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TECHNICAL SCRUTINY FORMAT 2nd Scrutiny Date: - 12. 12.


S. No. A

Item Description

Proposal in DPR

Technical Deviations & observation

Promoter Replay/ Consultants Comments.

Identification Name of cold storages Ref. of DPR

Archit Agrotech India Pvt. Ltd.

NHB/LOI/09BLK/ OCS/0000161/2011-12 Dated 24.08.2011

Basic Cold Store Design consideration i).Commodity Storage Requirement Potato Type of produce 2 to 4 deg. C. Temp. in 0 C 90% & Above. Humidity in RH% 40 CMH/MT Air Circulation (CMH/MT)

OK OK. This should be 90 to95% 90 to 95 % OK

This should be 85 CMH / MT

as per standard. This is essentially mainly during loading and pull down and hence system must have that capacity. In holding it can be reduced with help of VFD. OK. OK. This should be (during loading to pull down) up to 10 Deg. C. in 1 day & then up to 3 Deg. C. in 8days from second day. OK. OK


Ventilation (air changes/day)

2 to 6 Air Changes/Day 4000 PPM 2 Deg. C.

range(PPM) Produce cooling rate (0C/day)



Freezing point 0C Daily loading rate Special Provision CIPC : MA/Eth. Control etc. ii). Fresh air Ventilation system ii) Fresh air & ventilation system

(-) 0.6 deg C 4% to 5% N. A. Ethylene control.



Capacity (Max Air Changes/Day): 21000 CFM Design Considerations for Energy Recovery and Preventing Wetting

This should be in no. of air changes / day

2 to 6 air change/day OK


iii). Cold store Chamber size & capacity iv) Anti Room & Process Area

of Produce: Heat recovery wheel 21.00 x 17.50 x 13.30 (m) for 1437MT X 4 Rooms. Total capacity 5748 MT. (5 floors ) 35.69x 3.65 x 13.30 m ht: Anteroom has been shown to have 25 deg C. Processing area :Sorting & Grading Area ( Ground floor) 46.47 X 15.00 X 5.00 M Loading/ unloading dock. As per site requirement Sorting & grading area has shown to have 30 Deg.C

As per 3.4 cu.m / MT, capacity is OK. OK. Give stair case in ante room for entrance in cold chambers at least on alternate floors OK Accepted OK

OK. Pl. give dimensions & this should be under proper shed. OK. OK OK OK OK. OK. Provide proper strength & proper waterproofing. OK Please mention. .

(46.47 X 15.00 X 5.00) M OK

v) Machine room utility area

M/c room : 15.23 m x 9.14 m x 4.88 m ht Office: 11.00 x 4.00 x 4.00. Toilets & changing rooms: 4.00 x 3.00 x 4.00.

vi). bu ilding construction details


& Internal Walls: 230 mm brick wall Type of roof /ceiling. RCC slab. Internal Structure given as RCC Columns & RCC beams. Mezzanine grating: Not mentioned

Complete proper strength & proper waterproofing. OK

treated for termites.Wooden rack & column, beam strength material maurang, gitti, cement, ratio 1:2:3 OK

vii). Insulation & Vapour Barrier

Material: - EPS. Thickness 150 mm.for external walls, ceiling 75 mm for internal walls. & 125 mm for floor. Density: - 15 kg. /cu. mt. overall Water adsorption % by mass:-IS - 4671 Vapour barrier: - Al. foil of 50 microns for external / internal walls & ceiling and polythene sheet of 250 micron for floor. Cladding: For External walls, Internal walls & Ceiling: FRP Sheet. For floor Tar felt &

OK. OK OK. OK. But it should be as per BIS standard. OK. BIS standard code -4671 OK

OK. For Insulation work please follow NHB standard.



PCC 4 viii). C old Store Doors & Air curtains i) 12 doors with strip curtains. ii)Air curtains also mentioned. OK. For ante room entrance & process area extra insulated doors should be provided. Strip curtains to be used for cold room doors & air curtains to be used for ante room door & process area door. OK. OK YES OK

ix). Material Handling x). Grading, Sorting, washing & packing line(optional) Heat load calculations

Careers Manual

Cooling design


Summer dry bulb temp.:-40 Deg. C. Total refrigeration load:-399.124 KW. in peak period. (C.S.capacity 5748 MT.) Cooling system configuration i) Type of system given as Ammonia Over feed Type of comp.:Reciprocating. Type of capa. control:Automatic in steps Type of cond.:- atmospheric. Type of CT: N.A. Type of cooling coil: Ceiling suspended Type of defrosting:- Air /Water Humidification system & control: - Control on lower TD. ii)Comp. details Comp. capacity:- 295.19 KW. at (-) 2/ 38 Deg. C. (1 no. KC-4) & 226 KW. at (-) 2/ 38 Deg. C. ( 1 no KC-3.) iii) Condenser capacity:526.5 KW v) Air cooling units:- 39.92 KW at 2 Deg. C. SST. No of ACUS:- 12 Nos. Air flow given at free air flow conditions: 30600 CMH./unit



OK. But make provision for stand by compressor during pull down / loading Suggested to go for 50% capacity x 3 nos as per standard OK. OK.TD should not be more than 4 Deg C. OK. Air flow should be given at specific static pressure drop. external static pressure. should be minimum 10 mm of water gauge. The CMH capacity is not adequate for 85CMH / MT. OK. OK. OK

YES Pl. give revised compressor details.

TD 40 C. OK

Fin spacing :- 6.4.0 mm. E Electrical installation Transformer:-250 KVA D. G. Set :- 160 KVA

External static pressure should be minimum 10mm WG. OK

Safety provisions



Codes & standard Energy saving equipments. Operation & maintenance. Estimated performance parameters

Mentioned. VFD for fans / comp.:- For Compressor Mentioned. COP :- Not mentioned.

OK. Ammonia masks &emergencies handling instructions to be display at prominent place in the machine room. Water shower to be provided over receiver. OK. VFD for fans also to be provided. OK. Pl. Mention



VFD for fans & compressor. OK

3.839 Peak Period 3.590 Holding Period 3.525 Lean Period OK. Pl. mention.



Pl. Mention

General: Data furnished is OK. Subject to they are giving revised compressor details & electrical cost / day / MT The proposal can be considered for LOI subject to other criteria as per NHB requirements being met. Drawing to be submitted to NHB, duly signed by registered architect, clearly showing plan & sectional views, with stair case in ante room. Condenser tank should be as close to plant room as possible.