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com Mb:8790861018 Professional Summary • has 4 years of IT experience as Software Engineer which includes 3 years of experience in Data warehousing projects as teradata DBA and rest of experience in Supply Chain IT with Client Unilever Australasia. Got Pat on Back award for resolving critical issues in less time. In-depth experience in managing teradata database with teradata admin and viewpoint. Skilled on performing teradata BAR activities with arcmian and netvault. Good exposure to the teradata system monitoring Very good knowledge on teradata Viewpoint as responsibility played as viewpoint administrator and involved with the teradata viewpoint upgrade to 13.11 . Good exposure to stats collection, multi value compression and explain plan. Have good command on Teradata SQL and Performance tuning Good exposure to teradata utilities,Tset,ferret,checktable,sacndisk,fastload,multiload,bteqs Did support and coordination the teradata software upgrade Good understanding on TASM Currently working on new td 13 features spool less fastexport and teradata database vitrulization with VMware Have hands-on experience in using different ticketing system Remedy and HP service centre and built a healthy relationship with the customers. Good Communication skills in collaborative mode with proficiency in grasping new technical concepts quickly and utilize the same in a productive manner

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Technical Skills primary skill category sub skills sub skills project acquired skills domain skill trained skills linguistic skills Teradata DBA Viewpoint, Tset, Teradata administrator, PMÔN Pl\Sql,Sql,C# PowerBuilder 10.0 Create!form Supply Chain Management, Banking C#, HTML & Javascript,OOAD,SQL Server2000,ASP.Net, COM+ using .NET,C#.Net,ADO.Net,XML . English

linguistic skills certifications British English Certification Project Profile A) Project Domain Poejct name Client Role Health Care GE Health Care DBA Support GE health Care Team Member

role. GEHC teradata infrastructure comprise of 2 massively parallel teradata systems and one SMP they are termed as concept. It provides broad range or products and services to diagnose. capacity 27 TD . Maintain Knowledge Repository with current training materials and other documents • • Project Domain Solution Project Name: Client Role Duration Team Size Environment (with skill versions) Telecom Vodafone a major Telecom vendor providing services across India uses Teradata database as their Data warehouse support system.profile creation/maintenence and provide necessary access to users Backup and restore using arcmain. Viewpoint.SQL Tools:Teradata administrator.Team size Duration Environment 17 Aprill 2010 to till now Language:Teradata/ANSI.00 Scheduling various DBA regular activities through Unix scripting. Migration of the sql. alert setup. monitor diseases so that patient can live their lives fullest. Stats collection.ITG. Teradata system performance is monitored through viewpoint. b) Contribution • Production support 24*7 • • • • • • • • • • • • Database.user. copying stats by Tset and providing logs to Teradata GSC Monitoring teradata systems using Viewpoint and respond to alerts and take necessary actions.Teradata systems connected to 2 utility and 4 bar servers for data movement from BI ETL tools and backup and recovery operations. We did Performance tuning of queries. development & testing and production. treat. Currently working on TD virtulization through Vmware.5550 boxes. Production system has 10 Ticketing Tool:GRD. Raising and following up various incidents with teradata through TD@ys and provide various information.Support Central. Analyzing and resolving the locks. Viewpoint upgrade from v12. All servers on solarix OS. bteq and objects from development area to production area.00 to v13. user and role management. Sql assistant O/S:linux. Teradata support IBM Vodafone Vodafone Team Member July 2008 to March 2010 10 Languages: Teradata/ANSI SQL. Shell Scripting Database : Tools : Teradata 12 Teradata SQL Assistant. PMON. Teradata provides data ware house capabilities to analysis data captured from ERP and CRM and take business critical applications. Worked on Mutivalue compression and spool less fastexport Viewpoint administration.TD@ys a)Project Description: GE Health care is the pioneer in health Care domain. Teradata .

bteq and objects from development area to production area. Maintain Knowledge Repository with current training materials and other documents Windows. Multi value compression on defined tables. Logon off..9i. Input to the data is from Five different source applications comprising of 23 telecom circles. In SCM my support scope is as per below: Order .PMON.adaptive server Toad.Createform. UNIX • • Project Domain Project Name: Client Role Organization Duration Team Size Supply Chain Unilever Australasia UAL Australasia Team Member Mahindra Satyam Offshore: August/2007--July/2008 Project : 20 Languages: Onsite: Nil Module : 3 C# 2. Data is loaded in TD using ETL tool datastage and reporting is done through BO. role creation and provide necessary access to users Backup and restore using veritas netbackup. Utilities . b) Contribution • • • • • • • • • • Database.Sql servefr 2000 and 2005. Sending the Daily DBA reports (Node Usage.Javascript. Migration of the sql. backup archive along with regular DBA activities. Space movement and capacity planning. Archiving and Purging of Tables. copying stats by Tset and providing logs to Teradata GSC.0.UAL supply chain comprises with various application on different platform and technologies.Etc). Teradata system monitoring through PMON. having current database space as 118 TB. user. It is linked to 32 media servers for backup and restore operations.Remedy. Production space. My work is to support for all these application. Vodafone teradata infrastructure comprises of MPP 97 nodes. Memory Utilization.PowerBuilber Database : Tools : O/s : Hardware Nil Oracle 8. Advice structural changes and gives STATS collection recommendations wherever required.. BTEQ O/s : a) Project Description Vodaphone Essar is the member of the Vodafone group and leading telecom service provide in India.Visual basic 2005. user query count.OBIEE and Hyperion.Sql plus windows 2003 Environment (with skill versions) a) Project Description I have worked as Supply chain IT analyst for Client Unilever Australasia(UAL) for 12 months. Analyzing and resolving the locks. This assignment is to provide 24*7 teradata administrator support. serving millions of Indians. Teradata database provide data Warehouse capabilities to the Vodafone telecom operations. system monitoring and providing various performance reports. Stats collection.

Working closely with UAL IT and business users advice for various scenarios and track down the errors in operations . Achievements • • Personal Details Name Location Contact Number Atul Kumar Katiyar Hyderabad 91 8790861018 Pat on back award for performance during critical situations Client appreciation to take ownership of issues and get it resolved Email Katiyar. Warehouse management.katul@gmail. third party warehouses. Preventive maintenance I work as a bridge between UAL and its customer. Taking ownership of the issue pertaining to above mentioned applications and resolve it.No 7-1-32/9 Leela Nagar.Assisting UAL and their partners in various IT up gradations. Bill of material. discuss about business functions and operations. product specification management. Taking ownership of the issue pertaining to above mentioned applications and get it resolved. katiyar.Begumpet Hyderabad-500012 +91 8790861018. Inventor Management. Bring them up to common Contact Address Smt T Saraswathy Page 5 . and come up with common solutions so that efficiency of supply chain can be increased. b) Contribution My work profile was to support above applications and work as a bridge between UAL and its third party warehouse and vendors.katul@gmail.

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