Love Actually (1700



Love Actually (1700)

LOVE ACTUALLY – RICHARD CURTIS Penguin Readers Level 4 – 1700 headwords Chapter 1 Love Is All Around Us Chapter 2 Alone and Sad Chapter 3 Love Hurts Chapter 4 The Real World Chapter 5 Special Relationships Chapter 6 Aching Hearts Chapter 7 The Night Before Christmas Chapter 8 The Christmas Concert Chapter 9 Love Actually Is All Around Introduction 'It seems to me that love is everywhere. It isn't big news - but it's always there. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, friends and strangers..... I f you look for it, you'll find - I think - that love actually is all around us .... ’ It is not long before Christmas - a time for families, a time for love. Peter and Juliet are getting married, but not everyone is so happy. Jamie loses his girlfriend. Mark is in love with a girl who will never be his. Sarah's love for her brother makes it difficult for her to find a boyfriend. Harry's love for his wife, Karen, is going to be tested by a beautiful new employee. Daniel's wife has just died. Billy Mack, the ageing rock star, is alone after a lifetime of singing about love. And the new British Prime Minister is a very lonely man. So is love really all around us? Can these people find it? Is there enough magic in the world for everyone, even at Christmas? The film Love Actually (2003) stars Hugh Grant as the Prime Minister, Alan Rickman as Harry, Emma Thompson as Karen, Colin Firth as Jamie, Liam Neeson as Daniel, and many other famous British actors. It was written by Richard Curtis, who has also worked on other very successful films like Bridget Jones's Diary (2001), Notting Hill (1999), Bean (1997) and Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994). Chapter 1 Love Is All Around Us `Whenever I feel unhappy about the state of the world,' the Prime Minister thought to himself, `I think about the Arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport, where happy, smiling passengers greet their friends and relatives. It seems to me that love is everywhere. It isn't big news - but it's always there. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, friends and strangers. When the planes hit New York, people's last phone calls weren't messages of hate. They were messages of love. If you look for it, you'll find - I think - that love actually is all around us ...’ * In a recording studio in London, an ageing rock star was recording a new song. `I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes.’ Three much younger singers joined in enthusiastically: `Love is all around me - and so the ...’ `I'm afraid you did it again, Billy!' his manager, Joe, called out. `I know the old words so well.’ `We all do - and that's why we're doing these new ones.' `Right. OK. Let's do it again.’ The music started again. Billy sang: `I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes. Love is all ... Oh no!’ The music stopped and then started again. `I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes. Christmas is all around me ...’ Joe smiled. `And so the feeling grows. It's written in the wind, It's everywhere I go. So if you really love Christmas Come on and let it snow ...’ Billy stopped singing. `This is rubbish, isn't it?' he said. `Yes - complete rubbish, great rock star!' Joe agreed happily. * In another part of the city, Jamie was preparing to go out. His girlfriend Katya watched him from the bed. `I'm going to be late for the wedding,' he said anxiously. `It's just round the corner. You'll be there in time.’ `You really don't mind me going without you?' he sked.

Love Actually (1700)

`No - I'm just feeling bad.’ `I love you,' Jamie told her, and he kissed her. `I know.’ `I love you even when you're ill and look terrible.’ `I know. Now go, or you'll miss it.’ `Right.’ Jamie left the room, then put his head round the door again. `Did I tell you that I love you?’ `Yes, you did,' Katya said impatiently. `Now go!’ * A few streets away, Daniel sat alone in his home office, thinking about the recent death of his wife. He rested his head in his hands for a moment. Then he lifted his head, picked up the phone and rang his friend Karen. `Karen - it's me again. I'm sorry. There's really nobody else I can talk to.’ Karen was in her kitchen, cooking her children's dinner. `Of course we can talk,' she said. `It's a bad moment now, though. Can I call you back in a minute?’ `Of course,' Daniel replied. `It doesn't mean I'm not terribly sad that your wife just died.' `Understood. Ring me later.’ Daniel put the phone down. Karen turned back to her seven-year-old daughter, Daisy. `So - what's this big news?' she asked. `We've been given our parts in the Christmas play,' Daisy told her. `I'm the lobster.’ `The lobster?' said Karen. `Yes.’ `In the Christmas play?’ `Yes,' said Daisy. `First lobster.’ `There was more than one lobster at the birth of Jesus?’ `Yes!’ * In a church by a river, Peter was standing with his best man, Mark. It was his wedding day. `No surprises?' Peter asked. `No surprises,' Mark promised. `Not like the stag night?’ `Unlike the stag night.’ `Those Brazilian women were a mistake, weren't they?’ `They were. Especially because they were actually men.’ `That's true. Good luck.’ They shook hands. As the music started, Peter stepped forward and turned towards he back of the church. And there, walking towards him, was Juliet, smiling happily in her white wedding dress. Mark picked up his video recorder and started to film. Juliet walked more quickly until she was standing next to Peter. The service began. Wedding music played, songs were sung, and at the end of the service Peter and Juliet exchanged rings. The vicar smiled. `You are now man and wife,' he told them, and the happy couple kissed. Peter turned to Mark. `No surprises. Good,' he said. `No, I've grown up,' Mark replied. At that moment, the traditional wedding music stopped, and from behind a curtain voices began to sing a Beatles song. The curtain went back. Twenty people were singing `All You Need Is Love'. Juliet looked happily at Peter. `Did you do this?’ `Er ... No.' Peter looked at Mark. Mark looked away. All around the church, people stood up and started joining in with their instruments. At the front, an electric guitarist appeared. * On the same day the new Prime Minister's car, protected by police cars, drove along Downing Street and stopped outside number 10. There were crowds outside the building shouting his name. Journalists from TV, radio and the newspapers pushed forward with their microphones and cameras. The Prime Minister was a popular and attractive man. Inside 10, Downing Street it was suddenly quiet after all the noise outside. The Prime Minister's personal adviser was waiting for him.

Oh.' Jamie said. wanted to say her last goodbye to you. David . the wonderful.’ `This is Pat.’ `Good morning. `He's in charge. sir. `She's new.' said the Prime Minister. Bay City Rollers.’ Annie led him to a long line of employees. if that means I don't have to start running the country yet. perhaps we should take Mum out for her birthday on Friday.’ `Hello. `Daniel wishes to say a few words.' Katya's voice came from the bedroom. I'll be easier to look after than the last Prime Minister .' Annie said. He kissed her. shall we?' `Good idea! Why not?’ As the Prime Minister walked away. `Hello!' Jamie said to his brother with surprise. though. There was something very strange about him. `This is Terence.' Chris replied.’ she said. and Sam's darling mum. `Oh no. slightly younger man came into the room at the same time from the kitchen. `Are you coming back to bed. I like the look of you.' the Prime Minister answered.. brought Claudia Schiffer with me to the funeral. very much.' said Annie. more pictures were shown. 'Jo and I had a lot of time to prepare for this moment. sat down next to him and watched him with interest for a few minutes before she spoke. `Bye Bye Baby'. `I had an uncle called Terence. all dressed in black. I mean. Daniel and his eleven-year-old stepson were at his wife's funeral. `Let's fix the country. not through me but through the words of the great. `Hello. My darling girl. a friend whose phone never stopped ringing.' he said to himself. he looked back over his shoulder and took another quick look at Natalie. I came back before the reception to see if she was feeling better. `Good. `How inconvenient. `And now. `Good morning.' he began. baby..’ `Would you like to meet the people who work here?’ `Yes.I mean.’ * By now. I'm so sorry. Then he looked at her more carefully. And as the song played. `Good morning. Pat.’ `Lovely. like you. including a twelve-year-old Jo dressed in a Bay City Rollers T-shirt. `How are you feeling?' Annie asked.' said the Prime Minister. I came round to borrow some old CDs. at Peter and Juliet's wedding reception.’ 4 .' `And this is Natalie. I hated him. `Right. He laughed as Natalie's face went prettily pink.' Terence said. `But she was quite clear about other things that she wanted. for example.Love Actually (1700) `Welcome. What do you think? I feel we've been bad sons this year.' Annie said. no teenagers. Mark was still filming. `I must practise my wave. sir. Natalie.’ The Bay City Rollers were a pop group who were popular with young teenagers in the 1970s. `Who? What?’ `Peter. sir’ `That's fine. Another.' Chris agreed.boring.' said Pat. so you couldn't talk about it . Prime Minister. I can't believe I said that. no frightening wife.' Even the vicar smiled. but fine.' said the vicar. A crowd of about eighty people filled the church. I'm responsible for arrangements in your private flat.' Daniel stood up and faced the guests. Jamie unlocked his front door and hurried into his living room. Behind him was a large picture of his wife. on the same beautiful winter day. `Do you love him?' she asked softly. `Some of her requests were not very serious .' Annie said quickly. helpful girl. you might need to talk to someone and perhaps no one has ever asked you.I have not. Their terrible song. * That night. `Listen. sir. Do you love him? I just thought I'd ask the question because it might be the right question.' replied the Prime Minister. played loudly through the church. as she was before she died.’ Chapter 2 Alone and Sad Back from Peter and Juliet's wedding. `That sounds fine . Then he went into his office. `Did the lady of the house let you in?’ `Yes. `What are you doing here?? 'Oh. while their faces showed their deep sadness. sir. darling? Jamie will be home soon. The guests smiled at the song and the pictures.’ `OK. `Good morning. Sarah. the guests were dancing.

