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Public schools need more kindergarten teachers

The Department of Education (DepEd) is seeking ways to meet the demand for more kindergarten teachers in public schools for school year 2011-2012. The DepEd, in a school year. schools. press statement, said it Public schools curThe move to reach expects more than 2.4 rently have around 1.5 100 percent participamillion 5-year-old chil- million kindergarten tion among children dren to enroll in public pupils while another starting five years of schools in the coming 435,574 are in private age.

The Official School Publication in English of Mines Elementary School // Quezon City, NCR

Volume 7. Number 1

DepEd to focus on public kindergarten


School Year: 2011 - 2012

With the largest budget increase in recent years, the Department of Education (DepEd) is focusing next year on developing the public kindergarten program for 5-year-olds to better prepare the new schoolers for basic education. DepEd would focus The DepEd will start 2011 with a P207-bil- on developing the publion budget, the larg- lic kindergarten system, est in the bureaucracy, part of government efwith an increase of al- forts to attain the global most a fifth of the cur- goal of providing unirent years P175-billion versal access to basic outlay. Of that amount, education by 2016. 79 percent will go to For the first quarter of the compensation of the 2011, DepEd will focus agencys army of half a on providing for univermillion teachers. sal kindergarten faciliThis represents the ties for 5-year-olds. Boosting the kinbiggest increase in years in our annual budget dergarten system is at close to 19 percent the backbone of the DepEds K+12. compared to last year.

By Dan Markl Restoles

Mines Elementary School students participate in the annual Sci-Fair, an activity that promotes not only the study of Science but as well as appreciation and infusion of thinking like a scientist to the students.

P32-B budget augments DepEd in 2012


Our Plight against Poverty

Theres good news to the Department of Education (DepEd), for the first time in more than ten years, DepEd is going to get a huge increase in its budget which is 32 billion pesos more making the 2012 budget to more than P200 billion. With the huge increase get and by entering into in a build-and-transfer of the budget, Sec. Flor- co-financing programs scheme using part of encio Abad said the with local government the yearly budget in the Aquino administration units, among others. school-buildings amortihopes to cover the classAccording to the offi- zation so that the private room gap before Presi- cial, the government has sectors can build public dent Aquinos term ends already discussed with school buildings that by providing substantial the business community DepEd and LGUs caninvestments in the bud- for them to be engaged not build.

To improve education

MES launches AHON

To further enrich the students in their education the AHON library, the flagship project of the school principal inagurated last August 9. The objective of this say Chairman of Ahon District Supervisor project is to help stu- Foundation gave his Dr. Virginia Tajon, Ms. dents prepare and re- inspirational Message Emelita L. Villanueva search their homeworks which was followed by QC Chief Librarian , in the library. ceremonial turnover of CPTA Officers Mrs. The launching was books represented by Carmela Oracion ACED celebrated with the Mr. Harvey Keh AHON Manging Director and guest of honor Hon. Executive Director. Schools Division SuperMayor Herbert Bautista. This program was intendent Dr. Corazon Mr. Chito Tagay- also supported by the C. Rubio.

By Jamaica Estrella

DepEd: Gains to outweigh costs in K+12 program

The apprehension on the burdening cost of education with the proposed K+12 Basic Education Program was allayed by officials of the Department of Education (DepEd). and are not equipped with skills She cited that the initial col- to worry about costs. The K+12 program which The DepEd is currently de- and competencies necessary to will add a mandatory kinder- lege years is basically a review garten and a two-year senior of high school general educa- veloping the framework of the land a regular or if ever they are Senior High School along with employed they are prone to exhigh school level is getting stiff tion subjects. The senior high school pro- agencies like the Commission ploitation. opposition particularly from DepED Regional Director parents of schoolchildren al- gram aims to empower the on Higher Education and the ready burdened by rising costs youth to become skilled in- Technical Education Skills De- said that the K+12 is being dividuals when they gradu- velopment Authority or TES- planned to be implemented in of education. the school year 2016-2017. She Schools Division Superin- ate. DepEd is conceptualizing DA. Rubio said that this can bene- says the implementation will tendent Corazon C. Rubio said a more specialized education that in reality parents of these with emphasis on science and fit students who will not pursue not be abrupt but rather will be children will benefiting much technology, arts and culture, college anymore as they would slowly implemented to effect from the added 2-year senior sports, business and entrepre- be employable the moment a peaceful transition. If things neurship. they finish Senior High School. will go on schedule, those curhigh school program. "These two years is actually Rubio says the DepEd senior In the past, high school gradu- rently enrolled in Grade 5 will carved out from the first two high school education is basi- ates are only 16 years old and be the first students to go on Secally free thus they wont have are not within employable age nior High School. years in college," Rubio said.

Nutrition Month 2011

By Marielle Trisha Floresca

United as one. Students and teachers of Mines Elementary School vowed together to end malnutrition in school community as they celebrated nutrition nonth held last July 26. To impart the value of healthy living as one of the solution in ending up maltrunition, various school-based contests were held and super-

Teachers, students vow to end malnutrition

vised by Fleriza Guevarra, department head of MES. Based on research, students nutrition is the key in good academic performance. That is why theres a need to teach students about proper health and nutrition. Guevarra said. Winners from different categories are chosen.

MES campus journalists bag awards, qualify to regional contest

Aim high go forward and upward! The Mines Elementa- casting ( 3rd Place) , ry School young jour- Ralph Joseph Gallebo nalists onced proved for Sport writing Engtheir mettle in journal- lish category(3rd Place) istic writing as they , Jhon Fyke Mingi received awards in the Pagsulat ng Isport ( 3rd recently concluded Di- Place) and Bhea Manvision Young Writers gundayao in Pagsulat Conference and Contest ng Pangulong Tudling held at Cubao Elemen- (4th Place ). tary School last SepTheir trainors were tember 20. Mrs. Marilyn Pasana The winners were and Mrs. Annabella Arvin Capiral for Broad- Alondra. By Veronica Louis Gannaban

Campus journalists with their trainors were Mrs. Marilyn Pasana and Mrs. Annabella Alondra.

