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Congressman Ron Paul said if he was President: 1. Iraq would have been allowed to take over Kuwait. 2. He would have done nothing if Saddam Hussein threatened to capture three-quar ters of the world's reserves by taking over the Saudi oil fields. 3. An attack on Kuwait and Saudi Arabia would have violated the UN charter and h ad terrible repercussions for our energy security but Paul would not have respon ded because "it did not involve an attack on America." 4. America would pull out of NATO , the WTO, and our UN Security Council veto wo uld be abandoned. 5. All assistance to Israel would end. 6. He has voted against every free trade agreement. 7. No U.S. soldiers were killed in the former Yugoslavia but he believes it was wrong to join the NATO mission which stopped genocide, ethnic cleansing and rape camps. The Milosevic dictatorship would have continued and Bosnia would have be en taken over if it was up to Ron Paul. 8. He promises to "take out the CIA." 9. All dangerous drugs would be legal. Ron Paul. A danger to the GOP, a fraud, and Obama's best friend by Bob Schneider on Monday, May 9, 2011 at 3:20pm While most of Ron Paul's hatred is reserved for Jews, he does it in a backhanded manner, often in The Daily Paul. Paul is now trying to claim he "made an error" in hiring whom he hired to run his daily newsletter, which is quite bigoted, ra cist, and conspiracy theory laden. He claims he didn't know what was in the "Daily Paul", and distanced himself on one hand, yet ignoring the fact his wife has been on the payroll of the publicat ion for years. Are we supposed to believe, he didn't bother to read the words of The Daily Paul, attributed to him? If that were true, then that alone would dis qualify him to be POTUS. Yet has Paul repudiated one word of The Daily Paul, has he apologized to Jews for enabling the Daily Paul to falsely slur Jews as those behind 911; has he repudiated White Supremacist Groups and their donations and returned the funds? Of course he hasn't. The argument "He supports Israel, but doesn't believe in foreign aid for anyone" , is an attempt to put a noble face, on anti semitism. Israel's hardware, especi ally it's aviation hardware, is primarily American. To deny support, is to leave Israel without their air superiority, which is a deterrent against an Arab stri ke. The other consequence to not supporting Israel is more dead Jews; but that a ppears to not be a big deal to Ron Paul. So enabling Israel's highly financed by oil money enemies, free reign against Israel is not "supporting Israel's right to exist". But this is a man who took money from Neo Nazi "stormfront", and thei r views against Jews, Blacks, American Indians, Orientals, or anyone who isn't A ryan, is well documented. So why is Paul a danger to the GOP? There are a lot of flat out crazy people in the USA, and with social media, it is much easier to identify them, and organize them. That's what the Campaign for Liberty is about; it sure isn't about Libert y! He is allowing into our party, conspiracy theorists, bigots, white supremacis ts, and those who are so economically ignorant, they actually believe some of hi s ideas are good, which none of them are. From the lunatic fringe within the con servative party usa, the constitution party, and libertarian party, all part of a fringe, the door is open to the GOP. We need them out. They will become what t he liberal democrats were to the Democratic Party during their 12 years out of p ower, from Carter to Clinton. Ron Paul is an isolationist, protectionist, anti free trade, anti economic growt h, and agrees with Barney Frank on Military Policy, so he is anti Military, in a

They have nothing in common with anyone Republican.bing.com/2007/11/the_ron_paul_campaign_and_its. Their hatred of George Bush is well d ocumented. None of those are conservative values. or we will have four more years of Obama.americanthinker. He attracts the politically ignorant.com/videos/watch/video/ron-paul-israel-created-hamas-1-9-09/e74a 2b5ad8a9e3200e5fe74a2b5ad8a9e3200e5f-677993841165?q=ron+paul+on+israel http://www. We may have a big tent. You will be hearing more about this.com/watch?v=TLp1GmEYywU http://www.com/2011/04/27/ron-paul-to-sean-hannity-stop-wit h-your-sharia/ http://thehill. They nee d to go. and we need to come together as conservativ es supporting the GOP. to the point again it is something they share with Obama and the Demo crats. an d economic barbarians. They will become an issue with swing voters in the months to come.blogspot. Paul's game is obvious: not to win himself.com/net-news/archive/story/91258/ron-paul-tells-who-s-simon -conway-he-wouldn-t-have http://www.allaccess. yet call themselves "conservatives" and Republican. but to move his cultists into the fa bric of the GOP. but do have much in common with Barack Obama.html http://newsone. That is why he is dangerous.com/notes/bob-schneider/ron-paul-bashes-israel/413305954797 http://adamholland. in the months to come.facebook. he believes in taking over at the grass roots leve l. but it's not big enough for lunatics like Paul and his supporters.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/161217-paul-says-he-would-haveopposed-civil-rights-act http://www. like those named above. I have a policy no Ronulans on my wall. He needs to go.youtube.com/2010/02/ron-pauls-official-website-mourns.ddition to bigotry.wordpress. and the G OP will languish as a lunatic fringe party.com/nation/casey-gane-mccalla/why-ron-pauls-racist-newsletters-ma tter/ . None of those are GOP Values. and leave it now. T he loons need to leave the GOP. bigots. not less. H e and they need to go! Reference links below: http://barenakedislam.html http://www. and moves them into the regular party structure. Like Hitler. or the Democrats will hold power for decades.

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