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Click here for more information Bhava (house) 1. Tanu Body *Kendra / Trikona *Dharma *Cardinalal Bhava karakas and the signs of Zodiac from 1st sign Aries SUN - ARIES Devata Ruling Gem Sapta Dhatu Dosha (Sun) Dosha (Aries) Key Significations of Bhava Family Members Body Parts


Agni Ruby Bones Pitta Pitta

The Self (Atman), innate nature, the Father's mother. empirical self, psychological make-up, personality, physiology, temperament, ego, Mother's father. constitution, character, complexion, dignity, sense of self-worth, general welfare, happiness, fame, status in society (social level), splendor, health, vitality, longevity, victory over enemies, strength or weakness, vigour, place of birth. Wealth, speech, family, domestic happiness (harmony), food, drink, jewels, precious gems, precious metals, movable property, ornaments, clothes, vision, quality of face, hair, mouth, teeth, tongue, jaw & voice; spoken & facial expression, cheerfulness, self-confidence, creative imagination, poets, learning, education, educators, memory, fixity of mind, oral expression of knowledge, sources of income, maintenance of others.

Head. Brain. Forehead.

2. Dhana Wealth *Marakasthana *Artha *Fixed

JUPITER - TAURUS Devata - Indra Ruling Gem - Y. Sapphire - Fat Sapta Dhatu Dosha (Jupiter) - Kapha Dosha (Taurus) - Vata

Parental family. Self-created family.

Eyes (general). Right eye (specific). All organs of face and neck; mouth, tongue, nose, thyroid etc..

3. Sahaja Siblings *Trishadaya *Kama *Mutable

MARS - GEMINI Devata Ruling Gem Sapta Dhatu Dosha (Mars) Dosha (Gemini)

Deliberate actions, motivation, interests, hobbies, one's own efforts (initiative) and - Subrahmanya how well they are supported, sports, pleasures, assistance, servants, - Red Coral neighbors, short-term desires, short trips, - Marrow short contacts, telephonic contacts, writing, correspondence, computer skills, strength, - Pitta valor, courage, stamina, fine arts of music, - V/P/K dance and drama, actors, dancers, singers, directors, producers, manual skills, initiation into spiritual practices, death of parents, cause of own death. Mind (emotion), heart, happiness & contentment, confidence & belief, close friends, all family members (close relatives), mother, all well-wishers, home comforts, home country, lands, gardens, landed property, houses, underground treasures, wells, graves, agricultural products, vehicles, horses, elephants, cows, buffaloes, goats and sheep, holy places, moral virtues, belief in and devotion to God, piety, righteous conduct, character, good name and reputation, education (ultimate results, degree etc), end of undertakings, conditions at close of life.

Siblings... First youngest. Siblings of mother's father.

Upper limbs Shoulders. Arms, elbows Hands, wrists Upper chest (nipples). Right ear.

4. Bandhu Relatives *Kendra *Moksha *Cardinal

MOON - CANCER Devata Ruling Gem Sapta Dhatu Dosha (waxing Moon) Dosha (waning Moon) Dosha (Cancer)

Mother. Close relatives.

Chest. Lungs. Heart.


Varuna Pearl Blood Kapha Vata Kapha

5. Putra Children *Trikona *Dharma *Fixed

JUPITER - LEO Devata Ruling Gem Sapta Dhatu Dosha (Jupiter) Dosha (Leo)


Indra Y. Sapphire Fat Kapha Pitta

Inclination of mind (intellect), creative Children. Intelligence, knowledge, education (deep and wise learning and wisdom), knowledge Second of mantras, tantras and yantras, spiritual younger sibling. (meditation) techniques, talents, judgment, discretion, advice, merits from past life, devotion to gods and brahmins, deity of one's choice, virtues, ruling powers, Royalty, ministers of the King (politicians), authority, fall from position, literary works, amusements, enjoyment, recreation, sport, romance, children, disciples, wealth, prosperity. Worries, anxieties, obstacles, enemies (external and internal i.e. vices), thieves, challenges, tests, urge for perfection (selfimprovement techniques), turning obstacles into opportunities, competitive power (ability to rise above competitors), difference of opinion, conflicts, litigation, borrowing, bank drafts, debts, diseases, suffering, wounds/ulcers, medical profession (care of the sick - nursing), daily job, service, colleagues, co-workers, subordinates, employees, hygiene, preparation of food, appetite, quadrupeds, pet animals, receiving charity.

