The most preferred brand was Lux and second preferred brand was Safeguard.

Consumers were influenced by the appeal and personality used in the specific brand advertisements.
Safeguard is a leading antibacterial soap that provides superior longer lasting germ protection for the entire family. Launched in Pakistan in 1995 by Procter & Gamble (P&G), Safeguard has set new standards for defining "health & hygiene" in Pakistan. Being the Doctor’s No. 1 Choice, it is recommended by health experts across Pakistan. Safeguard's vision is to build a healthier Pakistan by working at a grass root level with the medical community to empower and enable masses to adopt healthy hygienic practices. Safeguard helps you protect your family’s health and enable you to live life to the fullest, by guarding your family against germs which are found everywhere, even on apparently clean surfaces. Safeguard is the result of many years of extensive research, which ensures that all ingredients used are of the highest quality and safety for the consumer. Safeguard bar soap is very effective at removing skin micro-organisms and at preventing re-growth of gram-positive germs for much longer than normal skin cleansing products. It helps to protect your family against those bacteria you often come in contact with and that can build up on your skin. Safeguard provides excellent cleaning and long lasting protection for the entire family.

 Safeguard can wash away both gram positive and gram negative bacteria (in addition. Safeguard Safety Data Safeguard contains Triclocarban. This forms an effective tool in the fight against germs. a safe and effective antibacterial agent which is widely used around the world.  Safeguard is a safe and effective personal hygiene product.  Safeguard improves hygiene leading to better health (proven with clinical studies).  Safeguard is endorsed by more health and hygiene agencies globally than any other soap. The advantage of Triclocarban over other antibacterial agents found in other soaps on the market (such as Triclosan) is its long lasting activity against bacteria that normally colonize the skin.  Safeguard has sponsored several public health programs which have educated millions of Pakistanis on the importance of good hygiene for better health.SAFEGUARD FACTS The largest selling antibacterial soap in the world. Triclocarban is effective against many micro-organisms including the following: . it provides long lasting residual activity against gram positive bacteria).

differentiation among brands on rational/functional attributes becomes exceedingly difficult as many producers make the same claim. Doing so brings the brand closer to the consumer through an emotional bond as mothers who want to perceive as caring. Therefore. Staphylococcus epidemidis (Found on skin. Brand personality: By this stage of brand as personality. etc]. Corynebacterium minutissimum (Upper respiratory and skin infections) Lipophilic diphtheroid (Body Odor) Streptococcus (Strep throat) In real world conditions. the marketer injects emotion into the consumer’s learning and valuing process. An example is Safeguard soap. By creating the personality of the caring mothers. meningitis. Safeguard with Triclocarban is superior to Triclosan (TCS) antibacterial soaps. the consumer gets more benefits from Safeguard with Triclocarban. seen in hospital-acquired infections) Micrococcus varians. Therefore. boils. .    Staphylococcus aureus. use Safeguard soap. Corynebacterium diphtheriae. can cause skin infections [impetigo. marketers begin to give their brands personalities.

they won't dry or irritate your skin like hand sanitizers can.01). In Fresh Scent or Citrus.99% of bacteria. respectively. Abstract OF AJIC JOURNAL The antimicrobial effectiveness of four hand-wash products for health care personnel included three liquid soaps that contained 4% chlorhexidine gluconate.Fact: Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes actually clean up grubby and sticky hands. This evidence. wipe away grime. triclosan ( .ajicjournal. they're hypoallergenic. Thanks to their Aloe formula. Wet Ones® hand wipes smell great too.04).52). or no antiseptic ingredient. 1% triclosan. And. sufficient to prevent transmission of pathogens by the hands in most situations that arise in nonacute health care settings. alcohol wipe (0. and get nice soft hands. Skin condition before and after handwash was assessed for each treatment group. So when soap and water aren't handy. grab Wet Ones® Wipes to kill 99. in addition to increased user acceptability reported by the subjects who used alcohol wipes. These products were evaluated for reduction in bacterial counts on hands after extended use of 15 handwashes per day for 5 consecutive days. The order of greatest to least log reduction among products at the end of the 5-day test period was chlorhexidine gluconate (2. http://www. Subjects reported less skin irritation with alcohol wipes than with the two antiseptic products. and control soap (0. and a 30% w/w ethyl alcoholimpregnated hand wipe. Repeated washing with alcohol wipes results in reductions in bacterial colony counts comparable with nonmedicated soap. suggests that alcohol wipes are an acceptable alternative to soap-and-water handwashing in nonacute health care settings.03).

