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Vol. 4 | No. 25 | October 8 - 14, 2011 | 60 Cents Star
Vol. 4 | No. 25 | October 8 - 14, 2011 | 60 Cents
Star TV flew in
World’s cheapest
artistes for AIA-NY
Diwali mela
tablet launched
Skilled Indians
face 30-year wait
for green card
in India
Rajnikanth blesses
SRK’s Ra.One
Tristate Community,
Page 5
National Community,
page 7
Page 21
page 26
AIA-NY’s Diwali mela
wowed with new features
added by its President
Afghanistan a proxy war between
India, Pakistan: Musharraf
between Pakistan and India,” he
said participating in the rolling
panels at the Washington Ideas
Forum at the Newseum here, ABC
News reported.
“India is trying to create an anti-
Pakistan Afghanistan,” Musharraf
said suggesting that India has a vi-
sion of dominating the region and
aims to “create a weak Pakistan”.
He complained that India has
been training Afghan diplomats,
soldiers and intelligence officers
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Afghan President Hamid
and that the training should stop.
Karzai inked a strategic partnership pact Oct 4 in New Delhi.
Asked why recent polling in
Pakistan holds the US in low es-
Washington: Calling Afghani-
hedging its bets in Afghanistan and
teem, Musharraf said that “his-
Ranju Batra, President of the Association of Indians in America-NY,
standing in front of the 9/11 shrine with Mahatma Gandhi’s
stan as a “proxy war” between In-
adopt a peaceful approach towards
torical past” has led to mistrust
non-violence as theme at the 24th annual Diwali mela Oct 2 at South
dia and Pakistan, former Pakistani
India, Musharraf said the US needs
and antipathy against America
Street Seaport. The festival occurred 10 years after 9-11 and on Gandhi’s
president Pervez Musharraf has ac-
to understand Pakistan’s “sensitivi-
at the people level in light of the
birth anniversary. Six proclamations from lawmakers were conferred
cused New Delhi of “trying to cre-
ties” about Afghanistan’s relation-
US scale down in Afghanistan
upon Ranju on the occasion graced by many lawmakers, community
ate an anti-Pakistan Afghanistan”.
ship with India.
planned for 2014.
leaders and Indian diplomats. The cultural programs and attractions
Hours after President Obama
“In Afghanistan, there is some
Also see ‘Pakistan pulls closer to a
were enjoyed by tens of thousands despite some rain.
Thursday asked its key ally to stop
kind of a proxy conflict going on
reluctant China’ on page 4
Russia to veto UN resolutions
aimed at ‘toppling regimes’
Jobs turned small ideas into
life-changing products
Moscow: Russian President Dmit-
ry Medvedev warned Friday that
Council, which
New York: It’s a cliche to speak of
buyers queue up for three days ahead
Russia would veto future UN Secu-
the end of an era when someone well
of launch.
rity Council sanctions to topple po-
known has passed away. Today, how-
Steve Jobs created markets and
litical regimes by Western powers.
the fate
ever, it does feel like something has
product categories. He changed how
‘Russia will continue stand-
changed forever in the world of tech.
we consume information and enter-
ing against attempts to legitimize
is not to give
The brilliance and clarity of vision,
tainment. He redefined leadership.
through the UN Security Council
a pretext for
the courage of conviction, the fiery
There is so much about Jobs that
unilateral sanctions aimed at top-
intolerance for imperfection. There is
marks him out from the many tech
pling various regimes,’ the Interfax
documents al-
no other individual impacting technol-
visionaries that dot Silicon Valley and
news agency quoted Medvedev as
ogy in anywhere near the same way,
the rest of the world. His never-say-die
saying, reported Xinhua.
in our era, as Steven Paul Jobs did.
reinvention of himself and the com-
‘The UN was not created for
certain ends in
He wasn’t just the guy who made
panies he started, repeatedly turning
that,’ Medvedev said.
a military way.’
the world’s coolest gadgets. Oh,
adversity into advantage, described
Steve Jobs shows off iPhone 4 at
’We should recognize clearly that
the 2010 Worldwide Developers
Medvedev Con-
well, that too. Do you know of any
most famously in his Stanford address.
the goal of the UN and especially the
tinued on page 4
other company for whose products
Steven Jobs Continued on page 4
The family of The South Asian Times wishes you all
A Happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year
The South Asian Times
Excellence In Journalism
2 Art

October 8-14, 2011

2 Art October 8-14, 2011 Woman worshipping the Sun - Page from a Jahangirnama Album.

Woman worshipping the Sun - Page from a

Jahangirnama Album. Attributed to


2 Art October 8-14, 2011 Woman worshipping the Sun - Page from a Jahangirnama Album.

Balchand -Jahangir receives Prince

Khurram at Ajmer on Return from

Mewar campaign

2 Art October 8-14, 2011 Woman worshipping the Sun - Page from a Jahangirnama Album.

Photograph overpainted by

Shivalal -Portrait of Jaswant Singh II

of Jodhpur

Best of pre-modern Indian painting on show at the Met

2 Art October 8-14, 2011 Woman worshipping the Sun - Page from a Jahangirnama Album.

Attributed to Kota Master. Emperor Farrukhsiyar Being Paraded in a Palanquin.

I ndian paintings have traditionally been

classified according to regional styles or

dynastic periods, with an emphasis on sub-

ject matter and narrative content. Recent schol-

arship, however, has begun to securely link

innovations in style with specific artists and

their lineages. Together with a careful study of

artists’ inscriptions and scribal colophons, it is

den at sunset from a palanquin attributed to

Chitarman II, depicting the emperor enjoying

his garden at sunset (ca. 1730, Boston Museum

of Fine Arts). The exhibition is accompanied

by an illustrated catalogue.

Major collections in India, Europe, and the

US have lent works to the exhibition, includ-

ing: HM The Queen’s Collection Windsor

The exhibition ‘Wonder of the Age’: Master Painters of India, 1100-1900 can be viewed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, till Jan 8, 2012.

Udaipur City Palace Museum in Rajasthan, the

Aga Khan Trust Geneva, the Bodleian Library

and the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, and

the Museum Rietberg in Zurich.

“Wonder of the Age” has been produced

under the direction of three eminent scholars—

Dr. Eberhard Fischer, former director of the

Museum Rietberg; Prof. Milo Beach, former

director of the Freer & Sackler Galleries in

Washington, D.C.; and Prof. B.N. Goswamy,

Professor Emeritus of Art History at the Panjab

University, Chandigarh. Dr. Jorrit Britschgi of

the Museum Rietberg is the organizing curator

in collaboration with John Guy, the Florence

and Herbert Irving Curator of the Arts of South

and Southeast Asia at The Metropolitan

Museum of Art. The exhibition was on view at

the Museum Rietberg Zurich before traveling

to New York. A variety of education programs

accompany the exhibition, including gallery

talks, films, and a Sunday at the Met program

on Oct 2. The exhibition is featured on the

now possible to construct a more precise

chronology of the development of Indian

painting. Beginning Sept 28, The Metropolitan

Museum of Art is presenting “Wonder of the

Age”: Master Painters of India, 1100-1900, a

major loan exhibition devoted to the connois-

seurship of Indian painting, with some 200

works selected according to identifiable hands

and named artists.

The exhibition dispels the notion of

anonymity in Indian art. The high points of

artistic innovation in the history of Indian

painting are demonstrated through works by

more than 40 of the greatest Indian painters,

some of whom are identified for the first time.

Each artist is represented in the exhibition by

five to six seminal works.

The exhibition is made possible by MetLife

Foundation. Additional support is provided by

Novartis Corporation. It was organized by the

Museum Rietberg Zurich in collaboration with

The Metropolitan Museum, New York.

Structured chronologically, the exhibition

features the artistic achievement of individual

artists in each period. Highlights include: A

Sufi Sage by Farrukh Beg, after a European

engraving of the personification of melancho-

lia, Dolor, an extraordinary painting represent-

ing the last chapter of the artist’s long career

(1615, Museum of Islamic Art, Doha);

Peafowl attributed to Mansur, a master of

observation of the natural world (ca. 1610, pri-

vate collection); Jahangir receives Prince

Khurram at Ajmer on his return from the

Mewar campaign: page from the Windsor

Padshahnama by Balchand, a master of com-

position (ca. 1635, Royal Collection, Royal

Library, Windsor); Shiva and Parvati playing

chaupad by Pahari, a superb painting with

intense saturated color, bold but sparse compo-

sition, and stylized landscape, depicting the

divine couple relaxing on a tiger skin playing

chaupad, a form of chess (1694-95,

Metropolitan Museum); and Emperor

Castle, National Museum of India and the

Museum’s website at

2 Art October 8-14, 2011 Woman worshipping the Sun - Page from a Jahangirnama Album.

Abd-al-Samad -Two fighting camels.

2 Art October 8-14, 2011 Woman worshipping the Sun - Page from a Jahangirnama Album.

Muhammad Shah with falcon viewing his gar-

Attributed to The KotaMaster. Ram Singh I of Kota hunting rhinoceros.

Tristate Community


October 8 - 14 2011

Key changes introduced at Global IIT Alumni Conference in city

Narayana Murthy, Founder Infosys, giving his keynote address during IIT Global Conference 2011 at Hilton New
Narayana Murthy, Founder Infosys, giving his keynote address
during IIT Global Conference 2011 at Hilton New York.
He was also honored at the event.
Indian Ambassador to US, Nirupama Rao, being welcomed by Anil Bhandari (left), co-chair of the conference.
Indian Ambassador to US, Nirupama Rao, being welcomed
by Anil Bhandari (left), co-chair of the conference.
She gave the closing keynote on Oct 2.
(from left) Dr. Arogyaswami Paulraj, K. Sridharan, Purnendu Chatterjee and Manoj Singh – 4 of the
(from left) Dr. Arogyaswami Paulraj, K. Sridharan, Purnendu
Chatterjee and Manoj Singh – 4 of the seven recipients of the
IIT Alumni Leadership Awards.

