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In this riveting collection of poetry author and performing artist Sharla Kornegay vividly and aesthetically expresses thought on social, cultural issues and universal principles provoking the reader to assess their being, their mentality and actions in relation to the life theyre living. Leaving the reader pondering on this common, yet complex query in life: Am I living my life to the fullest, being fulfilled with a clear sense of success and purpose? The book has timeless relevance because all human beings have aspirations and dreams that they desire to achieve in their lifetime and we all search constantly whether consciously or subconsciously about the purpose of our lives. The life we live is a result of our choices that get played out into our actions and our mentality is the powerhouse behind our choices. Therefore, it is vital for us to cultivate and wield the mind since it has the power to make one self-destructive or self-sufficient. What makes this task intricate and convoluted at times is the fact that from the moment we enter life we are influenced by multiple outside factors such as culture, social systems, environment and personal experience that help form our perception of self and life. Thus, many take on identity and live life mundanely without awakening and executing their true passions in life. Life in Color helps cultivate thought that ignites and empowers the human soul to peel back all the weighted layers that people feel and let beset them from attaining and maintaining both a successful and fulfilling life. The writing inspires the development of a strong willed intuitive mentality that guides the individual to persevere through obstacles, surmount the unpredictable in life, create and enjoy fully their life. Life in Color is a literary gem that shares the factual worthy ideal that with the right mentality, through cultivation of the mind; connection and adherence to the inner most voice lifes virtues and your deepest passions are attainable.
To set up an interview, request a speaking engagement, poetry performance or book club appearance, please use the full contact info listed below: Publisher: Sharla R. Kornegay | SBKArtWorks E: W: P: 570-851-9328 LIFE IN COLOR: ISBN: 978-0-615-42793-5, Price: $20 The book is available for purchase on the authors website; for more information about the author and to read excerpts, visit


Sharla Kornegay started her journey into the arts at a young age, singing on church & school choirs and performing in local productions. Sharla experienced a rough childhood and inwardly had to grow up fast to grasp the hardships that surrounded her. To deal with her overwhelming feelings of pain and disappointments about the world she lived in, she turned to the arts. Writing, acting and singing were not just entertaining hobbies, or career goals, they also provided moments of escape from at times harsh realities and enabled her to envision a brighter future for herself. As a little girl she always wrote creatively in journals and poetry and at the age of fourteen she started to write songs. "Writing was my outlet, and still is very therapeutic for me, the blank page seems to stare at me, waiting for me to live out any dream I want," says Sharla. Sharla graduated Summa Cum Laude, with a B.A. in Communications from East Stroudsburg University, coupled with a performing arts track from Rutgers University. Upon graduating Sharla merged her talents of acting, singing, dancing, with her communications and creative writing skills to become a conscious writer and performing artist. She released her poetry book, Life in Color, in November 2010; using the expression in her writing to bring wholeness, self-identification, provoke thought in individuals that will transcend into conscious action to gain inner strength, certainty of self and purpose. She is currently working on her debut album titled, I Know You Wonder, and is the founder of the following two social entrepreneurial organizations: SBKArtWorks & ARTIFACT Humanity. She is a freelance writer of multiple blogs, does motivational speeches and artistic workshops. She is driven to use the powerful expression of the arts to address social and cultural issues that stimulate thought, to provoke positive action, stir the hearts of humanity to impact and change lives. To learn more about the author visit, to get information and updates on her next two books of poetry and essays, Peace of Me, and Spirit Nature, the release of her debut album I Know You Wonder, as well as a schedule of upcoming events (book signings, readings, workshops and performances).


IMPRINT: PUB DATE: TITLE: Sub-title: Author: ISBN: Price: POETRY | CREATIVE WRITING | INSPIRATIONAL NOVEMBER 2010, PENNSYLVANIA LIFE IN COLOR Colorful Expressions To Inspire A Vibrant Reflection In You SHARLA R. KORNEGAY 978-0-615-42793-5 $20

