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Fun Fact:
I shaved off all my hair and as promised here are some pictures!

The End of my Tech/Team Story
The year called 2011 is
over, well in the case of 13thFLOOR 2011 that is. Looking back at the start of 2010 till now I see laughter, joy, tears, pain, growth and most of all God’s grace.

The End (of tour)
We ended of this year by touring Boksburg and Hartswater. Both places were we where treated like kings and queens. The last week of November we as a team had our last week on campus and also our last week together as a team of 2011. The 27 of October we had our final dine which is the year end function for us. We enjoyed the night together and said our goodbyes.

More about me!
Well I experienced all of this as a great blessing, being able to learn from leaders in their field and being able to get a chance to show what my real passion is in a broader spectrum. I have also paid my first rent deposit with my 3 friends I am sharing a house with. And trust me that was a new experience.

The journey from then until now
When I first arrived at 13thFLOOR in 2010 I was a young school leaver ready to take on the world of ministry. Not knowing it was going to be quite like I now know it to be. Joy, love and grace have filled these two years more than anything else. (Let me tell you where I saw this on a daily basis). I joined as a tech team sound head and turned out to be the tech head a year later. It was a journey filled with hard work, tears, late nights and a lot of sacrifice. Yet I still saw the blessings God put in my life just to have the knowledge to do all that was expected of me. I walk out of this year a new staff member in 13thFLOOR and who knows what God has in store for me in the nearby future.

Random Statistic
I had the duty of driving our Touring trucks the past two years and I worked out that the total distance I drove only with the trucks from town to town is round about 14 000km!

Resting for now
I am in George at the moment and trying to just shut down and rest. My Uncle is doing well and I am enjoying spending time with him, my Grandma is in a old age home which is new to me and I seem to be getting used to that. I have been looking for my mother the greater part of the year after she just well disappeared of the radar for a few months. I found her in Hospital this past week. More info on that in my surprise Newsletter later this month!!! Look out for my quick updates and follow me on Facebook (Brenden Espag) and Twitter(Brenden413th) Bye for now!

November 13.tv Training
In the previous newsletter I mentioned our new “Media” team called 13.tv We as a team used the whole November as a time for us to bond and train together. For these four weeks we shared knowledge and got to know one another. Each week we had to produce a practical project which had to meet specific requirements given to us. We are round about 19 people in this team and we all have committed to be with 13.tv full time. Our new website will be up soon! I will let you know when it is up and running!

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