Anger justified; But when? Corporate Learning for Senior Management. Part-2. Last words under Part-1.

Soon after the question was over the director too overturned towards the remaini ng participants merely to sight the change transpired in the participants and hi s speedy glance provided him with due assessment i.e. the one that he aspired to sight upon. Continued… The environment with all participants were flourishing with whispers that the Di rector could easily understand were all in the light of that question raised by and through another Doctor Professor. As informed earlier that the question was somewhat framed like this… ‘What should one do in order to contain Anger and is ange r totally unjustified?’. The answer that was given to them was exclusively under the light that it was be ing given two probable understandings in my mind namely; that the impact of my a nswer shall go on as scale to measure the stature of the head of that institutio n and secondly a fair justice is dispensed with the subject of anger. Therefore my answer was in light of one fundamental principle for all democratic instituti ons... i.e. ‘equality for all and equality among equals’. According to the understanding drawn from the ‘ancient Indian wisdom’ the answer acq uired its shape and form. And it went on like this… ‘ Anger like any other instrumen t is an important tool to execute serious business in this world of delusion. Th ere are many other instruments that act absolutely vital to serve our activity o n this planet and most of them have been misunderstood and thereby colored as ma lefic. For the purpose of naming but not elaboration upon them few amongst them are; anger, bias, ego, lust, greed etc. All these have been misinterpreted and a ssigned towards their segmentation into a malefic world. Amongst the named stand s the subject of our article i.e. ‘anger’. It is Not only for any head of an institution but for any human being to underst and that anger as an instrument or a tool (anger acts as an instrument at places where it is installed as a devise to enable something happen as a deterrent and it acts as a tool at places where it is utilized for the purpose confined to on e or some specific situation affront). Anger when deployed and utilized as an in strument or a tool; at times is necessitated for situations where neither a hars h action can be deployed nor any small mention is able to enable the things get done…and such situation keep arising within any organization/ teams every now and then. It acts as a mode of strict insistence but devoid of any harsh methodology that needs its avoidance. Even amidst friends or family where the bonding is ba sed upon a predominant bonding factor of emotions; anger is deployed to insist a point that the other side due to any reason is not prepared to understand or ac cept. Now comes the part that makes anger as malefic… the one that is a dreadful part an d needs dissuasion within and for all… anger when exceeds the limits understood fo r the deployment as instrument or tool in order to get things moved and enters i nto domain of ‘rage’ where one under its spell is inconsiderate about the final outc ome and the mode turns as violent/harmful/insulting. Anger turns malefic where t he deployment of it as an instrument is changed into a status of ones usual temp erament… the usage of anger when becomes a normal conduct irrespective that it wa s necessary for its usage or not… In other words instead of it I.e. anger used as an instrument used by its master… the instrument itself becomes the master and dri ves the master with its exclusive might then the anger turns as suicidal weapon. This discrimination is very important for any human being to understand and dis criminate between the statuses of its (anger) deployment.

Now it is upon the main subject that wants to press the instrument or tool into practice to judge and ascertain that whether the usage is for the purpose of a h armonious conclusion of some larger objective or is it utilization for purposes malefic or not necessitated. It is for the one who shall press anger into servic e to take absolute responsibility that is merely used for a larger good and not for the establishment of smaller or frivolous means. At the same it also must be kept in mind that it i.e. anger is an important reso urce that must be rightfully utilized for its objectivity… to ban its use in absol ute terms is also gross injustice that can disharmonize various situation that c ould be saved by making use of this resource that mandates for a very wise handl ing. Any blanket denial towards anger… any gross attribution for it in terms as ma lefic is also a fact that is unjustified and foolish at the same time. We need t o grow more and understand this subject deeper before making its value assessmen ts and pass on blanket dimensions that color it as malefic. Anger with most does not require its management but a deeper and a meaningful understanding that can use this resource more justifiably… yes the treatment for anger is a subject with few and not all… dinesh kumar. Learning under discipline.

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