MES students qualify in UNTV Campus Challenge

By Dan Mark Restoles
Two students of Miles Elementary School qualified in the season finale of UNTV Campus Challenge. Dan Mark Restoles last September 26, sity of Asia and the grade six and Cath- at PETA (Philippine Pacific erine John Galiza Educational Theater Restoles and Galiza grade five won the Association) . was trained by Ms. UNTV Campus ChalThe quiz show is Princes Raymunda lenge quiz show hosted by UNTV and Gatan, Science Head challengers round sponsored by Univer- Department.

Dan Mark Restoles grade six and Catherine John Galiza grade five win the UNTV Campus Challenge quiz show challengers round.

Buwan ng Wika 2011

Bandalan named CPTA President

Its time to change. The parents and teachers elected the new set of officers on July 14 ,2011. Aside fr0m Mr. Michael Bandalan , Mr Dabalus was also elected as Vice president , Ms. Catherine Ayson was chosen as a secrertary, Mrs. Rosalinda M. Gallebo Assisitant Secretary,Traesurer Marilou Brazil,Miriam Brazil Assiostant Treasurer, Joseph Santos Auditor,PRO Eduardo Manalo & Nora Cancer,Mrs. Tabuzo andTagumpay Amadure as aBuss. Manager.

MES celebrates the beauty, importance of Filipino as language

By ElloizeArnelle F. Querubin

MES students joined Buwan Ng Wika celebration with a theme of Ang Filipino ay Wikang Panlahat, Ilaw at lakas sa Tuwid Na Landas. The Grade VI pupils participated in the District Contest Sabayang Pagbigkas at Sto. Kristo Elementary School on August 18. Coreen Joice Dionisio a Grade II students won 3rd Place District Contest. Mrs. Emma Reyes trained Dionisio. Students from all grade level performed their presentaion in the program . Mrs. Annabella E. Alondra ended the program by giving a closing message to all the students and teachers about how important is our Language.

Poldo attends the GED in Baguio

Gender and Development ( GAD) Conscious efforts at improving the quality of lives of women and men of all sexual orientations and identities based on sustained, equitable growth and balance ecology. Mr. Gerardo Poldo attended this seminar which was held on September at Tagaytay. It sees society as a gender system in all its aspects- economic, political and social . It views oppression in both private and public spheres recognizing women as agents of change through the reorientation of the male centered culture.

Sci-Fair 2011

Nasa Siyensya ang Pag-asa

Believing in power of Scince this years Sci-fair inspires every students to believe in Science as solution to countrys problem. MES Science Department Head Ms. Princess Raymunda Gatan and Science teachers led the Science Fair 2011 with a theme of Nasa Siyensya ang pag-asa held on September 12-16, MES covered court. Students from Grade V and VI had a Science Demo and Inventions. There were students who received a cash prize award and certificates with FREE tour in Science Interactive Center. Winners from different categories are the following;SCIENCE DEMO: 1st PlaceVolcanic Eruption (Zeus Tevar, Casper morada ,Nikki Delos Santos)2ndPlace- Bottle getting water(Nomer De Guzman,Arriane May Ladua,Alondra Micu,jeanette Joy Yadao), 3rd Place Card Board Stops water( Janel Joy Banacia, Psalms Roa, Elloize Arnelle,Querubin Ma. Victoria).The winners for SCIENCE Inventions are the following:First PlaceEngelbert Capiral, 2nd Place-John Fyke Mingi, Earl Dela Cruz, Bhea Mangundayao and Arvin Capiral.

MES launches toothbrushing, handwashing Program

By Dan Markl Restoles
Mines Elementary launched the Toothbrushing and handwashing on October 18,1 at Mines Elementary School Quadrangle with the teachers and students. To achieve universal This event presents by international develthat every student must opment partners such as primary education know how to brush GTZ, CIM, Inwent as To reduce major their teeth and wash well as corporate part- childhood diseases their hands properly. ners. To develop global The Essential Health partnership for develThe program Fit for School Inc. is a Philip- Care Package (EHCP) opment pine Non-Governmen- consists of three interThe Fit for School actal Organization com- ventions: daily hand tivities focus on health mitted in supporting washing with soap, dai- and education sector the governments health ly tooth brushing with capacity development. and education sectors in fluoride toothpaste and This will support the their efforts to achieve a biannual deworming institutionalization of the child-related Mil- activity. These are all the Essential Health lennium Development conducted in public in- Care Program as part of Goals (MDGs). The stitutions such as public the daily school activFit for School aims to schools and day care ity. By using the school promote the simple and centers. The package system for health procost-effective Essential successfully addresses grams, it has achieved a Health Care Package the high-impact child- worldwide success and (EHCP) in public el- hood diseases in the has resulted in markementary schools, pre- Philippines. Thus, if edly improved health schools and day care implemented on a mass outcome indicators at centers. scale, it is expected an extremely low cost. The Essential Health to make a significant This program can be Care Program is a na- contribution towards implemented in almost tional flagship program achieving the Millen- all schools, even in of the Department of nium Development under-resourced locaEducation, supported Goals: tions.

Bayanihan launches in MES

Mrs . Vernalis Libanan, pricipal of Mines Elementary School launched the Bayanihan sa Mines last July 8 , at MES Grounds. Teachers and parents were united in cleaning and landscaping the school surroundings. Keeping our school clean is everyones responsibilities. This is what Mrs. Shiarell Loida Cruz statement while helping the parents arranging the stones beside the canteen.

