Antonio Durán Fernández Universidad Autónoma, Madrid Montserrat Homedes Gili C.E.P. ue Lcganés Víctor Martín de Dios C.P. "Miguel de Unamuiio". Leganés

RESUMEN En este trabajo se diseña una Unidad Didáctica para la E d u c a c i h Secundaria basada en el enfoque por tareas y cuyo tema central es: "Shopping in a Superinaket". El enfoque por tareas pretende motivar más al alumno adaptándose a sus intereses y necesidades. Para el diseño de esta Unidad Didáctica, hemos establecido el objetivo, la Tarea Final. el contenido y las tareas capacitadoras para pasar dcspués a la planificación de las correspondientes lecciones. Por último. exponemos el Sistema de E v a l u a c i h a seguir.

ABSTRACT In this work. a Didactic Unit tor the Secondary School was designed. I t is a task-based approach Unit and its central topic is: "Shopping in a Superiiiakei". The task-based appi-oach trics to motivate the pupils by adapting the process to their interests and needs. For the desigii of this Didactic Unit, wc have established the objctive, the Final Task, tlic Content and the Enabliiig Taaks. Then, we lollow with the Lessori Plans which iiiakc up the Unit. Fiiially. we preserit thc Evaluation Systcm which is to be used as a lidlow-up.

INTRODUCCI~N La enseñanza del lenguaje mediante tareas (ELMT) supone un gran paso adelante cn la metodología de la enseñanza de las lenguas extranjeras. El sistema de la ELMT se revela como una propuesta de innovación cducativa en esta área altamente compatible con los principios recogidos en el D.C.B. (Diseño Curricular Base). La adopción de tareas coino unidades de discño en la enseñanza de las lcnguas extranjeras presenta, no obstante, algunas particularidades que conviene señalar. En primer lugar. este enfoque se centra cn el proceso dc adquisición de la lengua realizado de una forma práctica y adaptada a los intereses y capacidades de los alumnos. En segundo lugar. se aleja de las especificaciones propias de otros métodos anteriores y se orienta hacia una mayor variedad e interdisciplinaridad en sus actividades. Se produce una variación también en los roles entre profesor y alumnos por cuanto que sc considera fundamental la implicación activa del alumno en el proceso enseñanza-aprendizaje. Otra particularidad reside en la necesidad de un trabajo laborioso de planilicación y que habrá de realizarse. fundamentalmente. en equipo. Creeemos, no obstante, quc merece la pena intentarlo ya que hemos de tener en consideración el carácter cíclico y global del proceso de Aprendizaje de una Lengua Extranjera (ALE), lo cual pone de manifiesto la necesidad de una planificación por tareas, pues de otro modo, agotaríamos los contenidos necesarios para cubrir un proceso tan complejo sin haber alcanzado el objetivo principal: LA ADQUISICIÓN DE LA LENGUA EXTRANJERA. Por otro lado. la ELMT permitirá al alumno conseguir una competencia comunicativa derivada de un conocimiento del uso de la lengua extranjera proporcionado por las tareas posibilitadoras y de un conocimiento instruiiiental facilitado por las tareas finales. El marco de diseño desde la ELMT incorpora una serie de novedades entre las que dcstacan:
La articulación de toda la unidad didáctica en torno a la tnroa,firlíil (lo quc los alumnos serrín capaces de hacei- con la lengua extranjcra al final de la Unidad que no sabían hacer con anterioridad). Hasta llegar a esta tarea globalizadora o tarea final hay todo un proceso que se desarrolla a travCs de tarcas posibilitadoras que capacitan al alumno para la correcta realización de la tarea final. Se produce una gran llexibilidad y diversificación en cuanto al uso de rnaterialcs utilizados así como en la forma de trabajo (Proyectos. grupos, etc ...) lo quc permite adaptarse mejor a las necesidades de los aprendices. El alumno se iniplica activamente en el proceso desarrollando objetivos educativos como la responsabilidad, el trabajo cooperativo. ctc ...

picscn~aiiicic ha guiendo los principios dc la enseñanza por tareas y pensada para la E. Pretendemos con estc trabajo ofrecer un modelo de Unidad Didáctica para que otros profesores.(j. discña& si. pudiendo así enfrentarse con Cxito al rcto de la enseñanza de idiomas.W.O.ica qüc a cvii~inüacióí.G. IND T St'\ E. P. puedan tener una referencia práctica.Finalmente la ELMT actúa como incitador para que cl profesor pueda profundizar en una gran variedad de recursos y destrezas didácticas respecto a las Icnguas extranjeras y a la interacción en el aula.idUd Eidác.O.S. Lü LTi. si lo consideran útil. Studeiit's Educacicín Secundaria Obliptorin .S. T W. ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THE UNIT S W L Speaking Writing Listening Reading Whole Group Teacher Whole Group / From thc tcachcr to the whole group and í'roin the whole group to thc tcachcr Pair Work Individual Texhei- u W.