`Could you turn the music down? What is that song?' It was `Christmas Is All Around'. Billy..’ * The next day.. `Of course. Billy was in the studio with DJ Mike. that is bad news.' Sarah replied. Thanks.Love Actually (1700) `No. about .’ `And I was just thinking. It would be best for all of us. is it? 'Yes. `And . seven months. "I would like to marry you and have your babies. It's nearly Christmas. `Hi. And Karl does too.' Sarah replied. `Hi. `We'll know definitely when he plays his next song. welcome back to radio.’ `Certainly . `that maybe it's time to do something about it. Billy?' `No.’ `And how long have you been in love with Karl.’ Mia left as Sarah came in. `And here's one for lovers.' said Mark.' said Mike. Welcome back.' She turned to Mia.. I believe Billy is a guest on my friend Mike's show in a few minutes. the DJ spoke to his listeners. good. * At a local radio station in Watford. three days. about an hour and a half. ' she began."‘ `You know that?’ `Yes. Er .what do you think? Is he the worst DJ in history?’ `Probably. he realized his mistake.' Harry said.. untidy offices of Fairtrade.’ `Yes.' Harry continued... `Well. Good. after about twenty minutes.’ The DJ looked out at the wedding guests... Sarah looked surprised.excellent.’ `I thought so.of course.. this DJ . Christmas is for people who can share it with someone they love. boss. `So. yes . I expect .’ Billy and Joe were waiting outside the studio...' Sarah agreed.. `Is that an important message for you. Mike. Outside Harry's office.’ `And that's not you?’ 5 . now we know. But ten minutes later. No!’ `So that's "no". I'll do that. seven months. Has there been a worse song this century? I don't think so' The DJ looked up and saw a second DJ waving at him. on the edge of London.’ `Two years. `The worst DJ in the world.’ She opened the door to leave..' `Yes.' Karl said. No. A beautiful girl at the next desk got up and knocked on the door behind her.' He played the beginning of a very well-known and completely unsuitable song. Billy. no. Tell me.’ `Like what?’ `Invite him out for a drink. She switched on her phone and it rang immediately.. `Then tell me exactly how long you've been working here. I think. Harry. `And that was the Christmas song by Billy Mack. The programme was playing in the room and they didn't look very happy.’ `Switch off your phone.' she said.. `Hi. Sarah.. Then. no is the answer. but we've changed the word "love" to "Christmas".’ `Do you think Karl knows?’ `Yes’ `Oh. a company which bought from poor countries at fair prices. our mysterious chief designer?' her boss asked. two hours. And I think . `Sarah's waiting for you.' he said. As it came to an end. Karl. And your new Christmas song is "Love Is All Around". `Quite a lot of you are lovers.’ `Do you think everybody knows?’ `Yes. `No doubt. three days and . Sarah was back at work in the large. a DJ was playing Billy's new record. `Er . who used to be a great musician. `two years. say something like. Are you enjoying working here? Do you know whose advice not to listen to?’ `I think so. not really. she stopped and took a deep breath.. `Darling.' said Harry. Mia walked into Harry's office and smiled as her boss looked up. Looking down at the list of guests in front of him. and a very good-looking man walked in. `Come in. `Oh yes .' she said. by the ageing rock star Billy Mack.

And advise the girls not to go near Kevin. But let's not forget. of course.. `Ah. Mike. you know as well as I do that the record's rubbish.' said Harry. Natalie entered. Joe looked very unhappy. After she left.hundreds of them. So if you believe in Father Christmas. `Excellent. When I was young and successful. `Come in. really.' Billy continued. And enjoy the line that's too long for the music .' he said. Thank you. feeling very unhappy because our idea for a Christmas song failed. Buy little things to eat ..’ `Easy.’ `Right. But he wouldn't get chocolate biscuits.wearing boyfriend that you want to bring. a few days later..' the Prime Minister said.’ `Tell me. I'm worried about that. I'm not going to start a fight that I can't win. `Now. giving the files to the Prime Minister. `OK. We'll try to be clever. Natalie. "If you really love Christmas ". Harry and Mia were discussing the Christmas party. `Not my favourite night of the year. Billy. `Good. After this.’ `I think you mean.' she said. I was greedy and foolish. And now I'm grey-haired and alone.' Billy said. children . that we must be more independent than the last government was. Thanks. I understand that.' continued the Prime Minister.' `Wow! Thanks for that. the news. girlfriends ..’ `I hoped you'd win.' the Prime Minister told do you think the new record compares to your old stuff?’ `Oh. You haven't got a horrible two-metre. have you?’ 6 . And I'll be in a cheap flat with my manager. there was a knock on the door of the Prime Minister's private office. `This is our first really important test. `These have just arrived for you. Later that day. horrible!’ `So here it is one more time.’ Carter told him.' said Mia.Love Actually (1700) `That's not me. yes. `I'll give you an honest your Uncle Billy . `I mean. `A possible Christmas Number One .' said another minister. Is the new Prime Minister in trouble already?’ Billy went outside to Joe.' Harry said. Come on and let it snow" Yes. We must show the President that we don't take orders from him. `You're the Prime Minister!’ * At Fairtrade. `And it's your unhappy job to organise it. and in the country too. `And this is for you too. But I have decided . `But wouldn't it be great.' said the Prime Minister. `The American President's visit. `What's next?’ One of his ministers spoke.. here's one .. the Prime Minister and his ministers sat around a long table.’ The ministers accepted this unenthusiastically. carrying some files in one hand and a cup of tea and a plate of biscuits in the other.’ 'OK.’ `There's a very strong feeling in the party. The Prime Minister's face turned red as she smiled at him. `Right. he lowered his head and hit it against the table top. `Be sensible!' he said quietly to himself. Billy. Joe. `Find a place for the party."Christmas Is All Around"..' Harry said. how do I get a cup of tea and a biscuit in this place?’ At that moment Natalie came in with tea and biscuits.. Mike.’ `I agree. That doesn't often happen here at Radio Watford’ `Ask me anything you like. if he was here. `Although of course the other man would get biscuits. smiling.’ `Thank you very much. `Are we inviting wives and families?’ `Yes.’ The Prime Minister smiled.' In the next room. Right. `if the Number One record in the charts this Christmas wasn't by a spotty teenager? Wouldn't it be great if it was by an old fool looking for new success at any price? All those young teenage stars will be in a hotel bedroom on Christmas Day with a good-looking girl. 'For what?? 'For actually giving a real answer to a question.but husbands.' Natalie continued. not children . trying not to stare at Mia's tight black my Christmas song. Buy more drinks than anybody wants. `Not this time.' Mike said into his microphone for the listeners. tight-T-shirt.' he called. wives. too.’ `Fine. Chapter 3 Love Hurts In Downing Street. the US is the most powerful country in the world. yes.. not to. the ugliest man in the world.

And I'm glad he does. Karl. The Prime Minister spoke. Tell me Jamie had left London. Sam?' he asked. `I'm free. I'm starting to feel uncomfortable.’ `Sorry?’ `I know I should be thinking about Mum all the time. `It was such a waste when Jo died. * Daniel was telling his friend Karen his worries about his stepson.’ Karen touched his shoulder. passing her desk on his way out.' Daniel said. and I am. Sarah was putting her make-up on when Karl came towards her from the other end of the office. It seems wrong. 7 . `Goodnight.’ Karl left. and I know so little about you. We work so closely together all the time. There's nothing I can do about it . If he was drinking beer and bringing women in. `My horrible son Bernie stays in his room all the time.’ * At the same time. `Well..’ `There's nothing unusual about that. Natalie was waiting outside.' `And sometimes when he comes out of his room. `Sam spends all his time in his room. and I was before she died.' said Daniel. but he could be doing anything up there.fashioned typewriter in front of him.' `Why?’ `Because I thought it was something worse.. hoping for a kiss. * Later that same night. Then her phone rang.' said Harry. `Right.Love Actually (1700) `No.' Their eyes met and an electric look passed between them. It wasn't before. `Er.. too. and Katya. I mean. `Alone again.. And I'm afraid that there's something really wrong. I wouldn't know. `Is it just Mum? Or is it something else? Maybe school? Can you tell me?’ `You really want to know?’ `I really want to know.' he thought. it was the end of the working day at Fairtrade. put them down and started to leave again. Harry shook his head like a man waking from a dream.' Natalie told him. and his suitcase was still in the middle of the living room. his mum always used to talk to him.’ She came in with a pile of files. `Goodnight.’ Tears suddenly ran down Daniel's face. I know he's been crying.terrible pain.’ `I still want to know. Daniel took a deep breath.’ `You're right.and maybe check his room for empty bottles. the Prime Minister showed one of his ministers out of his office.’ `There's not much to know. `Actually.' Sam said..’ `At the age of eleven?’ `Well. he's sad about his mum.’ `But you won't be able to help. No one will ever want to spend time with you if you cry all the time. `Natalie?’ `’ `Aren't you a bit young to be in love?’ `No.' he said. maybe not women. I'm in love. Jamie sat down at a small table and looked sadly at the old.’ `OK.’ `Right. that's not as bad as I thought. `Yes.' Karen told him. And it's going to ruin Sam's life as well. looking out across the River Thames. The problem is. `So what's the problem. Sarah threw her hands in the air at the thought of her lost opportunity. and now the whole stepfather thing suddenly seems important.’ `But this is all the time. Maybe just beer. Sarah. He had just arrived. for his farmhouse in France.’ `It's not surprising that this is a really horrible time.' she said into the phone.’ That evening Daniel and Sam sat together. `Be strong! People hate men who behave like girls. `He's probably there now. But I'm in love. I'll just wait under the mistletoe.’ `Worse than the terrible pain of being in love?' `Er . As Mia walked out. I don't know what to do. Just be patient . You're right .