By Parveen Chopra

New York: Iconic speakers pro-

viding insights, and networking and

mentoring opportunities. That more

or less summed up the Indian Insti-

tute of Technology conferences. Not

anymore. At the first ever biennial IIT

Global conference held in New York

at the Hilton Hotel attended by some

1,500 alumni last weekend, a few

timely and major changes were intro-

duced. Even the title of the conference

said a lot: ‘Solutions for a better world’.

For the first time, given the state of

the economy in the US, a job fair was

held. It was also decided to contribute

funds to some grassroots educational

NGOs in India. Third, a Pan IIT Gal-

lery was unveiled showcasing 60 years

of the history of IITs, which were envi-

sioned by India’s first prime minister,

Jawaharlal Nehru, Anil Bhandari, con-

ference co-chair, told the SATimes.

Bhandari, IIT Kharagpur graduate

who is Senior Vice President, Mor-

gan Stanley in New York, contradict-

ed some media reports that Narayana

Murthy, Infosys founder, criticized

the lowering standards of students

entering IITs lately. Actually, Murthy

in his keynote at the conference had

implied that IIT graduates should be

more well-rounded (liberal arts can

do the trick) so they can fare better in

the world out there. One impediment

for raising the standards at IITs is the

faculty, whose pay scales are govern-

ment driven. Also, there is a need to

have IIT alumni on boards and not

just bureaucrats. In research also IITs

are lagging, said Bhandari.

The conference resolved to give

funding to 4 NGOs working in

grassroots education field in India.

$12,500 each was pledged for them.

Out of them Pratham provides qual-

ity primary education to underprivi-

leged children, and EcoSolutions,

started by an IITian, provides solar

powered lights so children in poor

areas can read and write. Two others

are IIT-driven which help poor but

brilliant students get into IITs, or, if

admitted, to fund their education.

The PanIIT Hall of Fame saluted

alumni who have excelled in technol-

ogy, research, education, corporate

world, education, governance, etc.

Major companies that took part in

the job fair included Google, Ama-

zon, Bloomberg, Deloitte Touche

Consulting, and, from India, Mahin-

dra Satyam and Genpact.

In his keynote, Senator Charles

Schumer applauded IIT alumni for

their services and contributions in

both India and the US. Prof. Nicho-

las Negroponte, Co-founder MIT

Media Lab, shared his vision of fu-

ture technologies. He talked about

a hand-cranked, battery –powered

computing device for distributing in

impoverished areas to young chil-

dren. Sam Pitroda, Advisor to the

Indian Prime Minister, talked about

improving the country’s communi-

cations system with fiber optics.

Nitin Nohria, Dean Harvard Busi-

ness School, and John Sexton, NYU

President, in a conversation gave their

views on economic turmoil in the

world economic markets, business op-

portunities to increase bi-lateral trade

between the US and India, impact of

China on business, and growth in the

US and India.

IIT Alumni Leadership Awards

were given to seven: Dr. Nitin Nohria,

Dean of Harvard Business School;

Arun Sarin, former CEO, Vodafone

Group; K. Sridharan, President and

Founder, Sankara Eye Foundation;

Dr. Arogyaswami Paulraj, Professor

Emeritus Stanford University; Purnen-

du Chatterjee, President, The Chatter-

jee Group; Manoj Singh, COO, Delo-

itte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd; and Arvind

Kejriwal, Indian social activist. Sarin

and Kejriwal, however, were not there

in person. A posthumous award was

also instituted from this year.

Since inception a decade ago, the

annual PanIIT Global Alumni Confer-

ence has been held alternately in the

US and in India. The event brings to-

gether a distinguished group of global

business executives, government

officials, NGO representatives, and

thought leaders from around the world.

PanIIT is an umbrella organization

representing an alumni network of the

most recognizable symbol of India’s

intellectual excellence, achievement

and leadership: the Indian Institute of

Technology (IIT) system. This year

marks the 60th anniversary of the in-

ception of the “IIT System”.

Prof. Nicholas Negroponte, Co-founder MIT Media Laboratory, shared his vision of future technologies.
Prof. Nicholas Negroponte,
Co-founder MIT Media
Laboratory, shared his vision
of future technologies.
US Senator Charles Schumer in his keynote applauded IIT alumni for their services and contributions in
US Senator Charles Schumer in his keynote
applauded IIT alumni for their services and
contributions in both India and the US.
Grammy-nominated singer Chandrika Tandon combined “Vande Mataram” and “America the Beautiful” for an inspiring Indo-American medley.
Grammy-nominated singer
Chandrika Tandon combined
“Vande Mataram” and “America
the Beautiful” for an inspiring
Indo-American medley.

IITians’ contributions in USA

In the US, IIT alumni achieve-

as cellular communications and

* Leading executive at firms such

* Dean at leading universities

* Honored by the US House of

ments and contributions include:


as Citicorp, Hartford Financial,

such as Harvard, Carnegie Mellon,

Representatives (HR 227) for the

* Creation of over 200,000 jobs

* CEO or Founder of 60% of Sili-

Harman International, Google, Cis-

MIT,and Director of the National

economic innovation attributable

* Pioneering such technologies

con Valley startups

co, Microsoft and Rohm & Haas

Science Foundation

to graduates of the IIT. Tristate Community 3 October 8 - 14 2011 Key changes introduced at Global IIT Alumni
4 Community

October 8 - 14, 2011

US economy needs ‘jolt right now’:


Washington: Urging Congress to pass

his $447 billion jobs bill without further

delay, President Barack Obama on Thurs-

day said the US economy needs an imme -

diate “jolt”.

“Our economy really needs a jolt right

now,” Obama said, adding the current cri -

sis in Europe could have “a very real ef -

fect” on the US economy at a time when

it’s already fragile.

Obama challenges those senators who

are thinking about voting against the bill

to explain to the public. “Any senator out

there who’s thinking about voting against

this jobs bill when it comes up for a vote

needs to explain exactly why they would

oppose something we know would im -

prove our economic situation at such an

urgent time,” Obama said.

Aiming to tackle near double digit un -

employment and to spur the sluggish econ -

omy, Obama laid out on September 8 the

American Jobs Act to provide tax cuts and

credit, extend unemployment benefits and

increase investment in infrastructure.

The Senate is set to take up Obama’s job

bill next week after adding to the bill a tax

increase on million-dollar earners.

Obama said he would support the new

approach by Senate Democrats for paying

for his jobs bill with a tax on millionaires

rather than his plan to raise taxes on cou -

ples making more than $250,000.

But the tax on the rich approach is

strongly opposed by Republicans, who

arguing that Obama was declaring war on

the job creators.

Pakistan pulls closer to a reluctant China

Islamabad: Even as US-Pak ties have

been plummeting, more so after the killing of

Osama bin Laden in May in Abbottabad, Paki-

stan’s leaders have been turning increasingly

to China, which is seen here as an enduring

friend, an alternative to the overbearing, un-

trustworthy Americans.

Beijing has sent military supplies to Pakistan,

provided crucial help in initiating Pakistan’s

nuclear weapons program and cooperated

closely on intelligence. Strong relations with

Beijing are seen as a hedge against India, a ri-

val to both nations. In recent months Pakistani

officials have gone to Beijing seeking Chinese

investment in a naval base and weapons, as

well as trade deals worth millions of dollars.

But looked closely, Pakistan’s ability to

use China to offset its collapsing relations

with the US may be far more limited than it

appears, because Pakistan may be left on

the world’s periphery once the Americans

wind down the war in Afghanistan and cut

back their presence in the region.

An ambitious China is unlikely to supplant

the US in Pakistan, according to Chinese ex-

perts on Pakistan, as well as Pakistani and

American officials. And while Pakistan’s lat-

est dalliance with Beijing has been received

cordially, Pakistani leaders have walked

away from their trips to China with far less

in hand than they might have expected.

As Pakistan’s economy continues to de-

cline, and the nation is beset by terrorist at-

tacks, some Pakistanis are asking whether

China will prove so helpful after all.

“We as a country may not figure as promi-

nently in China’s scheme of things as we be-

lieve we do,” said an editorial on Sunday in

The News, a leading newspaper in Pakistan.

“Islamabad may be valuable for Beijing in

strategic terms, and that leads us to the mili

tary and civilian nuclear cooperation between

the two countries, but is Pakistan important for

China in economic and political terms as well?”

Perhaps not. The two countries do indeed

share a strategic interest in containing India,

and China appears to do little to discourage

Pakistan’s expensive nuclear and conven-

tional arms race with New Delhi. As such

the Chinese military continues to play a ma-

jor production role in developing Pakistan’s

weapons for the army, air force and navy,

said retired Gen. Talat Masood, a former

secretary of Defense Production.

But China’s core interests lie elsewhere -

in its competition with the United States and

in East Asia, experts say. China has shown

little interest in propping up the troubled

Pakistani economy, consistently passing up

opportunities to do so.

Indian universities fared badly in world rankings

London: India’s higher education in -

stitutions fared badly in the new “World

University Rankings 2011-12” brought

out by the London weekly “Times Higher


Only Indian Institute of Technology Bom-

bay (IITB) appeared on this list of world’s

top 400 universities and that too at the low-

ly 317th position.

California Institute of Technology

(Caltech) in USA, with an overall score

94.8, topped this list, followed in descend-

ing order by Harvard University, Stanford,

University of Oxford (UK), Princeton,

University of Cambridge (UK), MIT, Impe-

rial College

London (UK), University of Chicago (USA)

and University of California Berkeley.

Even some universities in Singapore, South

Africa, Taiwan, Brazil, Turkey, and Egypt

ranked higher than India’s only entry IITB.

Steven jobs Continued from page 1

His candor about shamelessly stealing the

best ideas he came across, and then turning

them into life-changing gadgets. His violent

intolerance for ‘good enough’, making life

hell for his design and execution teams, but

turning out extraordinary products.

Can you think of another person who

would have had the vision to take his com-

pany into uncharted waters like a mobile

phone with no keypad, which no market re-

search had showed any demand for, and then

change the world with that? Or have the vi-

sion and execution to back great design with

the amazing apps and accessories ecosys-

tem that led to the re-invention of the tablet?