? Can 1 help you*? What can 1 do for you? I'd like .Semantic field relatcd to products you can find in different shops: beer apples bread cheese ham coke juices orange wine cider youghurt lettuces steak meat pepper tomatoes pears chops cod haddock cherries lemons oranges bananas eggs sardines cheese coke ham milk tea biscuits bread chocolate sugar cigarettcs stamps potatocs aspirins - Shop names where you can find those products: Tobbacconist's Baker's Chemist's Butcher's Greengrocer's Jeweller's Words refering to units of different products: loaf bottle can litrc slicc gram dozen lump J ar packet Uscful expressions for this context: Have you got .? Post-Office Grocer's - piece bar - 2) Grammar . .Alan... .Somelany. FINAL TASK T o have a dialogue with different shop-assistants in a supermarket (simulated) to ask for things.UNIDAD DIDÁCTICA COUNTABLES AND UNCOUNTABLES OBJECTZVE .. Can 1 have . - CONTENTS 1)Lexical ..T o be able to ask for things in a supermarket.How muchlhow many.There islarc... . .Adjectives and adverbs of quantity: .

IUO x 7 . g. The teacher presents a series of partitives which exprcsses the quantity of mass nouns. in .jectives: A lo1 of . are + countablel uncountable nouns. .. Adverbs: A lot. ..Not inuch ... how inuch. f) Fill in the chrirt: a food list is givcn and students have to fill the chart headed with the following itcnis: a lot.2) Lisicning exercise about shopping in a supermarket.... Not rri~ich. - ENABLING TASKS a) Brainstorming cxercise about things they can find in supermarket.A few.. g. d) Listenirig exercise whcre any. how many are introduced. C) Matching exerci\e between different shops and thing\ you can find in them.A little .1) Matching exercise of units with their product\. None.A.. Not many. - . Not many ... b) Exercise consisting of making sentences with there is. little. FINAL TASK Final task: Dialogue in groupt about \ h o p p ~ n g a wperinarket. A fcw . . A little.. Iew and no. e) Reading exercise to introduce adjectives and adverbs of quantity followed by a dialogue about the Reading.

One rrizrnber of thc pair has io show hislher pnriner i x carde (two picturej showinp ohject\ which are countable \ingular.h.exical Naiiiei of product$ qou can buy ir1 a \upeririarkct. a(n) uiili each card. Grammar .3 Thc teacher will c\tablish both concepi. COLVTEST 1. ANNEX TIME GROC'P '1. anothcr i\\o countable plural and tmo iiiore uricountable) and the partiicr hai to iiiakc U \entente usiiig therc i h r c .Conccpt of couiitablr. Lexical . 5 11 1 . \(me.1 The teaclier aska the studciitc to ¡ay thing.Same ¡teni\. R.l Teachcr'c explanation a h w t countable and uncouritnblc nouns and introduction of therc ¡s. Grammar .There islare. a ( n ) using tlie naine\ of thc brainbtorniinp. U Exercise consistiiig oí ii~akingsciitencee with "therc islare". oí countablz nnd uiicouiitable with toiiic ol' thc u o r d i written on the hoard. SKILI. - B.Soine.2 Wc'll write on thc hoai-d each uord a i ii'h bei~igsaid A.Lesson Plan 1 E. 1 1 5111 f'.1 The teacher givc\ thc \iudent\ a inodel with thc uhe of there islare uitli countablcluncoiinrahle noun\. P.2. there asc. Co~~ntablcluncoiintahlr noun5 - Lesson Plan 1 STUDENT ANL) TEACHER ACTlVlTY A. B. . "ioine". "a(n)" + "coiintablel uncciuniahle" nouns. wnie. B.2 In pairr: Each pair ha< twelvc c.l.VARLIiVG TASKS A Brain\toriiiing cicrci\c ahout thirips t h q can fiiid in a \iiperinarkct. arid uricouritabls.W. aín). thcy can huy in a \uprrmarket.ird\.2 Pupils niake more seiitericc\ uiing the ahovc Iteiris plus thc iiouns of thc hrain~iorniirip.

