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January 2012

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KBF Spring Gathering: April 20-21
Georgetown College, 400 E. College Street, Georgetown, KY

Every spring, our fellowship gathers for a “family reunion” of sorts which we refer to as our Spring Gathering. We meet in one of our KBF partner churches, rotating between the eastern, central and western parts of the state. Each Spring Gathering offers worship, informative workshops, and helpful resources from various ministry partners in KBF and CBF life. This years theme is “Out Of The Box”. Please plan join us in 2012! KBF Spring Gathering is free and open to the public. Register online today at or call 502-426-1931. Special Guest: Matt Cook, Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Little Rock, Arkansas. Matt will focus on the theme “Out of the Box: Resurrection Lessons For The Church.” KBF Leadership Conference: April 20, 2:00-5:00pm. Chris Gambill of the Center for Congregational Health will facilitate the KBF Leadership Conference in a discussion on Emotional Intelligence. Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to manage our emotions as we seek to govern our Matt Cook environment successfully. It has a huge impact on our ability to form and maintain effective relationships and is a better predictor of life success than IQ. Chris will help with assessment of emotional intelligence, discuss strategies for improving Chris Gambill emotional intelligence and discussions regarding the links between it and family systems and conflict management strategies. KBF Pastor’s Luncheon: April 20, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. The theme of this year’s pastor’s luncheon is A New Kind of Vitality (facilitated by Dr. Matt Cook). Together we’ll focus on ways the congregations are re-defining success (as well as their mission) amidst post-Christendom in North America. Baptist Seminary of Kentucky Banquet: April 20, 5:15 to 6:45 pm, Georgetown College; $15 advance registration required. Contact Glenda Simpson at BSK office by April 10: 859-455-8191 or
Find the tentative KBF Spring Gathering schedule and hotel info on front side of insert.

Festival of Young Preachers: January 2-5
Join the Academy of Preachers on January 2-5 for the 2012 National Festival of Young Preachers at the historic Seelbach Hilton Hotel and the Cathedral of the Assumption in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. The National Festival showcases and encourages young people aspiring to be preachers of the Christian gospel. This event is the only one of its kind, and is not a competition. It is a celebration, an inspiration, and gathering of encouragement.

January 3-5: National Festival of Young Preachers, Seelbach Hotel, Louisville January 20-21: Wakeful Parenting Workshop, Broadway Baptist, Louisville February 27-March 1: CBF ChurchWorks Conference, Norfolk, VA March 3: KBF Winter Coordinating Council Meeting, Midway Baptist Church, Midway, 10am-2pm March 9-11: KBF Youth Mission Weekend, Louisville, KY; Hosted by Broadway Baptist Church, Louisville, KY March 23-25: KBF Youth Mission Weekend, Jackson & Booneville, KY; Hosted by Emmanuel Fellowship Baptist Church April 19 - 21: A Baptist Conference on Sexuality and Covenant, FBC Decatur, Decatur, GA April 20-21: KBF Spring Gathering, Georgetown College, Georgetown June 8-16: Extreme Build 7, McCreary County, KY June 20-23: CBF General Assembly, Ft. Worth, TX July 15-18: PassportKids! camp, Murray State University, Murray August 6-9: SelahVie, Shocco Springs, AL August 17-18: KBF Fall Coordinating Council Meeting, Crestwood

Come Visit KBF During The Festival

KBF will host an exhibit during the Festival of Young Preachers alongside numerous other exhibitors. Come visit us and help us say hello to these young preachers while they are in Louisville.