Give K+12 a chance

The plant to add two years to basic education is really a plan to prepare high school students for work right after their graduation. By law, Filipinos under the age 18 are considered minors. They cannot establish their own proprietorships. They cannot vote. Unless they are Muslims, they cannot get married without parental consents. They are, in short, children. As soon as a person reaches 18 years of age, he/she is no longer considered a child and becomes automatically entitled to do all acts of civil life, such as contracting marriage or transacting business deals with corresponding legal effects. Right now, because they enter grade 1 when they are 6 years old and we only 10 years of basic education, children finish high school at the age of 16. When the finish high school, they have to wait two years before they work. The 12-years basic education cycle that President Aquino has promise will keep them in school until they are ready to work. It is for their own good, in other words, that the government is requiring them to stay get high school diplomas. It might be argued that children can always go to college while waiting to become adults. That is true, if we were all rich. Primarily because of poverty, very few children actually go to college. Are we going to condemn them to unemployment just because they do not have college degrees? Because they cannot to be employed legally, these young people may be influenced to engage activities since they are obligated to help augment the expenses of the family including the schooling of their


The Official School Publication in English of Mines Elementary School // Quezon City, NCR

Volume 7. Number 1

Editor-In-Chief: Associate Editors: Writers:

Dan Mark Restoles Ralph Joseph Gallebo Arvin Karl Capiral, Elloize Arnelle Querubin, Jamaica Estrella, Jeanette Joy Yadao, Jesil Pojas, Michalaine Bernardo,


younger sibling. If not they will becomes unproductive throughout the two years of waiting until they became of legal age. This is the major problems that the Aquino administration is trying to solve. .call centers, for example, say that they are perfectly willing to hire high school graduates that speak good English. But they are not legally allowed to do so. All other busi-

nesses that do not really need college-level knowledge or skills would love to employ young people, but high school graduates are much too young. The proposed DedEd reform solves the problem of unemployment for high school graduates and the related problem of lack of employable persons. Today, a young person needs to have 10 years of basic educations

and four years of college to get a job. Once the new structure is in place, a person will need only 12 years of basic educations to work in a company or to be an entrepreneur. That means that the 14 years of preparation for work have been cut down to 12. The K+12 program Is a viable and a long term solution to improve the quality of Filipinos. Give it a try.

Editorial Board
Adviser Co-adviser Principal

School Year: 2011 - 2012

Marilyn Pasana Anabella Alondra Vernalisa Libanan

Zaira Joy Garado Marielle Trisha Floresca, Veronica Louis Ganaban, Mrs. Marilyn Q. Pasana, Analiza Rodrigo Photographers: Keziah Kaye Lagundino, Glendhylle Love Galleto Sportswriters: Ralph Joseph Gallebo, John Fyke Mingi

Pointless contradiction
He won the vote of the majority. Majority of the Filipinos voters are Catholics. With a whooping vote of 5,208,678 (that is 42.08% of all Filipinos voters), Aquino obviously won the favor of the church. This, for sure, made him expect of a great ecumenical support, unlike previous administrations that encountered countless church inferences. However, it turns out that his is not an exemption. PNoy, as he prefers to be called, earned disagreement from the church in his endorsement of the comprehensive reproductive health bill (RH Bill). The RH Bill features a nationwide family planning and a back-toback crime and diseasepreventing campaign from the catholic Bishops conference of the Philippines (CBCP). The word itself reminds us of medieval times, when threats were preached in pulpits and when the great pope Gregory VII stripped King Henry IV of the sacraments. With its stand, the church overlooks the good points in the present administration. P-Noys declarations of a non-holyday last November 2 added fuel to the fire. The church claimed that this was a clear violation of the virtue of the proclamations No. 1699 which state an additional non-working holyday. Being equally powerful, the church and the state leave questions to very Filipinos mind: is the state being abusive or is the church too preachy? The Carlos Celdran demonstration favored the latter. Article II section 6 of the constitution

The RH Bill features a nationwide family planning and a backto-back crime and disease-preventing campaign from the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).

Class Assylum
By Dan Mark Restoles

state the separations of the church and the state. The church is needed for the spiritual guidance of the people but should leave the matters of the state to its officials. Religion guides our conscience but it is not enough in making decisions for the country. In the first place, P-Noy is the president of the whole nation, catholic and not. In his five months of services, he has yet many plants for the country plants which will never come into realizations if pointless contradictions persist. Considering the good of his constituent does not make P-Noy the modern martin Luther. This issue is a big deal- if one heralds it as such. Mutual respect is needed, not carping homilies or malacanang-

scented media exposure. The government should honor the bible and religious sectors should adhere to the constitution. Heresy is a sin as well as baseless allegations. State-church conflicts are not anymore new. They are timeless tales that fuse into a harsh reality: as malnutrition reaches the pedestal, employment rate reaches the abyss. Lately, according to Food and agriculture Organizations (FAO), 15.2 million Filipinos are under nourished. The central intelligence Agency (CIA) also claimed a 7.5% unemployment rate, an estimate of seven on million jobless Filipino adult. Now is not the time for faultfinding and grandstanding. As corrosion threatens the pearl of the orient, unity is a must.

Being in the top sections is not actually a privilege. It is actually a big responsibility. Teachers in section One have high expectations from them. The bulk of assignments and researches usually filled our weekends. Everyone has a to-do-list. The department of education has just issued memorandum No. 392 directing heads of public schools to refrain from giving homework/assignments during weekend to allow pupils to out being spend quality times with their parents without being burdened by the thought of doing lots of homework. But true, too much homework may be considered unhealthy, but truer, what pushes a student to not go beyond his or her boundaries in having too much play is schoolwork. As a student, it gives me a sense of responsibility. I speak the truth admitting that is somehow steals me from the comfort of my own home like my body is here, but my frame of mind is not. Honestly, it is the load of essays, project, review, and researches that sustain my momentum towards learning. So, before I see you clapping your hands and stomping your feet from imagining life without

But true, too much homework may be considered unhealthy, but truer, what pushes a student to not go beyond his or her boundaries in having too much play is schoolwork.

