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Brandon Dean <> Reply To Your Posted Mail - 2012 Presidential Candidate Brandon S. Dean December 19, 2011 6:59:31 PM CST

Mr. Kingery, Thank you for your letter of correspondence, and congratulations, you are the first person to have acknowledged my candidacy since filing my Form 2, other than the FEC. After reading your letter, I must say that it is a legitimate question that is felt by many citizens. What can a outsider do if elected? Indeed, that is a question I am trying to answer for the U.S citizens. Of course I could postulate a plan of action I might take in order to implement policies. However, getting elected is not my valued goal in this election; educating the U.S citizens on the policies that are currently in place is my current goal. Every person has a political animal, as Aristotle stated, we must learn the habitat that our political creatures can live and thrive in. I am not a professional politician, I am however a distinctive human of learning ability, as is ever other U.S. citizen, that is privileged to have good health. Thus, my reply to your question of how I would "muster majority support from Congress, as an outsider" - I would do my best to use persuasive reasoning and educating them on the most critical issues. As with life, you must pick and choose your battles. Some battles are worth more to fight for than others. I would be very distinctive in which battles I chose to fight. Determining the specifics of if UNITED STATES OF AMERICA or United States of America is the correct form of written English to communicate the name of our great land is not the battle that I choose to fight at this moment in time; however, you may find that it is a detail of some importance, but I choose to fight for educating citizens on how the system currently works; thus, by knowing how to win in the system, they can change the system if they choose. Pardon my lack of reference to your ideology and politics. I briefly looked at your website and found you have great effort for finding historical references and subjects. I hope I will have more time in the future to look at your website and try to understand some of the points you are trying to exert to the public; furthermore, I hope to find that we can find agreement on some points. If we have disagreements, then let us disagree to disagree and show no harm to each other or anybody else. I did find that you have ran in the past for president. I am looking for volunteer assistance. Hopefully you could lend the knowledge you gained from the past election to my campaign - as is, the committee goal is to educate. Furthermore, I am hoping to make a documentary on the campaign process and would like to use you as reference possibly in my work. If all else, I hope both of us can help to continue the perfecting process of making the U.S.A a more perfect union. Please find my committee website address below for further reference. Thank you, Brandon S. Dean Committee for "Showing U.S. Citizens How To Run For President."