SITUATION 1: Mrs. Delas Alas, a Clinical Instructor, is reviewing some concept in Psychiatic Nursing with fourth year nursing students. 1. A basic concept in Psychiatric Nursing is that behavior: A. Cannot be observed B. Cannot be understood C. is be and purposeful D. is the main indicator of one's personality 2. In a therapeutic nurse-patient relationship, the nurse should focus on the client's: A. appearance B. feelings C. thoughts D. behavior 3. A fundamental concept in nursing is viewing a client as a whole organism with a unique personality. The nurse, therefore, should: A. focus on the client's behavior B. consider the values of the client C. focus on the client's strengths and weaknesses D. refrain from labeling the client as a psychiatric entity 4. Which of the conceptual models of psychiatric mental health practice stipulates that anxiety is experienced interpersonally? A. Medical B. Behavioral C. Interpersonal D. Psychoanalytic 5. Sofia was very kind to her intelligent sister but deep inside had hostile feelings towards her. She is manifesting what type of defense mechanism? A. Projection B. Displacement C. Reaction formation D. Sublimation SITUATION 2: Isabella, 27 years old, G3P2, full term is in active labor at home. 6. Home delivery can be allowed for Isabella considering that she:

is full with less than 5 pregnancy 7. All of the following are physiologic effects of progesterone. has ruptured membrane D. apply abdominal pressure D. has no history of previous complications C. Allows the passage of the presenting part through the irregular pelvis B. rupture of membrane 8.A. except: A. apply Ritgen Manuever SITUATION 3: Miss Guia Marquez is a new registered nurse assigned at the fertility clinic. The greatest biparietal diameter of the fetal head is at or has passed the pelvic inlet D. rectal pressure C. The initial action of the nurse upon knowing that Isabella has watery vaginal discharge is: A. promote lactation D. Which of the following statement best describes an internal rotation? A. elevates basal body temperature during ovulation B. When the fetal head is delivered. promote female secondary sex characteristics . formation of corpus luteum D. increasing bloody show B. monitor her fetal heart tone C. inhibits uterine contractility C. Slightly elevated basal body temperature C. advise her to take nothing by mouth D. The following are signs of impending delivery. one of which is: A. the nurse should: A. The smallest antero-posterior diameter of the fetal head is presented to the pelvis C. observe the characteristics of the discharge 9. instruct her to lie on bed B. has no prenatal check-up B. use bulb syringe to clear the mouth and nose of secretions C. The head descends as the chin is flexed more on the chest 10. There are many functions of estrogen. 11. except: A. prepare to clamp the cord B. movement of zygote through the oviduct B. constractions more frequent and of shorter duration D. inhibition of uterine contractility during pregnancy 12.

What would be an appropriate nursing diagnosis for her easy fatigability? A. The nurse instructs Mona to take it: A. 16. malungay C. 5 B. Multivitamins with iron supplements were ordered. legumes. 8 B. eggs . Within the female reproductive tract. Mongo. cheese. dilis B. 4 C. Nausea B. 10 D. Self-care deficit related to weakness 17. Which of the following food will you advise to relieve her leg cramps? A. 12 15. Everytime she feels weak D. Coomb's test C. Constipation D. 3 SITUATION 4: Mona Santos is a G3P2 who sought consultation at the OPD due to cramps and easy fatigability. Which of the following is a diagnostic test for fertility? A. squash. Activity intolerance related to fatigue D. Pechay. Gas pain 19.13. Pap's smear B. Disturbance in role performance related to fatigue C. After each meal B. Pain related to leg cramps B. Hysterosalpingogram 14. the ovum is normally viable for how many hours? A. 24 C. Diarrhea C. Nuts. Culdocentesis D. Which of the following problems is likely to be associated with iron intake? A. 1 D. Following ovulation. Before breakfast 18. After breakfast C. the sperm remains viable for how many days? A.

What is the qualification of the public health nurse instructor? A. Relative of the governor 22. R. Human Relations D. Evaluation C. Planning 24. Model of health care D. Community organizing B. Six years as CI D. She asked for a nutrition supplement to ease her leg cramps. there is a need to keep abreast. Calci Aid B. What is the basic qualification of the Public Health Nurse at the Regional Office? A. Experience as CI D. RN with masters degree C. Spiritual B. Three years abroad B. Good will C. Assessment B. 21.N. BSN. Calpol SITUATION 5: The Regional Training Nurse must be qualified before assuming the position. Intervention D. Which one should a PHN retain as nursing value in her community health practice? A. Which process does she need to design a training program for nurses and midwives? A.D. Calcebone C. Matrix of hospital administration C. Use of high tech machines 25. except: A. which could be any of the following. Even if the nurse is already in the highest position. bread. rootcrops 20. Which area of CHN should a nurse train or retrain? A. Academic . Functions and responsibilities of the regional training nurse begin with the use of the nursing process. Recommended by the mayor B. BSN. Rice. Experience in PHN 23. Cal De Ce D. with masters degree C.