Merely a reminder

Chalk Note

Ralph Joseph Gallebo

homework, stop imagining. Whiners might say that they see no benefits in homework. But it actually gives us the chance to master our learning. It urges us to study what we do not get in one sitting. Most of all, it makes us responsible. Accordingly, the DepEd is planning to add two more years to school, saying that ten years is not enough to fully mold the youth. Now, why takes away the homework? Weekends are extension of our learning. This is a test on how dedicated the students are on their studies. However, amid the flaks that welcomed the policy is merely a reminder, not for strict compliance. Let the teachers decide on how they will make their students busy. So enough of the rejoicing. Nothing will change the habit of studying on weekends because it is already a part of our system. In its truest sense, homework is meant for self-learning. May it be a grace or a burned, it depends on how we see it. And above and beyond, why fix or change what isnt broken? So, where else do I put a checkmark on my to-do list?

Legal Protection and Juvenile Justice

Passage of the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act Bill into law Passage of the AntiTrafficking in Persons Act of 2003 By 2006, all children jailed in Metro Manila and Cebu province were taken out of adult prison cells. Police, court officials and jail officers were trained to properly handle cases involving children. The Supreme Court has adopted childsensitive rules and procedures including video-conferencing in courts to spare children the trauma of testifying and coming face to face with their abusers. The National Police has included into its detective management course the module on child-sensitive investigation.

By Vernalisa Libanan

Children and Armed conflict

The President issued an executive order that mandated the inclusion of peace education in basic education. Trained teachers, school principals and supervisors on peace education exemplars Increased community awareness on child trafficking in 471 communities identified as key sending or transit areas of children and women Educational assistance to 6,816 elementary and high school children at-risk and life skills education and vocational training to 1,200 others Implemented Internet Safety for Kids in over 600 Internet cafs nationwide Two major studies produced on trafficking of Filipino children and children in armed conflict

More children in the Philippines are becoming victims of abuse, violence and exploitation.
Nearly 1.7 million children do not have birth documents. Having no birth documents deprives children of basic health, educational and protection services, therefore making them increasingly vulnerable to different forms of abuse and exploitation. The country lacks a national child protection monitoring and reporting system to determine the exact number of children in need of special protection, such as victims of abuse, violence and exploitation. Despite recent economic gains, 36.8 per cent of the population still live below the national poverty line, with 47.5 per cent of the population living on less than US$ 2 per day. Poverty has pushed many children to work to fend for their families, which usually places them in situations of abuse and exploitation. Children affected by armed conflict remains a concern. From 2001-2005, records show a total of 1,025,426 internally displaced persons nationwide. In the past four years, 30,000-50,000 of children are displaced every year as a result of armed conflict. Basic services in most conflict-affected communities are often either absent or severely deficient. The lack of basic services and opportunities in these communities has driven children to become involved

with armed groups. The lack of access to education and other basic services has been associated with increased participation of children in armed groups. Nevertheless, significant breakthroughs have been made for the protection of children in the Philippines. For example, the historic passage of the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act raised the age of criminal liability from 9 to 15 years old and ensures children are not placed in adult jails. More networks and alliances for child protection are continuously being established, ensuring a more protective environment for children in need, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Real meaning of Christmas

Filipinos are basically generous. A lot of our countrymen may not have much in terms of material possessions, but what they do have-time, resources, connections, and faith-they shared with the people who lost everything in fire that razed their properties or in natural calamities. The spirit of bayanihan is still very much alive in our culture. Maybe we no longer help our countrymen move their nipa huts to other place, but we do help them pick up the pieces and start all over again. A new lease on life is far more valuable than any material possessionmaterial things we can replace easily, but the life we have is the only change we get. Everytime a typhoon ravage a certain province, everytime an earthquake or a landslide leaves a place in complete destructions, and every times something happens that leaves our brothers and sisters barely hanging on, the Filipino people rise up magnificently to the occasion. We see volunteers, both young and old, giving their time to help out in any and every way they can-rescue workers, people in relief operations; students and organize among themselves to do what they can to raise funds, solicit donations, and pool together the resources available to them. Although we hear all the time that the real meaning of Christmas is not found in the gift, the decorations, the parties, or the reunions, to most of us, this has become nothing more than just

Everytime a typhoon ravage a certain province, everytime an earthquake or a landslide leaves a place in complete destructions, and every times something happens that leaves our brothers and sisters barely hanging on, the Filipino people rise up magnificently to the occasion.

Board Work

Marilyn Pasana

Have you ever wondered who the most unheralded heroes of todays generation are? Chalk boards lesson plan, books, knowledge, and skill are among their weapons. They are the TEACHERS. They and nobody else can bear these tons of work. They work very hard and sacrifice enough if only to see their students benefited and satisfied in every way. (Well, it is not infrequent for teachers to dig coins from their pockets to give baons to students who come to school without

a single centavo due to extreme poverty.) No, they are not the counterpart of Wonder woman or Superman, for they are distinctly genuine and incomparable in their enthusiasm and endurance. Most certainly, too, comparing them to a celebrity is off the context, especially if beauty or glamour is to be the basic. For, indeed, they are most of time haggard-looking, ugly from exhaustion, hungry (because of skipping meals in favor of pressing deadlines), unglamorous in their

No, they are not the counterpart of Wonder woman or Superman, for they are distinctly genuine and incomparable in their enthusiasm and endurance.

