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international asian contemporary art miami 2011 nov 30 dec 4

ART ASIA’s proud return to Miami celebrates our fourth edition and ongoing mission to explore and expose international contemporary Asian art in all its diversity. Art Asia Miami 2011 is pleased to introduce top galleries from the USA, China, Korea, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam that represent a vast range of present-day artists from across the Asian Diaspora. ART ASIA Miami 2011 continues our innovative and exhilarating special projects series: ART ASIA Presents. This year’s projects include the world premiere of Fang Lijun’s new woodblock prints, Mu Ban Shui Yin ; Abdallah Akar’s new One Thousand and One Nights; a group show, Emerging Voices from Iran and the Iranian Diaspora; Yigit Yazici’s Journey Home ; and Laurens Tan’s multimedia installation Happy Toy. Please dip further into the catalogue to find out more about these artists and their work, as well as ART ASIA Miami 2011’s rich program of curatorial tours and cocktail parties. We are honored and excited for you to join us, as we continue to savor and expand the understanding of contemporary Asian art from all over the globe.


ART ASIA Miami — Midtown NE 1st Ave @ NE 30th St. Miami, FL 33127

(invitation only)

(open to public)

Tuesday–November 29, 2011 4 pm–8 pm

Wednesday–Saturday, November 30–December 3, 2011 11 am–7 pm Sunday, December 4, 2011 11 am–6 pm

ART ASIA Fair PO Box 246 New York, NY 10009 P +1 212 268 6148 F +1 212 409 8495 Director and Co-Founder Jeffrey Lawson


exhibitor relations Associate Helen Bu Oprations Dan Laburu Jill Gordon Graphic Designer Audria Brumberg iT Support Joe Unander intern Linda Rucina ArT ASiA would like to thank the following individuals and institutions: Dan Hort James MacDonald The City of Miami Eventstar The State of Florida Fortrex SCOPE Art Show Developers Diversified Realty Chesley Hicks Lenor Ryan Judith VanHove Roger Bartlett The Office of Mayor Gimenez Johan Pedraza The Office of Governor Scott Marco Tiapago Alain Perez Moya Solutions Alex Melillo

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art asia presents
a. Mu Ban Shui Yin by FANG Lijun b. One Thousand and One Nights by Abdallah Akar c. Emerging Voices from Iran and the Iranian Diaspora by Soody Sharifi | Hadieh Shafie | Aghighi Bakhshayeshi | Maryam Ashkanian | Asad Faulwell | Sissi Farassat d. Sculpture Project – Journey Home by Yigit Yazici e. Happy Toy by Laurens Tan

special proJects

art asia presents

fanG lijun – mu Ban shui yin

(water-based woodblock print) Co-published by Ethan Cohen Fine Arts and PACE Prints (New York, USA) Artist: Fang Lijun

Fang Lijun was one of the leaders of the Cynical Realist movement of the early 1990s. His muted, solemn scenes and self-portraits have become some of the most iconic images of contemporary Chinese art and are still found relevant today. Well versed in painting, sculpture and installation, Fang Lijun is most noted for his powerful and innovative woodcuts. Co-opting this typical Social Realist technique, Lijun composes large, bold images consisting of several values or colors, often printing the scene over a series of adjoining hanging scrolls. The special exhibit at Art Asia will be a world premiere of selected, new woodcuts never before seen outside of the artist’s studio. These woodcuts are of a technique called 木板水印 (mu·ban·shui·yin) . This technique has been described as a blending of traditional woodcut and lithography, and is greatly respected as a perfect culmination of an artist’s sculptural, painting and printing talents. Editions are being co-produced by Ethan Cohen Fine Arts and PACE Prints.

Fang Lijun Untitled, 2010 50 x 70 cm woodblock print

art asia presents

one thousand and one nights
Curated by Galerie Kashya Hildebrand (Zurich, Switzerland) Artist: Abdallah Akar

Arabian Nights, 2011 43 x 43 x 300 cm mixed media

Abdallah Akar

Tunisian artist Abdallah Akar’s installation One Thousand and One Nights was inspired not only by the collection of folk tales by the same name, but also by the recent events of the Arab Spring. For Akar, the common element found in the ancient stories and the unfolding of current events is the idea of destiny that manifests itself through the stories as an anomaly. Connecting this to the contemporary moment, Akar has been inspired by the revolution and changes that have continued as though it is indeed destiny.

