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7 Billion People The 7 billion people on our planet need a world that lasts. Buy Stocks for $4 No Account or Investment Minimums. ING DIRECT Investing - $50 Bonus. Make Money Online Enter simple contests everyday. Take home $1000+ cash prizes! Bank of America® Our Goal is to Reduce Our Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 15%.


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The Johannesburg Summit Provided the Sustainable Development as a Way In Saving Our Planet Earth.
In 1992 World Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, getting rid of pollution was the main agenda as well as making our planet healthy amid industrial progress. However the ratification and implementation of this grand endeavor didn’t materialize, the air we breathe is still enveloped with harmful pollutions, the hole in our ozone layer is getting bigger, the seas and oceans are battered with different problems and issues, and rain forests that serves as a refuge to a delicate ecological balance continues to dwindles.Ten years later in the last 2002 summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa, different strategies were dished out and placed in the drawing table. Smarter than the last time the summiteers gave importance of development in saving our very planet we live in. This time, it is well-crafted and well-planned that will lead us to a green century equipped with green approach to deal with present bothering problems we're now facing to preserve our planet. The sustainable development aim is to expand the source of food for all people, so that they will no longer depend and draw resources from the wild, thus the wilderness and the oceans will have more time to recuperate and regenerate, and eventually be preserved.

The planet we call our home...

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Can we still save her?

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How to Save Mother Earth - An article “The old environmental movement had that is teeming with easy and practical a reputation of elitism,” says the United ways to keep the planet alive and kicking Nations Development program (UNDP) Ways to Save Mother Earth administrator as he added, “The key now is to put people first and the environment second, but also to remember that when you exhaust the resources, you destroy the people." Here are some issues that affect both people and the environment drawn out during the Johannesburg Summit: Ways to Save Mother Earth Part 2 (A sequel to the hub titled,Ways to Save Mother Earth on our other account) Mother Nature has granted all the living creatures with copious blessings from shelter to clothing to food...

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- In Asia the growth rate is projected to be slow in the coming years.

Main issues of the Summit held in Johannesburg.

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Whipping out and erecting agricultural policies Is one of the core part of the Sustainable Development.Power demands of developing countries are expected to grow by 2. malaria and cholera are widely experienced and causes deaths. cassava. a scenario that will promote global warming paving the way for flooding in lowland areas (because of the rise of Pollution from different sectors of our planet is converted by Web2PDFConvert. a bulk of these which is around 55 million will come from the Sub-Saharan region in Africa. and potato. ENERGY AND CLIMATE . .. if this happens carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases will be produced in our atmosphere. united nations development kaingin species animals across planet making planet healthy amid industrial asian brown cloud johannesburg summit 1992 world summit Population explosion is one of the main issue in the Summit. oil and coal) might be an alternative. an approach which is about efficient irrigation technique and planting crop varieties that need less water Also a perennial problem is water shortage in many countries. In the worldwide level at least 68 million are expected to die of AIDS by 2020.It is very ironic that the world is surrounded by water and only 2.Better crop rotation and irrigation is urged to be implemented across the planet to guarantee good yield as far as farmers are concerned. reliance to pest control and slash-burn method of farming (we call this as “kaingin” in Philippines) degrades the nutrient contents of the soil and making them vulnerable to pests. The Summit discuss about how to yield produce with efficiency.5% of it is fresh water and a fraction of it is accessible. . .Different research organizations in the world has developed better varieties of corn. like for instance in Africa. WATER . if we will not use our water supply well.The summit endorses “More crop per crop” mentality.5% annually. diseases like AIDS. These achievements must be emulated by other countries . . FOOD . .Planting and replanting the same crops.We may face serious water problems.In parts of the world where poverty is prevalent. If those demand are not provided reliance on burning fossil fuels (gas.Access to family planning and health care for youths and women will be given importance. .com .