We are no fan of Apple’s closed-garden ap-

proach, its secrecy and indeed its arrogance,

or its historical lack of interest in India.

These largely derive from Steve Jobs him-

self, despite his old ties with India, which

famously made a big impression on him as

he backpacked through it (or when he went

for his meals to a Hare Krishna temple in


But we lived with all that, and still bought

Apple products. The secrecy and arrogance

were an inseparable, even necessary part of

the picture of Steve Jobs and Apple, espe-

cially if you go by results: stunning, life-

changing lifestyle devices.

Medvedev Continued from page 1

Meanwhile, the president also stressed

that Russia will ‘unswervingly abide by the

UN Charter’.

Russia on Tuesday vetoed, besides China,

a UNSC draft resolution on Syria, saying the

draft was based on ‘a philosophy of confron-

tation’ and ran counter to a peaceful settle-

ment of the crisis.

West Coast Correspondent: Art and Design: Vladimir Tomovski

West Coast Correspondent:

Art and Design: Vladimir Tomovski

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Tristate Community


October 8-14, 2011

Star TV holds Talent Search and flies down pop stars at Diwali mela

By Parveen Chorpa

New York: The Diwali mela organized by

the Association of Indians in America (AIA),

NY chapter, at South Street Seaport in

Manhattan this year will be remembered for

the lines of young people eagerly awaiting

their turn to take part in the first ever

Western Union Main Bhi Star Contest. And

also for the thousands of fans who grooved

to the music of 3Mix group and Samar

Sidhu, both brought here from UK by Star


The Star India Plus booth at the Diwali

grounds was packed with fans and contest-

ants throughout the day on October 2. They

came seeking a chance to audition alongside

two stars from India Star Plus’s popular seri-

al “Sasural Genda Phool”: Bhairavi Raichura Tristate Community 5 October 8-14, 2011 Star TV holds Talent Search and flies down pop

(from left) Usman Mirza, Myan Mirza and

Karim Ismail of the 3Mix group peformed at

the Diwali mela.

(Raijni in the serial) and Jitenn Laalwani

(Inder). The girls rehearsed a scene with

Jitenn and the boys with Bhairavi in a tem-

porary studio built specifically for the Diwali


Speaking to SATimes, Bhairavi and Jitenn

said they had never seen such enthusiasm

before. “Some contestants had come pre-

pared, memorizing the dialogues as the

script was made available online. Jitenn

added that they were kept so busy through-

out the day that they could not even take a

break. The audition tapes have gone to

India. Stay tuned to Star India Plus to vote

and see the results of the contest. Two win-

ners will get a chance to act in a primetime

Star Plus show.

Talking about ‘Sasural Genda Phool”,

which is in its second year of successful run

on Star Plus, Bharavi said, it is a Hrishikesh

Mukherjee style khatti-meethi story of three

generations of a family living in old Delhi.

“There are no negatives, only nok-jhok.” She

is the third generation daughter-in-law, a

good bahu. Inder said he is also third genera-

tion, the eldest son, who often tries to give

gyan to his younger brother, the lead charac-

ter. In real life also the man from Kanpur is

married, but Mumbai girl Bhairavi is not.

Star India Plus also brought exciting live

entertainment to the crowds of the Diwali

festival. Upcoming Indian pop star Samar

Sidhu, and the popular U.K.-based group “3

Mix” performed live on stage at the festival.

Usman Mirza, Myan Mirza and Karim Tristate Community 5 October 8-14, 2011 Star TV holds Talent Search and flies down pop

“Sasural Genda Phool” stars Bhairavi

Raichura (Raijni) and Jitenn Laalwani

(Inder). Photo: Parveen Chopra.

Iqbal, better known as 3Mix group, are three

Londoners with Pakistani, Indian and

African backgrounds, who met seven years

ago while auditioning for Andrew Lloyd

Webber’s iconic musical Bombay Dreams.

“We call ourselves Pop and R&B group and

Asian Fusion,” they told SATimes. In their

half hour performance at the Diwali mela,

they also rendered their Nachle single. They

found the Diwali vibe good in New York as

the festival brought together people from dif-

ferent cultures and races.

Samar Sidhu is only 17, still in school, but Tristate Community 5 October 8-14, 2011 Star TV holds Talent Search and flies down pop

Samar Sidhu, who belted out 6 numbers at

the Diwali mela, posing for SATimes

in Star office.

the 6 feet one inch tall boy is already an

upcoming Punjabi pop star. “Being son of

Bhangra icon Amarjit Sidhu helps, but it is

still hard work,” he said. He belted out six

numbers, mainly Punjabi, at the Diwali mela

stage. On public demand he also sang Hindu

number ‘Tujh mein rab dikhda’. STAR India

is a leading media and entertainment compa-

ny, broadcasting 33 channels in eight lan-

guages to more than 142 million people

every week across India and more than 65

countries across the globe. Star India is a

fully owned subsidiary of News Corporation.

Krishna keen on resolving passport, visa matters New York: Foreign minister S M Krishna ters. "The
Krishna keen on resolving
passport, visa matters
New York: Foreign minister S M Krishna
ters. "The delay concerning these matters
has assured the Indian-American communi-
relates to inadequate staffing, and we will
ty that the government will shortly look
soon resolve this and other issues," Krishna
into the matters relating to OCI cards, visa
told the journalists, adding that he under-
processing, and passport surrender and
stood the community's concerns.
The minister met with Indian
The minister spoke to some broadcast
Ambassador Nirupama Rao and various
journalists on the sidelines of the recent UN
Indian consuls general in the US and dis-
General Assembly session and among the
cussed ways to improve the situation. It
subjects that came up for discussion was
was the first of such meetings the minister
the community's grievance over those mat-
had over community-related matters.
Events planned for insurance
needs of South Asians
Hicksville, NY: Producers
and AXA Equitable as well as
Group (PG), a "General
of PG will be present.
Agency" that represents vari-
PG is one of the largest
ous competitive insurance
national, privately held life
companies, has scheduled a
insurance brokerage agencies
series of events for the benefit
in the country.
of South Asian community
Zaveri also said that com-
and South Asian Insurance
munity organizations seeking
Brokers where some insurers
sponsorship for their events
will present information to the
can get in touch with him as
well as learn about various
The Producers Group has
insurance products like busi-
also appointed Salil Zaveri as
ness insurance.
General Agent to provide insur-
Zaveri has experience of 33
Salil Zaveri has been appoint-
ance information to the public
years in the line as a General
ed General Agent by the
and brokers. Zaveri’s territory
Agent and Independent
Producers Group
extends to the entire country.
Insurance Consultant offering
The first event in the series is scheduled for
advice on risk management, pension plan-
October 12 at Courtyard New York
ning etc.
LaGuardia Airport, East Elmhurst, Zaveri
He can be contacted at 1-888-372-1780 or
said, where senior executives of Prudential
  • 6 Tristate Community

October 8-14, 2011

Community contribution commended by new envoy

New York: The new Indian

Ambassador in Washington,

Nirupama Rao has praised the

Indian-American community’s

contribution in key matters like the

bilateral nuclear energy deal and

their achievements in different


“I truly applaud your progress

and your contributions to the pros-

perity of this country,” she said,

addressing a Sept 30 gathering at

the Indian Consulate here. “Your

effort for promotion of bilateral

relations is deeply valued back


Rao was in town for the UN

General Assembly session, which

was addressed by Prime Minister

Manmohan Singh.

She praised Indian Americans for

retaining their cultural heritage

while cultivating the spirit of inte-

gration, innovation and enterprise

in their adopted land. Their hard

work, discipline and becoming a

Special to The South Asian Times

role model for people 0in their

motherland was also appreciated.

Yet, Rao reminded the gathering

that there has been tremendous

growth in Indian economy as well.

“This is a great moment to cele-

brate not only the growing India-

US friendship, but also celebrating

India and the growth there,” the

envoy said at the September 30

dinner meeting. “Much more needs

to be done. We have just explored

the edges.”

The ambassador stated India and

US are organizing a Higher

Education Summit in Washington

from Oct 13.

“There will be a 50-member del-

egation from India led by HRD

Minister Kapil Sibal at the sum-

mit,” Rao said, adding that

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

is expected to attend as also educa-

6 Tristate Community October 8-14, 2011 Community contribution commended by new envoy New York: The

Amid her hectic schedule in New York, Amb. Nirupama Rao found time

to attend the event marking Gandhi Jayanti at Union Square Park on

Oct 2. Consul General Prabhu Dayal is on the left.

tion providers, vice chancellors,

college heads and government offi-

cials. More than 75,000 Indian stu-

dents enroll themselves annually in

US educational institutions, con-

sidered one of the largest group of

foreigners to do so.

Rao was the press counselor dur-

ing 1993-95 in the Indian Embassy

in Washington. Earlier she had

lived for a couple of years in

Boston. “I am on familiar ground

here in the US,” said the envoy,

who will be 61 in December.

Later, at a news conference, Rao

said that India's permanent mem-

bership in the UNSC reforms has

gained “acceleration of momen-


Describing India's friendship

with Sri Lanka as the “strongest,”

Rao said, “New Delhi believes that

the interest of minority population

in the island-nation is close to its

heart.” She served in the Indian

High Commission in Colombo dur-

ing 1981-83.

Rao, a 1973 IFS officer, became

the first spokeswoman of the

External Affairs Ministry in 2001.

Two years ago the Malappuram,

Kerala, native became the Foreign

Secretary—the second woman to

hold the position.

Diwali at the Met on Oct 15
Diwali at the Met on Oct 15

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Multicultural Audience Development Initiative is hosting a Diwali celebration on Oct 15 with a dance drama by the East-West School of Dance. It is the 4th Diwali event at the Met, initiated by community leader Lal K. Motwani and encouraged by Donna Williams, Chief Audience Development Officer of the Met, pictured above.

in our life and guides us on how to attain that state of

urban areas. Special attention is given to the hill

privileged sections of society in rural as well as

one's successful path toward happiness, he says and

happiness and peace. Conquering anger, which is the

cause of all hardships and miseries, is the first step in

Conservation, Knowledge and Service. The empha-

sis is to help the economically and socially under-

The CKS Foundation is working for the cause of

suggests certain practical steps in this respect.

