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Dear Sir/ Madam

I am interested in working with your organization as a ________________________________ and have enclosed my resume. I have good leadership skills which I have proved throughout my activities. The reason I have been successful in doing so is my good communication skills. I am a patient listener and try to consider every point any member of my team states. I learn by trying and that is why I try to pick up maximum tasks possible and achieve them within the required time and of course with the desired results. I believe in performing tasks perfectly and I am often difficult to work with people who does work just for doing it. Having all the qualities of a leader and a manager I would like to work with your organization and learn more about business. Thank you for your time.

S. 7. Delhi 110085 E-mail: sindhwani. ACADEMI C INFORMATION: YEAR 2010 2007 2005 DEGREE B. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE THRO UGH COURSE PROJECTS:    Created report using inputs from senior staff at Punjab National Bank on the topic “Principles of management in the real world” for course on Principles of management.B.  Marketing and selling life insurance policies.E. . Analyzing Kingfisher group‟s international business strategies being shown through their past. INTERNSHI P: Summer Intern at the HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company from May„08 to July‟08.2 86.B.  Recruited people for selling insurance policies.akhil@gmail. Rohini. highlighting its contributions and effects on Indian economy for course on Industrial economics. present and their future plans for course on International Business Techniques. Raja Ram Mohan Roy School C.Akhil Sindhwani Address: A-1/88.S. Analyze the FMCG industry.E Class 12th Class 10th INSTITUTION BOARD RESULT (%) 64.8 72.4 Ram Lal Anand College(eve) Delhi University Raja Ram Mohan Roy School C. Currently pursuing PGDM in Marketing and Finance along with Wealth Management Course From Indian Institute of Financial Planning.com Phone number: 011-27933997 (Home) +91-9899580207(Mobile) CAREER OBJECTIVE: Seeking a challenging position within a progressive organization where I can contribute my skills and add value to the company.B. Sec.E.

South Campus. KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Academic Successes Workshops Attended Music achievement      Achieved the highest marks in 12th in my school. Workshop on „Quantitative Techniques in Business” organised by the Department at University Of Delhi. an inter college sports meet Achieved first position in cricket and second position in table tennis and volleyball in ROISTER 2010.   Identify and analyze current examples of free trade areas and predict the prospects of Asian union along with guidelines to achieve important milestones for course on Association for Asian union. music composer and back vocalist for the band Brahma Satya. Member of creative team in ROISTER 2010 and was mainly responsible for poster design and distribution. Performed regression analysis on the original data and comparing with regression analysis using dummy variable technique in MS-Excel for course in Econometrics. Collected and presented recent developments regarding recent rules and regulation changes in disinvestment policies for course in Disinvestment. . lyricist. Comparison of different regression analysis techniques.  EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVI TIES:    Lead guitarist. Achieved first position in volleyball. Member of the sponsorship committee for ROISTER 2009 and 2010. Selected and Coached the Table Tennis girls team for ROISTER 2009 and 2010.and football in ROISTER 2009.  BRAHMA SATYA was one of the top 15 Amateur bands in the whole North India selected for the competition Asian Beats. cricket . POSITIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY:     Infrastructure team leader for society of BBE students in 2007-08 and a member in 2008-09.

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