The power of this moment will be recounted for future generations as a new tale, marking the dawn of a new era. This installation celebrates the development of these revolutionary events, including the recent democratic elections held in Tunisia, as yet another stage and another story. The combination of transparency and vibrant colors in the work becomes a metaphor to express the optimism Akar feels as a result of the uprising and the hope for future transparency in government and life for those who are living in the Middle East.

art asia presents

Mujahidat No. 8 , 2009

Asad Faulwell

122 x 92 cm mixed media

emerging voices from iran and the iranian diaspora
Curated by Galerie Kashya Hildebrand (Zurich, Switzerland) Artists: Soody Sharifi | Hadieh Shafie | Aghighi Bakhshayeshi | Maryam Ashkanian | Asad Faulwell | Sissi Farassat

Emerging Voices will present artists working on both sides of Iran’s borders; it will deliver rare and unexpected insights into the artistic energy of a culture that is constantly evolving and adapting both within and outside of the country. Bringing these works together will create a dialogue between the different ways these artists address some fundamental themes of society, popular culture and religion. For those artists living in exile, there is often a sense of belonging neither here nor there that provides a sense of detachment as well as engagement. The artists living within Iran, however, face restrictions on their freedom of expression, and translate their energy into artworks that often focus on issues relating to their everyday life. What makes all the selected artists important is that their practices go beyond the realm of mere depiction; they provide viewers with tangible, sensual experiences that invite them into various modes of being that would otherwise be inaccessible.

art asia presents

sculpture project – Journey home
Curated by Hat Art Fruit (Istanbul, Turkey) Artist: Yigit Yazici

this train will lead us home this train is our inner journey from forgetting to remembering from remembering to forgetting from farewells to reunifications from unifications to farewells this train follows circles circles of our life we are in the center deep seated as a tree and lifetrain goes around us in circles from adventure to adventure ... to proceed on one’s journey ... Remembering who you are, giving meaning to life, then forgetting again, but still proceeding on your own journey. Train symbolizes my life, passing through colors, shapes and concepts. Beginnings, endings and in the middle of all that “I AM” I AM, who is the seer, giver of meanings, interpreter, I include or exclude and proceed on my journey as a train, with courage and faith

without giving up. I see images coming up to me in this world of creation. I select among them and pass by to follow on my path. On one hand I know … I could have found different symbols to say that … train is only an object, it exists because I decided so by choosing it as a representation, I gave it a meaning. Train becomes a three-dimensional being outside of the painting Imposing, metallic and coming from the memories ... A dense curiosity within me: what if the train in my painting comes to life and flies out of it to our reality …? How would it look? What kind of perception would this create in me? How would I feel? I will experience this feeling in ART ASIA Miami 2011. I am excited. ................................................................. Yigit Yazici November 2011, Istanbul

Yigit Yazici

Journey Home, 2011

plexiglas, aluminum cut-out and cut-out letters

art asia presents
happy toy – laurens tan
Curated by Tally Beck Contemporary (Bangkok, Thailand / New York, USA) Artist: Laurens Tan
Laurens Tan
Dan Sheng (Birth) from the Depth of Ease Series, Version 2 , 2011

Happy Toy is Tan’s multimedia installation concentrating on themes of China’s linguistics, technology and culture of fabrication. Amalgamating sculpture, architectural and animated space, music, graphics, film and industrial design, Tan’s artwork explores the dynamism of contemporary urban China in his language of playful, witty semiotics. Tan focuses on the ambiguities in the interpretation of Chinese characters by analyzing the transformation of language and meaning through his text-based installations.

