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Subject: germany
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 15:48:17 EST
Germany Trip.
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10/21 11:40arn 11m on a plane over Europe. l1y back, shoulders & neck ache. It' s
5:20 am at home in NJ. Here it's nearly noon. I'm psyched about being here,
but right nOH I just Hant to stretch out and take a little nap. The flight is
the most boring part.
1:00pm. We are on a train to the city. There is a guy announcing something in
Dutch. The pub in the airport sold Grolsch in little cans. The walls along the
raih/ay have graffiti much like ours. It's even in big stylized letters like
America . There are black headed gulls of some kind flying around. Where is my
Euro trash girl?
1: 42pm 11m outside of the train station t<1at ching peopl e. It 's quite
interesting. Fashion is different and diverse. There are nearly no sneakers .
There is a lot of leather & jeans. Nothing in the square but pigeons & a f e\'!
sparroHs. I am enjoying peopl e \-Iatching.
4:54pm 11m on the train for Germany. We had long lines everywhere we went in
Amsterdam. The train tickets & money exchange were insane. Therefore He saw
ve ry little of Amsterdam. I missed going to the hash bar & the red light
district. I lost $100 in traveler's checks & had to call & get new ones. I
occasionally smelled the aroma of marijuana while out in the square. The place
s eemed a little seedy. Still I would like to have seen more of the area. We
Hill try to see more t'1hen we return. In the train station He got some lousy
burgers & I had something called ghakkistaf . I can 't tell you what it was. It
was kind of good though . Everyone seems tired. Joann & her sister are
7:40pm We are in Essen. There are a lot of people with dogs in the train
s tation. Having pets seems more a.ccepted here . They take them in mos t places .
There is a theater area here. I s e e ads for Hunchback, Vampire das musical &
Beauty & the Beast . There is quite a bit of criminals (all drugs & such) and
homelessness preval ent in here. I ,·/ould like to shop a little. Maybe tomorrOl'/
I'll get the chance.
10:43pm 11m at the hotel. We ate dinner at a local place. The food was good. I
had schwiner s nitzel. It I S basically breaded pork. The waitress \'1as friendly but
spoke no English. The TV had Up Close and Personal in Ge rman. Also the movie
with George Cl ooney t. Nicole Kidmann. Then I found Briti s h CNN. I r ead a bit t..
t'lent to bed.
10/22 9:50am I got up early today (Sam). Birds were chirping outside. I have
s een one pretty jay or grackle type. (elster) It has a black head & wings and a
white body with a black stripe across its side. Breakfast was excellent. It was
various cereals, sliced lunchmeats, cheeses, fruits, & bread. There t-las coffee,
teal & juices. Now 11m out front. It feels like fal l. The birds are singing and
there are church bel ls ringing off in the town. The air smell s good. I hope to
find a good books tore nearby. I want a bird guide.
3:09pm We Halked all over the city. Nearly eve rything is closed on Sunday.
There was a beautiful church, which I walked in. According to the plaque it was
rebui lt after l'l{'12. The interior t-las very modern. l'1e \-Ient to the train station
to get money. The exchange rate was 2.31404 dm for 1 dollar. There was a
shopping area there. I bought a pez dispenser . Then we went in a bookstore &
bought Dragon & White Dwarf. We then went to a massive shoppi ng area along
brick & cobblestone streets. There was a fair bit of people walking about the
area & a couple of street players performing for money. A small playground
entertained us a bit. There was a set of nine metal plates in the ground that
chimed when you jumped on them. We found a Garnes Workshop store. They had well -
painted armies on display. Down the street was a game store that has very old
product & current AD&D packaged differently then in the states. Window shopping
Has interesting for a to\lm that doesn I t seem to be big on tourism. Afterwards
we went to a park. The weather was nice & the people were out . A gentleman from
Barbados introduced himself to us. He noticed we were speaking English. He
informed us a bit about the area & why this city '-Iasnlt a s exciting as we
thought. It was an industrial town. The people here are fairly traditional &
there is little tourist market so most don't learn English. He was quite
ceMent up large piece •• pl avod while other.
They al.o had a t ahl •• et up with . nother che"board. .11a of
cour . e) played thtiro a . There •• large box where they put all
the ehal .. , .... , 'liont che •• phc .... Rich phy.d "" the bond.
10. t. tt ... , • Qa ... which ld,ted .bout 20 -.1». Then we w@nt back
t" th" hotd • took a nop.