indeed alarming. Ads by Google 7 Billion People www. BIODIVERSITY . Once a part of the ecosystem is sliced for human habitation and/or farming.. converted by Web2PDFConvert...lowland areas (because of the rise of sea level and melting of icebergs in the north and south poles). See more at Shell. Take home $1000+ cash prizes! fossil fuels. . which is now enjoying a boom in India. While that of Johannesburg’s its totally different but perhaps better and even more brilliant.Shell. is assumed to be the cause of thousands of deaths in South Asian region last 2001. Planting plants is perhaps one of the best ways to keep the planet alive and healthy. Ads by Google Environmental Friendly www. when you upset the balance of nature you are as well harming some areas you don’t want to disturb. our harmful pollutions is indeed choking her slowly and continues to stripped her with her ozone layer. animal welfare.siemens. making the switch from grain fed to grass fed beef is one of the best things you can do. microhydro electric plants that are now utilized as a way of generating electricity in several countries like in Kenya. Ways to Save Mother Earth Our planet is indeed gasping for breath right now. See How harnessing the wind power. Many species of animals that will disappear in the coming years are source of food and medicine for The 7 billion people on our planet need a world that lasts. expect chain reaction to take place. . Sri Lanka and Nepal... Bank of America® . the battle plan that was generated in this particular summit is to solve man’s woes to keep the environment intact. The summit in in Rio de Janeiro is about getting rid of the plague that causes environmental deterioration and degradation. climate change and acid rain. I think it is about time to give our timely response. one third of our corals reefs are expected to disappear after 30 years and areas covered with forests across the planet will continue to decrease each .. because of over reliance with Enter simple contests everyday. Many species of animals in the planet are facing extinction (or perhaps gone forever) before they're sources of electricity can also help Through Green Lending We're Helping curb pollution problems like Reduce Energy Consumption.000 species of animals and plants are threatened to extinction.2 years ago The Ethics of Food Stamps in the Culture of Reduced Circumstances A campaign to convince the public that 1) poverty and even 2) the US Food Stamp benefit program used by the officallyqualified less fortunate do not cause decreased health is increasingly the topic of research focus among Big 10 universities and..2 years ago Ghigz How to Keep the Planet Earth Green and Healthy The planet earth we dwell in serves as a sanctuary for many creatures great or small. The Health Benefits of Grass Fed Beef Study after study has found that grass fed. My 26th hub in the hubchallenge. How to Save our Planet Earth The Benefits of Grass Fed Beef If you are concerned about your health. The problems presented in the 2002 summit in Johannesburg is worse compared to that of 1992 summit in Rio de Janeiro.More than 11. It provides nourishments and all means for all creatures to survive.Immediate concern Is the heavy pollution. powerful storms. and the .Developing cheaper and cleaner Developing advanced biofuels for the future.prizes. A haze which is also known as “Asian Brown Cloud” about 3 kilometers thick... Make Money Online www. droughts that could lead to famine.

.. Keep it up. reuse and recycle what we can is one step that we can do. As a responsible individuals we should do and contribute as much as we can to help our mother earth... funnelgod 8 months ago Check this out here is a way to save our environment..oilsaverfunnel. Reduce....No Minimums...........ShareBuilder..iFloor. We have to work together.. :) converted by GeneralHowitzer Hub Author 8 months ago thanks for the visit you are all kind! BASIL 8 months ago VERY NICE I WOULD TRY MY LEVEL BEST TO SAVE our EARTH mirf 8 months ago une jam njncjx kenji 8 months ago nice1 mifrah shaikh 11 months ago v shuld save our planet earth by global warming. Learn More! iFloor Cork Flooring www. DavidLivingston 11 months ago Everyone has to be vigilant in helping in any way possible. Cork Flooring at Affordable Prices..SAVE OUR PLANET EARTH GeneralHowitzer Hub Author 11 months ago Thanks a lot guys for the wonderful comments you have had dished out. It is good to know that people like you make some ways on how to save our environment through writing informative articles regarding the proper caring and handling of our own environment....ING DIRECT Investing www. $50 Account Bonus. Good hub! FionaBaron Level 1 Commenter 11 months ago Earth is very important in our Buy Stocks for $4 ....... pollution n by crisis... Buy Factory Direct & Pay No Tax! VOTE UP VOTE DOWN SHARE PRINT FLAG Was this Hub ..? useful (15) funny (4) awesome (8) beautiful (7) interesting (6) Environment: Worst Floods and Typhoons in the Philippines Environment: Power to Change Campaign of HP Comments GeneralHowitzer Hub Author follow (1) 8 months ago yeah.