295 x 108 x 120 cm fiberglass, steel, sanluche parts, baked enamel


fine art 13 a i B os i a n TH B BOO a

DANG xuan Hoa Afternoon, 2011 35 x 45 in., 90 x 115 cm oil on canvas

HA manth Thang Highland Man, 2008 61 x 61 in., 155 x 155 cm oil on canvas

10 Rockledge Road Rye, NY 10580 USA

140 Nha Chung Hoan Kiem Hanoi Vietnam

Tel: +1 914 251 0169 Fax: +1 914 967 0596

Exhibiting Artists: Dang xuan Hoa | Nguyen quang Huy | Tran trung Vu | Ha manth Thang | Le Thanh Son | Dinh Y Nhi | La Ba Quan | Vu Thu Hien | Bui Huu Hung

art ÏnG l e x BOOTH A5

Quentin Shih Shanghai Dreamer No. 7, 2010 44 x 44 in., 112 x 112 cm c-print, edition of 8

Wang Xiaojin Two Ladies in an Opium Bed, 2006 40 x 30 in., 120 x 90 cm oil on canvas

4500 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 300 Miami, FL 33139 USA Tel: +1 305 299 9732 |

Exhibiting Artists: Quentin SHIH | Xiaojin WANG | Hongxing YE | Chengdong GUO

n imso ate cr D29 G OTH O

Fung Ming Chip Radical Script, 2010 36 x 36 in., 91.5 x 91.5 cm Chinese ink on xuan paper

Fung Ming Chip Departure, Music Script, 2011 24 x 48 in., 61 x 122 cm Chinese ink on xuan paper

Miami, FL, USA Tel: +1 305 903 8684 | 786 338 8744

Exhibiting Artist: FUNG Ming Chip

G x i a np a c e da t s D1 OOTH B ar

ZHANG Yu Diffused Fingerprints, 2010 behavior, glass, nail polish

ZHANG Yu Fingerprints 2011.2.20 (installation), 2011 230 x 1100 cm behavior, xuan paper, plant pigment

15 Boguan Road, North District Taichung, Taiwan 404 Tel: +886 4 2208 4288 | Fax: +886 4 2208 3188 |

Exhibiting Artists: ZHANG Yu | DUAN Yueheng | KIM Sunhyoung | HSU Ruifu | KAN Taikeung

e oGu ce dial spa B17 OTH BO

LI Jikai Burning Match, 2010 101 x 90 cm acrylic on canvas RU Xiaofan No.1, 2011 100 x 82 cm oil on canvas

6-97#, 22 International Art Plaza, No. 32 Baiziwan Road Chaoyang District, Beijing 100022 China Tel: +86 10 5876 9392 | Fax: +86 10 5876 0226 |

Exhibiting Artists: LI Jikai | MA Dan | MA Yanling | RU Xiaofan | LV Peng

n Klei art eli ine A1 OOTH f B

LIU BOLIN Hiding in the City No.69 – Graffiti, 2008 95 x 120 cm photograph, edition of 8

LIU BOLIN Hiding in the City No.92 – Temple of Heaven, 2010 118 x 150 cm photograph, edition of 8

462 West Broadway New York, NY 10012 USA Tel: +1 212 255 4388 | Fax: +1 212 255 4316 |

Exhibiting Artist: LIU BOLIN

en coh ts n e t h a f i n e a r OOTH B25 B

Huang Yan

Chinese Body Shan-Shui (Landscape), photographed in 2001

150 x 120 cm set of 6 digital c-prints

Ushio Shinohara Drink More: Pink, 2011 13 x 17 in. mixed media

14 Jay Street New York, NY 10013 USA Tel: +1 212 625 1250 | Fax: +1 212 274 1518 |

Exhibiting Artists: Qin Feng | Huang Yan | Li Lin | Ushio Shinohara | Liu Xiao Hui

s it a edition 9 B HD exhi and BOOT t e ar fin

Danny Lee (Untitled) Vespa, 2007 stainless steel

Wu Yalu Carousel, 2011 center panel 79 x 79 in., end panel 28 x 79 in. oil on canvas

