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Where Contemporary Jews Embrace Traditional Judaism

January 2012


Tevet / Shevat 5772





We are a People who cherish new beginnings. Just as we examine our Jewish souls on Rosh ha-Shana, we should review our priorities at the begin-

ning of the secular year as Jews and as individuals who reflect the Divine Image in which we are created. As we begin 2012, I propose that each of us imagine being asked to reaffirm our commitment to being Jewish. When an individual embraces our Peoples Covenant with God, I ask her/him to read a statement of affirmation aloud. I then ask the individual if s/he can in good conscience sign the statement. The individual generally responds with an enthusiastic and joyful Yes! A witness at a recent ceremony following the immersion of a young Jewish man suggested that every Jew whether born Jewish or later becoming Jewish recite a statement of affirmation and signing it in the presence of witnesses. Please read the statement below preferably out loud and seriously consider how your would respond if asked, Can you in good conscience sign this statement? If you are not comfortable with the statement, how would you modify or change the wording so that it might better reflect your Jewish soul?
Rabbi Rick Sherwin


I am proud to be Jewish. I accept the responsibility to help make the world a better place by doing mitzvot. As I am thankful for the privileges as a member of the House of Israel, I pray that I may always remain conscious of the responsibility that is mine to fulfill the ideal of Tikun Olam, transforming the world from the way it is to the way it needs to be, one mitzva at a time. I know that I am created in the Image of God, with the charge of Jewish Heritage to emulate the 13 attributes of God: to be loving, caring, sharing, sensitive, gentle, patient, forgiving, eager to learn, open-minded, responsible, appreciative, filled with spiritual strength, and committed to the Covenant of the Jewish People. I will continue to enrich my understanding of Judaism through further study and discussion. I will deepen my commitment to the universal and eternal values that have strengthened the Jewish People through history. I will celebrate the holidays and learn the values that come with them:

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Shabbat, we cherish the priority of spending time and strengthening relationships with our family, friends and community. Rosh ha-Shana, we can always begin again Yom Kippur, we give people a second chance Sukkot, we say thank you thank God, our parents and our teachers. Hanuka, we stand proudly with the Jewish People Purim, we rejoice that we are the oldest surviving culture on earth

Passover, we cherish the gift of freedom for us and for the nations of the world Israels Independence Day, we celebrate our Peoples spiritual home Shavuot, we share our gift of the Ten Commandments to the world I regard the Jewish People as my People. Its joys and sorrows are mine as well, and my destiny is bound to that of my People. As a Jew, I proudly recite the words of the Torah that remind me of my relationship with my People, and my Peoples relationship with God:

SHMA YISRA -EL ADONAI ELOHAYNU ADONAI EHAD. Listen, Israel, the Eternal One is our God, the Eternal God alone. Signed: _____________________________.



PRESIDENTS MESSAGE I am excited to become the President of Congregation Beth Am and I look forward to serving you and meeting your needs. I thank Jim Riola for his service to CBA and commend him for all that was accomplished during his tenure. Over the past few years, the Board of Directors has focused on improving our facility, growing our membership and school enrollment and giving our facility a muchneeded facelift. In 2009 and 2010 we made the Sanctuary more functional with an enlarged bima, updated the bathrooms, replaced the flooring in the Sanctuary and lobby, revamped the sound system and much more. In 2011, we expanded our building, refurbished the interior and the exterior of the building and modernized the original school classrooms. In December, we dedicated our new addition which, although intended primarily for our Religious School, includes an office and an all purpose room for meetings which can seat up to 100 people. With your comfort in mind, we converted a former classroom to a conference/meeting room which can accommodate up to 20 people. With free Wi-Fi throughout our facility, our school parents now have a room they can use to chat with each other, surf the internet and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while their children are in class. We constantly strive to meet the needs of our growing membership, keeping in mind that there is more to growth than a physical addition. Rabbi Rick is constantly tweaking the spiritual aspect of Beth Am to appeal to those who attend the Friday night and Saturday morning services. Rabbi Rick, together with the school administrators and teachers, keeps our kids on a learning curve which enables them to participate comfortably in all facets of a Shabbat service, including reading Torah. Our Adult Education program now offers more learning opportunities. Our inhouse catering service provides a great product at a lower cost than any outside caterer. Our Sisterhood, under the continuing leadership of Cathy Swerdlow, and Mens Club, led by Jeff Grushka, have many social activities planned. Both experienced growth and new and varied programs. The 2012 Board of Directors will continue to improve our lines of communication with our members. This Board is comprised of people who were born in five different decades and so is a representative cross-section of our membership. Five of the new members were not on the Board last January and three of those are parents of our school children.