Kentucky Connected Young Preachers
Zach Bailes, Wake Forest Divinity School (Owensboro) Sam Chinn, McAfee School of Theology (Louisville) Roger Jasper, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky (Elizabethtown) Brittany Stillwell Krebs, Baptist Seminary of Ky (Louisiville) McKenzie McIntosh, Lexington Anna Kate McWhorter, Berea College (Louisville) Molly Shoulta, Georgetown College (Louisville) Kelsey Stillwell, Eastern Kentucky University (Danville)

Extreme Build 7
The 7th Annual Extreme Build will be held June 8-16, 2012 in McCreary County. Online registration is available now at www. For more information about how you and/or your church can participate, please contact Josh Speight at 502-426-1931 or

2012 CBF General Assembly: Ft. Worth, TX June 20-23, 2012
Come ask and imagine what God could do through you and through us. LOVE MORE Less is more. Simply, Christ’s call is to love God and others. Come to General Assembly to grow in your love for God, God’s mission and God’s people – including the world’s most neglected. LEARN MORE Looking for ministry ideas and resources? Search no more. Innovation and inspiration await you at General Assembly. Get ready to get equipped for God’s call. LEAD MORE More often than not, today’s leader is doing more with less. At General Assembly, take a step back, imagine the future and prepare for God to do infinitely more through your ministry. MORE TO COME What’s the future of CBF? Infinitely more than we can ask or imagine. So think big; really big. And bring those thoughts to General Assembly, where Baptists of all generations will hope, ask, dream and imagine – together. For more info and to pre-register:

KBF Youth Mission Weekend
Kentucky Baptist Fellowship is excited to invite you and your youth group (grades six-twelve) to the 2012 KBF Youth Mission Weekend. KBF Youth Mission Weekend is a weekend retreat for youth to gather together for worship, fellowship, and a full day of mission work in a local Kentucky community. In 2012, we are serving Kentucky in two locations - an urban and a rural setting - to give you more options and schedule flexibility (host sites subject to change): March 9-11, Louisville, KY (Hosted by Broadway Baptist Church) March 23-25, Jackson & Booneville, KY (Hosted by Emmanuel Fellowship Baptist Church) For more info and to register, visit

CBF ChurchWorks Conference: February 27-March, Norfolk, VA
ChurchWorks Conference provides opportunities for ministers to discover new ideas and meet others who are also in vocational ministry. The conference combines worship and small group time into a setting where ministers deepen their understanding of their ministry and how it relates to their church environment. This year’s ChurchWorks Conference will include additional time in ministry networks and worship led by author and teacher Brian McLaren and musician Ken Medema. Whether you serve in a traditional church setting or create aspects of church in non-traditional settings, come for a time of networking, renewal, fellowship, and learning. The event is designed for young leaders and Christian educators of all ages.

Tentative Spring Gathering Schedule
Georgetown College, Georgetown, KY
Friday, April 20 11:30 am - 1:00 pm 2:00 - 5:00 pm 4:00 - 5:15 pm 5:00 pm 5:15 - 6:45 pm 7:00 - 8:15 pm 8:15 pm 9:00 pm Saturday, April 21 8:30 - 9:00 am 9:00 - 10:00 am 10:15 - 11:15 am 11:30 am - 12:30 pm 1:00 - 2:00 pm Pastor’s Luncheon Leadership Conference Resource Fair Open KBF Coordinating Council Meeting BSK Banquet* Worship* Business Session* KBF After Party (place TBD) Coffee Time, Resource Fair Open Breakout Workshops 1* Breakout Workshops 2* Closing Worship* New Coordinating Council Member Lunch and Orientation

Martha Stearns Marshall Month of Preaching: February 2012
Beginning in 2007, Baptist Women in Ministry has invited Baptist churches to participate in Martha Stearns Marshall Month of Preaching by having a woman preach during the month of February. If your church has never had a woman preach, our hope is that you can prayerfully and thoughtfully take small steps and help move your church toward being open. For churches that have a woman pastor or that often have women preach, this event is a great opportunity for you to stand with and support Baptists who are still hoping for and dreaming of the day that their church will have a woman preach. This is an opportunity for you to publicly voice your support of women in ministry, to be counted with other Baptist churches in celebrating the calling and gifts of women, and to remind your congregation that God does indeed call women to the work of the kingdom. But most importantly, this is an opportunity for your church to invite into your pulpit a woman who has never had the opportunity to preach. Use Martha Stearns Marshall Month as a time to invite and support a first-time preacher. If you are participating, please contact Josh Speight with preacher and church information.

