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REMARKS BY PAUL BROWN TO MORGANTOWN CITY COUNCIL, DECEMBER 20, 2011 First, I would like to applaud City Council

for banning fracking within city limits and for a distance of one mile outside of city limits. You have helped to set in motion a movement that we hope will prevail. We have encouraged you to appeal the decision by Judge Susan Tucker that this ban is invalid, and you havent done so. For that, I say shame on you. You will hear important arguments tonight from citizens who want this ban to stay on the books, to indicate a continuing opposition to fracking and to set an example for the rest of the world. Please have the decency to accede to their wishes. Second, please recognize that every time the fossil fuel industry makes further inroads on the well being of the people, it is the fossil fuel corporations the one percent who benefit, while the people the ninety-nine percent suffer. Each victory by the fossil fuel industry ratchets up this inequity. Virtually every contest between the people and the industry ends in a victory for the industry, because our national and state governments are controlled through the financial power of corporations, and their license to interfere directly in our government. In order to survive, we must reverse this trend. Every time the fossil fuel industry ratchets up their war against the people, we must counter with increased opposition. In this spirit, I present a draft city council resolution for your consideration. If you pass it, you will set an important precedent. Here is the resolution: Whereas, the fossil fuel industry is a growing hazard to the well being of the citizens of Morgantown, West Virginia and the people of the world, And whereas, the corporate-government complex is so entrenched that such hazard will continue to grow unless checked by the actions of responsible citizens and municipalities, Therefore, Morgantown City Council declares Morgantown to be a green industryfriendly town. Specifically the City of Morgantown: (a) does not recognize corporations as legal persons, and denies the legitimacy of giving corporations the same rights as, or greater rights than, real persons, namely, human beings; (b) encourages citizens and businesses in Morgantown not to recognize the legitimacy of corporations as legal persons; (c) does not invite fossil fuel industries to operate within the municipality of Morgantown, and will not offer any incentives for them to do so; (d) invites green businesses to operate in Morgantown, and will provide whatever incentives possible for them to do so; (e) encourages citizens and businesses in Morgantown, including West Virginia University, not to do business with companies in the fossil fuel industry or their employees; (f) encourages citizens and businesses to establish and support green businesses; (g) will include a statement of these policies in all its paperwork, and will provide free bumper stickers and signs to be placed within business establishments, indicating solidarity with these policies; and

(h) declares that with each further threat to our citizens well being by fossil fuel industries, the City will retaliate with further actions opposing such threats. Mic check! (repeat) We are the ninety-nine percent! (repeat) We are the ninety-nine percent! (repeat)