60 Hillside Avenue Short Hills, NJ 07078 USA Tel: +1 917 763 2005 |

Exhibiting Artists: Liu Baomin | Wu Yalu | Sun Ping

y ller -77 Ga G


Uji Ashikawa Untitled, 2010 35 x 40 in. oil on canvas

Noriko Kurafuji Nagare – Waltz of Flowers, 2011 194 x 162 cm oil on canvas

Mitaki Honmachi 2-16-20-2 Hiroshima, Nishiku 733-0802 Japan Tel: +81 80 633 15 761 | Fax: +81 82 237 67 09 |

Exhibiting Artists: Noriko KARAFUJI | Uji ASHIKAWA | Kotaro HACHINOHE | Bleikh/Serebry AKOVA | Yuriko YAMAMOTO | Sachie OKIAI

e leri aia Ga G



YOO, Sun-Tai The Words, 2011 46 x 36 in., 117 x 91 cm acrylic on canvans

LEE, Hae-Kyung Green Feeling, 2011 51 x 64 in., 130 x 162 cm mixed media on Korean paper

57-1 Inadong-gil, Jongno-gu Seoul 110-300 Korea Tel: +82 2 733 3373 | Fax: +82 2 733 3376 |


e leri -ora Ga ra 17 o TH A BOO

ZENG Guoqing Untitled, 2010 73 x 111 cm ink on paper XU Hongfei Kiss, 2010 37 x 30 x 73 cm bronze

G/F, 7 Shin Hing Street Central, Hong Kong Tel: +852 2851 1171 | Fax: +852 8147 1767 |

Exhibiting Artists: XU Hongfei | MAN Fung-yi | KUM Chi Keung | LAI Jing | JUN June Mo

t f e a s o J e c t s B9 H pr BOOT

XIE Lei Flying Fishes, 2008 51.2 x 76.8 in., 130 x 195 cm oil on canvas

LIU Wei I Like Smoking, 1998 irregular shape, approximately 24 x 28 in., 61 x 71 cm ink and pastel on paper

Unit 307, 3/F, Harbour Industrial Centre 10 Lee Hing Street, Ap Lei Chau Hong Kong Tel: +852 2553 9522 |

Exhibiting Artists: CHU Teh-Chun | LIU Wei | T’ANG Haywen | XIE Lei | ZAO Wou-Ki


d e l e r i d e B r a n B1 Ga hil H BOOT a shy

GUERRA DE LA PAZ Red Pom Pom, Bonsai Tree, 2011 94 x 96 x 68 cm mixed media

Tianbing LI Recrutement No.1, 2011 200 x 200 cm oil on canvas

Talstrasse 58 8001 Zurich Switzerland Tel: +41 44 210 02 02 | Fax: +41 44 210 02 15 |

Exhibiting Artists: Maryam ASHKANIAN | Lalla ESSAYDI | Asad FAULWELL | Sissi FARASSAT | GUERRA DE LA PAZ | Nobina GUPTA | Ran HWANG | Tianbing LI | Nobuhiro NAKANISHI | Lisa ROSS | Marwan SAHMARANI | Hadieh SHAFIE | Soody SHARIFI

fine ed o t t o l i m i t D17 Gr H art BOOT

Danny Chin-fai LEE Waterfalls II, 2011 height: approximately 39 in., 100 cm stainless steel

Xiang-yi Wong Just the Two of Us, 2011 43 x 16 in., 110 x 40 cm ink and color on paper

2/F 31 C-D Wyndham Street Central, Hong Kong Tel: +852 2121 2270 | Fax: +852 2121 2269

Exhibiting Artists: Danny Chin-fai LEE | Xiang-yi WONG | Bovey LEE | Chiu-mei TSANG

t t ar uit ha fr



YIGIT YAZICI RTU153210, 2010 150 x 150 cm acrylic on canvas

YIGIT YAZICI RTU163911, 2011 200 x 200 cm acrylic on canvas

Tesvikiye Cad. Modern Apt. No 11 d.10 34365 Tesvikiye - Istanbul,Turkey Tel/Fax: +90 212 2599682 |


eBerry W r i n G a l l e D25 Ka OTH

AUNG Myint Mother and Child 11-8, 2011 22 x 22 in., 56 x 56 cm acrylic on shan paper on canvas