1.2 l'hc w o i i d riiiie iliey lill iii rhc hl.:! - Aii!. Thei-e idare.Lesson Plan 1 Gramniar .Hciv inan? .Hon.? . iiiuch. ASSEX TIME GROL'P \UD 0..iiil\ IND . . Lesson Plan 1 STC'DEST d VD TKACHER AC'I7VITl' SKILI.

l As an introduction to the reading the teacher sho\vi tour carda with pictureí and model phrases to prereni 2nd explaiii ad.. Dark Blue = "little" Light Hluc = " k w " Red = "no" F. Grecii = "a lot". F.irig this vocahulnry.Lesson Plan 11 E Keading exercite to introduce adjeciivei and ad\erbs of qiiantity folloued by a dialogue ahout the readiiig.G E.W E. stodcrit\ inahe a dialogue followiiig tlic niodel senteiicc\ uhich are uriiten on the hoard. M' F.jecti\es and adverhs or q~iantil>. "littlc".Adjectivec of quantit! Lesson Plan 11 STUDENT AND TEACHER ACTIVITI' E.l Thc tcacher pre\ents a food l i s ~ \bit11 different thing\ and tlizir quarititie\. U S V IND P. 1.2. Grammar . F. little.exical .2 The teacher urite\ four queQions on ihe board ahout the text.4 U.3 Students read the tcxt and an\\wr theiii. These question\ uith their aiisweri al-e k p t on thc board for thc next cserci\e. E. "fe\\" and "no". F FiI1 in the cliart: a food li\t is giceri and studenti have to lill thc chart headed uith the following a?jectivci: a lot.5 Pupilj \\riie ilie correct ün\\+ers on ihe hoard. - Lexical Productí gou can find iri n wperrriarki. few and no. SKILL AiVNEX TIME GROCP R IV 10111 LV. . uscful to associate [he iiicanin: (11's of thete mor& with colour\: E.3 Students ha\e to conipleie a chnrt ~ ~ i t l i "a I d . Thc teacher presentc a sci-ies of partiti\cs which express the quantity of rnaas nouns. E.Same item\. conipare tlicir aii\uer\.4 Pupil.2 The tcacher cxplains vocabulary related to the partiii~es.

AVVEY TIiMC GKOL'P . ot ~ iiiiii\ \\ iili itirii. Lexical - 'i'liiiis\ !oii ciiii liiicl iii .ciii.ii.!::!!?!!!!.i \~ipeiiii. : j - - Lesson Plan 11 STCDE. hlc!? !.VD TEACH1:K ACTIWTI Shl1.hci.1 h l d i i i i c\ei.I.!~:!-I!!'.Imson Plan 11 G.ITA. W!ytj. :!?: :!!y. pi-citluct\.

Thcy go back to thc group and compile what thc) habe bought and what ihey havc <»Id with priccs.Lesson Plan 111 ENtlRLING TASKS CONTENT Leriral .Al1 uords and expreacions lenriit during the didactic unit. H Dialogue iii p a r \ ahoui \hoppirig in a iciperiniirket. rhrough a transparciic) the way each group ha\ to makr the lisi oí' produces they hnni io \el1 and priceq.W. H.YNEX IX TIME 5111 5111 GROL'P IND P. Each one of the four buyers goe\ to the diffcreni grouph' siands to bu) what he ha\ in his list. Crammar .All grammatical iteins that Iiave heen learnt during tlik didactic unit. ~ - 1 Final taik Lesson Plan 111 STUDENT AND TEACHEK ACTIVITY SKILL h' S - A. L1 FINAL TASK [f therc are 30 studerik iii c l a s . The teacher explain. p. Each group decides what thcy uaiit to scll and hu). T h o iri thc group are thc wllers and four the custoiiierr. .2 Role plny. H l Fi11 ir1 the blaiik\ exeicisr . wc can have fivc groups of siu students.


ANNEX 1 ( 2 ) .



ANNEX 11 (3) .