In honor of our teachers

unbrushed hair, garbed in chalk-coated uniforms, or a portrait of an aging servant who has practically forgotten the lovely things in life. Their routine is altogether unenviable. They handle overcrowded classes, bear with uncontrollable noise, listen to woes (the common teenagers syndrome of love angst), prepare questionnaires, check test papers, documents grades, accomplish forms, attend training and seminars, delegation to gatherings outside the campus- the

another overused saying, a catchphrase capitalist use to make even more money out of the very commercial business that we have come to know as Christmas. In time of disasters, in time of dire need, in times when we have nothing left to rely on but the goodness of our fellowmen, these are the time we witness the real meaning of Christmasthe total giving of oneself in service to other people, the same way the Jesus Christ did 2,000 years ago when he first came into the world. The catch-phrase, Christmas is not about the gift we receive, but what we give (or other similar lines) that we see all the time in greeting cards, in billboards, in streamers, and just above every available advertising space during the holiday season suddenly takes on a life of its own when natural calamities strike. The spirit of giving that Christ introduced, the same spirit of giving that is so often lost in this take-all-that-you-can mentality that society has, sparks into flame and shows us that genuine love for another still exist. When Filipino people are united for common cause, when every other disagreement is pushed aside and momentarily forgotten for the sake of our brothers and sisters who need our help- these are the time when the very essence of Christmas comes alive. It doesnt even have to be December to ignite the love and compassion in the heart of every Filipinos. Merry Christmas to all!

Pen Hub

Jamaica Estrella

list may go interminable. Quite unfair, however, we students do not seem to value our students do not seem to value our teachers sacrifice for us. Their happiness is to see us cooperative and taking our studies seriously. Their primary concern is we-our academic welfare, our future. They want to see us pursuing the right path inspired by sound value and normal principles. They want us secure and successful someday. Such is their triumph and fulfillment.

School for a hungry soul

12:00 pm. My life begins. All the colors in the world, all the joys and all the drama come together as the bell rings for dismissal. I watch the gates open as a multitude of students fill the streets with clamor and noise, hoping that some would eventually go hungry or thirstl in the joy of their fatigue that maybe they

By Jeanette Joy Yadao and Jesil Pojas

would come to me for somefishball or gulaman. Ive lost count of the students, Ive witnessed growing up. I memorized some of their names and traits, befriending them as patronizing customers. Ive seen them laugh, cry, and try to fit in. I was an audience to their to their moments of friendship, angst, and puppy love silently, be-

hind the kawali and the jars of sweet-and-sour souce, I wondered how it feels like to be one of them. I never got to be a student. being a poor hungry soul, I grew up to the sad truth that education is more of a privilage than a right. mama and papa, while they werestill alive, raised me up to the fact that studying is only for rich people, that a collele de-

gree wont feed a hungry stomach ang that garbage was enough to be considered food. It was too late when I realized they were wrong. I spent the days of my childhood begging for alms near churches. though not inside a classroom. I have learned many things, like how to look hungry when youre realy numb to the pain of hunger, how to put on grease to look dirtier, though no one would really know the differnce, and how to loathe my life for being this way. I enved kids of my age, their books and packed lunch were that much of aburden to them already while there I stood: illiterate and hungry. My mother never called me by my name, not even before she died eating experied meat from a dumpsite for she said I looked a lot like my older brother, who was seventh in the family and the only one who got to go to school. Lord knows thakful I am for he taught me how to count and read. I gave him thanks through helping him sell drugs in secret, which eventuallyland-


ed him behind bars. I inherited my job from my father when he died oftuberculosis. He didnt choose me though, it was because out of the two who could read countin our family of twelve, I was the only one not in jail. I had to give up my dreams of schooling for it was really not necessary anymore. People always say that experience is the best teachers, but for the likes of me, it was the only mentor I had. And if experience taught me anything. its the different that education makes in ones life. The children have gone. theyre probably home now if they ever do have one. I am now wondering howmany of the kids I know would get to study until college. I really hope they do. And in my heart, I really wish my children would go too. I wouldnt want them to live in the regret brought by the lack of schooling, like what I am living in. the future so much to bring, I just hope whatever it has to give, the children will know how to take it.

Filipino Children Less Physically Active

By Marilyn Q. Pasana
There is an increasing awareness that part of the healthy equation to maintain good health is regular physical activity. No one can challenge the benefits of physical activity to one's health. Topping the long list are weight loss, healthy heart, increased endurance, healthy muscles and bones, better sleep, better stress management, and more energy. In line with this, the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRIDOST) conducted a study to know the physical activity of 9-12 year-old Filipino schoolchildren from public and private elementary schools. A questionnaire was employed to assess the levels of moderate to vigorous physical activity on a Physical Education (PE) day, non-PE day and on a weekend. Using a scoring system, physical activities were then classified as less active (1-7 score), moderately active (8-14 score) and active (greater than 14). Results showed that the mean physical activity scores for all subjects was 7.07 which is classified as less active. Boys had significantly higher scores (7.28) than girls (6.95). During PE days, dancing was the most preferred physical activity by both boys and girls, while during non-PE days, basketball for boys and dancing for girls were the most common activities. On weekends, basketball and walking for exercise were the most common for boys and girls, respectively. It was further revealed that greater proportion of children performed sedentary activities. During weekdays, watching TV, VCD, VHS and DVD was the usual activity after school. While on weekends, playing video games and watching TV three to four times were noted. The result of this study, showing that Filipino children are less physically active, needs immediate action. Making exercise a family activity is one avenue to increase physical activity among children. Parents should be encouraged to make healthy lifestyle a family commitment. Physical activities can be simple strolling in the park, bicycle riding or hiking every weekend. These activities, however, are not limited to outdoor activities or exercise. Doing household chores together such as gardening or cleaning the house are also alternative ways. The key is to choose activities that all family members can participate. After all, the best place for developing a healthy lifestyle is in the home where the behavior and lifestyle to which children were exposed to while still young, will be good predictors of their behavior and lifestyle when they become adults. Always remember that children may never believe in everything parents say, but will follow everything parents do.


