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Company Introduction

Energetic Technology for Human

A leading manufacturer of performance tester for Rechargeable Battery, the another energy fueling source for making human life more energetic & environmental friendly


1. Company History
1. Employee for each Dept. (Total : 110) Worldwide #1 Battery Charger/Discharger Manufacturer
C/S team 17% Production Dept. 15% Support Dept. 13%

Development Dept. 55%


: Battery Application & Mass Production System

Business Career : 12 Years since Year of 2000 Revenue : USD 30M

2. Work Experience for each employee

48persons 42% 32persons 30%
30 20 10 0

Production : 17persons

Support :14persons

C/S :19persons

Development : 60persons

Major Customer : LG Chem for 10 Years Success : Supplied LGC with 60% of Mass Production System Investment for R&D : Average 1/3 of Revenue


50 40

15persons 14%

15persons 14%

Less than 5 yrs.

Over 5 yrs.

Over 10 yrs.

Over 15 yrs.

Battery Power Solution Provider

Energetic Technology for Human

2. Products
Business Area
Battery Technology
Formation Charging/Discharging System For small/large cells Cycle Cycle Test System For small/large cells Battery PACK/ ESS Li-Ion battery 20V~1,100V / 10A~500A UPS / Charging

Advanced Technology
BMS Battery Management System) E-Bike, E-Scooter, EV, HEV , UPS, etc.

3Kw 100kw

Battery Power Solution Provider

Energetic Technology for Human

3. Charger For LGC Battery Pack

Every single factor is tuned to LGC Battery Pack for Optimized its Performance and Maximized its Life Cycle

0 ~ 80% Charging Time 0 ~ 100% Power Voltage Output Current Efficiency

91 Minutes 110 Minutes 1.8KW 63V 30A >90%

Optimized LGC Battery Pack Optimized LGC Battery Pack Optimized Charging Time for LGC Pack Maximize the Capacity of LGC Pack High Quality Current for LGC Battery Low Energy Loss (Low Heat)

Portability Handling Temperature Protective IP code Self Diagnosis Warranty Life time MTBF

On boarding 0~50 46 for Charger 1 Year Over 10 Years

High Mileage
High Flexibility Reliable Operation in Outdoor Use Highly Protective Easy Maintenance Cost Effective Long Life Cycle

4. Charger Characteristics For LGC Pack

Li-B pack can be charged only 40% by the current Charger for LiFePO4 battery Should prepare new charger for the Li-B pack

63.00 60.75 58.50

Li-B LiFePO4 Charging with Old charger

Charger Info.
Items Old Manufacturer Battery type Charging voltage TCCH LiFePO4 54.7V 25A 1.5kW New ETH Li-B 63V 30A 1.8kW

Voltage [V]

56.25 54.00 51.75 49.50 47.25

40% charged (Li-B) Full charged (LiFePO4)

Charging current Power

Because of charging voltage, Li-B battery can not be charged with LiFePO4 charger

1.8kW Li-B charger


5. Protect and Self Diagnosis Functions

Reverse Connection Loose Connection Over Heat Battery Pack Protection

Over Capacity
Over Current Over Voltage Over Heat Over Capacity Charger Protection Over Current

Over Voltage
AC Input Range Check Individual Function Block

Self Diagnosis
Report Diagnosis Result to LCD or RS232 Port

6. Charger Design Review

Design Concept Change is Highly Acceptable for Mass Production

Exterior Dimension Interface Method with LCD Panel or External Com Port The Method of Inlet and Outlet

Protection Standard with SAE-J1378 Protection Rating : IP46 Weight


7. UPS for Tunnel Lightning System



AC Distribution Panel

AC Sources

Inverter Charger
GPRS Modem Or IEEE802.3

Power Distribution Panel

AC Generator Utility Grid

DC IN DC Charging Battery Bank (400AH) Remote Monitoring Center

Renewable Energy

Photovoltaic Solar Charge Controller

8. UPS Spec. Comparison

AC Input Voltage Power Factor Utility interactive Continuous Output Power

1phase 220V, 60Hz (Or Local Power Requirement) 0.98 Yes 4500W

1phase 120/240V, 55 to 65Hz 0.98 Yes 4500W


AC Output Voltage
AC Output Frequency Typical Transfer Time DC Input Voltage Range (Battery) Maximum continuous charge range Efficiency at maximum charge rate Multiple-unit configurations Dimensions Weight 9

1phase 220 2%
60 0.1Hz 0~4ms User Defined 90A 90.5% Up to three parallel Units 580(H) x 400(W) x 450(D)mm Approx. 50Kg (can be changed)

1phase 120/240 3%
60 0.1Hz 8ms

High accuracy output voltage

Rapid Transfer time

44 to 64Vdc, 50.4V(nominal)
85A 90.2% Up to three parallel Units 580(H) x 410(W) x 230(D)mm 53.5kg High charging Efficiency


Battery Power Solution Provider

Energetic Technology for Human