.... perhaps 1 wo~ild prefer pork chops.. ..Well.. Can 1 help yo^? Good iiiorning.. I'd like somc nient..'! * What do you rccorririiend me today? .I've got ~ o m eWhich do 4011 prefer:' ..ANNEX 111 (a) .... Wliat a pity becauw rny children are not . . do ~ O L \I+ m i ? ::: 1 uarit f i ~ e plea\e.....Anything else? :: Havc you poi any rnince? Yes of coursc......:......Good iiiorning.: Thcie should be alright....30.It'j f 5... elw'? ::: llave you p t onq .... plcasc. ilianh S O L L . hariiburgei's ..... I'vc got .... . .Yea ol' courw... Hou inuch \+ould you likc'? ": Ahout half a kilo.... sausagc\. but .It's f 5... How many do y«u want? ::: 1 want five....... pork chops. . .. piease....... Hcrc you are.... biii ........... everything is good hut today tlie Ianib choph are ejpecially tender kind ihey are not vcry experisi~e... . Madani........1s lhal all'! :: Yes. ! ' .30... ... What would you like: some larnb chopj.. 1s thnt L~II? ...'! ..... Good - .....B!c. I'd like .. Madani. H o u iriuch is it ple~isc'? ...." Yes.. pleaw. :: What a pity hecause niy children are n«t \ery forid of lanlb..Good :: iiiorning.... Can 1 help you? iiiorriirig. :: What do you recoinincnd '! Well. Well.: About hiilf n hilo... it'< 0 K . everythirig is good but today the lainh chops are especinlly tender m d ilicy are rioi very expeiisive. Which do you prekr'l .. perhaps 1 would prefet poi'k chops... ....... it's Oí¿... " ........ - ANNEX 111 (b) ....What wvulcl you like: ... :"hese should be alright. ... ? . Well..


..How . peanutbutter do they havc? . W e have three bottles.. Mother: And we need io buy a few sweet cakes as well Father: Well. 50 ~ i ~ i n m e s 1 .How .ANNEX V Reading text The father nnd the mother are going to buy food and drinh for their son's birthda! Father: What d o we need to buy? Mother: Well...... harnburgers do they have? How . We have to buy a lot. Questions about the Reading How . Father: What about coke'? Mother: We've g o t a lot of cokc... let's go. coke do they havc'? .. we have very little peanutbutter and no bread. sau5age rolls do they have? - - ANNEX VI Little Chocol'~tc E&3 Bread MI BI Cheese Tca Potatoes Soup Banand\ 01 n p a Sardines Sugar Ham Tomatoe\ 8 bar 2 do7eii l bottle Few No 1 112 packet 3 dices 3 packets I iin I dozcn 2 3 tin.. Father: I'm going to have a look in the kitchcn. We have a lot of hamburgers but wc haven't g«t many sausage rolls and not much kctchup either.

d..6. Egs j.10..istening exercise Liste11 to ~ O U I -people 5hopping ni Birtl's. Cake Bacon Apph gl! ANNEX VI11 (1) 1..Tea 11.c. Complete thc tahle writing what they wnni and h w niucli ihey \\ ant to bu)' - Rhat thej want to b u ~ How much they want 1 MRS BROMN ..X loaf' 2. A can J .ANNEX VI1 I ..Bread h. A kilo 5.Honey m..S u g x i .13.8.-A boiilc 3 .11.Cliocolate h.9.17.f. e..Biscuitj l. A litre A piecr A 5licc 100 granme$ A doren A lump Abar Ajar A packet A tin Bccr Milk C.7.Sardine h.l .- 1..

Mra.Well.Hello.How much p«rk do you wani'? . And can 1 have two packets of biscuit5. five orangei and give me a pound ofhaiiana5 too. please'? . Thai's f 7. please? . Pickering. five pears and tuo hotlles of rnilk. plcax. Could you give rne aonie heef and eggs.Certainly.Morning. . Peter.Can 1have a bag of pea5 and two cabaggcs. . Mra.Thank you very much.Hello.Thank you.Ye!. . ..Good niorning. 1 have an appointmeni with the doctor. . Tapescript 4 aftcrnoon. Here you are.Anything clse'? .Bye. Mrs.Good afternoon. you are in a hurry'? . .1 nccd some \cal and four slicei of bacon'? .ANNEX VI11 (2) Tapescript 1 Peter. What woiild you like'? . Peter.Half a pound of chopped pork. Mrs. Mrs.Well. Pickering. and iwo kilo? oí' potatocs. plcase.Here you are. And that niakes E 1.Bye. White. What can 1 do for you'? .Do you want any fruit'? . .Good . Brown.Yes. Lewis. Whai'a the rriatter. Ser you toriiossow. . M n Scope.1 want two pounds of mince and some pork. .b (aproxiniately). please. A4easures: I Pound (Lh) = 16 ounces = 353. . Scope.Four 5teaks and a dozen cggs too.. . two dozen. What would you like? . . pleaae. .How many eggs? .Hello. pleasc.Here you are. Tapescript 2 afternoon.How much veal? . Scope.Good . . Tapescript 3 .80 aliogether.6 g 1 Kilo = 3. Mr. here you are. . as well.10 altogether. Mr.? .Right.Four slices of harn and iwo loaves of bread.3 1. Yes. pleajr. .What elae do you want? . please . That'll bc 70 p.