Admission is free and lunch will be provided.

areas and the backward regions.

founder of CKS Foundation

Chandra Kumar Sharma,

mythologies of

tures and

tions. Sharma

phy, ancient scrip-

world civiliza-

inherent in the

dwells upon the

culture, philoso-

necessity of

being joyful

despite all odds

Diwali at the Met on Oct 15 The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Multicultural Audience Development Initiative

Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, one of the great maestros

of Indian classical music, will perform at a benefit

concert in New York City Oct 22. The concert is

Development (AID) at the New York Society for

Surya, son of Dave Makkar of New Jersey, won the spot essay writing competition on Mahatma

Surya, son of Dave Makkar of New Jersey, won the spot essay writing competition on Mahatma Gandhi organized by Indian Congress Party USA on Oct 2. Surya also read his essay for the audience.

Ethical Culture near Central Park.

being hosted by the Association for India’s

Diwali at the Met on Oct 15 The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Multicultural Audience Development Initiative

Lessons in life series in Long Island

uled to deliver a series of lectures in the US on how

centuries. The first of the series of lectures titled

“Living the Wisdom” will be held at Diwan

to live a life inspired by the collective wisdom of the

president of Delhi-based CKS Foundation, is sched-

Hicksville, NY: Chandra Kumar Sharma, founder-

Restaurant, Port Washington, NY, on October 8

Diwali at the Met on Oct 15 The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Multicultural Audience Development Initiative

practical wisdom

lowing the vast

cer, guides you in

healthy and suc-

retired IAS offi-

cessful life by fol-

leading a joyful,

Sharma, a

and 15.

Association celebrates Bathukamma festival New Jersey Telangana Women with their Bathukammas denoting goddess Gauri. the gathering

Association celebrates Bathukamma festival

New Jersey Telangana

Women with their Bathukammas denoting goddess Gauri.

the gathering the significance of

prayed for the well-being of their

prizes for Big and Best

participated in the festival which

wearing most bangles and best

huge Raritan Lake. Bathukamma

middle and danced around them

to the tune of “Bathukamma

Raritan Lake shore and immersed

placed their Bathukammas in the

great feast with dishes sponsored

in the traditional way. The woman

by various restaurants. The games

here at Donaldson Park here

ments on the Telangana issue

of Hindu women of Telangana

celebrated with joy and jubilation

Bathukamma, the spring festival

arranged with seasonal flowers in

with everyone collecting flowers

New Jersey Assembly Speaker,

region of Andhra Pradesh was

for Bathukammas. Lunch was a

segment had women compete for

Bathukammas were bought to the

tional saris and colorful clothes

singing Telangana folk and

the patron Goddess of woman-

the festival. Upendra Chivukula,

against the scenic beauty of the

cine writer/director, explained to

could not attend due to develop-

clay like a cone, denoting Gauri -

singer) enthralled the audience

is a beautiful flower stack,

liament from Nizamabad, AP,

started early in people’s homes

seven concentric layers of potter’s

Chief Guest Vaddepalli Krishna,

Highland Park, NJ:

families and everyone in society.

Goreti Vekanna (poet and folk

Goreti Venkanna distributed

After two hours the

About 700 people of all ages

Madhu Yashki, member of par-

In the afternoon women in tradi-

Bathukamma Uyyaalo.”

Bathukamma songs.


back home.

also spoke.





National Community


October 8-14, 2011 National Community 7 October 8-14, 2011 Indian-American homes targeted in rash of gold thefts in

Indian-American homes targeted in rash of gold thefts in California

Washington: Indian Americans, who are

''known for owning high-quality gold of 20

and 22 karats'', have become targets in a num-

ber of thefts in northern California.

"There has been "a rash of robberies

throughout Silicon Valley's Indian-American

communities in recent months," the New York

pened in several jurisdictions and victims' eth-

nicity is not always made public, the paper


But interviews with the police, government

and civic leaders, and representatives of the

region's Indian-American community con-

firmed the trend and growing alarm, it said.

makes them lucrative targets, Sergeant Jeff

Swadener of the Fremont Police Department

was quoted as saying.

Most of the thefts have happened while resi-

dents were not home, and had inadvertently

advertised the fact through another tradition:

they leave their shoes outside the home on

Times reported citing its partner newspaper

"It increased significantly nine months ago,"

stoops or in racks.

the Bay Citizen.

Anu Natarajan, a Fremont city councilwoman

"No shoes, no one home," Sergeant

Indian Americans are one of the fastest-

was quoted as saying. "It's not a random thing

Swadener said.

growing populations in the Bay Area, and

their numbers have nearly doubled to 111,000

in Santa Clara County alone in the past


The exact number of gold thefts is difficult

to determine because the crimes have hap-

that's happening. People are afraid. People are

nervous about it."

Indian-Americans were known for owning

high-quality gold of 20 and 22 karats. With

the price of gold surging since the recession

began ($1,614 per ounce on Thursday), that

Robberies of gold jewellery have been

reported throughout the Bay Area in recent

months, including at Bay Area Rapid Transit

(BART) stations, and a gold dealer in

Hayward was shot to death at his home Sep

18, the Times said.

Skilled Indians face a 70-year green card wait!

wait time of them would

most common skilled

years to receive a green

reports by a US policy

Washington: A highly

report is able to conclude

could wait 70 years for a

National Foundation for

backlog of Indians in EB-

an Indian sponsored today

card, conclude two new

green card. Even if the

als in the category, the

grant visa could wait 70

  • 3 were half as large, the

skilled Indian national

employment-based immi-

among Indian profession-

sponsored today for the

sponsored today in the

A Chinese immigrant

The reports by the

still exceed 30 years.

research group.

which restricts the number

is to eliminate the per

the reports say noting the

tion to reducing wait times

ment based third prefer-

ment-based immigrants,

the per country limit,

ical wait for Indians

the competitiveness of US

ing a backlog of 210,000

of green cards awarded to

are permitted green cards

cent of a preference cate-

country limit for employ-

fewer than 3,000 Indians

applying today in the EB-

any one country to 7 per-

annually in the employ-

ence (EB-3) and estimat-

  • 3 category from 70 to 12

step would reduce the typ-

By establishing that

A key part of any solu-

companies," he said.



eign nationals because of

America's Family and

tend to be from India and

Anderson, who authored


hardship and weakening

grow worse, creating great

time," said NFAP's execu-

ability to wait a long

Congress the situation will

tive director Stuart

China, but the wait times

er-sponsored immigrants

are longest for such for-

The majority of employ-

"Absent action by

Immigration System."

the two reports.

reports - "Keeping Talent

to have the most important

nies and to the economy

that exempting from green

EB-3 category could wait

preference) category the

grant, but there is no wait

American Policy conclude

ematics (STEM) would

for a newly sponsored

petitiveness of US compa-

would likely wait 5 years

wait times are 6 to 8 years

keep talented individuals

two decades. Immigrants

students with an advanced

in America" and "Waiting

card quotas international

grant to America be the

overall" suggests the

Indian or Chinese immi-

icant benefits to the com-

degree in science, technol-

ogy, engineering or math-

characteristic of an immi-

from other countries

for those from other coun-

and More Waiting:

In the EB-2 (second

This would "reap signif-

"It is not in our interests

from leaving the US.

or more.


and Lauren Hodge in the Oval Office, Oct. 3.

mark research in the field of

Washington: President

treatment for patients when

improve ovarian cancer

Americans who were among

the three winners of Google

ulated two Indian-

medical science and envi-

they have built up a resist-

Bose discovered a way to

Barack Obama has congrat-

Science Fair for their land-

and Naomi Shah Monday.

Obama met Shree Bose


said Deepa Iyer, Executive Director of

beyond a single day of service - that

Washington: The spirit of volunteerism

realize the impact that Be the Change

was the message at the annual Be the

Change national day of service hosted

Together (SAALT), on October 1 in

by the DC area-based non-profit organi-

and community service should be taken

ning team noted, "I am beginning to

had on our volunteers: we are empower-

to see in the world," over 2500 volun-

sage, "You must be the change you wish

zation, South Asian Americans Leading

ing others to find joy in service while

unteerism and service in their lives,"

cultivate and reinforce a culture of vol-

coordination with campus and city plan-

community members, young profes-

Coordinator of the Austin, Texas plan-

sionals and students the opportunity to

Rupal Shah, the Project and Volunteer

Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's mes-

"Every year, Be the Change offers

ning teams around the country.


Hodge studied the effect of

ple's reliance on asthma

making changes to indoor

carcinogens in grilled

endeavored to prove that

level of potentially harmful

different marinades on the

environments that improve

ance to certain chemothera-

air quality can reduce peo-

The third winner Lauren

Shah in her project


py drugs.


national Asian and Pacific Islander

Manager at Sodexo and National Chair

Be the Change 2011 was supported by

the importance of community," said Bill

Codus, Senior Business Technology

help each other, and to better thecom-

organizations and South Asian profes-

Sodexo. "Be the Change mirrors

Sodexo's service spirit and highlights

"Many cultures come together as one to

sional networks. As in previous years,

of Sodexo's Pan Asian Network Group.

munities in which we are all entwined."

Obama meets two Indian American winners of Google Science fair

Obama meets two Indian American winners of Google Science fair President Obama congratulates Google Science Fair

President Obama congratulates Google Science

Fair winners, from left, Naomi Shah, Shree Bose,

2,500 take part in ‘Be the Change’ events

professionals contributed their time and

teers including students, retirees and

Wyoming to Minneapolis to New York

Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. In

assisting South Asian community-based

Change. This year, partners ranged from

rooms to sorting food at food banks to

addition, college campuses from

also affirmed the values of Be the

energy to service activities around the

Boston, Chicago, New Brunswick,

organizations.Partners and sponsors

organizing and cleaning children's play-

country including Atlanta, Austin,

South Asian sororities and fraternities to

This year's service activities included

coordinated Be the Change activities.

strengthening the community."

