Mary lives in Liverpool. She works in bookstore and her husband is a teacher. Her husband’s name is Charlie.

Mary and Charlie both enjoy their jobs. The bookstore where Mary works is near their house and most of their friends live nearby. Charlie works in another town and travels to work by train. Charlie doesn’t have any sisters but he has two brothers. His brothers(fratii) are both older than him. Charlie’s parents are divorced. His mother lives in Barcelona. She is a tour guide and her job is very interesting. His father is retired. Charlie’s best friend is called John. John works in an office. John and Charlie play football together on Sundays. Football is Charlie’s favorite game. John doesn’t have any brothers but he has two sisters. Marco’s sisters are very beautiful and smart.

Verbe To live= a locui, a trai To work= a lucra To enjoy= a-ti place ceva To travel= a calatori, a merge Substantive Bookstore= librarie Teacher= profesor/profesoara Job= loc de munca House= casa Train= tren Tour guide= ghid turistic Office= birou

Adjective old= batran, in varsta divorced=divortat interesting= interesant retired= pensionat Smart= destept, inteligent


1.Tradu textul. 2. Rescrie textul inlocuind cuvintele subliniate cu pronumele personale corespunzatoare

. You are not. The table is brown.. aIII-a plural) . Fetele sunt in gradina. El este foarte inteligent. Limba engleza I am You are He/she/it is We are You are They are Eu sunt frumoasa.. The girls are in the garden. Eu nu sunt in casa.. Conjugarea verbului „a fi” la prezent negativ Regula: subiect + NOT + verbul „to be”la prezent afirmativ Eu nu sunt Tu nu esti El/ea nu este Noi nu suntem Voi nu sunteti Ei nu sunt Exemple: I am not in the house. AM ( pt persoana I singular) sau IS (pt persoana aIII-a singular) + restul propozitiei Limba romana Eu sunt Tu esti El/ea este Noi suntem Voi sunteti Ei sunt Exemple: I am beautiful.. I am not.Verbul „To be”(a fi) la timpul prezent Conjugarea verbului a fi la prezent afirmativ Regula: subiect + ARE ( pt persoanele aII-a singular si plural.. They are not in the garden..... John is not tall..... He is very smart.... They are not. We are not .. Masa este maro. You are not.. I plural... John nu este inalt Ei nu sunt in gradina . He/she/is not.

small. They........... old. in the house.... Exemplu: He .? Are we.. red.. We..... Your grandmother school...... at home.. 2......? Esti tu fratele lui George? Mama este in bucatarie? Sunt ei in gradina? 1.... Silvia.. My sister. in the room........ a teacher....? Sunt ei... John.? Esti tu..? Exemple: Are you George’s brother? Is mother in the kitchen? Are they in the garden? Am I. at school............. Pune toate propozitiile de mai sus la negativ si interogativ... tall...............? Are they.. The flower ... You.? Are you....... Exemplu: He is at home...? Este el/ea...Conjugarea verbului „a fi” la prezent interogativ Regula: verbul „to be” la prezent afirmativ + subiectul + restul propozitiei Sunt eu.? Sunteti voi.Pune forma corecta a verbului „to be” la prezent afirmativ in locul spatiilor punctate......? Are you. in the bedroom..... The girl..... He is not at home..? Is she/he/it.. I......? Suntem noi............ Is he at home? afirmativ negativ interogativ ....

nine 10-ten 11-eleven 2.Vocabulary Family and numbers from 1 to 20 (familia si numerele de la 1 la 20) Membrii unei familii sunt: Parents = parinti Mother = mama Father = tata Sister = sora Brother = frate Children = copii Son = fiu Daughter = fiica Aunt = matusa Uncle = unches Grandparents = bunici Numerele de la 1 la 20 1.fifteen 16.twelve 13.two 8.twenty Grandmother = bunica Grandfather = bunic Niece = nepoata Nephew = nepot Mother-in-law = soacra Father-in-law = socru Brother-in-law = cumnat Sister-in-law = cumnata Husban = sot Wife = sotie .eighteen 19.seventeen 18.nineteen 20.sixteen 17.fourteen 15.four 5.five 6.three 4.eight 9.six 7.thirteen 14.

tutorialized. .

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