We will highlight one or two each month. Although they have specific duties as members of the Board, you may contact them for any matter you wish to discuss. If they cant answer your question, theyll find someone who can. We are going to facilitate the flow of information not only to our members but also to the entire Central Florida community. We will keep everyone apprised of what is happening at Beth Am through our redesigned website, monthly Bulletin, weekly update, Heritage articles and more. There will be a lot going on an opportunity for everyone to participate in some event or activity. I encourage you to read about whats going on at Beth Am. See what is offered. Our calendar is filled with events that include Adult Education, Sisterhood, Mens Club, Book & Movie Club, Sports Shooting Club and more. - Steve Leibowitz, President

JUNE 11-22: JOIN CBA IN ISRAEL Everyone was very enthusiastic at our initial information meeting for CBAs 2012 Pilgrimage to Israel. This third Beth Am tour is set for June 11-22. A number of families have already signed up, with the conviction that we are going no matter what! Pre-teens and teenagers and adults willing to learn a Torah reading will have the opportunity to read their Torah portion at the Wall, and everyone on the tour will receive an Aliya. We plan to visit historical sites and technological centers, climb, swim, shop, and ride camels and jeeps! Please contact Lisa Fishman, Eric Weinstein, Bernadette Silverstein, Marsha Stein, Stacey Weiss, Greg Alman or Rabbi Rick if you are even considering the POSSIBILITY of joining the group, fulfilling one of the highest mitzvot in Jewish Tradition TMIKHAT YISRAEL, Supporting our Peoples Home. As the 60 travelers who joined us in 2007 and 2009 will attest, it is the experience of a lifetime. At the end of the Passover Seder, it would be a mitzva to declare, THIS year in Jerusalem.


Congregational President Steve Leibowitz and Linda Leibowitz

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and attended school there. I went to Hebrew School at Ohr Kenneseth Israel Anshei Sephard Synagogue (Rogers Avenue Synagogue), then to Moses Montifiores Hebrew School and graduated the High School Division of the Baltimore Hebrew College. My public high school was the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Lynn University. I was a policeman for 30 years and retired from the Miami-Dade County police department. I was a supervisor for 21 years. Some of my duties included uniform patrol, investigations (undercover for many years), K-9 (drug and explosive detection), dignitary escorts and Police Academy and inservice training instructor. I am the past president of the South Florida Shomrim Society and past Chairman of the Board of the International Association of Jewish Public Service Employees My wife, Linda, and I have three children aged 24, 24 and 24 (yes, triplets). They are all college graduates and we are proud of their accomplishments. We both stay busy with our work with non -profits - me at Beth Am and my wife with the Order of the Eastern Star. Linda will assume the #2 position in her Chapter this year and in 2013 become leader of her Chapter. For recreation we go boating, travel and spend time with family and friends.