Mark.’ `Yes.. I'm sorry. `They're not funny . Become a pop star.’ `You know what I mean. earn lots of money.’ The Prime Minister stared at her. in the end. Be friendly. so I'm back with my mum and dad. Juliet. * Peter's best man Mark ran an art gallery. sir . `Did you have this sort of problem?' he asked it..' said Natalie. And be nice. was being interviewed on a Saturday morning children's TV show by the well-known presenters Ant and Dec.near the Queen's Head pub. the ageing rock star. `No. I've just left my boyfriend. `Hello. actually. I understand you've got prizes for our competition winners.! 'What?’ `He said no one is going to want a girl with legs as big as mine. `Billy. `Oh. Joe hit his head against the wall. Inside the gallery he was on the phone. `I saw them on the show last week. `there are three weeks until Christmas and it looks like the problem's going to be can write on it. while three schoolgirls were laughing at a photograph. `We can solve this. yes.' Billy said. Can I pass the phone to her? She wants your help.’ `Great. Everyone at school thinks she's a of the prizes . Which.. And you live with your husband? Boyfriend? Three lovely children . Billy. Dec said. that's fine. `You know.they're art. `So you've got no chance.' Natalie told him. `Actually. `We'll see you soon.' Billy agreed. Then she left.' Mark thought to himself. I have.’ Billy wrote a few insulting words about the pop group across the picture. `How was the honeymoon?' `It was great. `Right. bad boys!' said Dec. is the bad part?' `Right at the end of the High Street. `Harris Street . on the wall. for example?’ `Wandsworth.. The bad part. Trained army killers are just a phone call away.’ `And now it's time for the advertisements. `But I've got Juliet here.' Dec said quickly.' She paused. she'd hate me. shocked by the language. like this one here of Blue .' said Billy.' Billy nodded. didn't you?’ Chapter 4 The Real World Back at home. Like this. Parents all around the country. `So if you've got a picture. He wasn't a nice man. `He said I was getting fat. picked up the phone to complain. Mark covered the phone with his hand and spoke to the girls.I'll think about it. `There are lots of children watching.’ 8 . `Thanks.’ `I'm always .right?’ `Yes. and drink until you fall over. I could have him murdered. children! Here's an important message from your Uncle Billy. `They're wonderful.' he said into the phone. `Big pens with the winners' names on them. `So.' Peter said. Bye!’ In the next room. as Prime Minister.’ `Oh.' said Peter. actually.' he said.' he said to his stepson.! 'Thank you. `Remember that I was a child too. great!' said Ant. * Billy.! 'Oh.? 'No.' said the Prime Minister. Sam sat on the sofa while Daniel walked round him.! 'My sister lives in Wandsworth. And if she did.let's say Thursday. `I'm glad he's gone.fine." Ant told the watching children quickly.' He spoke into the phone again. The Prime Minister looked up at a picture of Margaret Thatcher on the wall. at my place. He appeared to go back to work. then looked up again.’ 'Ah. have you?’ Sam shook his head sadly. Billy.' Mark said. `You did. They weren't very nice about my record.’ `Oh. `OK . `Mark?’ `Hi. of four large naked bottoms.' said Daniel.’ `Right.Love Actually (1700) `Where do you live. `OK . no. `I'm always nice.’ `Yes.’ `Right. yes.! 'Do that.’ `And how does she feel about you?’ `She doesn't even know my name.' They looked at each other and laughed. thinking hard. that is the bad part. She's at your school . He paused.' he said. Don't do any schoolwork. exactly.

Downing Street. works there. Aurelia looked at Eleonore. Jamie stepped forward to greet her. `She is ten years too young to remember a footballer called Eusebio. I suppose I should see it. and he hit her back. no.' Sarah told her boss. `Mountains.Love Actually (1700) There was another pause before Mark spoke again. Beautiful. Jamie said. This is Aurelia. Aurelia said hello.' explained Eleonore. Then he wished Aurelia good day in Italian and told her in bad Spanish that Eusebio was a very good footballer.' said Harry. in front of her. She is Portuguese. Jamie drove Aurelia home along an empty road.' Harry agreed. Confused. Aurelia.’ `Am I sad about that. `But I think I recorded something else over it.' he said.’ `How true. `Good. Aurelia looked even more confused.’ 'OK. `like you. Sarah was sitting at her desk.' Mia replied. she cannot speak French. `It's an art gallery .' explained Jamie. Mark. I didn't really . * At Fairtrade. do you have a lady guest?’ 'Ah. `Good. of course.’ `And I remember that you were filming a lot on the day . `Has there been any progress in your love life?' Harry asked.and I just wondered if I could look at your stuff. He opened the door to a middle-aged French woman.' said Jamie. I must go. Well.' said Mark. On the desk.. `I've played the wedding video and it's all blue and it's got lines across it. Sarah hit him lightly. Aurelia looked confused. `Unfortunately.’ `Oh.' said Harry. `Sure. was a picture of a good-looking young man. I'll have a look.' said Jamie to himself.full of dark corners for behaving badly in. `Hello. with a strong French accent. There was silence in the car and Jamie looked out in embarrassment at the lovely valley they were driving through. and thought for a minute.’ `Please. `So what can I do for you?’ `I need help. Er . `I just want one picture of me in a wedding dress that isn't bright blue. in Italian. `And I have found you a perfect lady to clean the house. He turned to Mia.' said Jamie.’ Behind Eleonore. or not sad?’ `I think you're not surprised. so don't get too hopeful.' Juliet said.' Jamie said. `And "muy bueno" is Spanish.' Juliet was left holding the phone.' he said.’ 'Ah. The car stopped and its doors opened in bright sunshine. She was a pleasant-looking woman in her late twenties.’ `I'm sorry. `Beautiful. it's nice to meet you!' `And perhaps you can drive her home when she finishes her work?' asked Eleonore.' He continued driving.. another woman stood nervously waiting. Chapter 5 Special Relationships Outside 10.' She looked at him meaningfully.' said Jamie. `No. A friend of mine. The President got out. `Con grande plesoro. 9 . Her phone rang. very slowly. no. `And you are staying until Christmas?’ `Yes’ `Good. right. `Trees. Well. `And now. `I think I've found a place. you have a phone call. `Right.. that he was very happy to have Aurelia there. Mr Bennett. in careful French.' said Mia. `I've done nothing about it and never will.’ `What's it like?’ `Good. there were large crowds for the visit of the American President. very quietly.' `Right. Eleonore. `Hello.' Juliet told him..' Jamie said. And this year. No change there.' he added. It's just me. `Welcome back.' she said.’ `What language is that?' asked Eleonore.’ `You should. `Turkish?' Later in the day.’ * Jamie was typing when he heard a knock at the front door of his French farmhouse.' said Eleonore.' Eleonore told Jamie. `Stop talking now. because he's too good for me. in Italian. `Good morning. `No. `How are the arrangements for the Christmas party going?' he asked. also in French. `Of course.

' the Prime Minister said. `I love that word "relationship". the President and the Prime Minister sat alone in the Prime Minister's office. The President takes everything he wants . That's the difference between us. he didn't want to get into a fight and then lose it.' said the Prime Minister. Alex.’ `Really? That's not my experience.' the Prime Minister said as they walked into the building.’ They passed Natalie. `I'm very jealous of your plane.' he said. `That is a good-looking girl.' They walked up the stairs. Let's discuss something else.. `I'll go now.’ `Right. for a second. but then we'd have to say no later. I have plans . `Mr President. `It can mean anything. I'm not sure politics and women go together.' the President said to Natalie. can't it? I'm afraid this has become a bad relationship. the advisers were still talking and there was no agreement.’ `It shouldn't be. `We're not making any progress on this. As he had said. `Good morning. it's sad.and they will succeed! 'We certainly got that message!' The Prime Minister stood up.' the President said. There was silence for a moment. Hi. `Thank you. `How's your day?’ Natalie smiled and continued down the stairs. no. we hoped that your government's plans would be better. `We cannot and will not discuss that with you. who was carrying drinks. Harry Potter. When he opened the door.' he said to Carter. He suddenly felt more confident.' The President smiled. has it been a good visit?' a journalist asked. and she walked past the Prime Minister without looking at him. excellent . `Well. Churchill. `The last American government said the same thing. 'Ah.' the Prime Minister added. welcome.' he said. isn't it? I've never been able to get a ring on a girl's finger. he stops being our friend. A country of Shakespeare. `You sad man. the Beatles. Natalie. `you're very handsome and I look more and more like my Aunt Mildred every day.’ he said.’ `Because I'm not married?' said the Prime Minister. `Yes. We are a small country.' `Thank you. `Thanks for the drink.' the Prime Minister said. `Prime Minister?' the journalist asked.and David Beckham's left foot. After some hours. `There's one final thing that I think we should talk about. `Yes. He looked very serious. We must be 10 .we got what we came for.Love Actually (1700) The Prime Minister stepped outside and shook hands with him. `I'm sorry we had to say no to you. Sean Connery.' an American said. Our special relationship is still very special.' said the President. though. `Mr President. For the Prime Minister. she's very good . but the President calmly took his glass. It's something I feel strongly about! 'I'll give you anything you ask for. but we're a great one too. no. `although it would be rather lonely for her. passing Natalie. He smiled at her shyly. `But we thought you wanted our opinions. took some files and walked back. `I hope to see much more of you as our two great countries work for a better future. `unless it's something that I don't want to give’ The Prime Minister went outside. The next day. one of the ministers present. American and British ministers and advisers joined the President and the Prime Minister for a meeting. This is unexpected.' `But if I may say so. shall we?’ Later. There are no new ideas here. sir. if you could just give me a second. at her job. `Yes.' said the President.’ `Well. David Beckham's right foot . `I'm sorry your wife couldn't come.' said Natalie. `Natalie.' the President told him. the world seemed to stop.' smiled the President.and doesn't allow the things that matter to Britain.' the President called out. The President's hand was around her waist. He seemed quieter and less confident than the American. Then he went into another office.' he thought to himself. We love it too. `No.' the President said. `Hi. `We could say "maybe" now. The Prime Minister looked at the President.. The President laughed. If a friend bullies us.' said Carter.' she said. and then the Prime Minister spoke. he found the President and Natalie standing very close together. `Thank you. that was an interesting day. the two leaders took questions from journalists before the President's departure.' Carter told him. sir. The Prime Minister nodded his agreement.’ `She is too. Natalie went red and moved quickly away.