In Life in Color author Sharla R. Kornegay renders simplicity to some of the complexities of life by taking the reader on a journey through some of the issues and personal life experiences that she and others who are living fulfilled lives have allowed their inner voice and being to assess, put in proper perspective, regardless of environment and life circumstance, to produce a positive progressive mind state thats free and clear to see and live Life in Color. Whether shes addressing the issue of missing fathers in broken homes in the poem, Bitter Sweets Nearing Beautiful; Declaring the original makeup of African history and the traditions of her ancestors reigns in the poem, Black Prince; Describing the essential ingredients and process of fulfilling a dream in, What Dreams May Come, or portraying the secrets to long lasting loving relationships in the poem, We Made It Through,; there is always the consistent theme of embracing and releasing the power that lies within to transform life. The book conveys the idea that the only difference between the fulfilled and unfulfilled individual in life is their mentality and reinforces the power in and necessity of being proactive in the development of ones own life. These ideals are depicted in such poems as The Morrow, Power Of Creation, Are You, Finally Free, Whos The Motivating Master, Two Paths To A Dream, and Seed Of The Free. Sharla likes to define Life in Color as a creative self-help book, or rather as she would put it, selfidentification book because the content will stir the heart of a person to know and be grounded in who they are and ignite, or fuel passion for life. It is perfect for the busy life of these times in that the structure is concise enough for a person to read one poem a day and get enough wisdom and charge to execute their daily tasks with a refreshed and clear mind. This compelling collection of poems will leave a striking impression on the hearts and minds of its readers. Life in Color narrates and depicts the essentials of life. It poetically expresses the rawness and variety of emotions that makes us human but reminds us of the eternal beauty in the unmatched valor of the thriving human spirit. To read excerpts visit,


The Public Raves about Life In Color Life in color, is such an amazing breath of fresh air, each poem keeps you coming back for more. Each vivid expression excites, inspires and stimulates the human soul to cultivate and awaken the hidden treasures that are buried deep within us. Sharla Kornegays writing is an expressive jewel which demonstrates, that using the imagination is a divine gift, for with mental images you may build any condition you desire. It serves as an effective, poetic, literary daily companion, reminding us that there is no need to fear anything, for we carry the indwelling power to understand and overcome everything. -Robert Henderson Jr., Author of The New Underground Railroad

Great writing from a new and inspiring author whose first release makes a solid statement that she is well on her way to claiming her position among the great writers of our time. -Kimone Marie Williams, Author of Reflections: This is my voice

Life in Color is such a page turner. I read the first poem The Moment of Grace and couldnt stop reading, before I knew it I was half way through the first chapter. Sharla Kornegays writing is similar to the inspirational and spiritual teaching author Joyce Meyer and her expressions are both relatable and inspiring. -Alma Robinson, Englewood, NJ

Sharla Kornegay shares the wisdom of life in her own unique way in Life in Color. The words are filled with vitality and strength, powerful enough to pierce through and give life to the most solemn individual and moment. -Eurice Morales, Bronx, NY

I saw author and performing artist Sharla Kornegay perform one of the poems from Life in Color, titled We Made It Through, and she expressed the words so passionate and boldly that I bought the book the same day, because the performance was so riveting. And when I read more I completely understood why the performance moved me the way it did, because each poem is laced with so much meaning and power that the truth within them speaks for itself. Amazing! Seriously inspiring! There are no other better words to describe the book. -Taqiyya Lester, Atlanta, GA

Extraordinary work comprised of reoccurring issues that are worth the revisit to bring enlightenment on. Its nice to have a refreshing voice in the world of literature and poetry. -Randal Mckoy, Washington, DC


1. Why did you choose LIFE IN COLOR as the title for the book?
I chose Life in Color as the title because the phrase beautifully embodies and encompasses all that the book is about. It has dual meaning. The functioning and experience of life is not black and white, life is filled with an array of colors and by that I mean different types of people, environments, and situations with all types of variance of meanings. Variety is the spice of life and I have only witnessed individual or massive regression and calamity come from wanting to make things just black and white, when we cast false judgments, put limitations or reject things that are unfamiliar and unlike the norm. If you limit your Being, your mind, second guess or let the world around you stifle your inner voice and intuition, you limit yourself, your capabilities and your possibilities in life. And if one doubts self then how can they truly embrace, believe in, empower and unite with another. Humanity thrives when the virtues of life are understood and applied, that is what exemplifies Life in Color and is needed to obtain and live out our dreams. Secondly, though I was born in Jamaica I consider myself to be both Jamaican and AfricanAmerican because Ive lived in America since I was three and live and relate to the culture. Since the horrendous act of slavery occurred there has been a negative stigma attached to being an individual of color in the United States of America and I wanted to break that stigma by stating that living Life in Color is a brilliant way to live because it adds more variety and possibilities to life. In my writing I also wanted to remind the people of my culture of our rich African history, our honorable heritage, indelible intelligence and moral philosophy, so that it can be called to remembrance and revitalize the present culture of today.