.. We got to keep on trying to save our world ! In my opinion we need a holistic solution to make sure that what we do is structural and not just temporarily or that solutions have bad side-effects. I GOT HIGHER GRADE. jerico buergo 15 months ago yeah im thats the good way how to save our planet earth and thats what i am asking that all people are carefully to our mother earth. Kudos.... Right now. THANK YOU SO GeneralHowitzer Hub Author 18 months ago Thanks a lot for the visit guys.Entourage_007 Level 3 Commenter 13 months ago great research about being sustainable in a variety of different ways.. TAFFY 18 months ago THANK YOU SO MUCH . including a plan how to realize that . Water is definitely one of my main concerns as well. manmade76 13 months ago Great Hub and very informative stuff still enhancing my english. Paul Arthur van Doorn 13 months ago Good suggestions my friend.. I have made a suggestion for such a solution in my book 'how to save our world'. denden mangubat 16 months ago i salute you sir you're really a good writer. many of the things mankind does on a daily basis is very destructive to the earth. plsssss GeneralHowitzer Hub Author 16 months ago Thanks a lot Shahzaib and denden..thanks a lot...YOU ARE MY REFERENCES. Shahzaib Ishaque 18 months ago Sir GeneralHowitzer i have heard about you sooooo much&today i have read about you&seen you i will write your information in my project i will also give your referrence in my project i m your greatest fan have happy&thanks GeneralHowitzer Hub Author 18 months ago I am glad you have a high grade.. and that presents a dangerous reality. hina 18 months ago really nice! we should save our mother planet EARTH!! starboy 19 months ago great! Nishtha Mukherji 19 months ago converted by Web2PDFConvert.

. but i cant cause there are so many ways to save the mother nature but i need only 10 . Nishtha Mukherji 20 months ago Do not honk if u love peace obey that Nishtha Mukherji 20 months ago We must save our planet by no smoking means smoke pollution and no noise pollution that willhelp us save earth divya nair 20 months ago very well done. Tatjana-Mihaela Level 2 Commenter 21 months ago Excellent.. because i need to make a scraftbook ...whoa.. In order to deserve living here in the future..thanks you very much! sixwinning6 22 months ago great research and insight in your hub! thanks for an interesting read.. only 10 .com/hub/Ways-to-Save-Mother-Earth dhez 21 months ago can u please give a ways how to save our mother nature . love it good job... planet will recover.. @sixwinning6 .Keep sharing things for saving earth remember that. even for million years.I will write this in my magazine. I came to conclusion that we do not need to save our planet. GeneralHowitzer Hub Author 21 months ago Two consecutive reply from a hub which receive rare comments how much more from from blindside that was way too easy bro! Nyahahahaha 12va34 21 months ago very nice. evergreen Hub. thanks a lot for the great comments I really apprecite it a lot....... http://hubpages... only ourselves. Thank you for this article! GeneralHowitzer Hub Author 22 months ago @neng .here is is click the link which is also my article and you'll find more than 20 ways there goodluck. we need to change.ik[kpipouk 21 months ago hello criseld 21 months ago when did you publish this? who is the publisher? GeneralHowitzer Hub Author 21 months ago @dhez . converted by Web2PDFConvert.... .com . If humans disappear from Earth (because of effects of climate change progressing)...