and true love lasts a lifetime. And what did I do? I made a paper head for a lobster.! 'Oh. worried. It makes you feel proud to be British. He offered her some cake.' `I love her.’ `I'll call you back. no! I'm so sorry!’ `It's half the book!' Jamie said. in Portuguese.'. sir?' the journalists shouted. trying to hide his embarrassment.! 'No.' a voice said. The other ministers were all smiling. `Oh well.' Aurelia told him. What did my brother do today? He stood up and fought for his country. The President left. He stopped. `Mr President? Mr President? What do you think. laughing. `I can eat as much as I want and I never get fat. I'm very busy and important. who looked down at the floor. `Thank you. He took the phone. to stop the bullying' He paused as he saw Natalie in the crowd. Aurelia took off her dress.' Jamie called.’ `I'm lucky. the wind caught his papers. `It's your sister.’ `No.’ 11 .’ She looked at him and smiled. please. played loudly in the Prime Minister's bedroom. `You're getting plumper every day. Aurelia came out. `Would you like some . er .' Jamie said. She stopped by the edge of the lake. the Prime Minister switched on the radio beside his bed. Joni Mitchell taught your cold wife how to feel. and the ministers were still congratulating the Prime Minister in his office when the telephone rang.’ 'Just don't eat it all yourself. He danced out of the door and down the stairs. He was still dancing when he noticed his secretary. Aurelia caught some of the pages. At first the Prime Minister just stood there. `Thank you very much. His phone rang and.. dear. refusing the cake.. The Minister for Sport is on the other line. still in Portuguese. `and so my life looks slightly boring.' she said. The President looked back angrily..'he said. then ran after the others. you won't. After breakfast. Then his arms and feet started to move and he began to dance. They blew up into the air and then towards the lake at the end of the large garden. `What are we listening to?' Harry asked.?’ She smiled. Jamie was eating breakfast in his farmhouse in France when Aurelia came in and took his empty coffee cup from a pile of papers. no!' screamed Aurelia. I must write to her some time and thank her..' he said.. Jamie decided to work in the garden. he isn't. I think he'll enjoy this. took away the dirty cup and put down a fresh one. Thanks very much. `They're not important' He stood up and followed her. excited at having a real story.' Jump'.Love Actually (1700) strong. that's good.. sir. Just leave them.’ * A few hours later. `Er . `but no. `You can't be sensible all the time. Every time he finished a page. `I'll have it. in 10. `Oh.' she said to Harry. `How can I help you?’ `Have you gone completely mad?' Karen said. he put it under his coffee cup.. Downing Street. `So here's a song for our Prime Minister.' `That's all right. Then the Prime Minister's eyes turned to Natalie.’ `Did she?' said Harry. in English. He took his typewriter outside.' the Prime Minister's secretary told him. But as he spoke. 'Joni Mitchell. `Can we move the meeting with the Foreign Secretary to four o'clock tomorrow?’ `Certainly.’ `Good. `Oh.' Jamie said. It had been a good day. If you saw my sister.’ The journalists were taking photographs and writing fast.' said Jamie. The Prime Minister looked across at him. in Portuguese. `Stop!' he called to her. and the President should be ready for that.’ `I can't believe you still listen to Joni Mitchell. but with new respect.’ Karen put the phone down and then turned to her husband. by the Pointer Sisters. In the end they found it between the pages of the book he was writing. they both looked for it. Jamie thought how lovely she looked in her underwear.. Then she spoke. who hadn't understood a word she said. `And from this moment I will be stronger.’ * The next day. `Please. you'd understand why. `You can if you're Prime Minister. just leave them. `I'm the Prime Minister's sister. at the back of room. `Yes.' the Prime Minister replied.

I hate fish. `And then maybe later you will take me home?' She acted driving. `Stop!’ `What kind of fool doesn't make copies?’ `I really must make copies of my work. `I was just passing. thanks. `Thank you..’ `I know you're Peter's best friend. I find it difficult to share cake.’ `Oh. Chapter 6 Aching Hearts Mark was at home. `Sometimes frightening and sometimes not.' he said. `I don't want to die saving rubbish that my old grandmother could write. `And I know you don't like me very much. `She'll think I'm not a real man. so I'll have to .’ `Yes.’ `Frightening?' asked Aurelia.'. `I could give you 5% of the money I make from it... `Don't argue.. `But the writing is frighteningly bad. He and Aurelia swam around after the papers.' said Aurelia. Could that possibly be it?’ 'Ah. Well.' Aurelia said. then took off his trousers and shirt and jumped in. `Good.. feeling hurt. `There's a video here that says "Peter and Juliet's Wedding" on it.' said Mark.’ They went inside.' said Jamie. They both looked away.. but .’ `Mark. murder.' Juliet began.. as he stepped on a fish.' said Aurelia. I was serious. I had a good look when you first called and I couldn't see it. She pretended to laugh. She acted frightened. `I hope there are no fish in here. `This stuff had better be good. `Yes.' Jamie said.' Jamie said. We've never become friends. yes. `Or give me 50% of the money you make from it..I really am. 12 . I'm nice . when he heard the doorbell.. I don't know where it is. then cry. I'll look around tonight and then . Jamie stopped for a minute. didn't understand him.' he said.' `Or.' Aurelia said. They looked at each other. A short time later..’ `Maybe you can put me in your story. thoughtfully. She acted cleaning. in Portuguese. 'Ah. Neither of them knew what to say next.. Jamie ran towards her.’ She moved towards the TV and put the video in the machine.' said Juliet.’ There was silence for a moment.' She pulled sweets from her pocket. for some sweets. `Ah. He turned off the TV. But I hope that can change. I know! I'll name one of the characters after you.' said Aurelia. and then pointed to her heart. `I must get back to work.' Aurelia said. `It isn't Shakespeare. Sure. `But that doesn't mean we'll be able to find the video.’ `Can I come in?’ `Er . Murder. right. `if I don't go in too. She had clearly come straight from a bakery. `It's the saddest part of my day. I'm a bit busy. and she dived into the lake.' Mark said.' He opened his mouth. `Thank you very much. in English. watching children's television on a Saturday morning.' Jamie told her..' Jamie said. He made a knife with his fingers. Jamie entered the living room of the farmhouse with a cup of coffee.’ `What kind of book is it?' She pointed at the wet pages..Love Actually (1700) Aurelia. `It's freezing!' he shouted. `Great. leaving you. yes. `No.' said Juliet. `Well . Sure. opened the door and found Juliet there with a large piece of cake in her hand. `Just stop!' Jamie shouted. yes. in Portuguese. coldly.’ `It's cold!' Aurelia cried. `Crime. He nodded.' Jamie told her. `and I thought we could check your video. can I say something?’ `Yes. I thought I could exchange it for some cake or . but it would be good if we could be friends.’ `Try not to step on the fish!’ `Oh! What was that?' Jamie cried. `Cake?' she offered. driving you.’ `Actually. of course..' he thought. to show him.' said Jamie. I buy a lot of cake. Aurelia was in a chair near his table with his jacket over her shoulders. `It's my favourite time of day. but she continued.

Sorry. * There was a knock on the door of the Prime Minister's office and Annie came in. I need you to do something for me. `I trust you. Daniel and Sam put their arms out too.' Sam said.' Mark said. And she has very fat legs.’ The door opened and a girl came in with tea.' he said.Love Actually (1700) `I've probably recorded something on top of it. Now.’ He looked at her and realized sadly what he had done. She's the one. `Oh great! That's lovely!' Juliet cried. yes.. `She's American and she's not my girl. `I trust you. then turned back. waving goodbye. Sam. and she's going back to America and that's the end of my life. There Juliet was.’ `But you never talk to me. `Do you trust me?' he asked his stepson. like birds flying. As the door opened and his stepson came in.. again and again. He stayed on his feet... An early lunch. `Right . `You know.' Mark told her.' Daniel agreed.. * Late the same night.. But most people believe there isn't just one person for each of us. then walked away again. Sam. He had worked for hours when there was another knock at the door. `Prime Minister.’ `Of course. `You always talk to Peter. my dream. There is for me.' Sam told him. The Prime Minister looked out of the window for a minute. It needs cutting. `Yes. And her name's Joanna?’ 13 . lunch.’ Mark didn't know what to say.. Can't sleep?’ `I got some terrible news today.' the woman said. you know Natalie. What would our country's hero like?' Annie said.' He walked towards the door and then turned back. It wasn't Natalie. You don't like me. Finally. haven't you?' she said slowly.' Kate answered. who works here?' `The plump one?’ `Do you think she's plump?’ `I think her bottom's quite big.’ `Your girl is American?’ `Yes. `We need Kate and we need Leo. came on in the middle of the film. They stood there with their arms out.’ She sat down as the video started to play.' she said. my sweet. Daniel was in his office at home. sir. `Do you understand that?’ He left without waiting for an answer. but . `Thank you. starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Outside the house he walked away. Titanic. `Yes . `Do you trust me?' Leo's character was asking.’ They went into the living room and put a video on. `Annie.’ `Yes. `This is just what I was hoping for.' `Right. `Hi. Daniel stood behind Sam. There was for you. walking down the centre of the church.' Mark stood silently as. laughing. could you find her work somewhere else?’ `Of course. `All me. `I'm sure she's a great girl. I'm sure she's a lovely girl. up at the front of the ship. They watched in silence as it became clear that there was only one person in this wedding video. he tried to look more cheerful. `All my videos have West Wing on them now. `Don't show it to too many people. Well. staring at a picture of his dead wife. I've got to meet someone for . I look quite pretty. `Don't ask me why. He jumped.' Sam replied. Then he sat down at his desk and started to write. my love..' `There was for Kate and Leo. Juliet's face appeared on the screen. there was Juliet leaving for her honeymoon. `The whole video. `Fool!' Daniel pushed him down onto the sofa and they lay back. `I hope it's useful. `I don't want to get hurt.’ `That is bad news.' Daniel told him.come in. `You've stayed rather close to me.' Juliet said. `What is it?’ `Joanna's going back to America. but .' he said. finally.' said Sam.