Refer clients with same problems D. Who receives referral from intermediate level of care? A. Politician C. Give IVs in case of repeat dehydration 28. Industries B. 31. Progressive well being B. 26. Cardiologist D. Progressive nation building C.SITUATION 6: PHC utilizes linkages all over the world. Which sector is always involved? A. Health care accessibility with low cost 29. Linkage with public works B. In what way could you provide support? A. Medical director 27. Congress D. When first line hospital workers are done with the patient severe dehydration patient goes home to your level of care. The nurse observes that Vikki's abdomen has irregular scar lines as a result of stretching of the skin. fully effaced. Linea nigra . cephalic presentation. PHC is a system which emphasizes well being of all segments. 40 weeks AOG. PHC activities are fully integrated with other sectors. Bring patient for check-up C. Health care procedure with supplies D. Health care available even with high cost C. How could you link and provide care at the same time? A. Chief Nurse B. Economic development and technology D. Health direction for better tomorrow B. Public works SITUATION 7: Vikki Sales is admitted at the ER with the following findings: Cervical dilatation is 6 cms. Economic progress and self reliance 30. This refers to: A. First line hospital personnel C. The dual role of PHC workers are as community health care developer and community development. What is the result of this effort? A.

" C. Prevention of diseases and promotion of health B. "Your IV fluid is enough to give you nourishment. II and III C. I. 36. Chloasma C.B. "You can not take food nor oral fluids because you're now in active labor. Vikki asks if she can take her meal. rehabilitation and gerontological care 37. What should be the appropriate response of the nurse? A. reached the ischial spine C." B. it is expected that you are aware of issues and concerns affecting the health care delivery system in the country.II and IV 34. after the client's physical condition stabilizes . The nurse records the uterine contractions of Vikki. Which are the characteristics of true labor? I. I and III D. still floating B. Melasma 32. The obstetrician remarks that the fetus is dipping. Intensity remains unchanged IV. "No. descending but has not reached the ischial spines 33. I and IV B. Upon admission of clients in the health care system B. Intervals gradually shorten III. rehabilitation services begin: A. Traditionally. which means that fetus is: A. Striae gravidarum D." D. in station +1 D. Ideally. upon discharge of clients from the health care system C. the doctor orders you to be kept NPO. Occur at regular intervals II. diagnosis and treatment of diseases D. the most common services of the health care delivery system include: A. Hospice and care of the terminally ill C." SITUATION 8: As a professional nurse practitioner. Intensity gradually increases A. "You can take a light meal.

Power of attorney SITUATION 9: Baby Boy Soriano. 36 weeks gestational age. The legal permission obtained from the client before an invasive procedure. involvement in research or administration invasive procedure. 41. Quality health care services 40. ambulatory care to clients of all ages and are usually situated in malls B.400 grams. Short 42. Early diagnosis of any digestive malformation .soon after the client's request for rehabilitation services 38. The baby to rest III. The birth length of Baby Soriano is considered: A. involvement in research or administration of experimental medication and intervention is: A. was admitted at the nursery. most if not all. In the Philippines. Unemployment and underemployment C. Average C.D. Which of the following issues involving health services can be directly addressed by nurses either individuallu or collectively? A. Long B. Too short D. Milk secretion of the mother IV. The Department of Health is faced with health issues and concerns that need immediate attention for the greater benefit of the general population. care and supervision of older clients usually those with emotional disturbances D. Informed consent D. Baby Soriano was placed on NPO for the first twelve hours for two reasons. Increasing cost of hospitalization B. and birth lenth is 49 cms. care and supervision of pre-school children usually located in the barangay 39. Mucus and amniotic fluid to leave the oral passages II. day care centers can be managed and/or organized by nurses because they provide: A. His birth weight is 3. which are to allow time for: I. Contract C. emergency psychiatric care and counseling to clients experiencing extreme stress C. Access to health care facility D. Affidavit B.