Congregational President Elect Debbie Davids

Dear Journal: It is a new year and it promises to be a year like no other. I am the newly-elected President Elect of Congregation Beth Ammy shul for more than 17 years. In just 2 quick years, I will be the President! What am I doing? What ever made me think I was qualified for this position? Was it the years I have been a memberthrough 3 Rabbis and a period with no Rabbi? Was it my years as Sisterhood President? How about having my two sons, Aaron and Benjamin, Bar Mitzva-ed at Beth Am? Or having been married to Mark who served 2 terms as the president? Or having listened to Mark practice his weekly Torah readings for the past decade? Perhaps I thought I was qualified since I have a law degree and a masters of law in taxation? Could my 16 years of being an Account Manager for Old Republic Title and my knowledge of marketing and customer service be what makes me eligible? Or am I qualified because of the years I have spent in the hospitality industry at Beth Am working in the kitchen? Or my term as Membership VP on the Board or the chair of the Nike committee that spent all that time researching our growth options for the future? Possibly it is because I am fond of Rabbi Rick and committed to his vision for what Beth Am can become? I just dont know. What I do know is that this promises to be an exciting journey that I do not want to do on my own. It has been a long time since Beth Am has had a woman president. Well, weve come a long way, baby, and weve got an even longer way to go. I welcome the input of all of the members of the Beth Am family and I hope that they will come through for me because I will never turn down an offer of help. They can e-mail me at So, to borrow a lyric, we must saddle up our horses, weve got a trail to blaze this is The Great Adventure! Debbie Davids


A plaque on the Memorial Board in our Sanctuary is a fitting way to remember family members whom we recall with warmth and affection. To honor the memory of a loved one with a plaque, please submit your request (accompanied by payment of $360) to our office. The form is available in our office or on the secure Payments Page of our website, where you can also make payment. Please direct all correspondence to: P.O. Box 915756 Longwood, FL 32791-5756 We're located at: 3899 Sand Lake Road Longwood, FL 32779


JANUARY 25 & 26, 2013

The date has been set for a class of adults to be called to the Torah as Bnai Mitzva! The program is in response to the adults who have expressed interest in becoming Adult Bnai Mitzva. Some of the explanations: (1) I did not have the opportunity when I was younger, (2) I went through the experience but it didnt go through me, (3) I just want to learn more, and/ or (4) I wasnt Jewish when I was younger. Our study program continues with classes on the first and third Sunday in November, 11/6 and 11/20 at 11 am. Please contact Rabbi Rick by e -mail if you are interested in participating in this program or you have any questions.

CBA Office Hours Saturday, Sunday & Mondayclosed Tuesday thru Friday 9:00 am3:00 pm Wednesdays during School until 6:00 pm

eBay at CBA
While doing your summer cleaning, did you find things you just dont want or cant use but theyll have some value to someone? If so, please donate these items to us it's a win-win situation. You support Beth Am and get the tax deduction we sell the items on eBay and other venues and use the pro, activities and proramming at Beth Am. Please call Herb (407.774.9695) if you have any questions or to arrange for pickup of your unused treasures.

ASSIGNING BAR/BAT MITZVA DATES We are now assigning dates for the 2013-2014 Bar/ Bat Mitzva list. We plan early so as to give our long-standing members first access to open dates. If your child was born in 2000-2001, and you have not arranged for a date to be reserved, please contact Amy Dorman <> so that your child will not be inadvertently overlooked. Assignments are made on the basis of ones 13th Hebrew birthday, with flexibility for summer birthdays and special circumstances.

The congregation is invited to our very special 7 p.m. Family Friday Evening Consecration service on January 27th. We celebrate our Kindergartens first step n the path of formal Jewish learning, and we welcome those in Grades 1 and 2 who were not part of the extended Beth Am School Family during the 2010-2011 school year. The children will participate in the service, and we their congregational family will kvell along with their parents and teachers, as we offer our heartfelt blessing to them.