Santacruzan The Queen of All Filipino Festivals

By Zaira Joy Garado, Marielle Trisha Floresca and Veronica Louis Ganaban
The Santacruzan is known as the queen of all May-time festivals in the Philippines. Perhaps this is because the Santacruzan is held every single year all over the country. Replicated in various towns and cities, it is the highlight and culminating activity of the month-long Flores de Mayo. Flores de Mayo, as its name implies, is celebrated in May and is done to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is the time of the year when rains begin to fall after a long, dry summer season and flowers start to bloom, their fragrance wafting in the air. The Flores de Mayo was introduced by the colonizing Spaniards to the country centuries ago, during the colonization period. Traditional practices for this month include people gathering in church every afternoon to offer prayers and flowers usually ilang-ilang, sampaguita (local jasmine), and hibiscus to the Virgin Mother. The Santacruzans Religious Relevance The Santacruzan may be known for the lavishly decorated floats and characters dressed in elaborate gowns and costumes during the procession, but theres a deeply religious history behind these. In fact, each reyna or queen represents some cross. At the crucifixion site, she found three crosses then asked her sick servant to lie down her son, Constantine. Some characters tell a story. Reyna Abogada, known as the protector Christianity march between Reyna Bandera, who represents the advent of Christianity and Reyna Fe, who symbolizes faith. The Santacruzan Today It is but natural that a parade of queens should become the queen of all festivals, and that prestige and pageantry have carried on until today. The Santacruzan has seen celebrities such as politicians and actors and actresses taking on the various characters in nationwide parades. Even homosexual men have taken to dress up for the part. Filipinos living abroad organize Filipino communities in the United States, Europe and other parts of the world to have their own Santacruzan. And no dominantly Catholic town in the Philippines is complete without a Santacruzan during the month of May, or even outside of it. No matter who the hermana is, or who the sagalas are, the Santacruzan remains to be a very vital fixture in Philippine culture. And why not, you basically have a parade of the areas prettiest glossing over the fact that it is teeming with religious significance and symbolism.

of Christendoms most prominent figures. Popular legend says that St. Helena (Reyna Elena), who is the mother of Constantine the Great, traveled to Calvary three centuries after the death of Jesus Christ to look for His

on them one by one. The servant got cured after touching one of these crosses, and this cross was determined to be the one used by Christ. In the Santacruzan, she is given the most prominent status and is accompanied by

of the oppressed and downtrodden, walks ahead of Reyna Sentenciada, the epitome of convicted innocents. The aetas, symbolizing the pagan natives, and the Reyna Mora representing Muslims and other religions before


Everybody who dreamt of being star and those who already achieved that dream would not dare miss the new hype taking the country by storm. With every episode oozing with drama, humor and magnificent musical acts, Glee has indeed become a part of pinoy weekly viewing habits. And with the addition of the countrys pride Charice Pempengco to its allstar cast, there is indeed another good reason to be hooked in the Gleemania. Glee fanatics, widenly known as Gleeks, would perhaps argue on what makes Glee so addicting. Some would say it is the shows top-of-theline choreography, while some would say the characters singing voice are more than enough reason to be a Gleek. But the aficionados would agree in one thing, without the compelling storyline, the show would be nothing more than just a High School

Musical on TV. What makes Glee so special? Its the humor injected in every scene, or the marvellous musical numbers featuring songs ranging from all-time favourites to modern pop-charttoppers? Perhaps Glee has something more to offer than just being a new feature about hihg school students singing their hearts out, it also important values in whisch every other teenager can related to, like searching for a place to belong, standing out and reaching for dreams and having courage to face your fears. With the show featuring misfits struggling to make a theme for themeselves through music, it gives viewers the sense of inspiration that anyone can shine, no matter how weird or peculiar they migt be. With characters such as Rachel, te stuck-up attention seeking but ever-so talented leader; finn, the peer pressured charming football quarterback; Mercedes, the

Not another
By Glendhylle Love Gallet and Ralph Joseph Gallebo semi-obese yet hardhitting diva who resent having to play back up; Kurl, the gay Lady Gaga fanatic; Quinn, the flirty cheerleader who ended up being pregnant and of course, Mr. Will Schueste, the caring and encouraging adviser of the Glee Club New Directions teens of this age wii find the show easily relatable and compelling, not to mention the hilarity of the schemes and pranks the antogonist cheerleading adviser and the Glee hater sue Sylvester has to bring. Though Charice, known to the slow as Sunshine Corazon, a bright, strong talent whom Rachel chased away due to being threatened by her prow-


ess, ended up being part of the New Directions rival team. Vocal adrenaline, she sure adds spice to the flavor Gle has been giving the audience large doses of. But setting Pinoy pride aside, Glee in its entirely is definitely a show wort watching, worth getting hooked on and singing along too.


K+12: Quo Vadis?

The State of Philippine Education: DepEds Biggest Challenge
By Analiza Rodrigo and Keziah Kaye Lagundino education system do not primarily involve the instructions salary. Wailing whines about wages aside, it is the students often overlooked welfarevthat is slipping off edge and hanging by a thread as the drop-out rate gradually increases from 14.3 percent since 2009, it is a mystery why classrooms still proved to be inadequate to hold a vast public school population. Still, Juan has to suffer the blistering heat of the sun under a roofless mango tree to convince himself that he is learning, only his empty stomach and dry thirsty brain is begging to disagree. Also, erronrous textbooks which are the only means of reference for the hard-up student have not failed to populate circulation. And because these errors defy every they revision textbooks encounter, the teachers is almost unaware of theme, for they have been printed and reprinted ever since the dawn of time. More alarmingly, the number of the teachers fails in comparison to the battalion of students strunggling to learn. And because beggars cant be choosers, the public schools are compelled to hire even those who fail the standards, if there be any remaining, In the bitter end, it is the students who are left to rot in an educational system which dismisses fatal.