Back. I and III D. II and IV B. Placenta D. In the middle and at the end of the feeding C. Side of mother C. Stomach. What should be the most important parameter to check? A. Before and after each feeding 45. Progesterone C. Every ten minutes B. Oxytocin B.A. with his head slightly elevated C. Estrogen D. Prolactin 44. Breast of mother B. Breast circumference . After each feeding D. Uterus C. Baby's own mat on bed 47. The cord of the baby must be cut in between 2 clamps and cut using sterile scissors of blade. with his head flat on the crib D. Soriano asks which is the best position for her baby if she is to lay him in his crib. The first two hours after delivery the mother should be watched for bleeding. Soriano burp her newborn? A. with his head slightly elevated SITUATION 10: Nursing care after delivery is as important as any stage of delivery. Mrs. with his head flat B. I and II 43. Then where is the baby placed? A. Give to gradmother D. What hormone is for the production of milk? A. 46. How often should Mrs. The baby should be on his: A. What should be inspected on the baby? A. Back. vital signs B. III and IV C. Either side. Laceration 48.

Anti-smoking 52. Collaboration in the health finacing C. Weight in kilograms 49. strategies and targets. Which exciting programs captures spirit and styles? A. Information D. "23 in 93" 53. Preventive programs against drug addiction 54. threats. 48 50. Hospital as center of awareness C. Height in centimeters D. Hospital with preventive cause infection B.What exemplifies preventive and promotive programs which embark on family-oriented programs? A. Immunization day C. Home deliveries should be visited at postpartum. Nutrition of mothers D.B. 51. Reorganization . Which of the following is an important policy thrust? A. Baby's milk formula C. Step ladder education B. 36 B. policy. Preventive programs against smoking D. Decentralization of health service D. 24 D. What is believed to be a guarantee of effective delivery of health services? A. Integration B. Health in the hands of the people B. How many hours after delivery should be first home visit? A. APGAR and defects C. Breastfeeding practices B. Bleeding and infection SITUATION 11: The National Health plan is a blueprint of the DOH including health problems. What is most important during the postpartum home visit? A. 12 C.

social and spiritual being. emotional. Promotion 55. "Nursing practice is expanding in the light of the modern developments that take place around her. This model was popularized by: A. The framework for practice in this model is that: A. In this model. Hildegard Peplau C. "It is important that the patient participate in the overall nursing care plan of the nurse. Human Virus Immunodeficiency C. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome D." C." D. "Every patient is a unique physical. One example of a nursing model is the self-deficit theory. a nurse can be governed by Travelbee's nursing model." B. psychological." 60. 56. In interacting with patients. Human Deficiency Syndrome SITUATION 12: One of the things that the nurse should do to ensure quality nursing care is to formulate a nursing goal for clients based on some theoretical nursing model that she can adopt in planning nursing care. Human Immunodeficiency B." C. reduce stress so that client can move more easily through the recovery process 59. Virginia Henderson 58. client and health care system.C. What global menace is affecting twelve million people. develop interaction between nurse and client B. developmental of social needs. Devolution D. "Interpersonal process is viewed as human to human relationship. Which of the following statements best supports the concepts that nursing is dynamic? A. Faye Abdellah D. facilitate the body's reparative processes by manipulating client's environment D. "Nursing process is defined as dynamic interpersonal process between nurse." B. care for and help clients retain total self care C. "Caring is central and unifying domain for nursing knowledge and practice. Dorothea Orem B. The goal of nursing according to the nursing theory of Florence Nightingale is to: A." . nursing care becomes necessary when client is unable to fulfill biological. some cases not even reported (1993 statistics): A. "Client continuously changes and co-exists with environment.

" SITUATION 13: The DOH present a situation where maternal and child health care is adequate in our country. Pulling out temporary tooth 65. Poor absorption B. To obtain quality health care. Two hours C. Soiled articles with discharges should be boiled in water before laundry.D. Iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women. when child should school B. The Under Five Care Program is a child health related service which will ensure wellness and survival of children. Increased demand C. "The health status of every patient is constantly changing and the nurse must be cognizant and responsive to these changes. after 2 years old C. before 2 years old D. Low dietary intake D. At what age should proper tooth brushing begin? A. What is the highest cause of this anemia? A. How long should these articles be boiled? A. Which age range is this program focused? A. Temporary filling of temporary tooth B. Thirty minutes . 0-59 months D. One half day D. Children's dental care starts at the proper age of weaning. Perinatal age C. 61. Blood loss 63. Dental caries of temporary teeth need to be given attention. 0-36 months 62. there are programs and services in all levels of care. One hour B. infants and pre-schoolers increased as per finding of the National Nutrition Survey. Prevent dentistry is emphasized to children under five. upon weaning 64. Consulting a dentist for this problem is for what purpose? A. Replace temporary with false tooth D. Isolation technique in the home is difficult to do but fundamental principles must be followed. Installation of braces C. lactating mothers. Below 3 years B.