.. a slow.. Sam was teaching himself to play. `Who . looking wonderful in a tight red dress.but some more than others. Karl was getting a drink.. * That evening. Daniel said. `Is there any chance of a dance with the boss?' `Yes. pretty tonight.Love Actually (1700) `Yes. Blue are selling five times more CDs than I am. and your very slow writing. isn't it?' Sarah said. But I'm hoping that sales will improve. Aurelia helped him fill every corner of the car with wine. shall I?’ Karen asked her husband. Then he got out of the car and put out his hand. as he ran into his stepfather's office. And if I reach Number One in the charts. `You're looking very . Sam watched a video of Billy Mack's Christmas song.. She took it. Behind Billy. What do you think?’ `I think it's a great idea. in no known language.' Parkinson said.’ Right. and everybody was having a good time at Fairtrade's Christmas party. Billy was being interviewed by Michael Parkinson. `Well. `Thank you. cheese and other presents for his family. If I'm in a rock group and play really wonderfully.. `Well.' said Aurelia. Sam turned and ran home. Sarah stood nervously alone beside a large photo of a naked woman. Karen talked sweetly to a very dull couple. I promise to sing the song naked on TV.' He drove Aurelia to the edge of town for the last time before the holiday.’ Daniel thought about this. and then walked away. sure . softly. Daniel heard the sound of drumming. a very famous TV presenter.’ `No.' Karen replied. `You're wonderful.. `It's for you.. and Joanna's in it. `Apologia. Grande tradizione di Christmas presents stupidos.' Jamie said. Like' asked Sarah. `Good .' Mia said.' he said.' He smiled at her without understanding.. this must be a very exciting moment for you. `Just one dance?' he asked. * It was a cold evening. thanks. Suddenly Mia was there next to him. He started the car and moved out into the road without looking. She gave him a gentle kiss on the mouth. 14 . Jamie left his French farmhouse to return to England for Christmas. in Portuguese. seven girls dressed in red and white were dancing enthusiastically. don't they? Even the really strange men get girlfriends. * The next day. Jamie thought for a moment and then got back into the car..' `That I don't play a musical instrument?’ `Yes. goodbye. `I will miss you. Karl appeared beside them. `Unless you . `I suppose it's his job to dance with everyone. Suddenly. yes .' Harry told Mia. and your very bad driving. she might actually fall in love with me.. `Tell me. `I'll go round and talk to everybody.’ `I haven't got a boyfriend.' said Harry.’ `That's right. There's just one small problem . `You are fighting for the Christmas Number One.' Mia said. `Sorry?’ `It's all for you .’ Karen moved on to talk to Sarah and they both watched Harry and Mia. A car drove into the back of his..' Sarah said.’ `That's so unimportant.’ Later that evening. There was silence for a second. but Mark's art gallery was warm. `Yes .. How's it going?’ `Very badly. `Thank God. Ringo Starr married a girl from a James Bond film. There's a big concert soon at school.. as he was walking past Sam's room to bed. sir. music was playing. * Through the window of a record shop. romantic song began to play. `Grande familio.’ `Girls love musicians. no. but her eyes were on her husband and Mia.’ As they started to dance. `Daniel! I've got a plan!' he shouted.. if your boyfriend doesn't mind.

and jumped up and down with excitement. Sarah paused. darling. Yes.' Karl looked at her. `Well.. Michael was paler and thinner and had dirtier hair than in the photograph on Sarah's desk. That's good. `Little darling. They both looked at it. . at that moment. good! 'Every day. If you want me to come now. He's not well. OK .. The nurse stepped towards her to protect her. * Much later. waiting. I'd better go. Well. `Of course I mean it. `Right..' Karl said. my darling. `I'm not sure it's going to be possible to phone the Queen tonight but ..' said Sarah.’ Harry watched her. don't answer?’ There was silence for a minute as Sarah looked at Karl. `Have you been watching TV?' Sarah asked him.' `Mia's very pretty.' She took off her dress.' said Sarah. Karl kissed her .' she said sadly. 'OK... `Right. everyone at Fairtrade was quieter than usual. `No.. Then he suddenly lifted his hand to hit her.' She tried not to show her pleasure.' Sarah continued. Right . of course I will.! 'Then maybe .on the cheek and then on the lips.. * On the day after the party. very gently.' He kissed her.' he said. Karen and Harry were in their bedroom. Karl said good night to Sarah in the hall of the building where her flat was.. surprised and a little hurt. Right.. `No.’ Michael was silent.' she said. `Life is full of interruptions and difficulties. The nurses are trying to kill me!’ 'Nobody's trying to kill you. I'm sure she'll be interested' She moved further away from Karl... `No . darling . I'm not busy. faced the presenter and opened his trousers. after the Fairtrade Christmas party had ended.' Harry said. `Why don't you come upstairs in about ten seconds?’ She was tidying the flat when Karl entered...' Sarah replied. the phone rang.' said Karen.. The cold. `Will it make him better?' Karl asked. `Right . lonely room had very little furniture in it and a large male nurse stood by the door. No. So .' Karl sat quietly beside her... Then they ran towards each other and kissed. `I'd better answer it. `please don't.. `That was a good night. 'Is she?? 'You know she is.Love Actually (1700) 'Do you mean that?' Parkinson asked.’ `Good night! 'Good night. it's fine.’ `That's OK. `You're beautiful. `Good.' `I'm sorry.’ Billy stood up.. Yes. Every night. screamed silently.. yes ..! 'No. As they kissed again. He calls a lot. `Hey. help him if I can. Yes..’ `No. `It was my brother.. 15 . * In the early morning. don't be silly. I'm glad to do it.! 'Oh. Bye bye. `That will never reach Number One.' said Sarah.' She looked at Karl. `I don't actually have to go. `Don't do that. He took off his coat and waited. Look." said Karen. `OK. how are you doing? Right .. Clothes fell to the floor.' Karl said.' she said. not "job". `Be careful!’ * Sarah.' Parkinson laughed. `I'll talk to you later. but Sarah took Michael's hand.' he said. `I'm sorry about that. `I'm not busy. Then she picked up the phone. `Would you excuse me one second?' She went outside. it's fine. Then she went back inside..' She put the phone down. She pushed him away and covered herself.' she said..' said Sarah.but we've got no parents now and it's my job to . `I can only wear clothes now that used to belong to Pavarotti. Harry was talking to Mia.' `Oh. The phone rang again. darling. `I think Pavarotti dresses very well. 'Karl put his head in his hands. We're going to find the answer between us and it won't hurt any more ..' he told her. it's not really fine . shyly. was visiting her brother in a special hospital. `I mean. `although I felt fat. `It's true. `Hello.

`I can put it in my pocket. er .. `I would like a kilo of oranges. quickly..' Harry said nervously. sir. I want something I want. Mr But-You-Always-Love-Chocolate-AtChristmas.' `Yes..’ 'Ah.’ The assistant took the necklace and put it carefully in a box. finally..' another one said. He tied the top of the bag and then opened his drawer again.. 16 . in a large. isn't it?’ `Yes. All of me. I just need ..' They went into one of London's biggest shops. `All right. and disappeared into the crowd. I'm going to put it in this Christmas box. `I'll be back at three. `There. I don't know.. Something pretty. He walked down a busy street.' Karen said. They sat at their desks listening to cassettes through earphones. `Listen. `Sorry I'm late..' Karen said. Harry moved quickly away.' Harry said. `Are you looking for something special?' the assistant asked him.' the assistant told him..' the assistant said. `I thought you understood last night. He thought for a second and then took out his phone and called. He took out a bag.. I hadn't thought.. `What now? Are you going to cover it with chocolate?’ `No.’ `Right . `Yes . `I'll put it in some nice Christmas paper. `I don't really need a bag.. `I would like a one-day travel card. Can I just pay?’ `Well. `I don't want something I need. Harry thought about spending all that money on a woman who was not his wife. `Are you going to give me something?' he asked.' he said. `Sherlock Holmes is not a real detective.’ `This isn't an ordinary bag. What do you need? Something for the office? Pens perhaps? A ruler?' `No. I won't be long.' he said. as he put more dried flowers into the bag..! 'You mean.leave it.’ `Are you going to get me something?’ `Er .Love Actually (1700) `Right. Could we be quite quick?' Harry said.' the assistant told him.' he said. There's a rehearsal for the Christmas play. just leave it. `Yes. in English. I hate jewellery. are you?' Karen said.' Harry told him.' one student repeated carefully. pointing at one with a gold heart hanging from it..' said Karen. er .’ `I don't want a Christmas box!’ `But it's a gift. Harry looked around and saw some jewellery. Then he opened another drawer. I really can't wait. 'Just a few more seconds. `Certainly.’ Harry left the office.. `Look after yourself for ten minutes while I get some boring stuff for our mothers. How much is that necklace? he asked.. `No. appearing beside him.' the assistant said. `Have you almost finished?' Harry asked. this Christmas present.' the assistant said. I'll have it. `I had to take Bernie to school. `Look' He took out some little dried roses and put them carefully into the bag with the necklace. `It's £270.. decorated with Christmas trees and Christmas lights everywhere. looking at the jewellery. `She couldn't come in today. sir. right.’ * In another part of London.’ `No! No!’ 'But sir .' said Mia. I'll be waiting for you. `Actually. very confused about his feelings. students from around the world were learning English. but . `You can have everything. `A family problem. `Is this the way to the train station?' a Russian student translated into her own language. looking around him.' said Mia. `So .’ Harry was shocked. thinking.’ `Leave it .' said Mia.never an easy or a pleasant job.. Any time. Then he saw his wife in the crowd and waved.' said a fourth student seriously. all right.' The assistant took out some paper and put it around the box..' They stared at each other.’ `I haven't quite finished. I'm going Christmas shopping . `You won't be sorry. `That's great.' said the assistant. `I might.’ `Don't worry. she drank too much last night? See you later.. `Where's Sarah?' he asked. He stared at it for a minute or two. `I don't expect much after thirteen years.' Harry turned his phone off. brightly lit room.