91 411* A.te .t Du'1O' It wo. a G." .. n • Yu90.dnioh ,... .taUUht . They hod
"""u av.ilable. 1t wu ucdlent. I ILod .. nat wa. bulcoUy Frencl"t onion
'GYp and .te.k in p.ppor gr3vy. eve rythin'1 hor. co ... Mith fronch tri., .
dihner around. found the convontion center . Then we cane back
• took another
Joonn , Loura down to our , .. 0 played 18 hole. of golf. r
,mn. tie d i dn't go anywhere ""s t "C u, tired + wa3
10/23 1:36 •• !oday are going to travel down the Rhine.
Thi a "h.ot Wa ca_ lor. (othor thon wo<k thin'1l I hopa thio b good.
8 ,12 .... r .... on the t"a", to Koble" •• 'Ihi> u a in i. full 01 hoading to
Rich, Jo • Laura a<e acott.c.d around tho c ar. tha poople are very qui et.
i. littl. oonY<lroaUon thece Is, I can't underotand. the , .. n next
'0 .. io to 0 CD with ho.dpnooe. conn.ct ad to l aptop. The pl aye r
jCO- Wiede'9abel count. backward. Cr"" the end "j,()2 to 0,00 when h
reading a German technology mag • • ine. I con at 1 •• , t 3 ad3 Cor Marlboro 43
1 look .t on tho tr3in. 'IbGm , Coca-Cola .<. the pro.inent
.. oent> around next to Deer
10,31.- W. . <e on • bu, Ira. Kobl en% to We are goi09 to . oe ca,tle
H3rk.burg. 0 .. the way aCtar th.o t cain amptied out, Rich ' I vor kod on a
Hordhei. campaign. rhi. city i. much nore touri . t f ci endl y .
We up the path to Ko.k. burg. I of tho group to ovoid
• tho •• around .e. On the .. ay 1 came acro • • 8 qroup
of . verQreen,. Thece I ' ow. w<en 0 of "c •• They
•• 2" long. yollov green Ih col or . Tho noxt bond Iovooled t he f ir. t ca,tle
wall. wo the" ... "t up. pur cba,ed ticke t. f<>t the toor. OIlr twr guiM "". a
... n ,,,...,d W.lter who va> ..... ring • 5t " r Tret .hirt. we gu" .. od h"
q_r. rho tour .. acted oct only i n Ge"" ... but he know ... nted to the
tour .. "ell. (thonh to Joann' Laura) The c •• tle 'p",ed by wapo}eon Co<
WhOM he gave i t to a. a gitt. Thuo it the only undo. t,oyed Rhine
ca .• tle ... ft or th .. tour wa talked .. ith OI.I Ur about gaMi nq . He played. variety
oC roh. playing i ncluding CU,ulhu, ' l 4I Wau, ond DungeO!1' • Dnyon • • He
wont. Sta< Wor • • I b •• -mailing u. whon got wo took a
dlCCaro"t path down the hIke bac k down the hill 'Ieepec tha n the hike
1\. .... ched tho l>ottom I .ow a lar"o bird. It .. ., '1ce.nbh brmm, lik. a
vireo or c.dar wu"inQ, "ith blua coloring on its "in<]. It wu .ouqhly crow
.!zed. (eichelh1lh.rl rro .. thete we ..... "t to a call..d
I triod bitter Ie...,.,. It ' . OIl ever .... nu . It'. <"ally good. It·. like l""""",de
with It .. a. h 't .weet. Altar lunch "a to tho bu •
• top • caU9ht a back to
When w • • <.ived in I .ow a b.outiful church. I to got a
better look. Joann noed@d nell .hoe. 00 I 'plit "C! . I went in and i t
!la. ju,t pretty on the inte<io< it •• Qut,ide . Thec. wo, a aa •• ive pipe
thue _u a 10> .. old ,,,,,,,on prayinQ. I Iit a candJ. tor my ...,tho<. Th.
church had "pCarcklche hea- 1u,," ,,<leUh 01\ & plaque on .M outol<le wall. I
bdieve i.t ;, the nome of the church. I went b<>ck ovo< . .. t up with Rich . He
Wa. out. id. a ,tore fOI Joann L. UT&. We doclded to 'plit up. We
PlannOd to lOUt In on. hour. Rich ' I exploced the uea. l'l cot we
hit boo".tore. It wu "",ch like II<>rcleu. It h.d 0 cat.. r round a ..... ll
<lUi"," to blr<1 •. It helped _ rind the 3 bl<d. I had ,.en. Itbat ' •
.. h<ou ,h. n_, next to the de.cription c_. rr"",) We .. ont to a '1 .... • ton in
t .... city that ' .. hHonad to u. , "",do a connection with the oomu. T
• book fo< Andy' Ri ch pi cked up Cr . ,h • 8Urn t or 'he ••
We c.uqht the tcain bac k to Ro •• n . the train .,.tion we picked up
food. Then"" ""nt back to the hot el to eat. <ut. T""",TTOW we plan to checl<
out t he cconvention .na. Boob • !r""" the Source or . gol!'II to ord""
•• ""ll.