Ovaries B. Big heads. What is the aim of CHN? A. exhibit congruence of the various components of sexual identity B. Heart and respiration rates may double and BP rises 67% above resting level D. What are the characteristics of normal sperms? A. Small heads. Which of the following are physiologic changes during the excitement phase of the male sexual response cycle: A. occurs when the man is unable to ejaculate inside the vagina C. Dennis asks about impotence. Breasts D. A high level of sexual tension is maintained C. Development of human being D. short tail and yellowish color C. emotional intellectual and social aspects of sexual well being 67. 71. long tail and pearly white color B. Vasocongestion of the penis shaft is diminished 68. Promoting and preserving health C. 66. Big heads. Uterus C. Small heads. What is the primary sex gland of Yna? A. vagina SITUATION 15: cHN is a synthesis of nursing practice and public health practice. is synonymous to painful coitus 70. Which of the following characteristics is indicative that the couple is sexually healthy? The couple: A. Which of the following is true about impotence? It: A. demonstrate an integration of the somatic. Limitation to certain age only . long tail and white color D. manifest ability to form a lasting relationship C. Develops a recurring contractions of the muscles of the penis and deep perineum B. long tail and pearly white color 69. To serve all ages of the population B. refers to the inability of the man to have and maintain a penile eretion B.SITUATION 14: Dennis and Yna are a newly married couple and are interested to know more about sexuality. is the inability to procreate D.

The dynamic care of this nursing tool provides measurement of progress. health promotion and disease prevention services have been getting increased attention in the Department of Health. National Amelioration Pay C. What is the scientific systematic process for quality care? A. Execution of using procedures and techniques D. These facts can bring about an increase in the demand of which of the following nursing services? A. Health education C. Individuals. Cum laude on graduation 75. Medical Act B. Nursing standard C. Workmen's Compensation Act 77. with emphasis in the application of which of the following competencies: A. BSN graduate with license B. Clinical specialization C. Administration of treatment and medication 78. The latest census has shown an increase in the life span among Filipinos resulting to an increase in the number of elderly population. Nursing policies B. 76. Lately. National Health Insurance Act D. Which one is the primary focus of CHN? A. Nursing procedures D. Mature and elderly D. to name a few. Female population only C. Health promotion 73. Specialist in CHN C. adult and aged 74.72. as far as the scope of nursing practice is concerned. Hospice and home care services D. it is observed that the cost of hospitalization is getting more expensive and unaffordable to majority of the people. Managed care services B. One of the implications of these changes. Specialist in any field D. families and communities B. Health habits D. Where is cHN extended? A. Adolescents. Healthy food B. What are the criteria to become a public health nurse? A. This is brought about by changes in technology and the national economy and the increasing number of population. Therapeuatic use of self B. Healthy continuum C. Nursing process SITUATION 16: Change with the health care system has accelerated during the past decade. In addition to these data. Acute care services . One of the most recent developments that was enacted to help subsidize the cost of health services both for the employed and the unemployed is: A.

The latest trend that has developed to deliver care based on prepaid fees with emphasis on health promotion and illness prevention is covered under: A. Creativity in making health programs D. To stop funding from natinal funds 83. if not required to offer comprehensive health services to include illness prevention and health promotion. Dr. In community health. a saleslady. Wellness centers D. Newborn screening C. Winslaw defines public health as science and art of preventing deseases. Leadership skills of the nurse B. To bring services near the people B. hospitals especially government hospitals have already added in the regular services the following: A. Preferred provider organization C. Team building in group work 84. Tertiary Hospitals D. Government insurance plan B. assessment of the client requires multidisciplinary approach. Health maintainance organization 80. is coplaining of pain on her left leg. the DOH National Health Plan reviewing the health system. In 1975. Intensive Care Units SITUATION 17: Many changes in the DOH happened since 1901. Harlon stresses that public health is dedicated to common attainment of highest level of physical health. To become self reliance D. Rehabilition centers B. Hospitals nowadays are encouraged. Doctor C. Private insurance plan D. Trained healer D. What is the concise definition? A. Alta Mata Restructuring of WHO C. To empower local politicians C. Organizing people to participate C. Emotional quotient B. Fragmented health 85. What was implemented after the restructuring of the DOH? A. Nursing students B. Nurse SITUATION 18: Miss Sylvia. . To implement this program. Total well being C. Who is the team leader of the group? A. Focus on physical fitness D.79. Restructured health Care Delivery System 82. What's art in public health? A. 81. Philippine Heart Center of Asia B. Why was there devolution? A. mental and social well being.