Bhatt’s arrest: US groups warn of global campaign

Genocide, an advocacy coalition of

Narendra Modi. Bhatt earlier this year

his charges against Chief Minister

President Pratibha Patil, Prime Minister

New Delhi: The Coalition Against

the United States, has sought intervention

Kapadia, urging them to act without

cer Sanjeev Bhatt. The Coalition Against

of President of India, Prime Minister and

had filed an affidavit in the Supreme

delay in this matter.Bhatt was arrested on

tures on illegal documents to substantiate

around three dozen civil society groups in

his junior and taking his forced signa-

30th September for allegedly confining

Chief Justice of India in the case of the

Genocide on 5th October wrote a letter to

arrest of whistle-blower Gujarat IPS offi-

Dr. Manmohan Singh and Justice S.H.

Court directly blaming Modi for the riots.


• Real Estate (commercial & residential closings) • Business Law (business incorporations, contracts)


• Corporate Transactions & Litigation • Labor & Employment • Administrative Law • Immigration Law (all immigration matters) • Collections • Landlord/Tenant Law • Entertainment Law • Criminal Defense Languages: Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati and Swahili

  • 8 National Community

October 8-14, 2011


American College Cricket Now On TV Asia


US prosecutors ‘close to charging’ Rajat Gupta for insider trading

New York: US prosecutors are close to

proceeding against Gupta but was “fully


bringing criminal charges against former

committed” to re-filing charges in a federal

New York: College Cricket in United States

took a significant leap with American College

Cricket announcing an agreement with TV

New York: College Cricket in United States took a significant leap with American College Cricket announcing

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. executive Rajat

Gupta for allegedly leaking information, the

Wall Street Journal reported, citing people

court; the SEC would now wait for any crim-

inal charges from the Justice Department, the

WSJ added.Prosecutors referred to him as a

Asia. American College Cricket announced

Wednesday an agreement with TV Asia as

their exclusive worldwide broadcast partner in

all formats for matches beginning October 9,

2011 in the United States

The Semi-finals and Finals of the North

familiar with the situation. Gupta’s lawyer,

Gary Naftalis, said allegations against him

were “totally baseless,” the newspaper

reported. The Securities and Exchange

Commission dropped a civil administrative

“co-conspirator” during the case against

Galleon Group co-founder Raj Rajaratnam,

who was found guilty of conspiracy and

insider trading in May and is due to be sen-

tenced next week, the Journal said.


East and Mid Atlantic Regional


Lady Gaga to Make India Debut

Championships will be available on TV Asia

every Saturday at 7 pm EDT beginning

October 29, and repeated at 12 midnight EDT

at Formula One Race

each Saturday until December 8, 2011. The

schedule will be more extensive next Fall.

The top 32 teams from this Fall season will

then compete in the Nationals, the American

College Cricket Spring Break Championship

in March 2012 in Florida - Cricket Craziness

just before College Basketball's March


TV Asia will televise the American College

Cricket Spring Break Championship including

the final 6 matches live from Florida on TV

Asia. The National Championship will be

played as usual for the Shiv Chanderpaul

Trophy. "American College Cricket pio-

neered cricket promotion on Facebook,

Twitter and now Google +, to reach the

Cricket audience in the USA and Canada and

and strategy is geared towards the American

and Canadian audience so they are the ideal

Media Partners", American College Cricket's

founder and President Lloyd Jodah stated.

"In continuing with our mission to highlight

and encourage local Talent, TV Asia is proud

to be associated with American College

Cricket in televising the regionals and the

Spring break Championship Cricket matches

in USA & Canada”, stated Mr. H.R. Shah

Chairman of TV Asia. "This agreement reaf-

firms TV Asia's commitment to be the Voice

and Mirror of the South Asian Community in

United States and Canada," added Mr. Shah

New Delhi: Pop diva Lady Gaga is all set to

make her India debut on October 30 when she

will perform during the closing ceremony of

the country’s first Formula One race in

Greater Noida. “It’s a very big thing that Lady

Gaga has agreed to perform in India. She’s in

the peak of her career now and I am thrilled to

announce that she will come to India for the

first time,” said actor and LAP restobar co-

owner Arjun Rampal Sept. 22.

Rampal told reporters here that Gaga will

come here to attend the Formula 1 event and

perform at the LAP Buddh Circuit on its con-

cluding day. “Even Lady Gaga is keen to per-

form here. As per her management, she will

enthrall us with her unique props and songs.

She has got a huge fan following,” Rampal,

New Delhi: Pop diva Lady Gaga is all set to make her India debut on October

Pop diva Lady Gaga

whose restobar will host the three-day after-

parties of the event, said.

was the first to broadcast domestic cricket in

who agreed to be on the Advisory Board of


the USA in March 2010. TV Asia's mission

American College Cricket.


North American Hindu temples

endorse Green Pilgrimage Network

endorse Green Pilgrimage Network

Columbus, Ohio: The Green

most need and impact,” said Ashok Singhal, President of the World Hindu Council. “Regarding Green Pilgrimage

most need and impact,” said

Ashok Singhal, President of the

World Hindu Council.

“Regarding Green Pilgrimage

Network initiative to bring back

a pristine, serene and welcom-

ing environment at our temples

and places of pilgrimage, the

HMEC in North America

strongly welcomes and supports

the idea that our temples have a

role to play in helping conserve

the environment and save

Pilgrimage Network initiative

was endorsed last week by

some 280 primarily Canadian

and US-based Hindu delegates,

representing more than 100

temples and Hindu organiza-

tions from across the world at

the sixth annual Hindu Mandir

Executives' Conference

(HMEC) in Columbus Ohio.

The Green Pilgrimage

Network is being launched on

November 1 in Assisi, Italy, by

the Alliance of Religions and

Conservation (ARC) in the

presence of HRH Prince Philip,

Kusum Vyas, Hindu

Climate Change

Ambassador, addressing

the HMEC meeting.

Mother Earth. This is a core

value practice of Sanatana

Dharma, intrinsic to its sustain-

able nature,” said Dr. Abhaya

who is ARC’s founder.

Asthana, Program Co-Chair.

The vision is of pilgrims on all continents,

"I support and commend the Green

and the pilgrim cities which receive them,

Pilgrimage Network for its work to protect the

leaving a positive footprint on the earth.

ecological integrity of the planet's ecosystems,

Founding members include Amritsar for

especially the areas in and around our planet's

Sikhs, Assisi for Catholics, Etchmiadzin for

holy pilgrimage sites. We as Temples and

Armenian Orthodox Christians, Luss for

religious organizations are the stewards of

Church of Scotland, Kano for Nigerian

these holy places, both from a spiritual and an

Muslims, St Albans for Church of England,

environmental point of view, and we need to

Trondheim for Norwegian Lutherans. Several

adjust our practices as necessary to support

Hindu cities in India have expressed initial

this goal of conservation, rejuvenation, and


beautification of these holy places," said

“The Green Pilgrimage Network presents an

Swami Nikhilanand, Pracharak for Jagadguru

unprecedented opportunity to Hindus to

Kripalu Parishat, Radha Madhav Dham.

reclaim the ecological vision inherent in our

The Sixth HMEC was held from September

culture and share it with the rest of the world.

23 to 25 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in

Our temples must become models of care and

Columbus, Ohio. It was attended by partici-

respect for the environment, reflecting the

pants from throughout the mainland USA,

deep values of Vedic tradition,” said Kusum

Hawaii, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

Vyas, Hindu Climate Change Ambassador at

It is an annual meeting aiming to explore the

the meeting.

expanding role of temples to meet the ever

“I am intrigued. This is a very important ini-

changing needs of North American Hindus

tiative and I will help the Green Pilgrimages

and to develop a network of all Hindu temples

team connect with locations and projects with

in North America.

US Affairs 9
US Affairs

October 8-14, 2011

Washington DC: Steve Jobs, the

man who began tinkering with

gadgets in his garage and then went

on to power the iPod, iPad and

iPhone that became a part of so

many lives across the globe, has

died leaving behind legions of fans.

The tech legend was 56.

The end came in Palo Alto,

California, Wednesday just a day

after Tim Cook, the new CEO of

world's leading tech company

unveiled the iPhone 4S, a faster ver-

sion of its best-selling smartphone

that includes a virtual "personal

assistant" you can talk to.

Tributes poured in from all over

the world with President Barack

Obama putting him among "the

greatest of American innovators",

while rival Microsoft co-founder

Bill Gates acknowledged his "pro-

found impact".

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

of India, a country where thousands

of young techies held him up as an

icon of their generation, said he was

"saddened" by the death of Jobs and

described him as an "innovative

man who had taught the world new

ways to communicate and connect".

Jobs is survived by Lisa Brennan-

World says iGrieve as Steve Jobs passes away
World says
iGrieve as
Steve Jobs
passes away

Three years after this good-humored correction of a news,

the tech guru lost his battle with death.

Jobs, his daughter with Chrisann

Brennan, wife Laurene Powell, and

their three children, Erin, Reed and


The hard-driving Jobs, who

resigned in August as CEO amid

health concerns, pioneered the con-

cept of the personal computer and of

navigating them by clicking

onscreen images with a mouse to

lead a cultural transformation in the

digital age.

In more recent years, he intro-

duced the iPod portable music play-

er, the iPhone and the iPad tablet -

all of which changed how we con-

sume content in the digital age.

"Steve's brilliance, passion and

energy were the source of countless

innovations that enrich and improve

all of our lives," Apple said in a

statement. "The world is immeasur-

ably better because of Steve."

Jobs who had battled cancer for

years, had a secret liver transplant in

2009 in Tennessee during a six-

month medical leave of absence

from Apple.

Born to Syrian Muslim immigrant

Abdulfattah "John" Jandali and

Joanne Carole Schieble and then

adopted, Jobs grew up in Cupertino,

California, which would become

home to Apple's HQ.

When he was 21, Jobs teamed

with Steve Wozniak and two other

men to launch Apple Computer Inc.,

building their first commercial prod-

uct, the Apple 1, in Jobs' parents'

garage in 1976. Next year came

Apple II at the inaugural West Coast

Computer Faire. The machine was a

hit, and the PC revolution was under


Apple's pioneering Macintosh

computer launched in early 1984.