thanks for the kind words I really appreciate it. By the way my apologies for saying you're funny. and thanks for the visit.. Don't you realize yet..... Likewise. i read your hub and it was nice i really like your topic about mother earth. but I can't have respect for someone who. I mentioned that the picture/avatar is that of my grandson...good day and .godbless always. Forgive me...neng 22 months ago Hi sir..and pollutions that merely kills/affects a lot of innocent people and children. making a lot of noise when finally they were laying an egg? You are doing the same by looking at things like water. you are highly presumptous and quick to judge to say I was that kid sigh. .. I never stated I can do that hehehe you are chirping at the wrong hub but with genuine care for the environment I am sharing what I know and that is my right you cannot take that away..believing you can save the planet by changing just the result of some thing you are not even asking about. I wanted to touch your 'rights' or even thinking to take anything away. then your way to express yourself is astonishing but also it is not surprising that you demonstrate the normal ignorance and naivety of your young age... but who cares. But I can understand that if you see yourself as a 'General' then this the highest defence authority and your thinking in the first place goes around your grand son. I am just trying to share what I know in somehow cushioning the impact of the destructive behavior of human beings towards their environment.. and I don't believe I can save the planet LOL Beijin you are truly funny. Yeah we are indeed manipulated by those influential and powerful people. Happy New Year. . my dear .. Saludos! BeiYin 22 months ago Hi General! It seems.lack of food.:) GeneralHowitzer Hub Author 22 months ago Apologies accepted my dear friend. You are taking Yourself and so others too seriously! In no way.. and you know what hehehe.. air and trees. that people are dump and dull and not even able to do the most simple things like separating their rubbish? Don't you see that people are not much more aware like chicken that are only interested in food in front of their nose. BeiYin 22 months ago If your profile picture is an actual photo of you. forget it. converted by Web2PDFConvert.... and no harm done with that.I bet that we should all unite to save and protect our dying mother earth.climate change.the expanding population. @CJ and truepal--. you are always perfect to your know what before I changed my profile just now.. that this world is reigned and manipulated by those power people who are obsessed in their games and that they are ruling every thing that happens on this planet? Don't you know that the materialistic world view of the wast majority of people are causing that a few can manipulate all? Don't you know that people are not capable to be responsible for themselves and that they depend on authorities? Don't you see from simple observing of your surrounding. Sorry. that I entered your space without the respect you are expecting naturally from us ordinary civilians! Saludos! BeiYin PS: I'm not 'truly funny' . All nations are facing the same problems. GeneralHowitzer Hub Author 22 months ago @Beijin .

Humanity and the earth only can be saved when people wake up and see that they are causing the destruction of our planet. instead of increasing the population. the health of all and of all being. but I'm sorry to say it so direct: It is just a 'witz' and I can't laugh about it. earthquakes etc. and every single point he makes in a comedy way. Freedoms Guardian 2 years ago Very well researched and compiled! GeneralHowitzer Hub Author 2 years ago Hehehe classy remarks there thanks for dropping by shamelabboush. iPodTouchTapp 23 months ago Yeah.. I heard also in China that you're allowed to have one child only. What about volcanoes. It's us who will suffer the consequences. but perhaps a cheaper version of this machine can be developed.. The price tag is high. There is a company down here that sells machines (for about 1K) that pulls up to 60 litres of fresh water out of the air everyday.. Now in My country. there is little hope left that any thing will change. I live in Nicaragua for most of the year and we have water . I don't think so. Great Hub! GeneralHowitzer Hub Author 2 years ago Wow I really appreciate your generous comments thanks for dropping by. Thanks for this hub General Howitzer. It is particularly timely as the Copenhagen talks have just ended with very little success. We are to blame. shamelabboush 2 years ago Population control is so amazing in Europe specially. Tsunamis.. is indeed true. you heard of George Carlin (comedian)? He has a great video on Youtube named 'Saving the Planet'. Sorry! BeiYin truepal 22 months ago This hub is a real Chartbuster ..great job Curious Jen 22 months ago An excellent and insightful hub... Your writing for sure is coming out of a good intention. and we think we will cause huge damage. we see Europe have less population rates and even going down.. More population means more pollution for sure and less water and less food and more processed junk food and converted by Web2PDFConvert. In the coming years. As long as people stay in dependency and not change their attitude. behavior and their world view. GeneralHowitzer Hub Author 2 years ago Thanks for dropping by and commenting Freedoms I really appreciate it. the government declared that they will accept only the first two children in their schools in an attempt to reduce the population rate. not for years to come. I researched the other day about his subject. This is what we should do. travel_man1971 Level 7 Commenter 2 years ago Sustainable development is really the issue but we should use Earth's resources wisely not abuse it. and much too high for the average Nicaraguan. We think we can do more damage then those.

