Yishun Junior College

2012 Date

JC2 ♦ Term 1 Block Test
H2 Economics* H1 Economics H1 General Paper* H2 Chemistry P1,P2* H1 Chemistry P1,P2 H2 Computing H1 English H2 English H2 Biology H2 Physics* H1 Physics H2 CSE H2 Geography H2 History H2 Mathematics* Art CLB MLB H2 CLL H2 MLL H2 TLL H1CSC H2 CSC H1 Mathematics* H1 Geography H1 History H1 Biology H1 CSE H1 GSC


1h 40m 1h 10m 1h 30m 1h 55m 1h 25m 2h 30m 2h 2h 1h 40m 1h 50m 1h 10m 3h 3h 3h 3h 2h 2h 2h 3h 3h 3h 3h 3h 3h 1h 30m 1h 30m 1h 40m 2h 15m 2h 40m

Hall, J3-07 A1-01/02, A3-07,A3-08, A3-09, A3-10, A3-11 Hall, A1-01/02, A3-07, A3-08, A3-09, A3-10, A3-11 Hall, A3-07 A1-01/02 A3-08 Hall A1-01/02, A3-07, A3-08 Hall, J3-07 J3-09, J3-10 Hall Hall, A1-01, A1-02, A3-07, A3-08

16 Jan (Mon)

0800h – 0940h 0800h – 0910h 1200h – 1330h 0800h – 0955h 0800h – 1025h 0800h – 1030h 1200h – 1400h 1200h – 1400h 0800h – 0940h 0800h – 0950h 0800h – 0910h 0800h – 1100h 1200h – 1400h 1200h – 1400h 0800h – 1100h 1300h – 1500h 1300h – 1500h 1300h – 1500h 1300h – 1600h 1300h – 1600h 1300h – 1600h 1300h – 1600h 1300h – 1600h 0800h – 1100h 1430h – 1600h 1430h – 1600h 1430h – 1610h 1430h – 1645h 1430h – 1710h

17 Jan (Tue)

18 Jan (Wed)


19 Jan (Thur)


Hall Hall A3-07 A3-08 A3-09

20 Jan (Fri)

IMPORTANT : Students sitting for morning papers are to report to the College Quadrangle by 7:30 a.m. for morning assembly. * Papers with candidates requiring extra time.

They must not turn the paper over until they are told to do so. 7. For afternoon papers. mobile phones) and computerised aids (e. Students are to ensure that the test venue is free of litter after the test. 5. A student may be expelled from the test room. Students must display integrity at all times. Students who are late must report and give a satisfactory reason to the Chief Invigilator before they may be allowed to sit for the paper. Electronic devices. pagers. No extra time will be given. DISHONESTY 12. notes or memoranda not authorised for use in the test. 3. Students may only enter and leave the test venue with their writing instruments and silent calculators (if any). Students who are absent from any paper must produce a medical certificate to their respective Subject Tutor or Head of Department concerned. No students may leave the test venue at anytime unless permitted by the invigilators. Students who are not properly attired will not be permitted to sit for the paper until they have changed to the proper attire. 6.g.g. Students who need to sit for test in the morning must report to college by 7:30 am for assembly. Students are to bring their NRIC or bus pass for identification purposes. Students are to be in full school uniform (with collar badge) and properly attired (refer to the College Handbook – Attire and Personal Grooming) when they present themselves for the test. 4. 13. Failure to adhere to this may be construed as cheating. be given zero mark for that paper. they are to be seated according to the seating plan and remain silent. Students are not permitted to consume any form of food and drinks in the test premises. 9. while in the test venue. have his/her subject marks nullified and be expelled from the college if he/she (i) attempts to obtain unfair assistance or is detected for dishonesty. 11. Students are not permitted to have in their possession. 10.INSTRUCTION TO CANDIDATES JC2 Term 1 Block Test 2012 GENERAL MATTERS 1. computerised wrist-watches) capable of storing and displaying visual/verbal information are prohibited in the test room. The plan will be posted on the examination notice board at the ground floor between the General Office and canteen. any books. Students are to check their seating plan at least one day before the respective paper. 8. communication devices (e. When students enter the test premises. be refused entry for subsequent papers. Nor will they be allowed to . They will then go on to their respective test venues for the morning paper. all students may proceed directly to their respective test venues latest 15 minutes before the paper’s commencement. or (ii) copies from another student or allows his/her answers to be copied by another student. Students who misbehave during the test may be expelled from the test venue and refused entry for subsequent papers. 2.

Internal Examinations Committee . Students contravening this regulation are liable to the same penalty as those who are detected for dishonesty.remove from the room any used or unused writing paper.

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