10/24 9,240" It' , chilly t<XI'Y. ! plan on .... <o<Ier1n9 a bit bV today.
TiMon .r. _'y Chin9' to >.e
9,SOpM We went to the COnYOntion to g.t • for ,he a ra •. It was
,""uiv •• We xan Into Lany • othe < people the «. Rlcb Mi d "e w<M.lld ... e t
Joann , Laur. at noon. W. the .h0p3 • while. wo in tho
.tora , .round. I found 8 RU, ic . to<e. 1 pi cked up .orne
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GD's. NOKt ,top • cool •. WA' qr . at.
n "ent to d i trnu. It "u O.K. r bad ,<>me in a P"l'P'It •• uce. !'lid . aob
waiting out.ide the hotel at Spn. to tho bar. Joonn • .taY9d
hOR • . Amenl We "3d schnapp' • tho oth8r. had . 0Re beer. We talked lor
hoUr,. wo. good.
10/25 10,06 We "ent to tho C<>nV<Intion to • • tup. The hbie nt" p .•
had a bettee 1dea ar<! no on. a9,""d on how H ,hould 1><>. I uqqed i n
with We went find out 4bout our product and get a to .how.
had a qood wondorinq we tor OUr .tuff to .how up.
11 ,1Op. Around 3pM our product arrived. well, . 0.< of it. A loie bit held
up in ou.tOM> . noodod tabl. clot h •• othe r . uppli •• to properly • • , up tho
booth. L<tu r • • T ""re . ont into t""n. It wa, tun tryiru;r to find thi, stutl. I
enjoy...! tr1in'J '0 get t he oole.peoph to underoh"'; what r .... looking f or.
Loura .... the beot. Her . kill. shoppinq helped u. find clothe. in no
tl.e WhOn we bock the eeal "etup beg.n. Arter t ow hour. we were a,
done 4. we could get. 50 Nick. I the I
qrut buys for Nick to qet tor their . tore. We took a dl MU bu,ak • want back
to "raq<>. I had tillet • Ul<I""". It was tantaotic. Mter dinnH we went •
•• .om • .or. . Thi. place i ••••• ive beyond I havo .vor b •• " to
be tore. They 140,000 peopl. Ni l l be here . I hope '0. AJound 1pM
9 Qf ttl<' 19 1>o>,e. hel d up in cu.t""" ocdvod. We P\'t out • ",. lhd H •
day. It wu niniru;r. O\or wdk bad to th. hotel lOa. <:Ja.p. When we Hrived, Nick
• 8¢b to Na found Rick (Hr . r l ying Buef,lol, • a
couple of the Kn'ght. of tha oinnor T.blo out in tho
ar ... They NGrO play t u tinq the ne .. K.O.D.T. cord ga .... (It', nOll
colhctabl e) "ner a guid eound of te hole .. i n golf (I won Rich, Joann
, !.auea " . nt to bed. I up (or a bora toBin<] with Rid, unu., •
coupl e 01 the guy. or the Dinne r Table. I t was fun. However it
wa. late all went to bed.
10/26 4 , 56pa Went to the .how flrot thi"'J thi s ftOrninq. W@ a bus y day. »e
got Jane. • hi. Ir i end Jo. b in on our pa • • I wandered around I
could . noon I 5aw Hoecu3, friend of our. (our. being tho Je.ta ,' , c r ew)
headi nq by. H. i. tb. 01 Aq_ of Rapire. ceq • worked on scooby 000
ceq. Me .topped & chatted with uo . i. to go before DOngr •• , •• ee
that Rich g. " the pur pl e HoaL"< tor , ul.viyiny hi . trip with Joann < hu<".
Late< i n the day we joked .. ith J •• ,U .. I,e c."" Nick doe. n', 11k.