It's . bought the traditional chocolates too.' Sam said seriously. holding her phone.' Jamie said.’ `My wonderful wife. putting down the presents and kissing everybody. although you may not believe it. standing on a table in the middle of the room. `Good night. where everyone was still in the office. `That's a surprise. It's "Christmas Is All Around".Joni Mitchell.' Daniel said.' Daniel agreed. `It's raining all over the UK. All that ice-cream. Darling.' Harry told her.Love Actually (1700) At one of the desks. `I have. I'll have to leave the room for a moment. `Unless. `Lovely to see you all. `We're live across the nation and you're Number One. it's Jamie!' his sister called back into the house. `No.' he said. `There are some things that a man just has to do. * Jamie stood at his parents' front door with his hands full of Christmas presents and rang the door bell. `I've got a terrible stomach ache. `I feel bad that I never ask you how your love life's going. `And here it is .who is Number One in the charts tonight? Is it Blue.Number One. brothers and their children all came to greet him excitedly. aren't they? People only come together at the end. a radio DJ was talking to the nation. Of course. I'll be invited to a lot of wonderful parties by rich and famous people. Billy. How will you celebrate?’ `I don't know. His father. mother. Actually.' said Karen.’ She left the room slowly. She opened it. and Karen was allowing each member of the family to open one of their presents. `Ha! I've finished with all that. darling. Jamie was learning Portuguese. could you make sure the children are ready to go? I'll be back in a minute. darling . Then the excitement left her. Sarah. * Karl and Sarah were the only two people left in the Fairtrade office.' `Ha! Yes. `Hello.. `Why don't you take one for yourself?' Harry asked her.. a present from Harry. slightly special. `Not that rubbish again!' He put the phone down. Karl.' he said.. * At the same time. `I think I want this one. `This is a very big fish!' he said loudly. of's for you. The door opened.’ Billy took the phone.' He gave the phone back to Gina.’ Chapter 7 The Night Before Christmas It was the evening before Christmas. or the unexpected success from Billy Mack? Well. `And the big question is .' Karen said. But romantic films are like that. Gina. Karl stood up to leave.' said Jamie. Claudia Schiffer calls.' `Oh no!' said Billy. the noise from the celebrations was deafening. shocked. stepped forward. `It tastes wonderful!’ * `Has she noticed you yet?' Daniel asked Sam. `You are the best!' Joe shouted.' She smiled as she picked up a small. Then he took a taxi to Gatwick Airport.' said his mother. everyone. a young manager at the record company. when I put the phone down. `But this is my other .’ He gave his sister the bags of presents and left. he was still talking to himself in Portuguese.' he said. `Sorry.’ `But Jamie. `That's great.' he said slowly. `But I've got to go now.’ `To continue your emotional improvement. `Look.' the DJ said.’ 17 . `Hello.’ When he left the building and entered the underground station. in Portuguese. trying hard to keep the smile on her face. `Good night. `Hello. `Billy . Either I'll get drunk with my fat manager or.. Send an embarrassingly big car and I'll be there. of course.. you probably guessed. Of course.... personal gift.’ `Let's hope it's the parties. It's a CD .. `Maybe I will.' he said. sisters. The phone rang and the room went quiet as Billy answered. Billy Mack!’ At Billy's record company. not yet. from Billy Mack . `I think it was the fish. looking rather lost among all Billy's new friends.' her husband said. Elton? Of course. flat box.’ `Of course.' said the DJ. full of excitement. `It's going to be a very good Christmas.' `Thank you. Joe smiled at him.

when they were inside.’ As Karl left. And my poor heart will love you . as he opened the door.’ Chapter 8 The Christmas Concert In 10. to be with you. I feel very proud.’ `Ten minutes with Elton John and suddenly you're in love with a man. `Jack. `But I just want to say.' said Billy. And. `that to me you are perfect. and all those beautiful girls. At the sound of children singing Christmas carols. He couldn't even read the signature on one of them. in fact. Sarah reached for her phone and rang a number... It was a very odd moment and I feel like a complete fool.’ Sarah smiled at him. until you look like this. `That's enough!' Billy said. Happy Christmas and I hope you have a very Happy New Year.’ * Later in the evening. I realized that at Christmas you should be with the people you love. Wandsworth.Love Actually (1700) 'I. Mark pushed the button on a CD player. it is clear to me that you are. `What are you doing here?' he said. At Christmas. tears ran down her face. `Hi. but Juliet followed him and kissed him gently on the lips. `I love you too.. `It was about Christmas. `And then I had a life-changing experience.' * Karen stood in her bedroom. Now.' she said. As Joni Mitchell sang about the pain of love. read it again and then made up his mind.’ `Well. watching Billy's video on TV. when his doorbell rang. Then Mark held up other cards: `If I'm lucky next year. he read a couple of boring ones. ' Karl stopped. `Happy Christmas.' the cards continued. give them a pound and tell them to go away. I'm serious. `Oh! Hi. Especially because (f you can't say it at Christmas. with LOVE.’ `Really? Come in. It was from Natalie.' The third card showed pictures of the four most beautiful women in the world. He picked up a phone and pushed a button.' she said.' Sarah said. darling. `I need a car. thank you! Thanks. `Why aren't you at Elton John's?’ `I was there for a minute or two. `I know. listening to her new CD. the Prime Minister was alone . Michael. the person I love. He looked through his Christmas cards. Mark smiled. `Well.very alone. `No.’ `We've had a wonderful life together. `Enough now. `Enough. opening presents with her brother. `How are you? Is it party-time down there?’ Half an hour later she was at the hospital. `I love you.’ `Well.’ Right. Thank you. 18 .' Billy told him. and went back to join her family. I left Elton's place. Mark put his fingers to his lips and held up a big white card with a message on it: `Say it's carol singers.' said Joe. `I'll be with one of these girls. Then she forced herself to stop crying. `You realized that it was all around?’ `No. He pulled out the second.' Peter shouted. Dear Sir .’ There was a second's silence..' Then he left the room. Your Natalie The Prime Minister paused for a moment..' said Michael. Then he showed a final card that said `Happy Christmas'. `Let's get drunk and watch videos of naked women.' he said. `Happy Christmas.Dear David.’ `It's carol singers. `And what was this life-changing experience?' he asked..' the first one said. The third card gave him a shock. `Well.' Mark held up a picture of a very old woman.. Juliet went downstairs and opened the door to Mark. put a smile on her face. put the card down. He picked up the CD player and started to walk away. ran to his waiting car and told the driver to go to Harris Street.' he said.’ `And I realized that I am in my fifties and I have actually spent most of my adult life with a fat manager.' Juliet called. Juliet laughed. sadly. Billy . trying to sound cheerful.’ `Yes. this is a surprise. First. Downing Street. man. I'm very sorry about the thing that happened. `Who is it?' Peter called from the living room. Joe was drinking alone in his flat. when can you?) I'm actually yours.' The two men put their arms round each other. He paused. * Peter and Juliet were watching TV when their doorbell rang.

`Has anyone seen my coat?' she shouted.' said the Prime Minister..' Natalie told them. as the cars followed slowly. are you?’ `Yes. An old lady opened the door. `So. darling. we can see that.' said Natalie's father.. I felt such a fool because I think about you all the time.’ `Pleased to meet you. Sorry about all the mistakes. `Yes. I'm so sorry about that day. I came into the room. The Prime Minister's driver turned to him. My ministers are complete fools. Natalie said..' The Prime Minister got out of the car and rang the doorbell of number 1.' said Natalie's mother. `And my Uncle Tony and Aunt Glynne . `She's next door.' the second child said. `Fine.. sir?' Natalie's father asked.' said the Prime Minister. What number.. The door opened.’ The Prime Minister combed his hair.' the Prime Minister said to Natalie. I'm not. `Please.’ `OK.' Natalie said.of course.’ `Please. `Right. Mum. which is very .’ 19 . `Listen. how can we help. `Hello. `Keith will be really upset... but she hadn't noticed him.. Then she saw him.' said the Prime Minister. aren't they?' her mother said to the Prime Minister. `And this is . and he's the President of the United States and . the police car behind it stopped too. sir?’ `I have no idea. looking at his fact I am. sir. `Is Natalie there?' Natalie was just coming down the stairs. ` nothing happened.. please. wearing the beautiful necklace with the gold heart that Harry had bought her.. `Are you singing Christmas carols?' `Er . You're not who I think you are. Natalie. `Yes . `And unfortunately we're very late. 'Just round the corner.’ her mother said.' said the Prime Minister.. Excuse me.. `No. and it's the longest street in the world.' Natalie told her. `It hasn't been easy making him look like a really good lobster. Three small girls answered.I don't want you to miss the concert. and members of the family were crowded in the hall. Fatty .’ `You're welcome. and I think you're the man I really . about something of national importance. `Here we are. when Natalie and her brother Keith were in the car with his driver and the bodyguard. `How far is this place?' the Prime Minister asked. `Er .' said Natalie. er ...' said Natalie's mother.. walked slowly to the door of Natalie's house and rang the bell.. The rest of the family had crowded into the police car.. Natalie? We can talk about . Happy Christmas. `It's the schools' Christmas concert. `Hello.! 'Aren't you the Prime Minister?' the old lady asked..' `No .' they sang loudly. This is just part of the service. `Does Natalie live here?’ `No... `Lovely.' said Natalie. `We wish you a Happy Christmas. even St Basil's.' she said. `No. `Right. ready to go out. `Hello.’ `Right. `Does Natalie live here?' `No. `And it's the first time all the schools have done it together.. Happy Christmas. yes . David. who sang with him as the children danced to the music. `Hello.' her parents agreed. I just wanted to say thank you for the Christmas card. the Prime Minister. I need to talk to Natalie .' said the old lady.. Goodbye. Does Natalie live here?' the Prime Minister asked.' Mia said. All right. I'm afraid I am. and he came towards doesn't matter... this business in the car. Thank you for your help. Lobsters are such a difficult colour. `We wish you a Happy Christmas. `Perhaps you could come along later.. `Well.' said the Prime Minister. I promise. No. but we hope to do better next year.' Natalie smiled.’ The Prime Minister waved at his bodyguard.' said the Prime Minister.' Natalie repeated.Love Actually (1700) When the Prime Minister's car stopped in Harris Street.' Natalie introduced them. we wish you a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!’ The Prime Minister knocked on the next door and Mia opened it. `It doesn't matter. actually.' `Too much detail. really . `This is my mum and my dad..' The Prime Minister rang the next doorbell. `Hello. Natalie wasn't with them.' the Prime Minister said. `Why don't I drive you. hello.' said the oldest girl. `Oh. I'm hoping to see everyone by the end of the year.' said the third.