CBA Sisterhood - Affiliated with Womens League for Conservative Judaism

It is difficult for me to sit down and write this article for the January Bulletin because it is still November. But, David and I are leaving on the 29th for 2 weeks in Israel with our two daughters who live in Israel and are currently serving in the IDF. Its hard to think about anything else other than our upcoming trip! Since our first daughter made Aliyah in 2008 I have been to Israel twice, but this is the first time that David is able to come too. He last went to Israel as a teenager in July, 1967. At that time, just a few weeks after the 6 Day War, there were still tanks and sandbags at the airport and evidence of the recent hostilities were everywhere. Things will certainly seem different for him! Thank you to everyone who helped with the Chanuka Gift Shop, especially Arlene Silver who chaired this activity. Also, thank you to everyone who helped with the Chanukah Party and building dedication. What a wonderful way to celebrate Chanuka this yeara gift of a new space for our congregation. We are looking forward to CBA Sisterhood Shabbat on January 28th. Norma Greenberg is coordinating service participants and if you would like to lead a prayer or responsive reading or read Torah on this Shabbat, please contact her ( We would love to have as many women as possible participate. CBA Sisterhood dues include membership in Womens League for Conservative Judaism. As such, our members receive CJ Magazine and have a voice in a wide variety of Jewish organizations both in the United States and in Israel. If you are not yet a sisterhood member, please make it your 2012 New Years resolution to become one! For more information, feel free to contact me.


The year 2012 will begin with a movie, Water for Elephants. Hal Holbrook narrates the story in the present with a look back to the Great Depression days. The movie stars academy award winners, Reese Witherspoon & Christoph Waltz as well as Robert Pattinson (The Twilight series). This epic tale of forbidden love is based on Sara Gruens acclaimed best seller. Against all odds, a veterinary student (Pattinson) and a beautiful circus performer (Witherspoon) from a bygone era, meet and fall in love through their shared compassion for a special circus elephant. But their secret romance incurs the wrath of her dangerously volatile husband (Waltz). We will meet at a members home on Thursday January 19th at 7 PM. Contact me for directions or further information. We are open to any one who would like to join us. A heads up: Februarys book is Cutting for Stone by Abraham Vergheses. We look forward to seeing you at any of our events. Happy New Year to all!

Norma Greenberg 407-788-2285

MARK YOUR CALENDERS UPCOMING SPECIAL SHABBAT SERVICES January 14, 2012Installation of 2012 Board of Directors January 28, 2012CBA Sisterhood February 18, 2012CBA Past Presidents March 10, 2012CBA Mens Club

Cathy Swerdlow President CBA Sisterhood

The first month of the secular year, January, takes its name from the Roman god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings and endings. Janus (or Ianus) had two faces, one looking back and one looking forward. The message of January echoes the theme of Rosh ha-Shana when we look back on the past year and simultaneously look ahead with a better idea of the path to take through the New Year.

January 2012

Congregation Beth Am

Tevet / Shevat 5772

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5:26 pm 7 8 pm Kabbalat Shabbat

9 am Mitzva Class 10:00 am Va-yhee Bar Mitzva David Bernstein Sunset 5:44 pm

Bar Mitzva David Bernstein

8 9:30 am Religious School 11 am Adult Bnai Mitzva





13 5:32 pm 8 pm Kabbalat Shabbat

14 9 am Mitzva Class 10:00 am Shmot Board Installation Shabbat Sunset 5:50 pm

5 pm Religious School (Winter Springs)

4:15 pm Religious School (Longwood)

7:15 pm Biblical Prophecy

15 9:30 am Religious School 11 am Adult Bnai Mitzva





20 5:38 pm 8 pm Kabbalat Shabbat

21 9 am Mitzva Class 10 am Va-ayra Bar Mitzva Jacob Goldstein Sunset 5:56 pm

5 pm Religious School (Winter Springs)

4:15 pm Religious School (Longwood)

7 pm Book & Movie Club

7:15 pm Biblical Prophecy 22 9:30 am Religious School 11 am Adult Bnai Mitzva 9:00-1:00 pm BLOODMOBILE 23 OFFICE CLOSED 5 pm Religious School (Winter Springs) 24 25 4:15 pm Religious School (Longwood) 7:15 pm Biblical Prophecy Rosh Chodesh 29 9:30 am Religious School 11 am Adult Bnai Mitzva 30 OFFICE CLOSED

7:30 pm Sports Shooting Club @ CBA 26

Bar Mitzva Jacob Goldstein

27 5:44 pm

28 9 am Mitzva Class 10 am Bo Sisterhood Shabbat Sunset 6:01 pm

7 pm Family Service




5 pm Religious School (Winter Springs)


This calendar is refrigerator friendly -- please post it!


