PART I PART II PART III Basic GNU/Linux Commands GNU/Linux Installation / Basic System Configuration / Administration Network Services Installation / Configuration / Administration [Primary And Secondary Services]
Duration : 5-6 months

Total No of Classes : 36-45 sessions [2-3 hrs each] depending…

A. Basic GNU/Linux Commands
01. ls -al 05. cal 09. gcalc 13. mkdir, -p 17. rm, -fr 21. pwgen 25. shutdown 29. sync 33. history 37. eject -t 41. ps 45. wc -l, -b, -w 49. dmesg 02. vdir 06. date 10. kcalc 14. rmdir 18. passwd 22. login 26. halt 30. alias 34. fc 38. uptime 42. file 46. touch 50. klogd 03. dir 07. echo 11. pwd 15. cp 19. mkpasswd 23. logout 27. su 31. unalias 35. mc 39. mount 43. free 47. write 04. clear 08. bc 12. cd 16. mv 20. pwck 24. (^d) 28. exit 32. source 36. eject 40. umount 44. tree 48. wall

B. Adding / Deleting Users
useradd adduser userdel userdel -r userconf id id -g chmod usermod users groups groupadd groupmod groupdel chown chgrp umask dd

C. Working with Text files 51)head 52)tail 53)script 54)grep 55)egrep 56)less 57)cat 58)awk 59)gawk 60)more 61)cmp 62)column 63)comm 64)diff 65)diff3 66)enscript 67)eqn 68) expand 69)fgrep 70)fmt 71)fold 72)fortune 73)groff 74)gs 75)isspell 76)join 77)look 78)md5sum 79)nl 80)nroff 81)od 82)paste 83)pdf2ps 84)pdf2totext 85)pr 86)ptx 87)rev 88)sdiff 89)sort 90)slpit 91)strfile 92)sum 93)tac 94)tr 95)troff 96)unexpand 97)uniq 98)unstr 99)zcat 100)zcmp 101)zdiff 102)zegrep 103)zfgrep 104)zgrep 105)zmore .

Archiving/Encoding/Compressing/Encrypting Files 106)compress 107)uncompress 108)tar 109)cpio 110)crypt 111)bzip2 112)gunzip 113)gpg E.D. Printing 114)lpq 115)lpr 116)lprm 117)lpstat 118)lpd F. Process/Env/Job Control 119)w 120)whoami 121)who 122)finger 123)bg 124)fg 125)chfn 126)jobs 127)kill 128)killall 129)nice 130)nohup 131)printenv 132)export 133)top 134)gtop 135)readonly 136)renice 137)set 138)env 139)suspend 140)tee 141)times 142)trap 143)type 144)typeset 145)ulimit 146)ls -i 147)ln -s 148)symlinks 149)stat .

156)which 157)whereis 158)find 159)locate 160)updatedb 161)slocate 162) J... Email Clients 173)pine 174)mutt 175)kmail 176)mozilla . Finding and Searching.G. Getting Help 150)man 151)info 152)help 153)apropos 154)whatis 155)makewhatis I. GNU/Linux Web Browsers 167)lynx 168)links 169)netscape 170)konqueror 171)mozilla 172)opera L.... GNU/Linux Editors 163)pico 164)vi 165)joe 166)emacs K.

M. Sound/Graphics/Viewers 177)ee 178)pixie 179)kview 180)kpaint 181)kghostview 182)ksnapshot 183)gimp 184)xpaint 185)xsane 186)xpdf 187)xfig 188)play 189)playmidi 190)plaympeg 191)playwave 192)aumix 193)cdda2wav 194)cdp 195)cdplay 196)play 197)playmidi 198)plaympeg 199)playwave 200)mpg123 201)rec 202)sox 203)combine 204)convert 205)montage 206)mogrify 207)mikmod 208)identify N. GNU/Linux Shells 209)bash 210)sh 211)csh 212)chsh .

-d. -U. X Window 235)startx 236)startx --expert 237)xterm 238)tty 239)stty 240)xdm 241)kdm 242)gdm 243)gpm Q. -s.O. -F. -qa. -e. Hardware / System Configuration 213)setup 214)authconf 215)kbdconfig 216)mouseconf 217)sndconfig 218)timeconfig 219)lokkit . -mrs 232)mkbootdisk 233)mtools 234)rpm -ivh.[firewall-config] 220)tzselect 221)printtool-gui 222)netconf 223)netconfig 224)netcfg 225)ntsysv 226)tksysv 227)XF86Setup 228)XConfigurator 229)xvidtune 230)hostname -i. Module Management 244)modprobe 245)modinfo -d <modulename> 246)insmod 247)lsmod 248)rmmod 249)depmod 250)lspci R. Quota Management 251)edquota 252)quota 253)quotacheck 254)quotaoff 255)quotaon 256)repquota . -r. -a. 231)uname -a. -qf. -qi P.

mtools 289)mattrib 290)mbadblocks 291)mcat 292)mcd 293)mcopy 294)mdel 295)mdeltree 296)mdir 297)mdu 298)mformat 299)minfo 300)mlabel 301)mkmanifest 302)mmd 303)mmount 304)mpartition 305)mrd 306)mmove 307)mren 308)mshowfat 309)mtoolstest 310)mtype . Troubleshooting / Debugging 264)runlevel 265)init 0 266)init 1 267)init 2 268)init 3 269)init 4 270)init 5 271)init 6 272)fdisk -l 273)cfdisk 274)fdformat 275)badblocks 276)autorun 277)df -h 278)du -ars 279)e2label 280)chroot 281)dumpe2fs 282)e2fsck -b 283)fsck 284)sync 285)tune2fs 286)swapon -a 287)mkswap 288)mknod U. Window/Desktop Managers 257)sawfish 258)enlightenment 259)blackbox 260)startkde 261)gnome-session 262)fvwm2 263)icewm T.S.