Then they left the stage. Jesus. `Well . 'Just give me one second . `We can watch from behind the stage. Chapter 9 Love Actually Is All Around At the end of the school concert. `And wave' They waved. As they hurried towards the big hall. Everybody should be watching the children. `Love. `Smile.' she said. waving at the children.' Karen warned Natalie. `This is not quite as private as we'd hoped! 'What do we do now?' Natalie whispered.' she said.’ As they got out of the car with the bodyguard. nodding at Natalie. who was standing with the bodyguard. `Don't worry. 20 . `Hiller School would now like to sing for you. `See you later. it's a long story and I didn't want everyone to see.’ They all laughed. which disappeared as Joanna turned again to the front.' They smiled at the excited parents. lobsters and other sea animals performed well in the Christmas play.’ `I always tell your secretary's secretary's secretary that these things are happening . The Prime Minister didn't hear her. Then the back curtain opened to show a painted Christmas scene . probably. `This was my school.' `Well. Karen said goodbye to some other parents while Harry waited for her. `Come on. he really liked girls like you.’ `No. `Don't try anything. Behind them. Sam gave a smile of pleasure..and the Prime. `Terry.' Natalie said.' said Natalie. She opened the car door and ran out into the car park. `David!' Karen said. they met the Prime Minister and Natalie. make sure he keeps his hands off you. the cows. `Are you all right?’ `What are you doing here?' Karen asked. through a curtain behind the stage. Natalie and the Prime Minister watched together. Joseph. `Ten-year-old Joanna Anderson will lead the singing. and he saw immediately that she was upset.’ 'OK. `All I Want For Christmas Is You'.' said the Prime Minister. sir. Mary. `This is Natalie. `Twenty years ago. I won't be long. But I will be very sorry to drive away from you. who were just arriving. `I'll be careful.. Sam beat his drums enthusiastically. behind the stage. please come. I know the way. `This has to be a very private visit.but I didn't think you'd actually come. in a beautiful voice. Joanna sang the title line for the last time. Then she turned to her husband.' he said as the car stopped. Downing Street! 'Well. he paused. Near the end of the concert. past Daniel and Sam. not a hated politician.! 'Thank you. Sam was carrying drumsticks and Daniel was trying to flatten Sam's hair... paper snow poured down onto the stage. `It really was round the corner. `Ah. to the Prime Minister. sheep. Teachers and other pupils joined in the Mariah Carey song. I'd better not. `She's in charge of . wasn't it? Listen.' he said. to his driver.' Karen said. At the end of the song.. `How are you?' he asked.' She led him away from the crowd to a side door. Every parent in the school lifted their camera. who were going the other way.' said the Prime Minister. Daisy! Good luck. `Ah!' the Prime Minister whispered to Natalie. so I'm just going to hide myself somewhere and watch. the food at 10. Karen and her family arrived at the school concert soon afterwards. `Aren't you going to introduce me?' Karen asked. Good luck.' the Prime Minister said..' Keith said. the parents in front of the stage stood up.Minister and Natalie kissing.' Natalie whispered. As. On the word `you'. the Prime Minister and Natalie moved closer to each other. The school concert was a big success. one of the teachers went up onto the stage. just because it's Christmas.Love Actually (1700) `We're here. although nobody was sure why.! 'Yes. It'll be great. She gave her brother a kiss. And then. `Thank you for coming!' `You're welcome.' Natalie said. Prime Minister. she pointed at Sam.’ A small girl came up onto the stage and started singing.’ `No. Natalie was back quickly. Even Spiderman appeared on stage. Bernie!’ `I've never been gladder to see my stupid big brother. And then. I don't think I'll come in. OK?' he whispered.’ Karen gave her brother a final kiss as she and her family went to their seats.

`You can't come through here without a boarding pass.' said the mother. When they finally arrived at Heathrow Airport.' said Daniel. Not every day.’ `I'm sorry. if it's a necklace and love? Would you stay. Just give me one second. I never told your Mum enough that I loved her.let's do it. no!' Sam cried. to Daisy. There's always a chance at the last moment. `Don't be so silly. A passenger appeared beside them. Well. and she was perfect every day.’ 21 . pleased with themselves after the success of the concert. darling. I've been such a complete fool. `Sorry. `Oh.and made my life foolish too.’ `There. `Where?’ Joanna was getting into a big car. you were wonderful. orange. 'OK.’ They ran to Daniel's car and drove off fast. I know a way.’ Daisy and Bernie ran up to them. and Karen became a mother again.’ `No!' said Sam. `Bernie. which then drove away..’ `Even better. `Boarding pass. who looked exactly like Claudia Schiffer. `Don't worry. aren't you?’ `Yes. `Oh no.' said Daniel. I hope we meet again. Let's go home. Could you hold my coat and bag? Thank you. `Not even for the boy to say goodbye to the love of his life?’ `No. in my situation?' `What situation is that?’ `Imagine your husband bought a necklace with a gold heart on it at Christmas and gave it to somebody else.’ `Tell her what?’ `You know' He made a kissing noise.' said his stepfather.' she told her son.’ `So tell her. though.’ `Yes.’ * Daniel found Sam..or.. I'll make sure we do. `Tell her what?’ `Tell her you love her. `We're not actually flying. `There she is. really. Now perhaps . Daniel. And then.’ Sam thought for a moment..’ `Yes. `New York .’ `Yes . `We can get to the airport before them. you were so .’ He ran off. Outside in the school car park. sir.' said Daniel. son.or if it's sex and a necklace .' Daniel told him.’ `Thanks. You've seen the films.' it said. er . good. `The plan didn't work. `And my little lobster.' Daniel said sadly. They ran to the entrance to the departure area.' she said. `Tell her.Gate 36 .’ As they walked away. Sam said. knowing that life will always be a bit worse now? Or would you get out?’ `Oh God. A mother and her son walked into Daniel. `And they fly home tonight. but you've also made a fool of me .Love Actually (1700) `Tell me. Sam. I'm back. worst of all. Karen. You were wonderful on drums.' Sam said.! 'Oh. they looked around them. it wasn't.' Daniel explained to the airport official. Karen.You're Sam's dad. Just a minute. My fault.’ `Carol.' Sam said. `That's OK.last call. `You've got nothing to lose. I know it's here somewhere. `What would you do. Daniel and Sam ran inside and looked up at the board. I'm his stepfather. Dad.' Sam said. `Let's go... `Sam! Great show.’ `I'm Carol.’ They looked at each other. `No. `OK . The passenger started looking for his pass.' the official said..' said Sam..' the man told them.’ `Would you wait to find out if it's just a necklace .

Joanna was just preparing to board the plane. `He wants to marry you. `I would like to marry your daughter. started walking down the street. but their eyes were on a television screen. `Great!' the second child said happily. `I thought you didn't know my name. `But I've never met him before.' `Aurelia is not here. On it.' A neighbour.Love Actually (1700) `Do you want to try?' Daniel whispered to Sam.' Mr Barros told Jamie. Finally. `Good evening.' the passenger was explaining.’ A very large Portuguese girl came through a plastic curtain from the next room. I'll take you.’ `You wish to marry my daughter?’ `Yes. At Gate 36. Sam ran past the guards. Sophia. `Where is Aurelia?' `Why should I tell you?’ `This man wants to marry her. `I'm sorry.' He turned to Sophia. Joanna!' Sam called. an old lady.' said Jamie. `Should I?' Sam whispered back. but failed. I hope that you will give me your permission. `I've got to run. but making mistakes now. A fruit-seller at the side of the road stopped selling fruit and joined them. They didn't want to miss this.’ Mr Barros called back.' At that moment Aurelia appeared. * In a poor part of Marseille. into the house. `Ah. Mr Barros spoke to the owner. the whole crowd followed Mr Barros into a small Portuguese restaurant.' Mr Barros told his daughter. `She's at work.' her father said. `You! Stay here!' `No!' said Sophia. Sam ran past him unnoticed. Joanna kissed him on the cheek and then ran back to her plane.' Sam told her. as the story of Jamie and Aurelia grew and changed. A guard tried to stop him.' Sam said. dirty street.' said the owner. still in Portuguese. Billy Mack was singing `Christmas Is All Around' while taking all his clothes off. 22 . A big man of about sixty opened it. Mr Barros. Aurelia. who was waiting anxiously. excuse me. There were guards between Sam and her. The family left their dinner and followed. They passed a small restaurant where a family was having dinner. Jamie's taxi stopped in a narrow.’ The guards had arrived. and his hands were full. More and more people joined them. in Portuguese. The airport official was watching the passenger now. The guards led him out of the departure area towards Daniel. holding plates of food. including the old lady. `Father is going to sell Aurelia to this Englishman.' one child told another. As Sam waved at Daniel. `She's our best waitress. The guards turned and ran after him.' Sophia replied. he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned. `You're going to sell me to a complete stranger?' `Sell? Who said "sell"? I'll pay him to take you. `That doesn't matter. `They say he is going to kill Aurelia. in the south of France. Sam ran past the shops. Sam went happily to Daniel. who was examining the bottom of a man's trousers.’ `He can't do that. All four of them. She put the plates down. `Sam?' said Joanna. He got out and knocked on a door. About forty people were now walking through the streets of Marseille. `I mean your other daughter. `Come here quickly! There is a man at the door.' Jamie said. appeared on the stairs to listen.' Sophia informed the family. who lifted him high into the air. `Perhaps I left it in the coffee shop. `Of course I do.’ Sam ran past the machines where passengers' bags were checked and jumped over another official. She saw Jamie and her eyes widened.

