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THE LUNAR PORT AUTHORITY: by, Declan J. O'Donnell United Societies in Space, Inc.

Castle Rock, Colorado (800) 632-2828 Copyright © 1994 INTRODUCTION This will represent a conceptual proposal for the Lunar Port Authority. It is part of the Agenda of a growing number of space advocates. It represents not only a traditional way to manage development of the lunar venue, but may also represent a likely bridge over the troubled waters of space policy and space law failures of the past.1 There is a traditional legal basis for port authority legislation worldwide. Now we are beginning to assemble people with relevant acumen, desire, and resources to help design and implement that governance for the moon.

We are targeting July 20, 2000 A.D. for implementation of the Lunar Port Authority on a worldwide scale by international consensus and cooperation. Its final appellation is unknown: You are now invited to help us prepare it by working with us over the next five years. NASA has no faster or better or cheaper plan for Lunar Exploration and Development. The principal problem is the lack of funding.

No doubt that is exacerbated by a lack of focus

1D.J. O'Donnell, "Overcoming Barriers to Space Travel," Space Policy, November, 1994. 2J.R. Asker, "US Draws Blueprints for First Lunar Base," Aviation Week and

would guarantee the guarantors. This is a chronic problem that needs to be solved. . THE PROPOSAL The Lunar Port Authority.caused by various competing interests for governmental funding.P. so a Mars' Port Authority and a Girard Orbital Community can be developed. Each Authority will use similar consensus planning. 47. is viewed as a legal entity managed by a Board of Governors to regulate that venue called the moon. a new nation in space.). 1992. Metanation. and represent all mankind as our trusteed eye in the sky and coordinating Committee for development of the Space Technology. p. A traditional direct governance entity with pooled authority and plenty of financial capacity is planned for this purpose. August 31.A. inspection. The budget is viewed as immense over a one-hundred year time line. and financing policies under a team of Governors appointed by the participating nations. and for similar purposes. zoning. regulate the collection and expenditure of monies by the Authority. permitting. Its' authority will be received from a pooling of sovereignty adequate for its' purpose from earth nations. The Authority will be authorized to issue revenue bonds backed up by governmental guarantees of its' sponsoring nations. (L. as well as having the approval of a space nation to be authorized at the same time.

S. By the way. It is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the President and confirmed by the U. The purpose was first to conserve the assets for the benefit of all citizens of the United States and. to provide electric power to people in the vicinity. (L. Congress vested enough sovereignty in the entity to permit it to take charge of more land and higher resources by eminent domain as needed. developers. Senate.O). represents one of the largest and most successful electric power producers in . BACKGROUND The Tennessee Valley Authority was authorized by Congress in 1947. and settlers to accommodate their larger projects and subserve their separate purposes. It would work with NASA and other space agencies in order to execute a common master plan of development.High Frontier. The territory to be regulated is the venue of the moon and its' Lower Lunar Orbits. The managers will be selected by consensus among all nations.V. Today. the probable nature of the first physical estate on the moon will consist of common facilities to be used by all later explorers. the T.A. The budget will be limited only by the amount of revenues to be capitalized and the value of the assets to be located on the lunar surface.L. secondarily. The United States Government donated land and facilities to the new entity when it was formed.

000. It is justified because of the large size and value of the port facilities under Authority Management. safety. It also represents the typical way to finance airports.00 (U. This group of security guards has the legal authority to arrest people who fail to comply with state. bridges. is that its' primary purpose. toll roads. docking. The interest rate was 3.2% and the security was a blanket debenture on its' assets. The debentures were retired thirty years later with no defaults. We intend to follow this kind of model while designing L. has been accomplished also.P. The Service Authority concept is one of the most effective.) worth of bonds in 1948. The next feature I will mention is even more important: This technique is well-tested worldwide. it accounts for all of our primary. and convention facilities. the conservation of our nation's resources within its' territory. Another little known fact. secondary and most of our higher education public school systems.V.S. No direct governmental guarantee was provided on the bonds. local and authority regulations. It is also justified because of the complex and specialized nature of the Regulations relating to transportation.A. however. and no commissions having been paid. In fact. no rollovers. T. for mankind. food spoilage.000.A. issued $50. long-shore . The New York Port Authority is known for its' internal police force.the world. respected. and traditional ways of developing a venue ever conceived and executed by man.

. and provides the specific power to carry arms for that purpose.00 (U. "The Space Program.. INC. Because of a baggage system defect.000. The Statute goes on to create N. etc. 342 U.S. 2456 . etc.S.C. 3 42 U. within the New York Port Authority boundaries. Interestingly. More than $250. and etc.S. the facility will be delayed from opening so more capital was needed.A.C. Delegated sovereignty can support the maintenance of a specialized police force by a quasi-municipal entity. REGENTS OF UNITED SOCIETIES IN SPACE. That new money was raised in less than one week." first calls for arming employees with the power to arrest all citizens who neglect or refuse to obey these laws.000. An Authority has access to money on request. it seems.S.000.. the Federal Statutes authorizing the space program for the United States of America begins with a section on Police Authority. Denver merely sponsored another $25..A.00 offering to cover carrying costs.000.) was raised in the Municipal Bond market in less than one month.traditions. and authorize the fantastic future we have all loved and supported. union rules. The Denver International Airport is financed by governmentally guaranteed Airport Revenue Bonds.