peting Safeguard (P & G). The market share of Safeguard soap is more than 15 % in Pakistan out of the Rs 21 billion soap market. careful in the implementation of its promotional campaigns.high but when we talk about the demand of the Safeguard soap the demand is growing in the antibacterial category. Dettol (Reckitt Benckiser) and lifebuoy (Unilever) extremely variable in the political conditions of Pakistan. Constant political instability does affect the company in terms of building new relations with new governments all the time. . technological advancements have had no significant effect on the product and the company. since the social cultural environment of Pakistan is very conservative and any suggestive advertisements usually face a lot of negative reactions on the part of the consumer.

Research led us to know that consumers are largely unaware of the diverse nature of ‘jaraseem’. while leaving a feeling of freshness behind.Different antibacterial competitors are trying to own a higher ground by building on already present germ-kill equity. Good perfume and foam combine to deliver this freshness experience. Like MARKET DEMOGRAPHICS (GEOGRAPHIC. oiliness and other impurities from skin. They don’t know that there are different types of germs. small town.The key functional benefit is that it removes dirt. female Age 18years to 45 years .TARGET STRATEGYIn the mind of the consumer. DEMOGRAPHICS. suburban. antibacterial soap should have the following:A product whose core function is to clean skin. They just know that Germs (jaraseem) are the bad guys. making it softer and smoother. but are a function of Dirt and disease. BEHAVIORAL FACTORS) The target markets analysis of Safeguard soap is:GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION Include almost all Urban.Germs are not top-of-mind for the average consumer. and some rural areas of Pakistan DEMOGRAPHICS – Gender Male.

Positioning Against Competitor Safeguard is positioned as a premium brand which focuses on children.– Kids Age range 5-14 years SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS Mainly targeting middle class and upper middle class in urban and sub-urban areas – primarily cities and surrounding areas. Rural market penetration is limited and is primarily driven through indirect channels (e. The children are the focal point for Safeguard soap educating them about health and hygiene through the famous commander safeguard series and many other promotional campaigns. Wholesale) PSYCHOGRAPHICS Young housewives and mothers who care about the health and well being of her family. And educating children about health and hygiene. the former focuses on mothers in the family and later on children. . Children are their ultimate focus as compared to the Dettol soap and lifebuoy.g.

com .com.htm#axzz1gbDLEjib http://www.safeguard.html http://www.htm#axzz1gbCI1RiK http://www.

Positioning by price and quality As Safeguard is a premium brand. it is considered a premium brand in the anti-bacterial segment. Being premium means there will be no compromise in quality as the link between price and quality exists and customer is always willing to pay more for perceived quality which in the case of Safeguard soap. it is priced at a premium to its competitors (Dettol and Lifebuoy). Hence. BUDGETSafeguard soap is a Rs 2 billion brand annually and so the marketing budget allocated to it approx 25 % of total Net revenue.Positioning In Relation To Product Attribute: the primary positioning vis a vis product attribute is that Safeguard Soap has the essence of Triclosan Solution . the no. 1 antiseptic brand in the world trusted by families everywhere for over a century – which its competitors do not posses. he/she does! AGENCY SELECTIONAlmost 135 Advertising agencies exist in market but P&G has selected IAL Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising Company because of their outstanding work in Pakistani market. much resources have been allocated to Safeguard .

com/ where it is known as Capitan www. Its one of the most popular local TV shows for children in Pakistan.utilitysafeguard. the hit series started a semi-revolution amongst Pakistani kids who just could not get enough of it.pgpro.Beyond selling a product.soap marketing . the largest animation house in Pakistan and the first with a truly global clientele.antibacterialwipes.Till now.The character is popular in Pakistan and in Mexico.wisegeek.htm http://www. 7 episodes (excluding two Independence Day special episodes) of 15 to 20 minutes have been aired on many Pakistani TV http://www. one top example is commander safeguard series. http://www. Commander SafeguardCommander Safeguard. the show's mission is to promote health and hygiene among children. the first animated superhero of Pakistan and the mascot of P&G’s brand Safeguard.aspx?tabid=101&product=2 20 http://www. Developed by Post Amazers.

aspx?tabid=37&Search=saf eguard&options=+products

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