famous people so I always buy.. . ..often begin with the words Once upon a time. My friends a great artist. He and it looked just like me. He a quick ..of the trees. We an .of Picassos paintings and sculptures.

3. Complete the sentences with a form of have to or should. Make the verbs negative when necessary 1. Geoff works too much. I think he ...take it easy. 2. Your clothes smell, and youve got a cough. You.smoke. 3. Im going to bed. I ..get up early tomorrow. 4. Id like to meet your boyfriend. Youinvite him round. 5. Soldiershave short hair. 6. You..come with me if you dont want to. Ill go on my own. 7. If you cant do your homework, youask for help. 8. If youve got a ticket, you..queue. You can go straight in. 9. Youtell lies. Its wrong. 10. Your hairs too long. I think you..get it cut. 11. You ..visit Scotland in summer when it is warmer. 12. Sorry Im late. I do some shopping.