Our Board liaison is Dr.. as a Colorado non-profit Corporation on August 4. Associate General Council. Robinson. The President of our Council of Regents is Dr. we formed United Societies in Space. 4D. 1994. "Forming a New Nation for Outer Space Using Living Systems Theory. The effort is dedicated to design a new and parallel direct governance paradigm for space. V. is being prepared for my filing it in Moscow on May 1. Philip R. Colorado. Affiliate companies will then be set-up worldwide. Colorado on August 1-4." Behavioral Science. Russia. the Smithsonian Institution. 1995 next year). introducing Interdependence Day on August 4th.D. 1995. Regents advise our Company and will serve as Delegates to the Space Convention 2000 in Denver. (We intend to shift that to July 20. 39. Harris. A sister company called United Societies in Space of Moscow. O'Donnell. . Inc. in August. 2000 A. George S. Esq. We conducted our first conference at Cuchara. California. 1993. with a dozen key space leaders of that great space-faring nation. who is well-known by most of you as a space policy leader residing in La Jolla.J. 1994. for the Russian Affiliates and for future companies.In order to promote the idea of direct governance for space so these traditional legal mores and cultural benefits can be used to help get us offworld. 4 A Council of Regents has been put in place for our Company. our national air and space memorial facility and management team.

.S.I. We . J.D. A. affiliated persons with good offices there to sit as Observers for our project.D. Bruce Cordell. as well as publicity generally. Esq. (these are names that may be familiar to those at this particular Conference). OBSERVERS Because our traditional "direct governance for space" program is curious to existing government agencies and their personnel. Esq. Daniel Greenwood. (but can't announce them yet). and Mrs.A. These are friendly but uninvolved employees of governmental agencies who can comment.. Scott March.. Dr. Wendell Mendell to please put together N. Our small group may be ready for that in five years or so.A. Goldman. Phd. Dr. but who we agree will be non-participants in our program.. Michael Simon.A. This will represent our Corporate request to Dr. Nathan C. We are looking for nominees who may be able to advise us in a formal and useful way with proven backgrounds and good credentials.A. we are looking for "Observers". Larry Bell. plenty of publicity is expected for the new Lunar Port Authority. Ely Schneour. We are not necessarily looking for celebrity endorsements and have consciously avoided that. Phd. Mr.Other Members of the Regents include. At Interdependence Day on July 20. We have several Observers already. Mr. Mr. 2000 A. caution and attend. We need relevant Observers from N. Wayne White.S. Mr. Dr.A.

Feedback from U. Observers will be solicited and our direct governance model will conform to U.N. U. Liaison Officer. Mendell has verbally agreed to assist as an Observer and to nominate other relevant Observers). Dr.N. but not as participants. standards. .N.promise to include them on all mailing lists and give them access to all of our files and ideas. We need the Observers to remain outside of our organization. (Dr. Observers are being formed as a group. Ely Schneour will serve as our U.N.

The World Bar Association has committed to help us in that endeavor. at Mile High Stadium in Denver. The present Treaty system is awkward.J.LEGISLATIVE PROGRAM We anticipate the introduction of a legislative program for L. 1994.A. in 1995.R. 2000 A..D. 9. The Metanation has tendered a Model Treaty on Jurisdiction in Space for consideration of potential participating nations. backed up by legislature approvals worldwide. We will coordinate with Space Cause and the National Space Society. also. Fall.P. The new entity should have 5D. O'Donnell and P. p. Harris. 2. the world should be ready. Colorado. 5 By the time we meet on August 1-4. and inadequate to support a direct governance legal structure in space. CONCLUSION The Lunar Port Authority concept is potentially able to be utilized for space resource and facilities development. 3. The Air and Space Lawyer of the American Bar Association. "Is it Time to Replace the Moon Agreement?". It is also likely to be used for long-term management of those facilities under an international consensus agreement. No. Certainly we will be ready. V. . The legislative program will refer to and dovetail with a Treaty Regime to clear away all possible legal hurdles. conflicting.

The L. President United Societies in Space 6841 South Yosemite Ste. CO 80112 (800) 895-META .P. and a way to raise money on revenue bonds guaranteed by participating nations. Respectfully. O'Donnell. Declan J.000 A. 3-C Englewood. Its' authority would be based on a pooling of sovereignty in some degree. or commentary.D. Be there. We intend to accomplish all of this by the year 2.A. should be able to take and use lunar territory. at a Convention already planned in Denver. We need your help. resources. If you have ideas. adequate authority.professional managers. please call us. and that entire venue for its particular purposes and for the benefit of mankind. criticism.