The boxy beige Macintosh sold

well, but the demanding Jobs

clashed frequently with colleagues,

and in 1986, he was ousted from

Apple after a power struggle.

Ten years later, he returned Jobs to

the then-struggling company he had


In 2001, he took the stage to intro-

duce the original iPod, the little

white device that transformed

portable music and kick-started

Apple's furious comeback.

Over the next decade, Jobs wowed

launch-event audiences, and con-

sumers, with one game-changing hit

after another: iTunes (2003), the

iPhone (2007), and the iPad (2010).

Apple fans across the globe were

grief-stricken Thursday on learning

about the tech wizard's death.

Facebook founder Mark

Zuckerberg wrote, "Steve, thank

you for being a mentor and a friend.

Thanks for showing that what you

build can change the world."

Bill Gates said "the world rarely

sees someone who has had the pro-

found impact Steve has had, the

effects of which will be felt for

many generations to come".

Not many know that Jobs had an

India connect. A quest for spirituali-

ty took him to the foothills of the

Himalayas in the 1970s. Decades

later, as he lost the battle against

cancer, thousands of Indians

mourned his death.

In a curious coincidence, he died

the very day that the Indian govern-

ment unveiled its $50 tablet. The

tech revolution he had helped start

would now help thousands of under-

privileged students in India.

Perry’s loss is Cain’s gain


‘Occupy Wall Street’ trying to brew Liberal Tea Party

Christie’s no means Romney is top dog

Washington, DC: Texas

Governor Rick Perry’s fall

from grace has finally mani-

fested itself in the polls.

According to the latest

Washington Post/ABC News

survey, Perry has seen a pre-

cipitous decline in support

from Republicans nation-

wide. In September, Perry

topped the GOP presidential

Washington, DC: Texas Governor Rick Perry’s fall from grace has finally mani- fested itself in the

month. At 14 percent sup-

Washington, DC: Texas Governor Rick Perry’s fall from grace has finally mani- fested itself in the

port, he is now tied with

Perry for the second place

spot. Cain is a focal point for

Republicans who don’t want

Romney and aren’t happy

with Perry, either. But even-

tually, it may well be

Romney who runs consider-

ing the last hope of

Republicans disaffected with

field with 29 percent of the

In a new poll, Georgia busi-

him has fizzled out. New

vote to Mitt Romney’s 23

nessman Herman Cain has

Jersey Governor Chris

percent. Early this week,

tied with Perry at 14 percent

Christie announced Tuesday

Romney was ahead of the

support among Republican

that he was definitely not in

New York: Protesters gathered under the

during the George W. Bush administration.

pack with support from 21

voters, while Romney tops

the running this time at least.

banner of "Occupy Wall Street" are looking

And despite frequent clashes with

percent of Republicans.

the GOP presidential field


to light a movement, but as hundreds of

Republicans, the White House has passed


Perry, on the other hand, has

with 21 percent vote.

Sarah Palin has finally

demonstrators rally against corporate "greed

several major pieces of legislation that pro-

dropped to 14 percent sup-

Herman Cain has benefited

announced on Wednesday

and corruption," they have a long way to go

gressives liked -- even if they weren't as

port. Of the other candidates,

most from Perry’s disastrous

that she will not run for

before becoming a defined cause like the Tea

sweeping as initially envisioned.

Georgia businessman

performance over the last


Party, say political analysts.

In 2006 and 2008 when Democrats took


In three weeks time, the Occupy Wall

control of power in Congress and the admin-

In a test for Democrats, Tomblin


Street crowd has attracted high-profile atten-

istration, "it was much easier for the progres-

tion. It has the purported backing of unions

sives to rally like-minded individuals who

wins West Virginia Gov race

like the Teamsters and DC-37, NYC’s largest

wanted to

defeat the Bush agenda," Avella

public employees union. It has attracted



Hollywood types who love a good cause to

Summed up on the Occupy Wall Street

Charleston, W.Va.: Gov. Earl

Ray Tomblin, a Democrat,

narrowly won a special elec-

tion for governor on Tuesday,

successfully defending him-

self against Republican

attacks that tried to link him

with President Obama and his

health care overhaul.

Tomblin led his Republican

opponent, Bill Maloney, by

about 3 percentage points in

a hard-fought race that was

seen as a test for Democrats.

Maloney, a businessman,

was initially viewed as a

long-shot in this heavily

Charleston, W.Va.: Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, a Democrat, narrowly won a special elec- tion for governor

Earl Ray Tomblin, a

Democrat, has been

declared winner of the

special election for

governor in West Virginia.

the polls in recent weeks with

the help of negative adver-

tisements associating

Tomblin with Mr. Obama,

who is deeply unpopular

here. The election was unusu-

al. It was ordered by the State

Supreme Court after Joe

Manchin III vacated the gov-

ernor’s office when he won a

Senate seat last year.

Tomblin, then the president

of the State Senate, filled the

vacancy as required by the

State Constitution. He will

now hold the office for just

14 months, until another elec-

Democratic state, but he surged ahead in

tion is held in November 2012.

drop in on; and has even generated a discus-

sion group at a convention of liberal leaders

taking place in Washington, D.C., this week.

But the movement has at least one major

obstacle to becoming a political force -- the

administration it would protest is on its side.

"I would simply say that to the extent that

people are frustrated with the economic situ-

ation, we understand. And that's why we're

so urgently focused -- trying to focus

Congress's attention on the need to take

action on the economy and job creation,"

White House spokesman Jay Carney said

Monday, responding to a question about

where President Obama's sympathy lies.

David Avella, president of Republican

recruiter GOPAC, said protesters on the left

today lack the "common enemy" they tagged

website as an Arab Spring-inspired protest

against corporate greed, protesters have also

flailed against student loans, global warming

and even the Tea Party-favorite Federal


"I just don't see how it goes anywhere,"

said Sal Russo, strategist with the Tea Party

Express, suggesting the demonstrations have

too much of a "Marxist" appeal.

"Most Americans understand that to have

an employee, you have to have an employ-

er," Russo said.

The sustained frustration among the

Occupy Wall Streeters has given rise to

greater visibility. What started in New York

City has spread to dozens of other cities,

including Denver, Albuquerque, Chicago,

San Francisco and Boston.

  • 10 Op Ed

October 8-14, 2011

No surefire winners in race to be PM

By Amulya Ganguli

A curious feature of the political scene is that none of the parties has

an inspirational leader. To make matters even more odd, there is a figure outside the political arena, viz. Anna Hazare, who partly answers to this descrip- tion although he, too, has his detractors. Although India has had people who played a politi- cal role without formally being in politics, it has rarely faced a situation where the recognized parties do not have someone with a wide appeal. The Congress, for instance, has always had the Nehru- Gandhi family with its charis- matic prime ministers. But today, while Sonia Gandhi has ruled herself out of contention for the post, her son, Rahul, does not seem to have measured up as yet to the high demands of the office. On the other side of the fence, Atal Bihari Vajpayee's retire- ment has robbed the Bharatiya

Janata Party (BJP) of someone whose influence was not con- fined to the Hindutva brigade. As a result, the BJP is in an even worse position than the Congress, which at least has both Rahul and Manmohan Singh although they are not surefire winners. The entry of two others - L.K. Advani and Narendra Modi - has muddied the waters. Advani's case is the strangest of all. Despite his obvious desire to be prime minister and although he is still the party's tallest leader, the BJP is wary of his ambition. It isn't only his age or the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh's (RSS) reservations about him in the wake of his praise of Jinnah that are against him. There is something else. It is either Advani's failed efforts to be a moderate a la Vajpayee or the resultant belief in the BJP that he is malleable - as his metamorphosis from being a fiery rath yatri in 1990 to an admirer of Jinnah showed. In any event, till Modi's emergence as yet another contender, both

Sushma Swaraj and Jaitley were engaged in internal manipula- tions to marginalize Advani, as was evident from his nomination as head of the parliamentary party even after he expressed his wish to be the opposition leader in the Lok Sabha till 2014. Despite his claim that his latest rath yatra has nothing to do with his quest for the prime minister's post, there is little doubt that if the scene appears propitious enough (for instance, if the Congress' fortunes suffer a pre- cipitous decline), Advani will be there in the front row. The question is whether Modi will also be by his side, for the latter's show of compassion for the riot victims of 2002 suggest that he is trying to put on a mask, a trick which Vajpayee was said to have perfected. Modi's problem, however, is that his appeal is limited only to sec- tions of the saffron brotherhood since the RSS is unlikely to look kindly at his attempts to reach out to Muslims, who represent an "internal threat", according to the outfit's mentor, Guru

No surefire winners in race to be PM By Amulya Ganguli A curious feature of the

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi just gave BJP’s national meet

a miss, where senior BJP leader LK Advani’s upcoming

Rath Yatra was the focus.

Golwalkar. Unlike the BJP, which is torn between four PM wannabes, the Congress has two candidates, but neither seems capable of bringing the voters in droves to the polling booths. The present incumbent, Manmohan Singh, has under- mined his own case by failing to assert himself, either through proactive steps to check corrup- tion or to push ahead with his USP, the economic reforms. After the Congress' two suc- cessive victories in 2004 and 2009, its success in 2014 was taken for granted along with Rahul's coronation. The outlook

now is somewhat cloudy. First, no one can bet on the Congress' victory although it is difficult to see the BJP getting its act together to pose a serious chal- lenge. Nitish Kumar could have been a formidable candidate if the BJP and the RSS were behind him. But they will be hesitant to do so. Secondly, Rahul remains too much of an enigma to be a credi- ble contender . His views on the economy or the quota system or foreign poli- cy are unknown. If his quietness is the result of his youth and inexperience, he can scarcely be thought of as a prime minister.

Pranab-PC duel reveals why they can’t lead

By Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr

Pranab Mukherjee and home minister P Chidambaram

and the crisis it had spawned. The crisis has been resolved

P olitical anthropologists should be able to tell us as

to how a leader is chosen in a democracy, and they

may look at the profile of person who is likely to

emerge as the big boss.

