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I hate mankind, for I think myself one of the best of them, and I know how bad I am so says Joseph

Baretti. The wisest and noblest man admits that man is crueler than nature. And that s what I am here to express my views on Wolf don not eat Wolf but man eats man I anchor my point that that a wolf would not eat a wolf but a human will eat his fellow being on a single point responsible for this atrocity of human that man is the combination of all the crude nature found individually in all the other creatures that walk on this planet. The reasoning ability of the man is the very thing that compels a man to ripe offs his fellow man into pieces. No matter how cruel and dreadful the nature of wolf is but it is no match to human when his point of view is negated by his fellow man. Wolf is a peaceful animal and would never harm its fellow unless intrigued but human, he can not stand his fellow more intelligent than him, more prosperous than him, more successful than him. He shall make his first obligation to pull him down the first chance he gets. Mr. President I would like to take the instance of religion. We look at the history of religious aspect of man. He talks to the religion he believes in to be the truest. He claims that his religion only is the one that has brought peace in the world and the religion of love and sacrifice and at the same time he kills the one who do not follow his religion to put him on his right one. Wolf just do not that, they seems far more peace loving than human thinks himself following is religion. A wolf may kill another of his fellow to sate his hunger but a human can never be sated so. When he gets whatever he wants, his urge keep on increasing. And satisfying his desires he keep on ripping his fellows to pieces. A wolf may fight to a single wolf for a grudge but man he can make a pile of skulls for having a grudge with a single man by giving rise to wars because of his brutal nature. He not only eat up his fellow beings but finishes off the entire races of many. Man is a power hungry animal. He kills countless people in his lust for power and one finally attains it, exploit it as brutally as any wolf or animal would ever have done that. There have been

men in power, kings and monarchs who sat on the throne of the dead bodies of millions of people. In the end I would conclude my speech by a final observation of the nature of human as contrast to the wolf. Wolf has got many crude and wild traits in it from the divine but he is not given the sense and wisdom to reason any of its action to be a good or bad one, which is not his fault, but man who is granted by wisdom, knowledge and reasoning ability commits all the wild and brutal things. He chooses to be cruel but the wolf does not. That I hope will explain everything what I want to say. Thank you.

a man found in faisalabad who caughter his 3 year old bady girl in cage do u think we are better than wolfs ? a a a dee o politicians are just blaming each and other but in the end they share cup of coffe but dont do any thing thing for their nation is this humanity ? have they forget hazrat umar a a a dee o (raz) a a a dee o have we forgeted what we learn from islam ? a a a dee o ample of people are lossing its life in boom blast ? is this humanity ? who is actually getting its benifits ? a a a dee o in karachi thousand of people lost their lives bcz bcz some political parties wants it ? a a a dee o what i s rich and poor? what is caste system ? what is black and white ? what is ugly or beutifual ? these thing are sucking humans badly a a a dee o herarsiment on job places is becoming the part of workplaced whats this ? a a a dee o why here are not freedom of expression ? a a a dee o enough hia ? childrens are killing their parents for property ? a a a dee o in your relatives no one lift to your poor relatives not even invite them in your wedding or ocassions

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