Trigger Point Chart

Trigge Activating r Factor Points Fiber Perpetuatin Orientatio Stretch g Factor n



from deltoid down arm (skips elbow) C-1 A- played tennis hairdresser Teres Major goes to mid 1 one time for living forearm (back of hand) (Posterior) med border of scap down to back of 4 fingers(Anteri Infraspinatu C-3 A- went skiing or) 2nd head s 1 one time of trap down arm to right above thumb in wrist (palm up)


arm straight up

grocery checker for living


arm across body

covers scapula down arm to med forceful Subscapular part of tricep C-4 A- dislocation of overhead H is skips to wris 0 shoulder lifting for job and creates a full circle around wrist #1: iliac crest, #2: G. C-2 A- shoveled Trochanter, 2 snow once #3: PSIS to glute fold

arm up at right angle to side, pull back and twist bicep posteriorl y legs to the side on the table

Quadratus Lumborum

pick up child V all the time


(Anterior)ASIS to a hand width above C-4 Ahiking every knee long road trip V 0 day (Posterior)12t h rib to sacrum

leg of table and push down

Vastus Lateralis


C-6 Asport injury 3

improper form when Diagonal working out all the time wearing high heels every day

heel to glutes


above back of knee down C-4 A- sprained gastroc to 2 ankle medial arch of foot starts above the eye, goes up around the C-4 Ahead, down whiplash 2 the neck and traces out the entire trap above & below eyes, into ear and down to the chin


toes to nose


repetitive work overhead


cross arms under head and lift


C-2 A- injury to jaw 4 from sports

postural V imbalances

open mouth and hold

Pec Major

covers entire pec out to the deltoid, goes C-6 Adown arm to 5 mid forearm (palm up)

massage (using continuous improper computer body work mechanics)o ne time


arm up at right angle to side, pull back

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