. GeneralHowitzer Hub Author 2 years ago @ brenda --.. GeneralHowitzer Hub Author 2 years ago Thanks for the visit qwark. i'm glad you drop by.. we will be drinking from the sewers :) as some African countries really suffer from this issue.. Artemus Gordon 2 years ago Food and water are both serious issues... If we can get over spending so much money to ship food to places it does not need to be sent that would free us up to think more about getting fresh water to everyone." Pls read a "hub" I just wrote titled: "Natural Phenomena Global Warming.. Soon.. I wish more people would take some of these things more seriously... Thanks for commenting." Qwark GeneralHowitzer Hub Author 2 years ago @ GreenMathDr ..dont know what you're saying but thanks for dropping by anyways.. I'm afraid I'll be logging out in few more minutes. GeneralHowitzer Hub Author 2 years ago Sure I think my other hub whose link is below this article has something about pollution. christin 2 years ago heyy i need homework help with pollution GeneralHowitzer Hub Author 2 years ago Yeah. brenda 2 years ago coyula GeneralHowitzer Hub Author 2 years ago Yeah they are indeed one of the major problems. the will to change is important as you have had said.. Danton Young 2 years ago Very comprehensive hub.water.. converted by Web2PDFConvert. Thanks for commenting and finding time to drop by. Thank you for dropping by... qwark Level 5 Commenter 2 years ago Hi General: I just read this " ... @Cygnus76 ... Thanks to to two of you though. Yeah it is..thansk for the wonderful comments you just whipped out..thanks for the humbling comments iI really appreciate you find sometime to drop by.. thanks for appreciating my hub as I appreciate your comments too..

com/hub/What-isa-lahar Submit a Comment Name: Comment: Members and Guests Sign in or sign up and post using a hubpages account. The point is in order to change anything requires agreement and without data there can be no agreement... which resulted to tragedies in the country that killed numerous people and.. GreenMathDr Level 1 Commenter 2 years ago I've been reading your Hubs and I'd like commend you for your work.. and so they don't want to know. the Philippine Eagle If the American Bald Eagle is the symbol of United States' free-wheeling and vibrant democracy.. volcanoes have an effect too.. the Philippines has its own emblem for her national sovereignty and freedom as well. Wow.Cygnus76 2 years ago It's sad to see how many people are in denial or don't even know how much trouble our blue planet earth is in. plants.. Eco-Friendly Money Saving Tips That Fosters Good Lifestyle and Healthy Environment Many are indeed aware of the present problems our planet is facing as people from all walks of life are doing their share. Worst Floods and Typhoons in the Philippines An average of 20 typhoons hit the Philippines annually. Are Sharks a Prey or a Predator Nature always works in a wonderful way. the typhoon was so destructive and devastating that the tremendous damage it had made will. Wise Discovery Info The Stirring E-Jeepney Plying The Makati City Roads When you are in the business district of Makati City in the Philippines I think it converted by Web2PDFConvert. The Conservation of the World's Rarest Bird of Prey.... The . GeneralHowitzer Hub Author 2 years ago Thank you for dropping by. Most people think there is nothing that they can do to change things. by actively participating in environment friendly endeavors such as tree planting... The mighty Philippine. The Causes and Effects of Climate Change in our Planet Just a month ago. Post Comment No HTML is allowed in comments. Although the scientists believe that human activity is the culprit for the gradual increase in global temperatures.. Good hub. a powerful typhoon the worst ever perhaps in my province literally took us by the storm.. hopefully it'll open up a lot of people's mind. the microscopic organisms and humans lives in harmony as each has its own niche in the planet performing their own tasks and duties to keep the. Kimberly Bunch 2 years ago Good Stuff! Here's one of mine: http://hubpages. but URLs will be hyperlinked Comments are not for promoting your Hubs or other sites Suggested Readings What is a Climate Change | Ask Team Rage Climate change often appears on the headline news may it be through print or in various media. Some of these typhoons ignited soil erosion and deadly raging flashfloods.

The battlecry of the campaign is to let PC users turn off their PC.. terms of use privacy policy (0. and respective owners. Power to Change Campaign of HP With just four months after launching a noble cause.. Ghigz Why Moon Bears are Highly Endangered Species Why Moon Bears are Highly Endangered Species. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.. about us learning center blog affiliates advertise link to this page copyright Copyright © 2011 HubPages Inc..45 sec) HubPages Business converted by .." Hewlett Packard (HP) hatched attracted thousands of people support. All rights reserved. "Power to worth trying to experience riding in the lavishly designed and colorfully painted e-jeepneys.

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