2. The book is constructed into four chapters. What is the breakup of each chapter?
First Chapter: Social Cultural Familial Recurrences - This chapter discusses things that I have experienced in my childhood, that are also very common in other families and cultures, such as missing fathers in broken homes. The chapter touches on social issues, cultural and environmental themes as well. Second Chapter: Conscious Ingrained Inspirations - This chapter comes after addressing some of the social and cultural issues and personal experiences that might have aided in the tainting of the perception of self and life. And now that some of those layers have been peeled back this section purposefully cultivates thought towards filling the mind with constant positive thought towards character development and fulfillment of essential dreams. Third Chapter: Love Grown & Layered - There are two very vital areas in life that determines joy or misery in life and they are: self-contentment and loving relationships. This chapter challenges some of the false illusions that come to one self and in between relationships trying to masquerade as genuine love and describes the true characteristics of love poetically. Fourth Chapter: Songs In Poetic Prose - This chapter is colloquially written in everyday prose and is comprised of some of the songs that will be released in my albums. They are either inspirational or talk about love concepts and are in the structure of songs, so they can serve as affirmations and be repeated as incantations.

3. What is the meaning of the cover artwork and the cohesive idea as a whole with the internal artwork in the book?
I am a fan of art, so even at the beginning stages of the book production I knew I wanted

artwork, both on the cover as well as internally. I wanted artwork that would complement the book content and be really visually stimulating. The cover artwork is a reflective image of a person looking at them self and seeing their self in a different light, arrayed with a variety of brilliant, radiant colors. The pale blue represents the person living in limitations, subject to their circumstances, letting life happen to them. The colorful reflection represents the limitless life that the person can attain, full of abundance, opportunity and complete fulfillment, if they embrace and release the power that exists within them to transform their mentality, then eventually their life. The internal artwork visually depicts whatever poem comes before it. The theme is very ethereal, celestial to represent the eternal energetic fiber that exists within all of us but is not readily seen without conscious awakening. The idea is that some of the content and artwork might depict things that seem to be foreign to us but in fact they are very close to us, so close that it is in us; the human spirit of course.

4. You are multi-talented which talent do you find to be the most rewarding and consider your primary skill out of writing, acting, singing and dancing?
I am grateful to possess the talents and skills that I have and find all of them to be rewarding. My writing is what cohesively conjoins all of my talents it is the consistent ingredient in all that I do, whether Im writing some form of written literature; writing a song and then singing it; writing a play then acting in it, or even choreographing a dance routine, that is also writing of another type, just not with a pen.

5. How and when did you know you were a writer?

Well, Ive always written creatively in journals and poetry since I was a little girl. I experienced a lot of hardship during my childhood with the death of my father when I was 6 years old and my mother being diagnosed as mentally ill for most of my childhood, so I used writing among other arts as my way of escape, to envision a better life for myself. I dont know why, but I understood at a very young age that while I might feel stifled in the limitations and dysfunction of my physical environment, my mind and imagination was limitless; free to be wherever and whoever I wanted to be, but believe it or not I didnt know that I was a writer until I set out to write Life In Color. It was an instrumental awakening moment, thats why I was able to finish the writing process of the book so quickly, in two months, and I could look back in time and see that I was a writer all along.

6. Who are some of your favorite writers?

Some of my favorite writers are: Maya Angelou, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Toni Morrison, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Robert Frost and James Allen.

7. In one phrase what would you say is the key to living Life in Color?
The key to living Life in Color is realizing that inside you exists the power to create the life you need and want through proper cultivation of your mind thats carried out into your conscious actions.


1. What inspired you to write Life in Color? 2. How long did it take you to write the book? 3. What is your favorite chapter or poem in the book? 4. You slate yourself to be A Writer At Core, A Philosopher At Heart, & A

Multi-talented Artist By Nature. What does that mean exactly and how did
that tag phrase come about? 5. You are the founder of two social entrepreneurial organizations: SBKArtWorks & ARTIFACT Humanity. Can you tell us about them? 6. You are also a singer-songwriter working on your debut album I Know You Wonder. When is the release date and can you tell us about the concept behind that? 7. What are you working on next?



To set up an interview, request a speaking engagement, poetry performance or book club appearance, please use the full contact info listed below:

Publisher: Sharla R. Kornegay | SBKArtWorks E: W: P: 570-851-9328 LIFE IN COLOR: ISBN 978-0-615-42793-5 Price: $20

The book is available for purchase on the authors website; for more information about the author and to read excerpts, visit