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and TESTAMENT of _________________

I, ________________, of ________________, ________________ County, Ohio, hereby revoke any and all Wills previously made by me, and I make, publish and declare this to be my Last Will and Testament. ITEM I I direct that all my just debts (except debts secured by any form of pledge or mortgage of any property, real or personal, debts which are barred by the statute of limitations or debts upon which I am not the primary obligor on the date of my death), funeral and testamentary expenses be first paid out of my estate. I further direct that any and all succession, inheritance or estate tax, state or federal, levied or assessed by reason of my death, whether on property passing under this Will or apart from it, shall be paid out of my estate without any right or duty upon my Executrix to seek or obtain contribution or reimbursement from any person or property. ITEM II Next, I direct that all of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, real, personal and mixed, of every kind and description, whenever and although subsequently acquired, wherever situated, including lapsed and void legacies and devises, if any, which I may own or have the right to dispose of at the time of my death, by power of appointment or otherwise, irrespective of afterborn, subsequently adopted, subsequently designated or pretermitted heirs, I give, devise and bequeath equally to_________________, now residing at __________________________, and to __________________, now residing at _______________________________, to share and share alike absolutely and in fee simple to their heirs and assigns per stirpes.

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ITEM III I make, nominate and appoint ___________________ of _______________________, ____________ County, Ohio, to be my Executor of this my Last Will and Testament, hereby authorizing and empowering the Executor to compound, compromise, settle and adjust all claims and demands in favor of or against my estate; and to sell, at private or public sale, with or without Court order, at such prices, and upon such terms of credit or otherwise, as he may deem best, the whole or any part of my real or personal property, and to execute, acknowledge and deliver deeds and other proper instruments of conveyance thereof to the purchasers. No purchaser from the said Executor need see to the application of the purchase money to or for the purposes of the trust, but the receipt of the Executor shall be a complete discharge and acquittance therefor. I request that no bond be required of the Executor. I request further that no appraisement of my household goods and furniture be made. The Executor shall have the sole discretion in the division of personal property among the legatees, except where specific bequests are otherwise made. In the event that the Executor fails or refuses to qualify, or is not living at the time of my death, or is incompetent, or resigns, or dies during the course of the administration of this estate, or is removed by a judge or court of competent jurisdiction, then I nominate and appoint ___________________, of _______________, _____________ County, Ohio, to be the successor Executor, with as full rights, powers, privileges and immunities as above set forth, including the dispensation from the requirement of bond as fiduciary. All interest in real estate that I own at the time of my death shall be treated as though the Executor were the owner thereof with all the privileges and powers conferred by Ohio Revised Code 2113.311 and successor and similar statutes, and subject to limitations thereof, from the date of my death until such interest in real estate have been duly transferred in the administration of my estate. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have set my hand this day of , 2010, to this instrument of three (3) pages, which I declare to be my Last Will and Testament, and have identified the preceding page hereof by writing my name on the margin.

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The foregoing instrument, consisting of three (3) pages, was signed, published and declared by _____________, the Testator, to be his Last Will and Testament, and in our presence and we at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses this _____ day of ____________, 2010 and we hereby certify that at the time of the execution hereof we believe the Testator to be of sound and disposing mind and memory. This attestation clause has been read to us aloud.

1 Residing at __________________________________ Residing at ___________________________________

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