Yes. `This one's Greta. `There she is!' Sam cried. `Thank you. people were smiling and kissing their friends and relatives.’ Jamie arrived next. was all around. then stopped and shook her hand.’ `She can't speak English very well. `Come on home. and then you can marry him instead. of course. at Heathrow Airport. check. Greta.. Harry came out and looked around. `I'm fine..' he said.' Billy told him. actually. in English. The whole restaurant was listening now.. Jamie.. The children held a big sign with `Welcome Home Dad' on it. `They've got time. Easy question.' she said. a lot of people were leaving the Arrivals Hall.. `But it's Christmas and I wanted to .' she said formally. I'm fine. `Oh. "Yes" is my answer.' Aurelia replied in Portuguese. I know I seem mad because I don't really know you. There was silence. He introduced her to Peter and Juliet. And all around them. I thought I'd come too.’ `Ssssh!' Mr Barros told her crossly.' `Jamie's friends are so good-looking. 23 . surrounded by bodyguards. I think now maybe I have made the wrong choice . `You're so heavy!' the Prime Minister told Natalie. Joanna arrived. `Hello.' Aurelia said. They all laughed and walked away. `That will be nice.' Carol reminded him. put her arms round him and held him tightly. with her family. but everything is clear to me. `Yes . `Hi! I didn't see you. Natalie ran through the crowd. `Of course I don't expect you to say yes. * A month later. shut your mouth!’ They walked happily away.. `I have come here to ask you to be my wife. `I thought . Aurelia said nothing. `Oh.’ `Say yes. `Hello’ `Why doesn't he kiss her?' Daniel whispered to Carol.' Jamie continued. Aurelia.’ They kissed. Joe stepped out of the waiting crowd to meet him. Karen was there.’ Mark was looking at the floor. in English. tall girl. `Beautiful Aurelia.' Jamie said. Then Sophia pulled Jamie away from her sister and kissed him loudly on the mouth. `You might meet Prince William. in Portuguese. `Good to have you back.' said Sophia. Then she jumped up into his arms and put her legs round his waist. there were journalists and cameras everywhere. He ran up to her. `Good evening.chosen the wrong Englishman.' Aurelia said. with Daisy and Bernie. `You learnt English?' Jamie asked. Daisy. and Mark!' he said. We can live here or you can live with me in England.' Joanna said. careful Portuguese. 'How are you?’ he asked. `Hi.Love Actually (1700) `Good evening. maybe .. `Hello. Suddenly. Then he kissed her.. She turned to the children.' Jamie said.' she replied.’ `What did you say?' Mr Barros asked his daughter.' Sophia advised. Their father did the same.' Jamie began in slow. As Billy came through the gate with a beautiful. The Prime Minister came through the gate. very slowly.' she said. Love.’ `Choose England. She doesn't know what she's saying. Harry looked shyly at Karen. who was standing beside him. `Yes. you undersized fool. 'He didn’t tell me this. with Aurelia.

. . .. . . .. . . . .. Answer his questions.. While you read 3 Write the names of these people. whether the Prime Minister wants a computer in his living room or drinks in his office). which stars are in it? At what time of the year does the story take place? If you don't know. b The Prime Minister learns more about Natalie. . . g He has lost his mother. I think. f Sam loves a girl called Josephine. 2 Look at the Word List at the back of this book. isn't it?’ b 'I'm the lobster.. . Chapters 3-4 Before you read 6 Discuss how these characters are probably feeling and why. f Juliet asks for Mark's help.. .' c 'How inconvenient. .. . a Jamie arrives in France. Student B: You are the new British Prime Minister's secretary.Love Actually (1700) ACTIVITIES Chapters 1-2 Before you read 1 Have you seen or heard about the film Love Actually? What do you know about it? For example. h Harry buys his wife a necklace. e She has a new job at 10. . What has happened to them? What do you think will happen next? While you read 11 Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)? a The US President is a married man. . . g Karl knows Sarah's brother. . .. . . . . .' e 'It would be best for all of us.. Student A: You are the new British Prime Minister. .. . . Number them 1-6. . . f His girlfriend prefers his brother. a He is an ageing rock star. e Harry finds that he has feelings for Mia.. . c Sam tells Daniel that he is in love. d Jamie is a writer. .. . . . . .. . . . ... . . .. b The Prime Minister is Karen's uncle.. . the Prime Minister Jamie Billy and Joe Daniel and Sam Peter and Juliet While you read 7 Put these events in the order in which they happen in the story. Downing Street. After you read 8 Whose job is it to: a bring tea and biscuits to the Prime Minister? b organize Fairtrade's Christmas party? c look after Sam? d run an art gallery? e clean Jamie's house in France? 9 Discuss these questions. Tell her what you want (for example. c Karen's husband runs Fairtrade.' d 'No. . d Television viewers complain about Billy. no is the answer. . Find four words for jobs. . i She has loved Karl for years. . . . . After you read 4 Who is speaking? Who or what are they talking about? a 'This is rubbish. e Juliet is in love with Mark. . .. . . . Ask your secretary questions about life at 10.. . . . d He is the new Prime Minister. . . j He is Billy's manager. . no. . a How does the Prime Minister's attitude to the US President change? Why? b Why does Karen feel that her life is not very meaningful? c Why can't Jamie just print off another copy of his book? d How does Mark feel while watching the wedding video with Juliet? Why? e How does Sam plan to win Joanna's heart? f Why does Sarah always answer her phone when her brother calls? g Why does Harry become so anxious in the shop? 24 . . . .. .. . Ask questions about organizing his working life (for example.... . . After you read 12 Answer the questions. you will find this information in the Introduction. .. Downing Street. Have this conversation. h He films the wedding.. . . What do you think? a How does the Prime Minister see Britain's relationship with the US? b Why does Mark find it so difficult to talk to Juliet? c What communication problems do Jamie and Aurelia have? How could they communicate better? Chapters 5-6 Before you read 10 Discuss the person that you are most interested in. . . c It is her wedding day. .. .. . .. b His wife has just died. how often you will have parties. .. . . . .' f 'Has there been a worse song this century?' 5 Work in pairs. who you do and do not want to see).

. . . David Beckham's right foot .. . You are his stepson.never an easy or a pleasant job. Write to Karen and tell her how sorry you are for hurting her. especially at the start of a journey designer (n) someone whose job is to plan how something is made DJ (n) someone who introduces popular music on radio or TV. Have this conversation. 21 Imagine that you are Sam or Joanna (on holiday in the US). . or politeness to. usually his best friend biscuit (n) a small. thin.. g While Joanna sings.. Tell her why your relationship with her is important to you. Student A: You are a radio DJ. these famous Britons? How would you describe your country. 25What did you like about this book? What did you not like? Which story/characters... Joanna gives him a . . dry cake.. . . he stops being our friend... Churchill. Harry Potter. a Harry gives Karen a ... . with similar humour? Chapters 7-9 Before you read 15 Di scuss how these people are feeling at this point.. people stand under it and kiss... which is usually sweet bully (n/v) a person who uses their power to frighten or hurt weaker people carol (n) a song that people sing at Christmas Charts (n pl) weekly lists of the most popular records darling (n) a word used when you are talking to someone you love departure (n) the act of leaving a place. . ... Sean Connery..’ c 'There isn't just one person for each of us. . .. white. Answer the DJ's questions. Give reasons for your answers. . in your opinion? a 'I'm not sure politics and women go together.' 14 Britain is 'a country of Shakespeare...and David Beckham's left foot.. Interview Billy Mack about his successful record and his plans for the future.. and why.. her country or the country where they met? f Can a prime minister keep a new girlfriend happy and do his job? Writing 20 Imagine that you are Harry and you are away from home on a business trip. How true are they. . .. or were. 24Write about the Christmas concert for a school newspaper.... At Christmas.. explaining why you have decided that the special relationship between Britain and the US must change.. c Jamie gives his family . did you like best? Why? WORD LIST actually (adv) a word used to say what is really true or surprising art gallery (n) a room or building where you can look at famous paintings best man (n) the man who stands next to the man who is getting married.’ b 'If a friend bullies us.... naked (adj) not wearing any clothes necklace (n) jewellery that you wear around your neck nod (v) to move your head up and down. 19 Discuss these questions. i Jamie asks Aurelia to marry him in a Portuguese ..... Say how good it was and thank everybody who helped with it. which of these people are arriving in Britain? Who is waiting for them? Which people are meeting their friends? Who are they meeting? Joe Mark Harry Sam the Prime Minister 18 Work in pairs.. usually to say yes plump (adj) slightly fat Prime Minister (n) the leader of the government in Britain reception (n) a big formal party to celebrate a marriage recording studio (n) a room where recordings are made for CDs rehearsal (n) a time when people practise before a public performance respect (n) admiration for. round fruit. e Billy prefers to be in Joe's . b Billy's record reaches number .. but who is not your father... . in Britain. glass part at the front of a television or a computer stag night (n) a social occasion when a man goes out with male friends just before his wedding stepfather (n) a man who is married to your mother. h At the airport. an important or skilled person screen (n) the flat. ... . After you read 17 At the end of the book. d Mark uses . ... .’ d 'Christmas shopping . a Who has behaved worst in this story? Who has behaved best? b Is Karen right to stay with Harry? c Was Daniel right to take Sam's feelings for Joanna seriously? d Do you think Daniel should tell Carol about his interest in Claudia Schiffer? e Where should Jamie and Aurelia live? In his country. or in clubs file (n) a collection of papers containing information about a person or subject funeral (n) an occasion when people say goodbye to someone who has died honeymoon (n) a holiday that people have after their wedding lobster (n) a sea animal with eight legs mistletoe (n) a plant with small... the Prime Minister NatalieHarry Karen Mia Jamie Aurelia Mark Juliet Daniel Sam Billy Karl Sarah While you read 16 Complete each sentence. . . (Don't include Natalie's name!) 23 Write a postcard from Jamie to his brother from France.. about Aurelia and the book. Decide whether or not to write about Katya... . ... .. Sam plays the . . . .... Write explaining your feelings and saying what you have been doing... .. f Natalie takes the Prime Minister to a school . . to explain his feelings to Juliet.. ......... Student B: You are Billy Mack. the Beatles... . than Elton John's house.. .. trust (v) to believe that a person will not harm you in any way vicar (n) a person who performs religious duties in the Church of England 25 ... 22Write the Prime Minister's report to his ministers.' Who are.Love Actually (1700) 13 Discuss these statements. .

Love Actually (1700) 26 .

Love Actually (1700) 27 .

Love Actually (1700) 28 .

Love Actually (1700) 29 .

Love Actually (1700) 30 .

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