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Breaza February 31, 99 soup mayonnaise salad - cheese, egg, laptre, garlic. the fine-grated carrot.

grilled chopped lettuce cepa sesening (allspice, coreandru, paprika) smoked cheese (cheese) milk good appetite ---------------------------- -----------------------------------------------pizza "wafer "crust - whole wheat, bran, grill sesening, milk mix as soon as a c ellophane covers a flour ungem a doubt over the top, stretching the thin rolling pin, to give some taste: spread with mayonnaise (garlic) grated cheese on fine (smoked) will absorb the sauce and dough will have a pleasant taste. mayonnaise again (with sweet paprika, milk, cheese, egg, spice ~ a liquid sauce) finely cho pped mushrooms over the curd, carrots - radius. fine, onion - finely chopped; ra d.patrunjel, parsnips - raz.fina; put sauce on top, mushroom-toc.marunt, garlic, onion-thin, add sauce on top agai n, the final part: lettuce, olives, peppers, pickles, grilled sesening, smoked c heese, appetite good. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------"Roast" - Cheese, beetroot, onion (fine), spices, knead. - Oil-for seasoning. color (las t phase), for wheat. consistency, the pass through poirtiile spicy oil - sprinkl e paprika for. serving, the sauce: cheese, beet, milk, oil, cabbage, onion, pars ley leaves (chopped), mix well; + Court, spices, dish sits in the background lay er. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------cornulete chocolate dough: wheat (higher ground), semolina, milk, ~ honey mix, cottage cheese - if you put first (honey oil) composition: semolina , nuts, cocoa, honey, cheese, crispy crust - not struggling! Cut all as a cover (for example), that the unleavened bread, then roll in the roll of dough composi tion. Enjoy your meal. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------senvisuri unleavened bread wheat mills, semolina, spices, chewing, whey (for now ), ( cheese, water enzyme) lies countertop, cut to shape, thinly sliced cheese. aprika. "frying" carnociori, beetroot, cheese, chopped herbs, garlic, balls, two slices cheese - unleavened bread, lettuce, cheese, sausages, garlic, spices (dr ied herbs, parsley, dill) senvisuri; -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------Loboda onion soup "quality", garlic, Loboda toc.marunt - mix, spices , oil, milk , whey, egg (onion tempering: with oil-walnut leaves and then remove ~ 5min) ---------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------Stevie oil soup with spices, onions, a dish I drained the oil - mostly took sunf lower taste: now tastes like sunflower onions, parsnips, parsley, garlic, cheese , eggs, spices, milk, whey, carrots, Steve, a tablespoon of onion (oil) - paprik a, garlic, onions (fried-quality), oil, spices (with the mixer is faster) blend the mixture. whey, milk (one or the other here in this example both) soup can be served. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------potatoes, fries,, shredded cheese (kept in whey), parsnips on grated, spices (7) , egg, wheat (for a stronger paste), oil, on a stretch film,, potatoes, and cut into thin slices-pt. Drying - straw. oil, paprika pt.rumenire, (it's good to be dry for browning). -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------House chocolate semolina (pt.a be more fluffy), cocoa, milk, essentially ampoule s (concentrated oils), the essence of rum, honey, oil (not to be a sticky dough