The topic is of utmost importance in the wake of the

just-concluded duel between Union finance minister

10 Op Ed October 8-14, 2011 No surefire winners in race to be PM By

and there is a kind of patch-up, but no one is sure how

long it will last. Many observers have tried to analyse the

unseemly spat in terms of their distinct and even contrast-

ing personalities. It is one way of looking at the issue.

The more important issue is that of frustrated ambition

of two very talented and experienced people denied their

just desserts and asked to play second fiddle, where lead-

ership rewards go to people who do not have the same

qualifications. It is not so difficult to make the case that in

terms of political metier, Mukherjee and Chidambaram

have an edge over prime minister Manmohan Singh. But

the top post does not always go to the most deserving per-

son. There are other aspects that are crucial for a leader-

ship role. Singh wins points over the other two for those


A critical scrutiny would reveal that both Chidambaram

and Mukherjee would lose out to Singh when it comes to

be reckoned as a leader of a government, and that Singh

not being a seasoned politician turns out to be an advan-

tage. Mukherjee and Chidambaram attract a lot of rivalry

not just between themselves but with the party at large

because intelligent and talented people are not good at

winning over less intelligent and less talented people,

which is important in leading a party as well as a govern-


Singh and Sonia Gandhi are less talented but they have

the confidence of rank and file in the party and in govern-

10 Op Ed October 8-14, 2011 No surefire winners in race to be PM By

Federal Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Home

Minister P. Chidambaram.

ment as well as that of the experienced and talented mid-

dle and top rung leaders. It is this ability not to antagonise

people because of their genius that helps them.

Not being a superior person is a virtue in a leader. Both

Sonia and Singh require the help of the more intelligent

and more talented Mukherjee and Chidambaram. It is

when the superior talents are harnessed that a party and a

government emerge winners. The Congress led by Sonia

and the UPA led by Singh cannot function successfully

without Mukherjee and Chidambaram, but they will not

do well if the two are asked to lead the party or the gov-


It would seem that leadership is for someone in the

crowd who is able to like if not love the crowd. That elim-

inates the most intelligent people from the leadership race.

Let us not then grumble too much about leaders who have

nothing extraordinary to show for themselves. When they

have time to think over matters, both Mukherjee and

Chidambaram are likely to arrive at the same conclusion.

India Newswire


October 8-14, 2011

Lokpal: Anna issues ultimatum to Congress

Ralegan Siddhi/New Delhi: No bill, no sup-

port. Drawing the battlelines, social crusader

Anna Hazare said he would resume his move-

ment for the Jan Lokpal bill with the Oct 13

by-election in Hisar in Haryana where he

would campaign against the Congress.

The Congress termed his remarks as unfor-

tunate, while party general secretary Rahul

Gandhi asserted that corruption can be fought

only through the political system.

Taking on the Congress, Hazare said at a

press conference in his village in Ralegan

Siddhi, in Maharashtra's Ahmednagar district,

that his campaign for a strong anti-graft Jan

Lokpal (ombudsman) bill would continue

after Dussehra. And if the Congress blocked

the law, he would ask people not to vote for it.

Hazare also hit out at Prime Minister

Manmohan Singh for being "remote con-

trolled". "Depending on my schedule, I shall

go to Hisar and hold a couple of public meet-

ings there. If not I shall send a video message

to the people of Hisar explaining how the

Congress has blocked the Jan Lokpal

(ombudsman) bill and urge them not to vote

for the party," Hazare declared.

He said civil society activists had written to

all the major candidates contesting the Hisar

by-poll asking them whether or not they sup-

ported the Jan Lokpal bill, Team Anna's ver-

sion of the anti-graft bill.

"While a majority of them have already

replied in the affirmative, there is no response

from the Congress. If the Congress does not

clarify its stand in the next couple of days,

Anna Hazare also hit out at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for being "remote controlled".
Hazare also
hit out at
Singh for

"If, as the UPA has assured, the bill is not

passed during the ensuing winter session of

parliament, we shall name the Congress and

urge people not to vote for it," Hazare assert-

ed, virtually giving an ultimatum to the gov-

ernment. The Congress was quick to react.

Law Minister Salman Khurshid said in New

Delhi that citizens were free to vote for any-

body. And Abhishek Singhvi, who heads the

parliamentary standing committee looking

into the Jan Lokpal bill and other versions of

the Lokpal bill, said the panel was not in a

confrontationist mood.

"It is their decision. Every citizen is free to

vote for anybody. Congress will only do its

work, perform its duties and Congress will

through the political system. Speaking at a

Youth Congress convention in Delhi, he said

people talk of corruption but it can be fought

through democratic means.

"If you want to fight corruption, then this

can only be done through the political system,

through democratic means," he said.

Congress spokesman Rashid Alvi said

Hazare was not being fair by singling out the

Congress over the issue of Jan Lokpal Bill.

"This is unfortunate, whatever Annaji is say-

ing ...

Every citizen has right to oppose or sup-

port anyone. His statement proves that he is

starting to oppose the Congress from Hisar

by-election when the winter session is far

away," Alvi said.

Hazare said if the Jan Lokpal bill is passed,

then they would not hold any agitation.

Instead, they would appeal to the people to

check the antecedents of the candidates and

vote for the good ones.

‘Committed to Lokpal, but not at pistol-point’

New Delhi: The United Progressive

Alliance government wants a strong and

effective Lokpal bill to combat graft in

high places, but it cannot be done by

"putting a pistol on someone's neck",

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan

Kumar Bansal said.

"You cannot get something done by

putting a pistol on someone's neck,"

Bansal told reporters here.

Bansal said a parliamentary standing

committee was looking into the bill and

was collecting views of its members. "It

will be a sincere endeavor to see that the

bill is taken up during the next winter

session. But it depends upon the work

the committee is able to do.

"The committee has members from all

the parties and they are getting inputs

from different people who want to come

before it," Bansal added.

then go back to people when the duty is per- then after Dussehra (Oct 6), I
then go back to people when the duty is per-
then after Dussehra (Oct 6), I plan to go to
formed," Khurshid said.
Hisar," Hazare said.
Singhvi added: "A parliamentary process is
The agitation would then be taken to Uttar
underway. The committee is trying its best to
Pradesh and to Punjab, Goa, Uttarakhand and
deal with substantive and real issues. We are
Manipur, where assembly elections are due
not in any manner in an argumentative or con-
next year, to force the United Progressive
frontationist mode."
Alliance (UPA) government to "live up to its
Without referring to Hazare, Rahul Gandhi
promise" of passing Team Anna's version of
said that corruption can be fought only
the Lokpal bill.
Quit over NC worker’s
death: PDP to Omar
Srinagar: The custodial death of a member
of the ruling National Conference (NC) in
Jammu and Kashmir snowballed with the
People's Democratic Party (PDP) staging a
loud protest march here.
Alleging Sayeed Muhammad Yousuf was
killed in police custody on September 30,
some 300 activists of the opposition PDP
covered nearly a kilometer before the police
prevented them from reaching the NC head-
PDP president Mehbooba Mufti, who led
the march, said no one was safe in the state
Chief Minister Omar Abdullah is being
and the needle of suspicion in Yousuf's death
blamed for the custodial death
pointed at Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and
of Sayeed Yousuf
his junior colleague in the council of minis-
ters. Mufti led the march from the party
Assembly speaker Muhammad Akbar Lone
headquarters, raising slogans such as
disallowed a discussion and adjourned the
"Katilon Ko Pesh Karo". The death of
assembly sine die Tuesday as was previously
Yousuf, who was said to be close to the chief
scheduled. Omar Abdullah said Monday that
minister and his father, has raised a storm in
National Conference workers Muhammad
the state. Senior PDP leaders Tariq Hamid
Yusuf Bhat of Ganderbal and Abdul Salam
Karra, Dilawar Mir and Nizam-ud-Din Bhat
Rishi of Anantnag district had called on him
were part of the procession, which security
Sep 29 leveling serious allegations of corrup-
forces intercepted at Regal Chowk, 300
tion against Yousuf.
metres from the city centre Lal Chowk.
"Recognizing the serious nature of the alle-
The PDP stalled the proceedings of the
gations, I asked Nasir Aslam Wani, the min-
state assembly for two days, demanding a
ister of state for home, to call all three to find
discussion on Yousuf's custodial death.
out the truth," Omar said.
  • 12 India Newswire

October 8-14, 2011

Over 4,000 Chinese in PoK: Army chief

New Delhi: The Indian security

establishment is becoming

increasingly concerned about the

presence of around 4,000 Chinese

construction personnel, including

combat engineers from the

People's Liberation Army (PLA)

in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir,

even as infiltration levels across

the Line of Control into J&K have

recorded a sharp jump in recent


"There are certain construction

working teams (in PoK) Around ...

3,000 to 4,000 of these people

(Chinese) are present, including

some for security purposes," said

Army chief General V K Singh.

Responding to questions on the

sidelines of a function, Gen Singh

said the Chinese teams in PoK

included PLA combat engineers.

This comes shortly after defense

minister A K Antony told

Parliament last month that India

has asked China to stop its infra-

structure development activities in

PoK. "We have conveyed our con-

cerns to China and asked them to

cease such activities," he said.

Even Northern Army command-

er Lt-Gen K T Parnaik has warned

that India not only faces a threat

from Chinese troops along the

4,057-km Line of Actual Control

with China but it could well

extend to the 778-km volatile LoC

with Pakistan due to the expansive

Beijing-Islamabad military nexus.

"The Chinese presence in

Gilgit-Baltistan and the Northern

Areas is increasing steadily.

China is involved in construc-

tion and upgradation of numerous

roads, bridges and hydropower

12 India Newswire October 8-14, 2011 Over 4,000 Chinese in PoK: Army chief New Delhi:

Indian Army chief General V.K. Singh.

projects. Chinese links with

Pakistan, through PoK, lend

strength to the China-Pakistan

nexus, which has been of great

security concern for us," said Lt-

Gen Parnaik.