311)mzip 312)xcopy 313)mdoctor 314)mwrite *** End of Part I **** .

subshells etc NW Protocol Analyzers/Sniffers/Intrusion Detection.User Accounting The RedHat Package Manager .Pretty Good Privacy SSL .Giving users SuperUser Privileges VMWare .insmod OpenSSH . 12.defs.Running windows programs in GNU/Linux Checking Passwords for weaknesses with John The Ripper TLEDS . functions. BroadBand etc Printing .lsmod. 3.arp etc The XFree86 4.Local. rc Understanding Config Files and Scripts . 2. ssh-add. 4. Remote [Unix].ping.0.autofs LVM . 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 *** End of Part II **** Additional 29 30 31 32 33 34 GnuPGP .ssh.variables.sysinit.The Netscape Secure Socket Layer wine .A Fun Project Creating your own man pages .Login Challenges VerySerious TroubleShooting . 5.tcpdump. dumps etc Automounters .initscripts and runlevels Understanding the GNU/Linux Boot Process BootLoaders .with kppp and wvdial dialup. usermod etc Managing User and Group Disk Space Quotas .xfce etc • Configuring and Using Remote X Servers and Clients . ISDN. SMB-Windows. 14. ssh-agent.Running Windows inside GNU/Linux as a Virtual machine RAID partitions / Devices and NFS-RAID xcdroast.PART II GNU/LINUX INSTALLATION / BASIC SYSTEM CONFIG AND ADMIN 1.login.cdrecord.Installing Linux Software TCP/IP NW Mgmt / NWing Basics .FileSystem Hierarchy Standard System Initialization . tethereal Shared Library/Module Management . 9. Device Configuration and Installation GNU/Linux Filesystem/Layout -FSHSTND. 7.blackbox. 20. 17.xhost Virtual Networking Computing with VNCserver Administering Logs with SYSLOG and Logrotation with logrotate Trouble Shooting .Working in Maintenance Mode .nmap. scp sudo and su .Burning CDs. 6. Hardware.1 Window System • Window Managers and Desktop Environments . resizing LVs etc 13. 16. 8. ifconfig.Challenges Connecting to the Internet . physical and logical volumes. ethereal.inittab.modprobe.mkisofs.netstat.LILO and GRUB The cron system / anacron GNU/Linux Schedulers User Administration -adduser. 15. sshd.rmmod. 18. 19.volume groups. 10.The GNU/Linux Secure Shell . 11.Logical Volume Manager .Working in Debug or Rescue Mode .route. CUPS printing subsystems etc Shell Programming using the BASH shell . rc. Creating ISOs.

PART III CORE GNU/LINUX NETWORKING DEPARTMENTAL AND INTERNETWORKING SERVICES SETUP DEPARTMENTAL OR INTRANET NETWORKING SERVICES 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Configuring an Ethernet Card/s Setting up a NFS SERVER / CLIENT Setting up a NIS/yp SERVER / CLIENT . New Bombay 400703 Landmark: Hotel Navratna and Bata Showroom Bldg.COM Note : Not available between 3pm to 7pm afternoons .Pluggable Authentication Modules 15)Firewalling using iptables [netfilter] 16)Advanced Firewalling [SNAT/DNAT/ipspoofing/DOS/Masquarading etc] 17) The xinetd TCP Internet Superdaemon / TCPWrappers [ telnet. Class is in the 2nd Floor Look for the Penguin Flag on the 2nd Floor Tele: 27823446 / 9820851665 Mail: RAJIV@OPENSOURCEFORCE. IMAP servers etc] 13) Setting up a Transparent Caching HTTP PROXY SERVER using SQUID 14) PAM . Sector 17.Securing Apache with SSL 8) VIRTUAL HOSTING WITH APACHE 9) LAMP . Vashi Also : Talwarkar’s in on the 3rd Floor. Nirman Vyapar Bldg.Directory Service Setting up a DHCP SERVER using ISC DHCP Compiling/Configuring/Upgrading the GNU/Linux KERNEL with rpms / source code [tarball] Setting up a SAMBA SERVER / CLIENT as a  GNU/Linux-GNU/Linux  GNU/Linux-Windows using netbios / tcp-ip  File and Disk Sharer  Printer Sharer  As a PDC and WINS server INTERNET NETWORKING SERVICES / SECURITY 7) Setting up a Web Server Using APACHE . Setting up a DNS SERVER/CLIENT using BIND9 11) Setting up a MAIL SERVER using SENDMAIL [procmail.fetchmail] 12) Setting up a secure FTP with VSFTPD [telnet. talk. ftp…] and Access Control Lists *** End of Part III **** Rajiv S Banerji Room No 212. 2nd Floor.GNU/Linux / Apache .PHP Prgg/ MySQL RDBMS Introduction 10. Sector 17.

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