with oil, not to unite the traditional tops) , wheat (as needed pt.a absorb the moisture) - extends countertop cellophane (a sheet thicker than the potato-aprox .2 cm) p. 3 ----------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------baklava meal, cheese, cocoa, nuts majority, honey, flaxseed, apple juice knead l ess oil, wood, balls are. with nuts and honey, which is basically oil and fold, coconut. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------nettle soup (personal) nettles + parsley (to do) an egg , oil, soup: it mixes, o ne turnip, three carrots, a garlic clove, a small parsnip, half beetroot, spices universal envelope, a small onion. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ cream (Personal) 1 / 2 celery, 2 tab lespoons honey, 1 egg oil. - The mix. -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------pizza dough: semolina, cheese, flax seed, herbs, oil, vegona (spice), paprika, t o the countertop to dry the first layer: carrot, celery, parsnips (mix) + mayonn aise and season; spices: green , thyme, pepper, vegona, coreandru, allspice, nuc usoara, laurel mills, cheese, mushrooms, soy beans, paprika, pepper, peppers, ol ives, greens + over a little mayonnaise. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------halva bran (or wheat) seeds: sesame, pumpkin, sunflower sun nut. soak with cocoa -mint tea, honey, oil, vanilla essence and cocoa glaze: honey, cocoa, oil less. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- Page 4 "sausages" carrot, parsley, parsnips, beets red} squeezed lemon, onion, honey, allspice, coreandru, oil, cheese, semolina, pepper, vegona, paprik a, garlic, allspice, coreandru, curious, oil, 2-3 white flour, sauce: sweet paprika , oil, garlic, flour or semolina to give the sauce, parsley, celery, parsnip, pe pper, vegona, mayonnaise sour (lemon) , (the cabbage rolls but without garlic th yme) the same composition. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------" block "small mushrooms, cottage cheese, soy fi ne (coarse chopped +) , celery and carrots on small grated onions, green onions, parsley, vegona, pepper, other spices (lovage, thyme, cinnamon little, allspice , coreandru, nucusoara)-all mixed with wheat for solidification; color: paprika sweet beets; + walnuts (chopped greater), smoked cheese dishes, large mushrooms cut - without crumble mix, soy sauce + after setting (aspect fried). ------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- soup " belly" Ingredients: celery, parsnips, onions, chopped mushrooms rubbed large wit h vegona, garlic, put in milk composition minutes, celery, parsnip, onion choppe d (mixed) is mixed with milk in which the composition, the whey added, + an egg, skim milk (cream) garlic, onion, lemon juice, a mustard (if mustard is not sour-lemon) mixed with the composition (page). -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- nutella cream eggs, cocoa mix, honey, oil (poured slowly); different flavo rs: coconut, hazelnut, vanilla, coconut, raisins, coffee .... - Home of Natural Nutrition contact:, tel. (+4) 0722.371.107 / / pag.5 -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------pancakes dough: gray, cream, butter, vanilla or rum honey, cheese, honey, essenc

es. -------------------------------------------------- Rafaello ---------------------------------- cheese, butter, coconut, honey balls are . good appetite and success. -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------juice "water-living" in collection "1 7" recipe and technology university ELTA natural food preparations in the juice, this drink could be caught as a traditio nal position in the beverage category "soft" is one of the most complete natural diet preparations. asimiliat easy, nutrients components of this drink is alread y extracted in the liquid that constitutes the drink. These juices are primarily Recommended to those who put the body in situations of imbalance (no disease, bu t our different mistakes that such a result). by elemementele of which is prepared such a report is provi ded juice whole complex of vitamins a body needs and tired of mistakes equally m ineral salts and trace elements are also abundant glass meet. depending on the s eason and even in the light of conditions in the body, the elements of such a ju ice that is made is different. recipe that follows is for a juice that can be pr epared in any therein annotated and it addresses both the healthy and especially the one who now emerged from the normal state of health. Ingredients: 100g carr ots, celery 50g, 50g parsley root, cabbage 50g, 100g apples, walnuts 50g, 50g on ion, garlic, 50g, 100g beetroot, thyme 30g, 5g pepper berries, peel 3 eggs, cinn amon 3g, other fruit season 100g, 500g wheat bran feed, corn flour 100g whole ot her bran barley, rye, etc., 100g, 30g sioia beans, bay 5g, cherry twig, dried ha wthorn fruit 10g, 3l water, resulting portii_pahare 15 x 200 ml. Preparation: th ese quantities are suitable to be placed in a glass jar 5 liters capacity. cut i nto small pieces, place corn bran and flour the bottom of the jar. Place all ing redients washed, pour water, cover with a saucer. is kept at room temperature sh elf-chamber even 30 hours. strain, place in bottles.