Catering By Artisans
(Your CBA Caterer)

As a Congregational Family, we extend our heartfelt condolences to Norm & Marlene Levin as they remember the loss of Norms father HAROLD LEVIN

Celebrating a simha at Beth Am?

If you want...
? ? ? ? ? ?

delicious food an impressive presentation personal, caring attention every last detail taken care of unbeatable pricing catering profits to benefit Beth Am Then...


Catering By Artisans is your only choice! For information, contact: Sheri Rosenberg

Promote your business with a Bulletin ad For information, contact Joanne at the office at 407.862.3505

Support Beth Am AND celebrate your special occasion with custom invitations and announcements. We carry a full line from Regency, Encore and Checkerboard. You can also order a tallit for yourself or for your child's Bat/Bar Mitzva. Contact Debbie Davids at 407.869.0238.

If we have inadvertently omitted a birthday, anniversary or yahrtzeit or published incorrect personal information about you in this Bulletin, we apologize. Please let us know so that we can correct our records.


Share the news with members who don't have e-mail Share your compassion with recently bereaved members Share your time with members who are home alone Share your time with members who are in nursing homes Share your time with members who are in a hospital Join the Care Team for additional information, please contact Debbie Zelkowitz (407.862.7471)

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DAVID BERNSTEIN 12 Tevet Va-yhee

JACOB GOLDSTEIN 26 Tevet Va-ayra

David Barry Bernstein, son of Hilton and Linda Bernstein and brother of Daniel, will be called to Torah for the first time as a Bar Mitzva on Saturday, January 7th, 2012. David is an eighth grade and honor student at Pace Brantley Hall School with science being his favorite subject. David enjoys playing soccer, where he plays defender and goal-keeper, swimming and listening to rock music.

Jacob Goldstein, son of Richard Goldstein, will be called to the Torah for the first time as a Bar Mitzva on Saturday, January 21, 2012.



Scott Halperin, President of CASS Design
For all his extra efforts in building our school addition and refurbishing our existing classrooms and offices. It was a labor of love as evidenced by our beautiful new Education Center.

Nancy Kucaba
for her help in preparing the monthly bulletin for mailing

Heidi Ulch and Morgan Ulch

for their help with tree trimming, tree removal and landscaping

Rick Gardner, Steve Leibowitz, Ernie Meyers and Mike Stricker

Our CBA Security Team

Question of the Month


In the Christian world (which includes American society), one takes off his or her hat to show religious respect. In the Jewish world, just the opposite is true as we convey respect by covering our head. In general, we put a small cap a kipa (in Yiddish it is called a yarmulke) on our head whenever we are involved in an activity that is spiritually special. At one point in history, only males and married women were asked to wear a head covering. In egalitarian congregations, a Jew involved in the mitzva of study or prayer covers his or her head. We wear a head covering when we study Torah as a reminder that we are studying something special. It is more than a collection of stories and teachings. Jewish study reveals the ideals that give shape and meaning to our individual lives as well as to our life as a People. We wear a head covering when we pray as a reminder that we are reviewing the priorities that make life special. It is more than a collection of songs and poems. With words, prayer becomes an expression of the wordless, linking us with the ideals that transcend both place and time. We wear a head covering in the Sanctuary as a reminder that we have entered sacred space. It is more than a living room: it is a room for living.

