Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority is a Public sector autonomous body working under the Federal Government of Pakistan through the Ministry of Defence. It was established on 7th December, 1982 as an autonomous body. Prior to its creation, a Civil Aviation Department in the Ministry of Defence used to manage the civil aviation related activities As we visited CAA Islamabad at Benazir international airport Islamabad. The enterance is from the main gate only, and CAA employees have separate parking slots at the airport parking. We met different people at the CAA, they are very humble and calm people .the clearly tell us about the services they providing.CAA involves in different kind of projects and services, also there major project is Islamabad international airport at fateh jhang with the estimated amount of 60 billion including all the machinery and services best available in the world.

They have provided different types of services with regard to airport.
STATE SAFETY PROGRAM. the state safety programe includes different types of services ICAO Annexure Checklist Draft ANO's Notices Standard Operating Procedure SSP Manuals

They have some regulatory functions as well.
Airworthiness Air Transport Flight Standards Flight Inspection Unit Personnel Licensing Aeromedical Airspace and Aerodrome Regulations Security (they really emphasis on this ) They control the whole security of the airport, they have cctv cameras placed at different points.

Airport navigation services

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Provision of Air Traffic Services Implementation of Safety Management System (SMS) Airside Management Fire and Safety Services


Safety investigation board
Accidents and Incidents Accident/Incident Reporting SIB Publications Contact SIB

AIR PORT SERVICES Airports Flight Schedule Registered Ground Handling Agents

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