Dominic Rubio Malay Mother & Child, 2009 47 x 30 in., 102 x 76 cm oil on canvas

G/F, 20 Aberdeen Street Central, Hong Kong Tel: +852 2544 5004 |

Exhibiting Artists: MIN WAE Aung | AUNG Myint | Thavonsouk THEP | Dominic RUBIO | Charles CHAM

v alae ery h anK Gall Kh A13 OTH

Zorikto DORZHIEV Assol, 2010 107 x 140 cm oil on canvas

Gago CHTCHYAN Portrait, 2010 100 x 120 cm oil on canvas

Krymskiy Val, 10 Moscow, Russia Tel: +7 499 408 23 24 |

Exhibiting Artists: Zorikto DORZHIEV | Dashi NAMDAKOV | Bato DASHITSYRENOV | Zhamso RADNAEV | Gago CHTCHYAN

esun ry a K i m J G a l l e OTH D33 BO

Ilhae KIM For you, 2007 28.6 x 39.3 in., 72.7 x 100 cm oil on canvas

Sukyoung KIM Untitle, 2011 57.2 x 35.2 in., 145.5 x 89.5 cm oil on canvas

#1501-6 Jung2-dong Haeundae-gu Busan 612-849 Korea Tel: +82 51 731 5438 | Fax: +82 51 731 5437


nine llery A9 Ga OTH BO

Goh, Geun-Ho Hero-Story of Hollywood, 2011 200 x 22.5 x 29 cm steel, edition # (8-3)

#37-5 Gung-dong, Dong-gu Gwang-Ju 501-040 Korea Tel: +82 62 232 2328 | Fax: +82 62 430 4328 | |


B e c Kr y y tall pora C9 m OOTH B te con

Songwoot KAEWVISIT Fields of Golden Grain, 2010 120 x 150 cm acrylic on canvas

CHEN Ping The Book of Songs – Other Realities 5, 2010 46 x 18 cm oil pastel on canvas

Bangkok, Thailand New York, NY, USA Tel: +1 917 539 9473 |

Exhibiting Artists: CHEN Ping | Songwoot KAEWVISIT | island6 | George TUN SEIN | Be Takerng PATTANOPAS

m y ara Galler 1 d sun Gore H B2 BOOT ta

Sohan QADRI Rajas III, 2007 39 x 55 in., 99 x 139 cm ink and dye on paper KIM Joon Ebony-Cloud, 2008 82.7 x 47 in., 210 x 120 cm digital print

547 West 27th Street New York, NY 10001 USA

9606 South Santa Monica Boulevard Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA

57-59 Hollywood Road Central, Hong Kong

Tel: +1 212 677 4520 | Fax: +1 212 677 4521

Exhibiting Artists: Hiroshi SENJU | KIM Joon | Sohan QADRI | Anil REVRI | Ahmad MOUALLA

or er f art c e n tr a r y C1 ens mpo OOTH B ull nte co

YU Fan Dreamer, 2011 60 x 25 x 16 cm copper-nickel alloy and enamel sculpture edition # 10 (2AP+10)

WENG Fen Future Project / Beijing, 2011 75 x 75 cm (paper), 65 x 65 cm (image), 79 x 79 cm (frame) photograph, edition of 30

798 Art District, No. 4 JiuXianQiao Lu Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015 China Tel: +86 10 5780 0211 | Fax: +86 10 5780 0279

Exhibiting Artists: Weng Fen | Huang Yan | Yu Fan | Yang Maoyuan | Maleonn | Zhang Xiaogang

K Zado llery G a OOTH D13

Chen Man Vision Series – “Sex Flower 3”, 2004 81.9 x 79.8 cm photography, edition of 3

Chen Man Red Beauty Series – “Red Crest One” 139.7 x 109.5 cm photography, edition of 7

2534 North Miami Avenue Miami, FL 33141 USA Tel: +1 305 438 3737 | |

Exhibiting Artist: CHEN Man