Deaf as we may seem to the unsong dilemmas, there is no denying that our countrys state of schooling is gradually deteriorating in terms of quality. One cannot open his eyes and not see major, major deficiencies philippines education is currently going through. And perhaps the months old Aquino government, particularly the Department of Education (DepEd) must do more than just look these problems in the eyes: their challenge is to provide a solution. All system sre go for the DepEd formaleted K+12 program, adding two more years to the present 10-year education system. according to the DepEd, the Philippines, is one of the countries that lag behind the 12-year stan-

dard, along with Botswana. The program years for graduates to find jobs easily after graduating from secondary school, especially for those jobs not requiring a college degree. However, various sectors of the public have expressed disapproval with this endeavour. Ironically, a significant adversary of this amendment on education is the faculty itself. Teachers have continually raised their eyesbrows for they belive that there are more pressing matters to attend to. More importantly to them, the increase of their pay from salary Grade 10 to 15. Though some teachers would differ, common scenes from any public school would contains that the problems of the nations


Our Plight against Poverty

By Jeanette Joy Yadao, Jesil Pojas and Michalaine Bernardo The Philippines is a country rich in many natural resources. It consists of more than seven thousand islands and is surrounded by vast waters with many aquatic animals and plants that become good sources of food and other basic necessities. Other countries are not as lucky as we are when it comes to these resources but the present condition of the Filipino people contradicts these facts. Instead of moving forward towards prosperity and advancement, our country is stuck in a condition that is slowly affecting every Filipinos lives. Other countries in the world that were at the same level with the Philippines in the last decades have already reached peaks of economic growth and improvement leaving the country behind usually placing it at the bottom part of the list. There are a lot of reasons why people in our country live in poverty despite the abundant resources present. The most common reason is the attitude of the people towards the environment and the lack of knowledge regarding the proper care for these resources. Many people usually fail to see beforehand the long term effects of present actions and this poses a threat to our supposed riches. Dynamite fishing and quarrying are some of the common activities here in the Philippines and these greatly diminish the assets that we could use in order to save ourselves

from the difficulties brought about by poverty. These resources might not be enough to supplement and benefit each Filipino, but it will greatly help in our survival. Our resources are important aspects of our existence, and if we maximize these resources it might just save us from poverty. According to statistics, many Filipinos are unemployed and underemployed and this is one of the major reasons why there are more people in the Philippines living in poverty. Poverty is a major problem in the country that is very difficult to resolve due to a lot of circumstances. Every year, families that characterized themselves as poor greatly increase in number. These people state that they are not earning enough for their family and their salary is not sufficient to support themselves and pay for their basic necessities. Prices of basic goods and other commodities have greatly climbed as compared in the previous decades but the distressing part is that the salary of an ordinary worker in the Philippines remained stationary despite the abrupt increase. Be-

cause of this, the number of families living in poverty has also increased but many Filipinos find ways to help themselves and free them from the wrath of poverty. More and more Filipinos leave the country of hopes of having brighter opportunities in other countries. They embark on a journey that involves a lot of risks and with no assurance of a better life abroad. They endure the pain of leaving their loved ones and deal with the loneliness just to earn more for their families. If some are lucky enough to find fine jobs with good pay abroad, there are still many families in the country that are unable to buy their own meals and greatly rely on alms giving and programs of the government and NGOs. These people usually are left with no option but to do things that are prohibited by the law. Most criminals that rob banks and snatch items from people usually have one reason of doing so, poverty. They do these things just to have something in their dining table and satisfy their craving for food that they cannot afford to buy.


AIKIDO Way of combining forces

Aikido is a Japanese martial art developed by morihei Ueshiba as a synthesis of his martial studies, philosophy, and religious beliefs. Aikido is translated as the way of unifying (with) life energy or as the way of harmonious spirit. Ueshibas goal was to create an art that practitioners could use to defend themselves while also protecting their attacker from injury. Aikido is performed by blending with the motion of the attacker and redirecting the force of the attack rather than opposite it head-on. This requires very little physical strength, as the aikidoka (aikido practitioner) leads the attakers momentum using entering and turning movement. The techniques are completed with various throws or joint locks. [3] Aikido can be categorized under the general umbrella of grappling arts. Aikido derives mainly from the martial art of Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu, but begun to diverge from it in the late 1920s, partly due to Ueshibas involvement with the Omoto-kyo religion. Ueshibas early students documents bear the term aiki-jujutsu. Many of ueshibas senior stu-

dents have different approaches to aikido, depending on when they studied with him. Today aikido is found all over the world in a number of styles, with broad rangers of interpretation and emphasis. However, they all share techniques learned from Ueshiba and most have concern for the well-being of the

By Arvin Karl Capiral and Elloize Arnelle Querubin to know one another) the tern do connects the practice of aikido with the philosophical concept of Tao, which can be found in martial arts such as judo and kendo [citation needed], and in the more peaceful arts such as Japanese calligraphy (shodo), flower arranging (kado) and tea ceremony (chado or sado). From a purely linguistic point of view, Aikido is Way of combining force. The term aiki refers to the martial arts principle or tactic of blending with an attackers movements for the purpose of controlling their actions with minimal effort. One attacker. applies aiki by underThe term aiki does not read- standing the rhythm and ily appear in the Japanese lan- intent of the attacker to guage outside the scope of Budo. find the optimal posiThis has led many possible inter- tion and timing to appretations of the word is mainly ply a counter-technique. used in compounds to mean This then is very similar combined, unite, join together, to the principles exmeet, example being. As well pressed by jigaro Kano, as an idea of reciprocity (to get when he founded Judo. By Jamaica Estrella