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1 2 Helen Ascher, mother of Myron Ascher Irving Aaron Fishman, father of Sheri Rosenberg Ruth Williams, mother of Daniel Williams Doris Werk, mother of Lloyd Werk Arnold Taub, father of Gloria Padawer Bessie Zang, grandmother of Michael Berren Robert Rosenberg, father of Harriet Margot Bernard Tobias, husband of Lillian Tobias & father of Cathy Swerdlow Jacob Tulip, grandfather of Cyndie Elman Margaret Katzen, mother of Marlene Morris Lorraine Goldstein, mother of Michael Goldstein & grandmother of Hannah & Stephanie Goldstein Ida S. Karesh, grandmother of Marsha Stein Harry Stern, father of Diane Siegel Ruth Greene, mother of Larrie Greene Frances Bergman, mother of Donna Gardner Richard W. Pritchard, husband of Sondra Pritchard & father of Marsha Stein Ethel Taub, mother of Gloria Padawer Donald Porter, brother of Shelley Weissman Sid Levy, step-father of Marc Siegel Steven Zlatkiss, son of Linda & Jerrod Zlatkiss Robert Bernstein, brother of Charles Bernstein Aaron M. Zelkowitz, son of Deborah & Michael Zelkowitz David Goldfarb, father of Marcia Rosen Sophia Rosenband, grandmother of Lucy Seidler 17 Sheila Gordon, mother of Madelynn Gordon Sheldon Jacobs, brother of Alan Jacobs Tessie Pearlman, mother of Marshall Pearlman 18 Harry Hartog, father of Jeffrey Hartog Rebekah Lynn Smith, daughter of Lois Smith 20 Sharon Rose, sister of Ed Rose 21 Dora Jarenkes, grandmother of Lon Winter Benjamin Miller, grandfather of Cyndie Elman Gertrude Rosenfeld, grandmother of Robert Bial 23 Henry Ascher, father of Myron Ascher Elaine Kneiz, aunt of Sheri Rosenberg Bertha Gair, grandmother of Richard Gair Louis Schiff, father of Celia Rosenberg 25 Marie Elrod, mother of Janet Kaplan Nelle Reback, mother of Clifford Reback 26 Gertrude Berenson, mother-in-law of Vera Berenson Abraham Mendelsohn, grandfather of Robyn Eichenholz Arnold Karlinsky, father of Paul Karlinsky 27 Louis Zlatkiss, father of Jerrod Zlatkiss Israel Katuna, grandfather of Roxanne Baron 28 Adolf Zelkowitz, father of Michael Zelkowitz Eva Bookshin, mother of Lucy Estrin Dr. Gerald Albert, father of Amy Perlstein 30 Sydell Bass Kutner, mother of Steven Kutner 31 Sol Cohen, father of Erica Karlinsky Jay Morris, husband of Maxine Morris

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Alan Cohn Tara Harris Allison Silverman Hillel Karasik Eliana Klein Lila Gaber Jeanne Gold Mary Lavin Tamara Weinstein Harrison Shames Joel Sherwin 7 7 9 9 9 10 10 10 11 11 11 11 Daniel Bernstein Caitlin Sabell Erica Landis Max Medvedeff Rick Sherwin Miriam Levy
Missy Ward-Spaulding

Michael Wilensky Rachel Cooper Jake Greenstein Steven Kutner Alison Margot

12 Sean Bowmer 12 Fallon Harris 14 Joshua Finkelstein 14 Ellen Solomon 15 Taylor Greenberg 16 Benjamin Horne 18 Laurel Cohen 18 Ilana Klein 19 Susan Schulman 19 Jonathan Stein 20 Richard Goldstein 20 Janet Kaplan

21 Lynn Pearl 27 Karen Franzel 21 Nomi Sherwin 27 Sandra Gardner 21 Charles Weinstein 27 Miles Landis 22 Sharon Feinman 27 Tom Mayer 22 Philip Margot 28 Ellen Jewell 23 Tom Shapiro 29 Amber Goldberg 23 Michelle Sheplan 29 Sara Kaprow 25 Michael Bernstein 31 Joy Stricker 25 Steven Botwinik 25 Jackson Foxworthy 26 Norman Levin 26 Linda Silverman

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Our tradition teaches us the importance of tz'daka. What a wonderful and lasting way to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, yahrtzeit, recovery from illness or hardship, Bat or Bar Mitzva, wedding, new baby or other occasion! Or give just because... ! We maintain various funds, donations to which are used to support our many activities and to make Beth Am the Synagogue we want it to be. Please show that you care make a contribution to the fund of your choice. All contributions are tax deductible.