Telangana agitation to intensify: TRS

Goa mining scam: PAC report blames nexus

New Delhi/Hyderabad:

New Delhi/Hyderabad: Panaji: Triggering a political storm, the Goa

Panaji: Triggering a political storm, the Goa

New Delhi/Hyderabad: Panaji: Triggering a political storm, the Goa

After failing to get any assur-

assembly's Public Accounts Committee (PAC)

ance from Prime Minister

probing the Rs.3,500 crore illegal mining

Manmohan Singh over a sep-

industry, cited a nexus between politicians and

arate Telangana state,

officials for the scam though it did not name

Telangana Rashtra Samithi

Chief Minister Digambar Kamat, any minister

(TRS) chief K.

or serving official.

Chandrasekhar Rao rejected

Operative portions of the report made avail-

his appeal to call off the

able to be media, name neither Kamat, who

strike and decided to intensi-

has been holding the mining portfolio for the

fy the agitation.

last 12 years, nor ministers Joaquim Alemao

KCR, as Rao is popularly

and Vishwajeet Rane, who have been named

known, told reporters that he

by Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar at

Goa Chief Minister Digambar Kamat.

may also go on a "fast unto

other forums as being involved in illegal min-

Speaker Pratapsing Rane however, Parrikar,

death" to intensify the move-

Telangana Rashtra Samithi chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao.

ing. According to official sources, the PAC

who heads the PAC, obliquely blamed Kamat

ment for a separate state.

report is, however, indicative of the involve-

for the scam.

“The strike will not be called

stopped vehicles moving

police vehicle.

ment of politicians in the scam on the basis of

"Does the chief minister not want to change

off under any circumstances,"

from coastal Andhra towards

The indefinite strike in coal

"reasonable doubt".

situation in the mines department at all? He

he told reporters after meet-

Hyderabad and hurled stones

mines of state-owned

"Reasonable doubt prevails that influential

does not want to punish anyone guilty? Any

ing the prime minister in New

at private buses, damaging at

Singareni Collieries as part of

politicians including ministers


are deeply

third person would take inference that he

Delhi. "The strike would con-

least 20 of them in Nalgonda

the general strike in

involved," the report states, but names only

(Kamat) is involved," he said in the assembly.

tinue till there is a roadmap

district, police said.

Telangana has affected coal

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader

"When he was the chief minister, exports

for separate Telangana," he

Some activists were injured

production and hit electricity

Jitendra Deshprabhu, already arrested for

rose from 16 million tonnes to 54 tonnes ...


when police hit them with

generation at thermal power

involvement in illegal mining.

Production is thrice now. What is legally

"We are not satisfied. The

batons at Nakrekal while one


"How much involvement of various politi-

extracted is 30 million tonnes (of ore). It is

prime minister did not give

police official sustained criti-

Authorities have imposed

cians does exist, what is the illegality quan-

perfectly legal, while 20 millon tonnes is not

any assurance. We will con-

cal injuries in stone pelting

power cuts on domestic, agri-

tum, can only be brought to light if a criminal

legal," said Parrikar. In his response, Kamat

tinue to fight," said the MP,

by the mobs. There were no

culture and industrial sectors.

investigation is conducted," a source said,

said that the "truth will prevail" and the min-

who was leading a delegation

reports of injuries to the pas-

A one-hour blackout has been

adding that the PAC report has asked for a

ing ministry should not alone be held respon-

of JAC leaders.

sengers. Demanding separate

imposed on farmers, who ear-

Central Bureau of Investigation or a

sible. "Ultimately truth will prevail because

In Andhra Pradesh, pro-

statehood to Telangana,

lier got seven hours of free

Lokayukta probe into the scam.

there are records to support the truth," an

Telangana activists forcibly

activists also damaged a

electricity every day.

Hours after submitting the PAC's report to

emphatic Kamat told the house.

Ravana’s effigy is not burnt here!

Dharamshala: Religious belief

keeps the people of Baijnath from

celebrating Dussehra. At Baijnath, a

town of Kangra district located

about 60 km from here, people do

not burn the effigy of Ravana. Even

markets remain closed in Baijnath

and Paprola. In fact, people don't

even buy sweets on the occasion.

Bhagwandass Sharma a local

priest at a temple said that Dussehra

is celebrated here. "This is the place

where Ravana worshipped Shiva as

a sincere devotee and burning his

effigy would bring bad luck for the

people of this area," he said. He

added that Ravana worshipped Lord

12 India Newswire October 8-14, 2011 Over 4,000 Chinese in PoK: Army chief New Delhi:

Shiva here and he is considered a

great devotee in Baijnath and burn-

ing the effigy of such a great devo-

tee was not right.

So even as Dussehra would be cel-

ebrated with fervour across the

country on Thursday, the people of

this town would not be joining in as

there is a strong belief among them

that celebrating the festival would

incur the wrath of Shiva. This belief

keeps residents of the town away

from burning the effigies of Ravana,

his brother Kumbhkaran and son


Baijnath was named after a local

shepherd, Baiju. Legend has it that

during the Treta Yug, Ravana wor-

shipped Lord Shiva on Kailash and

offered his 10 heads in a Havan


Lord Shiva was touched by this

deed and agreed to accompany him

to Lanka. Shiva took the shape of

"ling" and asked Ravana not to

place it on the ground on his way.

However, when Ravana reached

Baijnath, he felt the need to answer

nature's call. On seeing the shepherd

Baiju, Ravana handed over the

"ling" to him. The shepherd, on

finding the "ling" very heavy, put it

on the ground and it got intstalled


India Newswire


October 8-14, 2011

Gujarat told to provide security to Bhatt, family

New Delhi/Ahmedabad: The cen-

tral government asked the Gujarat

government to provide adequate

security to police officer Sanjiv

Bhatt, arrested on charges of insub-

ordination, and his family.

The home ministry instructions

to Gujarat came hours after an

Ahmedabad court reserved, for Oct

7, its orders on the state's revision

petition against the judicial remand

of the officer after Bhatt refused

the court's suggestion of granting

bail if he underwent a three-hour

police remand.

Bhatt had recently leveled allega-

tions against Gujarat Chief

Minister Narendra Modi in connec-

tion with the 2002 riots post the

burning of Karsewaks travelling by

the Sabarmati Express in Godhra.

The home ministry wrote to the

Gujarat government, asking it to

provide security to Bhatt and his

family after the police officer's

wife Shweta Bhatt wrote to Home

Minister P. Chidambaram express-

ing fears that there was danger to

the arrested officer's life.

Home Secretary R.K. Singh had India Newswire 13 October 8-14, 2011 Gujarat told to provide security to Bhatt, family New

Former IPS offier Sanjiv Bhatt had leveled allegations against Gujarat

Chief Minister Narendra Modi in connection with the 2002 riots.

convened a meeting of senior offi-

cials after Shweta Bhatt's letter was

received by the central govern-


"The home ministry has written

to the Gujarat government to

ensure adequate security to Bhatt

and his family as per local threat

perception," a home ministry offi-

cial said here.

"We are also independently car-

rying out threat assessment at our

level," the official added.

Bhatt was arrested after Gujarat

police constable K.D. Panth lodged

a complaint that he was threatened

by the officer and forced to sign a

false affidavit on the meeting

called by Modi on Feb 27, 2002,

hours after the Godhra train car-


Shweta Bhatt had written in her

letter to Chidambaram that her hus-

band "has been victimized and

arrested" merely because a few

politicians apprehended serious

action against them due to Sanjeev

Bhatt's evidence in the pending

criminal cases against them.

An Ahmedabad sessions court,

meanwhile, reserved its order for

Oct 7 on Gujarat government's plea

to place him under police custody

for investigation in the case regis-

tered on the basis of Panth's com-


Bhatt being treated like terrorist: wife

Ahmedabad: Wife of arrested

IPS officer Sanjeev Bhatt, who

had given testimony against

Narendra Modi in the post-

Godhra riots case, has written a

second letter to Union home min-

ister P Chidambaram alleging

that her husband was being treat-

ed like a "terrorist" by the police.

She has also accused the Gujarat

government in the letter of using

all possible ways to deny bail to

her husband.

In her second letter, she has

said that her husband was being

treated like a terrorist despite he

not being a serial offender nor a


She said in the letter that she

has just come to know that Bhatt

was kept in a dingy, filthy, stink-

ing room in the city crime branch

lock-up on the day he was


In the letter she has also com-

plained about how Gujarat police

used derogatory and insulting

language while conducting

searches at her residence after

Bhatt's arrest.


Shiv Sena,


A modified bus will be Advani's 'rath'

MNS target

New Delhi: For his anti-corruption yatra

MNS target New Delhi: For his anti-corruption yatra

migrants again

beginning October 11, Bharatiya Janata Party

(BJP) veteran L.K. Advani will travel in a

modified luxury bus as his "rath" -- equipped

Mumbai: Maharashtra Navnirman Sena and

with a lift and communication facilities for

Shiv Sena have joined hands in a violent agita-

his 12,000 km journey across 18 states.

tion against three-wheeler drivers who refuse

The bus, being modified and readied in

fare. The recent fare hike and two auto-rick-

Pune, will reach the venue of Advani's 'Jan

shaw strikes have given the MNS and Sena an

Chetna Yatra' (public awareness journey) in

opportunity just four months before the civic

Bihar before Oct 11, BJP secretary Shyam

polls.Mumbai Autorickshawmen’s Union pres-

Jaju said.

ident Sharad Rao, however, claimed five vehi-

"The bus will be equipped with lift (sky

cles were burnt down. He demanded action

lift), television, computer and public address

against MNS chief Raj Thackeray and com-

system. It will have place for him to rest and

pensation. “We will move court if the govern-

a chamber for party functionaries to sit and

ment doesn’t take any action.”

interact with him," Jaju told IANS.

Thackeray announced that his men would

The BJP has chosen the birth anniversary

campaign against the errant auto-rickshaw

of Jayprakash Narayan on Oct 11 and his

drivers, especially those who had migrated

from north India.

birthplace Sitab Diara in Bihar as the venue

to launch the yatra.

L.K. Advani will travel in a modified luxury bus as his rath.

The Sena, too, jumped into the fray. “We will

Jaju said the bus may not reach Sitab Diara

1975. Gandhi lost power in the 1977 elec-

BJP general secretary Ananth Kumar is