A sport is one of the essential components of unity in a school. Athletes, together with their trainers, train hard to bring honor to their respective schools. Unfortunately, unity is something that is lacking in the Fairvian

Consideration badly needed

are not provided financially enough. Most of the time, trainers are the ones paying for their transportations fees and food expenses because of lack of funds. But financial support is not the problem, moral support is. That is what the players explained. Most of the time, it is inevitable that athletes are out of the classroom during contents. Although excuse letters are given to their subject teachers, it seems that those let-

campus. Our athletes are not giving as much support as the students joining contests in the academic field. For many times, the school has won various sports competitions. But for those times, the athletes

ters are null and void. Still, they are not excused from quizzes, seatworks and activities which they missed due to the contents. There is no special consideration for their grades. But aside from moral sup-

port, another hindrance for our athletes is the lack of facilities in the school. There is no place for them to practice their skills, the school has a large quadrangle for them to train at but they have a hundred of students having their physical education classes to share with. And even if we have been given the permission to use the basketball court beside the school, the athletes are still sharing it with the people next to it. Their security and safety are also at risk because it is outside the school grounds.

One of the most affected is the training of the athletes. According to psychologists, training helps to improve self-confidence, motivation, the ability to relax under great pressure, and the ability to concentrate. When an athlete has self confidence, he will tend to persevere even when things are not going as planned, show enthusiasm, be positive in his approach and take his share of the responsibility in success and fail. With these dilemmas hampering them, it may be flying pigs for the athlete to win in competitions.


Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Jr. in 2012

Current pound for pound champion Manny Pacquiao remains confident that a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. will happen in 2012. After nearly 2 years of failed

The Official School Publication in English of Mines Elementary School // Quezon City, NCR

Volume 7. Number 1

Unit Meet 2011

MES kickers kick for gold

By Ralph Joseph Gallebo Taekwando Team continue to rule the Taekwando Elementary Competition in Unit meet Level after they bagged a total of seven gold medals on October 19 at MES covered court Brgy. VASRA Quezon City. After that dominant Victories all medalists will be qualified in the Division Level and it will increase the chances of being a champion title holder this year. Two grade level punished their respective opponent in the girls division like Arriane Ladua who got a gold medal over Articia Lucyll Solis of Ramon Magsaysay Elementary school and Mae ann Orating also Grabbed anither gold medal against Gabrielle Ann Dalisay from RMES.There are also Garde 4 pupils who entered the next chapter named Anglica Grace Lozada in Category 1

School Year: 2011 - 2012

negotiations the fighting congressman believes that this mega-fight will take place before he retires. Pacquiao is expected to fight 2-3 more times before finally retiring to focus on his political career.

According to a Friday August 12th report by, Manny made the following comments about Floyd: I will fight Mayweather next year

Was Manny undertrained?

By John Fyke Mingi

Lady Eaglets to fight for Championship

By John Fyke Mingi Mes Lady Eaglets of Mines Elementary School escaped the gritty San antonio Elementary School Little Spikers in a 23-25 , 28-26 win to clinch a berth in the Inter school Volleyball League Last Septmeber 9 at Sto. Cristo covered court. After the tight victory, Lady eaglets qualifies to the next round which is

and Angela Soriano in Category 2 received a gold medalists. Meanwhile , several boys of Brgy Vasra based squad are safely qualified in the division meet like Mark Aldrin Dumalaonnfrom Grade Iv. Ian Cahd Dabalus and Ahmir Bartol Alkhalayle from Grade V because they dont have an oppinent that day. Job well done and keep up the good work.exclaimed coach Catherine L. Ayson.

Heres a new twist to the continuing debate on why WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao wasnt up to par in recently escaping with a win over Juan Manuel Marquez on a majority 12-round decision in Las Vegas. A close Pacquiao adviser Rex (Wakee) Salud says he was undertrained despite a 10-week boot camp that started in Baguio City and ended at the Wild Card Gym in Hollywood. Saluds assessment comes in the wake of most observers saying Pacquiao was overtrained. A horse-owner notes that before the fight, Pacquiaos coat didnt glow like before he seemed to be burned out, his skin color was somewhat ashen. Salud says Pacquiao had poor sparring but though no fault of his, he adds. Its not easy hiring fighters to spar with Pacquiao and risk serious bodily damage. In Baguio City, Pacquiao sparred with Venezuelan Jorge Linares who failed to capitalize on the experience as he lost to Antonio De Marco on a late knockout a month before the Marquez affair. In Hollywood, Pacquiao kept pace with retreads Raymundo Beltran and David Rodela, youngster Jamie Kavanagh and for a day, Zambias Hastings Bwalya.

the unit meet and take a month preparation to grab another crown . Jenifer Nierva had an heroic games and rewarded as the best player of the game with its 12 points including that service in the 1st set that helped bagged and another two consecutive ace in the last set that finishes the game. Ang ganda ng ipinakita ni Jennifer na-

kita ang konfident nya sa sarili nya. Hindi lang si Jen ang magandang inilaro kundi lahat naman sila Stated coach Sebio delos Reyes .

Meanwhile, Captain Ball Marjorie Bagtas also had an explosive game with 20 markers while setter Janea May Hubilla and Lally Bel-

jot Contributed 16 and 6 respectively for the lady Eaglets. On the other hand, the little spikers had a non Spiking game but still managed to have a close duet with the brgy. Vasra based squad and at least won a single set. Team Captain Lea Gomez led the little Spikers with its 8 points, 2 blocks and 4 excellent digs while setter Kristina Lorenzo added 7 who led them in the big 2nd set of SAES. Congratulations to their coaches and trainer.