The Participants of CBAs 2009 Pilgrimage to Israel, in celebration of the arrival of Misha Tollefson Minna & Gil Alstein, in honor of Jacob becoming a Bar Mitzva Harriet & Rich Gair, in celebration of their grandson Jacob he entered the covenant of our people

Jack & Jeri Leavitt, Mazal Tov to Rabbi Rick on receiving Your Honorary Doctoral degree by The Jewish Theological Seminary as


Phil & Louise Brown Miles & Kate Landis Cliff & Denise Reback


Alex & Marie Agranovsky Steven & Nikki Botwinik Scott & Cindy Halperin Sofia Poliak Paul & Margie Schlesinger Neal & Bernadette Silverstein

Dick & Nancy Katz, in honor of their grandson Ethan Shear and his admission to Bar Mitzva Program

Michael & Roxanne Baron, in memory of grandmother, Frieda Rutkowsky and grandfather Morris Baron Charles & Roberta Bernstein, in memory of father, Jack Bernstein Albert & Lorraine Cibley, punch bowl and cups and large serving platter Heather Childers, with thanks to Rabbi Rick Carol Francis, in memory of mother Ruth Loeb Norman & Marlene Levin, in memory of cousin Steven Glass Rhonda & James Scorzelli, in memory of father Arnold Butnick & in honor of Susie Schwartz becoming a Bat Mitzva Ed & Ilona Sheplan, In memory of mother Jeanette Lacks, in memory of mother Judith Sheplan, in celebration of their son Leon receiving a great report card and being a super kid and in honor of Jake Alsteins becoming a Bar Mitzva Bernard Siegel, in memory of wife Dorothy Siegel and brother Arnold Siegel Moishe & Ruth Snaid, in memory of mother Dora Leibeskind Ken & Ellen & Quinn Solomon, in memory of father & grandfather Stephen Solomon Anne Zahary, to help with CBAs building upkeep


Michael & Roxanne Baron, with thanks to Rabbi Rick For being there whenever needed Luci Belnick & Jeff Cohen, in honor of Rabbi Rick receiving an Honorary Doctoral degree by The Jewish Theological Seminary Robyn Colley, thank you Rabbi Rick for being at the Jewish Academys Annual Gala Robyn & Kevin Colley, in memory of father Ralph Loeb Howard & Kim Finkelstein, in memory of mother Bea Finkelstein Hank & Norma Greenberg, in memory of cousin Sharon Bloom Rawleigh Sallee, celebrating Rabbi Rick receiving his Honorary doctorate Helen Tishman, in memory of husband Shelly Winters and in memory of father Zafhan Roher Anne Zahary, in memory of mother Catherine Stewart

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Come join us on Saturday, January 14, 2012 for Shabbat Services and the installation of the newly elected CBA Board of Directors. Meet the Board and hear what the plans for Beth Am are for 2012.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012 from 10:00 am - 11:00 am, come hear Congregation Beth Ams own Ernie Myers' informative session about securing and protecting your home. Ernie will be covering everything from alarms, dogs, doors, windows, lighting, etc. Also, he will cover some self -defense issues including the safe storage of firearms, and the use of reasonable force, including deadly force, to protect yourself and your family in your home. You will also learn about any potential criminal and legal action that may be taken against a person after a defensive encounter, whether you used a firearm, a baseball bat, or whatever. Ernie Myers is an attorney with Marcus & Myers, P.A. in Orlando, Florida. His areas of practice include insurance law, corporate law, commercial litigation, property and casualty litigation, disability litigation, wills and trusts, and firearms law. Additionally, he is an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor, and Range Safety Officer. He is currently the Vice President of the Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club, and is a past President of the Florida Sport Shooting Association. Join us for coffee, bagels and a shmear and be informed, educated and entertained!

Get together with the boys and watch the National Championship Game. Contact Jeff Grushka (2012 Mens Club Chairman) via e-mail ( or call at 407-415-1411.

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