*Childcare will be provided for ages birth to 5 years old for these sessions. Advance registration required.

Spring Gathering Hotel Information
Fairfield Inn at Georgetown 200 Tiger Way Georgetown, KY 40324 502-868-9955 Rate: $74 Register by: April 6 Use code KBFO

A [Baptist] Conference on Sexuality & Covenant
April 19-21, First Baptist Church of Decatur, Atlanta, Ga. Co-sponsored by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and Center for Theology and Public Life, Mercer University Through plenary presentation, smallgroup interaction and resource breakouts, the conference aims to provide Baptists and other interested Christians an opportunity for honest, compassionate and prayerful dialogue around matters and questions of sexuality. Concluding a year-long practice of prayerful covenant community, presenters and facilitators (both Baptist and non-Baptist) diverse perspectives will encourage thoughtful reflection and conversation among participants. Everyone is welcome. To learn more, visit

How will youchoose to change the world?
youchoose is a choice you can make that will change the world. How? By choosing to give. Your generosity can change the world. From decades of ministry among the world’s most neglected people, we know five things can change lives: water + food + medicine + school + freedom. Will youchoose to make these ministries possible? Log onto for more details.

for Parents, Grandparents, and Caregivers January 20-21, Broadway Baptist Church, Louisville
Children are a gift from God, and parenting can be the path by which God transforms the parent into the image of Christ. Wakeful Parenting is a workshop encounter for parents, grandparents, guardians and anyone who works with children, including teachers and children’s ministers. Wakeful Parenting provides practical suggestions on how to parent more effectively and offer you a vision of parenthood that is more about transformation than training. The Wakeful Parenting Program brings a different understanding of “wakefullness” to your parenting. Would you like to know how to: be a happier and calmer parent parent with intention rather than out of reaction see “failures” as opportunities learn ways to take care of yourself be less fearful as a parent have self-quieting time for you and your children be gentle with yourself when you “blow it” For more information, contact Becky Caswell-Speight at or 502-895-2459

Wakeful Parenting Retreat

“Build Up Hope” KBF 2012 Missions Offering Materials available in February
Materials for the annual KBF Mission Offering “Build Up Hope” will be available to churches mid-February. This print and digital media campaign helps KBF raise funds for partnership ministries with the EEAM in Morocco, Extreme Build in McCreary County, and Together For Hope in Eastern Kentucky. For more information about the mission offering or to learn how you may receive materials when they are available, please contact Josh Speight at 502-4261931 or

225 S Hurstbourne Pkwy. Suite 205 Louisville, KY 40222 Phone: 502-426-1931 Fax: 502-426-1612
KBF Coordinator John Lepper -

KBF Associate Coordinator for Missions Josh Speight - KBF Administrative Assistant Shannan Posey -

Online Giving
Making donations via the Internet is not a new concept. Many Americans pay bills online or have mortgages automatically deducted from the bank account. Online giving is easy, it's convenient, and it's safe.

Sign-up for E-Newsletter
In an effort to reduce environmental waste and save money in the process, KBF has developed an online newsletter. Simply go to the website and sign up! It’s that simple!

On the Road Again
Traveling Around Kentucky with our Coordinators
John Lepper, Coordinator
John Lepper is on Sabbatical until mid-February 2012. He is keeping a blog about his experience at


Joshua Speight, Associate Coordinator for Missions
January 2-5: National Festival of Young Preachers, Seelbach Hotel, Louisville January 19: Louisville Peer Learning Group, Broadway Baptist, Louisville January 20-21: Wakeful Parenting Retreat, Broadway Baptist, Louisville January 22: Lyndon Baptist, Louisville January 23-24: Christian Life and Witness From The Academy To The Church, Georgetown College Melbourne Heights, Louisville January 25: January 26: Faith Baptist, Georgetown January 30: Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, Georgetown

John Lepper and Joshua Speight are available to speak/teach/lead at your church. Please contact the KBF office at 502-426-1931 for information and availability.