J ...... I think that poople .ore too petty. I . 810 d few emotrdoh girl> • fell in
IOVQ. I t one of th •• i • • witten by . y .. ily .. r .. y .tay herG 0< COMG hODe
with he t. YOU .. Ill notice as you .. ad thio i n the next few enttie" tha t I =-
h ..... alone.
1l:48po1l1e ,," Dt to "O<Igo' o, a MonQoilan f\1\O. I ote kanqaroo. It "a, .b. olutely
fabulous . H'er dinner I 3dt .. ith J. "". Jo.h. "" _<_ ,.,ti,"} an into<. >t1"9
dice Made . R'ch snow.d up • jol"od i n. I golf. Ne
q."" a fe .. I ... nt to t ey the,. .
10/26 1:la • • suppo.ed to writ. ooneth!"9 .bout ye,ter day but I '. drun' .
8:12_ Alright .. happened ye. terdoy. It "u .Iowest d. y. AcCotdinq
'0 t he eequla< peopU it u,uallv b . W .. hava deci dad to wor k in Rich <
I .. givon >@oond .bift off . The bitch too. fir.t off. had
no COMplaint • . We went .<ound the h.ll. St il l I ,@arch th@ woeld ov&e. The
booth wu HIU <toad. We t<>.Jnd the cool • • t fi gures I hon ."", >@en. Joa"" and
Laura out with Lorry •. wo up • W9nt to dinne r at thi s little
Tho fir.t t hinq wa. our She .poke BhQl l. h. She had
a .en.e ot hu.or. tho food. It .. a, eKcollent. I had
rQc.ed. Tho" CAMe the booze. We h04 • blas t. We qQt on tho .. ay
to the hotel Il<>b decided I wu to <:lo .. to th .. eoad. He can up and nearly
t.c. led .. . Thon in a boar hUQ he yank. frOD t he ed90 of the curb. My
,tOMAch .till I'M oft.
11/2912,160" The cc"v""Uo" .. a, ...... i"" It .. 03 wa ll to ... 11 peop1 .. . "0
found tho coole.t Thee. woe. quit. f ... babo. as VGI1. Me had a 'Jood
day. Howe""r .pp.rently pl •• od Joann ott . Hick went to bed. Oinnet ... .
ftich • 80b • I dt the Once " . got bock • r w.nt into tbe b,eaUaot
, ployed pok •• with Rick LOOBi s , JaRN. Krn •• t, Jo.h, >noeh , a
rrou Ma •• acbu. e tt . who,e T forget. I won <1M .
JaNe. I • • funny guy.
12,22"", .00.. b ,1"" today. I picked 01> ' pTuent for tile troop. the
ft . D. ".
1 :11"", w. up like W. the ent're booth boxed, palo.,.d, ,
cleaned i.n 3e-min. Me>< to dinne ••
10/30 .. "y 9Qd, what 8 night. We went t o Cofe " . drid. Th. food .. a.
bad. Rich' . wa. the left be£au ••• he wa, pi.,ed Hick' Bob. We
quite , fe .. drink. and decided to , tay OUt. rir.t we Laora home .

.. hi te pictu<u of
others . They
Pnge" of"
'he owner • bor tender
• pop
.. ent . Thi s th.,
lcca l ., \I4oU us. Jliek "as quito dmnk . Ho
had a I ""oi playinq . ir with hi .. and Myi"l/ thin". cool. aweoooae .
I t qui t • • NIGaT. We on the way to
ll : H We _t • oooman f'«II Bolland on tnin to """'teed • • . She h a .inqe< ond
dO ... 'conohtion. or D!..ney """"Ie. tor >:urop"a" cOCl,,'rlo • . DI"',ey hi re. h"r Cor
it . she va. quite. f •• cinatin" per . on.
10/31 r' .. The ,rip wa. QOOd. The wa. Ion" and It
w ... al.o delayed due to .. bdd .tor •• l\owevH <I,e in !li9M OIOViu were "ood.
Dr. Keoping tho • cone I n Second •. A fro. tho chocx
Republic wa • • !tUnq next to _. lie taHe d about the diffe rence. i n the u. s.
and • . a r rived in Det roit. We had 40 ';nu'e, to got
custo.s ond qot on our to Philade l phi a . Thot'. when r lo. t luqqago.
HopefUlly .. HI got soon. I\nywav I'" _"d glad to be hOOle. The
a blut. The hnquage baniu "83 agqrav.ting' I didn'C qet to see as I!lUch
. 3 T .. ,nted, but all in all it UA. a great new experience. I've . l re.dy
frOft In G«.any and t h ftt'3 pretty cool .