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Chp 1-6 - 8 questions per chp, scantron 882E 5o mc best thing to do is to read chps and?

d? Saturday grade will be up Chp 1 Stratgic mgmt. all about Analysis Decision Actions Key attributes in strategic mamangement (4 of them) Ambidextrous Diiference between intended & realizes staratgey Stratgeg formulation levels business, corporate level, international & entrepernual level Corporate governance effective mechanisms 3 leading entities (mgmt. ,shareholds, bofd) Social responsibility triple bottom line Hierarchy of goals (global broad stmt, mission. Strategi objectives)

Chp 2 Environmental scanning Environmental monitoring Competitive intelligence All this inf iwill help make a good forecast Swot analysis General environment what are the sements/categories (demo, sociological, economy etc Porters five forces do you understand bargaining power competition threat of substitute products, etc Chp3 Value chain analysis- Primary activities of value chain analysis inbound/ outbound logistics, procurement Perspectives Financial ration analysis Balance score card Internal business perspective Innovational learning perspective Chp4 Recognizing firms intangible assets Diverse employee force can elp with asset acuwition Knowledge of economy Intellectual capital Humana capital 3 things: recruit & aattract , hire the best & develop, retension Sound recruiting approaches scanning, networking, mktg, develop eethru training, best practives to recruit young talent, ways to retain EE Chp 5 Do you know 3 generic strategis like what differentaiion, focus, overeall something?

Industry life cycle intor, growth maturity Chp 6 Diversitfication initivative need to know def merger, acquisition, stratevgic alliance, joint venture Cost savings, something scope Leveraging core competencies 3 crieteria of core competencies Succees of share activites entire corp can learn from sharing = two payoffs cost saving s& revenue enhancement Corp restructuring Bingo 3 main things to do with human capital? attract develop & retain 3 ongoing processes in straget mgmt. analysis, decisioin, action Porters 5 forces the threat of new entrants 3 examples of support avtivites in valu chaing analysis technology, human resoources, recruitment (I think) The threat of substitutes are part of porters 5 forces List 3 different things to do with financial ration analysis financial ratios, compare to industry, compare to competitioerrs Bargainieg power of buyers A good company that demonstrates overall cost leadership mcdonalds Corp that represent differentialion stratevgy apple 3 criteria of core competencies must enhance superior cust value, diference sin firm must be similar, must be difficult for competitors to find Name 3 segmaetn sof general environment sociocultutal demographic & political still more to study Intensity of what in porters 5 forces rivalry of competition Bargaining power of suppliers with porters 5 forces Provide 3 eamples of diversitifiction intitavei crea valu for shareholder mergers, acquisition, stratgeiv alliance 4 stages of business level stragetgy intro, growth, maturity, decline Threats, opprotuinite Focus stragetegy corp Lamborghini 3 leading participants in corp governance bofd, shareholders, mgmt. 3 primary activities in value chain analysis inbound/outbouldnd logistics and somrhting else Example of corp parent best known for unrealtaed businesses GE, proctor & gmable