To whom it may concern, I am writing to inform you of a nightmare-ish experience with your staff following an already hellish

situation. I sincerely hope that you will take this heartfelt letter of disappointment to heart and make the appropriate corrections. On Thanksgiving, my home was invaded and everything of value was stolen. Among these items was our Comcast cable box as well as our Comcast modem. We immediately made phone calls to the appropriate companies to begin rectifying the situation, Comcast included. When we spoke to the customer service representative the following day, the representative advised that we would need to bring our police report to the local Comcast branch, and we would be given a new cable box and modem. I advised the representative that, since the crime had just occurred, I did not yet have a police report, but I did have a pamphlet from the police with our police report number on it. When asking the representative if this would be appropriate, I was advised, “yeah, that's fine.” I wish, now, that I had been recording the conversation. I am the owner of a small business, yet I took an hour out of my day to drive to Comcast's local branch, despite the monetary hit I knew I would be taking for the business. Upon my arrival, I was greeted with a customer service representative who can only be described as flippant. For your information, this encounter occurred on Monday, November 28th, 2011 at approximately 1:00pm with a woman who told me she was the “manager”. I gave the representative the pamphlet (which, I will have you recall, was told to me by your staff would be an appropriate piece of documentation). I explained to her that my home had been broken into, and that I was looking to pick up a new cable box and modem. The representative's conduct was appalling. With only one look at the police report pamphlet, she slid it back across the counter to me, stating “this isn't a police report”. I wondered if maybe I looked stupid, because I had prefaced the discussion with “this is what the person on the phone told me to bring”. I was infuriated. The absolutely lack of dignity and respect with which this woman treated me had me shaking. I explained that I had driven an hour to come here under the understanding that this would be appropriate, and asked to speak with a manager. The representative, without explaining to me what she would be doing, left the room begrudgingly. Upon returning, the representative told me she had spoken with her manager, who would “let this slide”, but would still have to charge me. (Let what slide? Was a signed note from the police not enough to indicate that I was not making this up? Should I really have to divulge any more details to this representative beyond “my house was broken into”? Would anyone really make that up?). Furthermore, the charge would be $300 for both pieces of equipment. I cannot describe to you how livid this statement made me. We dealt with many businesses about making arrangements following the invasion of our home, and every encounter EXCEPT my encounter with Comcast was met with sympathy and all the help they could provide. The representative was crude in informing me that “you were responsible for this equipment and you lost it”. I “lost” it? It was clear to me that this woman had never experienced the sheer fear of knowing that someone had forced their way into her home while she was away. Of not knowing if her pets had been slaughtered. Of not knowing if all of the personal data she had ever had would have been stolen. It was clear to me that she had absolutely no capacity for social understanding. I paid the fee (which, by the way, as your staff has obviously never known the financial hardship of a home invasion, has been an incredible hardship for us), but was further surprised when a Comcast technician had to come to our house to set up our new equipment, only to be told I had been given

entirely the wrong equipment. The cable box given to us did not include DVR, as per our contract. “They didn't even look at your account,” he advised. Furthermore, he showed us that the stolen pieces of equipment had never been removed from our account, and it still indicated that we had two cable boxes and two modems (which we did not). Lastly, he advised that when we did decide to discontinue our service we would AGAIN be billed for the missing equipment. It is unbelievable to me that Comcast would be so untrained and inconsiderate in such a situation. I assure you that, should there arrive another bill for the $300 equipment that I had already (unjustly?) paid for, there will be a legal matter on your hands. I don't know how else to approach this conversation with your staff which seems to be so unconcerned and money-hungry. What is an even further insult to the situation is that, over the summer, I bent over backwards to provide cakes for Comcast's three events happening in the area to celebrate their upgrade to Xfinity. I worked with them tirelessly to make sure they had the perfect cakes for their events. I assure you that I will no longer be providing any services for your business. Best of luck to you in your future business decisions.

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