.. please. Herc you are..: Shop-asskiant: ANNEX X THIS MONTH'S SPECIAI. H«M inuch ..70 1 Kg t 2 70 / Kg t 3' 70 1 Ks f 2 75 1 Kg . dsistnnt: ' Custoinci... / Kg..... f 1...... f 3.. thank ywi / Well. BARGAliVS APPLES BANANAS ORANGES CHERRltS SUGAK IWHITE) EGGS CHEESE BREAD í d lonl) FlSH COD MEAT BACON I... Bye Shop-assistnnt: Custoiiier: Shop-nssistant: Cuskmcr: Shop-a\si\tant: Custoiner: Shop-... 1 Kg.. I'vc oiily got .... 65 p. plcasc? 1 What would you l i k ? / What do y x i wnnt? 1 iieed 1 I waiit / I'd likc / C m 1 hri\e . 65 p...... 70 p. What can 1 do lor you'? / What do you iieed? 1 Can I help you.ANNEX IX Fill in thc blaiik\ 1 Role plnq Fill ir1 the blaiih5 2nd make a Kole-play with your partricr.. '! Give me . 1 h. f 1.... / Kg.. Anything else? No.... .Ii~cd) VEAL STEAKS POKK CHOPS 60 p. It's ... / riiid .... do you need 1 narit / woultl )mi lile'! HOMniany ..... ? I'm sorry... 1 Kg..... thnt's al1 1x1 nic see...30 / dweii f 2... 85 p....... Tliaiih )ou.......05 1 hrgottcn: Have you got soiiie .......35 1 Kg.

On the othcr hand. thoie tacks which the teachcr is goinp io punctuate.EVALUATION OF THE UNIT In [he proce\s oí' evaluation we are going to clistingui5h two parts: On the one hand. Listening. Writing and Speaking. Speakirzg skill: Lesson Plan 111: Final Ta\k ( 1 ) . the tasks which the tcacher will take as rcfcrence oiily for error corrcction. Following the system of continuous evaluation. The tnsks wc have chosen to cialuate ihe studeiits and give thcm a punciuation are the following: Keading skill: Leison Plan 11: Reading exercise (E) The evaluation will be done through thi? observation table: - 7 1 PRONUNCIATION Yt's NAME FLL'ENCY Listening skill: Lesson Plan 11: Listeniiig exercise ( G ) Writirig skill: We are going to eialuate the exercise5 rclated to "Fill in the blanks": Lesson Plan 1 and 111. we are going t« eialuate the four skillx Reading.

thr teaches t a k i note\ of ihe mnin inistlike~studeiit\ iiiahe aiid iii ihai va) he knows what he has 10 explain ngain in ordes to iiiake it clear.Matchiiig euerciie beiueeri dil'lereni ihoys aiid thiiigi you c m h ir1 thcin (C) y . thiit is.The ciiiluaiioii will be doiie througli ihia «bscs\ation tliblc: L S i i NAME - 1 I LIENC).ase uied a feedbach.Li\teiiiiig and Rc~idiiig exescisc í D ) - Lessori Plan 11 - Fill iii ihe chart: iiudents have to fill tlie cliasi hended uith ihe following adjectiiei: a lot. " d n ) " + co~iiitablel~iiicou~~table h rio~ina( B ) . The follou iiig L a A ase iprcially iiidicated to maLe a feedback: - Lessori Plan 1 Euesciw of rriking senierices ~ i t "tlierr id ai-e". íF) . I e u aiid no. - 1 t INTtKACTIiF COMMUNICATION STRUCTLiRES 1 l t 4 l AIl tasks iiicluded thosc of tlieiii which havr beeii rneniioncd to eialuatc thc \tudeiiij . "\ornc". litilc.