How would you assess whether she has angina pectoris? There is: A. substernal chest pain B. If she were having M.I. Diagnosed as M.I. what medicine is not advisable for her? A. To determine the imcompetence of the deep and superficial veins. Which of the following is the possible cause of varicose veins? A. what activity would you advice her to do? A. Encephalography 87. Lie on her side with one pillow in between the knees C. Lie down and elevate the legs B. Retrograde filling tests B. From her work. was would be the characteristic of the chest pain? A. If it is angina pectoris. Perla. Sit down and elevate the legs on another chair 90. what drug is best to relieve her from chest pain? . vertigo upon standing 92. Biogesic B. Marijuana B. 38 years of age. which drug should be given to relieve her from chest pain? A. Rubbing 94. Prolonged leg exercise 88. Phlebography C. Crushing B. Aspirin D. Frequent leg cramps B. which of these is not useful for her diagnostic examination? A. Doloxone C. Demerol D. 91.86. Excruciating D. Always walking D. Stabbing C. stabbing chest pain D. Ponstan SITUATION 19: Mrs. crushing chest pain C. complains of chest pain and was admitted to the hospital. Prolonged standing C. vertigo upon standing 93. Upon physical assessment there are dilated veins on the affected part. crushing chest pain C.. Your health teaching is to use one of the following to enhance the circulation of the blood flow: A. Shower with warm water to relax her nerves D. Knee length stocking B. Panty hose stocking D. In case of leg pain. ROlled garter stocking 89. Ace bandages C. Doppler's flowmeter D.

disorder of the digestive system B. Promotes mother and child bonding at an early stage 97. apnea B. Promotes faster involution C. disorder of the blood clotting mechanism 100. This condition can be explained as: A. hyperventilation SITUATION 20: Baby Sandra. Prevention of diaper rash D. weighs 3000 grams. Makes all phases of childbearing as natural as possible B. tachycardia D. Marijuana C. The mother complains of the inability of Baby Sandra to empty either breast. Nitroglycerine D. Which of the following instruction is not helpful? A. C 5. Baby Sandra develops yellowish discoloration of the skin. Breastfeed the neonate on demand C. On the third day. born by NSD. B 3. Offer the breast every 4 hours 99. Increases the ability of the mother to take care of herself and her baby D. 96. Estrogen D. A 4. Ponstan B. Breastfeed the neonate every2-3 hours or on demand whichever comes first D. Techniques in bathing the baby C. B 6. Diethylstilbestrol B. What is the most beneficial advantage of rooming in? A. Demerol 95. Progesterone 98. normal physiological jaundice D. dysfunction of the liver C. She is roomed-in with her mother after 24 hours in the nursery. Which of the following is referred to as lactogenic hormone? A. Give glucose water as supplement B. C 2. she can have: A.A. cardiac C. If PRN drug is not administered in case of severe chest pain. B . and measures 49 cm long. Proper feeding techniques B. Prolactin C. Prevention of infection ANSWER KEYS INTEGRATED COMPREHENSIVE TEST I 1. which of the following is the most important instruction to be given to the mother on newborn care? A.

A 25. D 14. B 22. B 18. B 45. A 58. C 17. D 34. A 53. B 27. B 49. D 40. D 54. D 35. B 28. D 23. D 8. C 56. D 39. D 44. C 32. C 36. D . A 60. D 16. A 57. A 38. D 29. C 41. D 52. C 12. B 48. A 37. A 31. A 20. B 42. C 19. C 59. D 51. D 24. D 33. C 50. B 46. C 26. C 43. D 13. C 10. A 47. D 30. D 21. B 11. D 9. A 55. D 15.7.

C 100. A 74. A 71. A 83. B 72. D 76. D 67. D 80. B 88. B 64. C 96. B 93.61. D 66. B 94. C 91. A 92. A 65. B 75. C 77. C 62. B 85. C 79. D 95. A 99. B 89. C 81. A 86. B 78. D 87. A 70. D 69. A 90. D 82. C 63. D 73. D 97. A 68.A . B 98. C 84.

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