Liver. Gallbladder. Spleen. Navel. Kidney.

6. Ari Enemy *Trikasthana / Trishadaya *Artha *Mutable

MARS - VIRGO Devata Ruling Gem Sapta Dhatu Dosha (Mars) Dosha (Virgo)

Maternal uncle. Stepmother.

Navel area. Intestines. Digestive tract.


Subrahmanya Red Coral Marrow Pitta Vata

7. Yuvati Spouse *Kendra / Marakasthana *Kama *Cardinal

VENUS - LIBRA Devata Ruling Gem Sapta Dhatu Dosha (Venus) Dosha (Libra)


Sachi Devi Diamond Semen K/V V/P/K

Husband, wife, partner, lover, marriage, partnership, sexual affairs, medium-term desires, business partner, co-operation, trade, commerce, travel, journeys, law courts, residence abroad, nature of spouse, relationship with all others, the world at large as seen by the native.

Spouse. 2nd child. 3rd younger sibling.

Area below navel (basti area). Colon. Internal sexual organs.


confinement in prison. past and future births (see Parashara) psychic abilities. sense of importance.Skin Dosha (Mercury) . happiness. rank. foreign travels. Dosha (Sagittarius) . Vyaya Loss *Trikasthana *Moksha *Mutable SATURN .htm 10/17/2011 . piety. wealth of spouse/partners. dignity. fame. mode of death.2011 Wendy Vasicek. guru. profession. inheritance.B. accidents. legacies.SAGITTARIUS (poorvapunya). associations. wisdom. upheaval. External sexual organs. Grandchildren. chronic ailments. secrecy.V/P/K Income. honor from government.Muscles Sapta Dhatu Dosha (Saturn) . Wife's brother.Kapha Expenses. visits to shrines.Indra Ruling Gem .House Significations Page 2 of 2 8. lonely places. enemies. The Vedas (vedic sciences). fortunes. travel abroad (emigration).Fat .Brahma Ruling Gem . change. religion. prosperity. prestige. ambition. spies. gains. society. loss of relativity.Kapha MERCURY .Kapha . reputation. good news. science and literature. Feet. children. Left eye (specific).Indra meditation. Stepfather.Y.Fat Sapta Dhatu publications (including press/media).Vishnu Ruling Gem . promotion. Ruling Gem . charity. First eldest. *intuition*. Dharma Natural law *Trikona *Dharma *Mutable Longevity. morality higher education. secret enemies (deceivers). trade. elder siblings. professional training. royalty. economical and geographical as well as boundaries of consciousness). overseas journeys. Dharma. 11. Sapphire etc). Hips. sin. ashram or monastery. mysteries of life and death. journey to far off distant lands. Sapphire . Left ear.Kapha ethics. pleasures of the bed. enlightenment. conflicts. fulfillment of hopes and wishes. Randhra Vulnerable Point *Trikasthana *Moksha *Fixed 9.SCORPIO Devata . discontinuation. merits from past lives JUPITER .AQUARIUS Devata . loss of attachment. support of nature.B. battles. campus. community. rebirth. separation. Thighs.PISCES Devata . Devata . scandal. . battle forts. faith. losses (including loss of boundaries--social. living in foreign lands. life philosophy. Elder siblings. authority. Brother's wife. underground places. 10. long-term desires. clothing. All Rights Reserved http://jyotishvidya. conspiracies.Vata Dosha (Scorpio) . opportunities. © 2002 . loss of identification. being accused. SATURN .CAPRICORN Devata .Y. world view.Muscles Dosha (Saturn) . Karma Actions *Kendra *Artha *Cardinal Father. insurance. ruling power. Dosha (Jupiter) . solution to problems. career.V/P/K Dosha (Capricorn) .Vata Activity. quadrupeds. calamity.Pitta worship. Knees. renown. Sapphire Sapta Dhatu . Spine. success and status in Sapphire Sapta Dhatu Dosha (Jupiter) Dosha (Aquarius) . Son's wife. gain of spirituality.Brahma Ruling Gem . agonies. Labha Gains *Trishadaya *Kama *Fixed JUPITER . Ankles. donations. Father's brother. eleventh lord signifies difficulties and diseases. fall. unearned wealth. remedies (medicine. Tantra. yagya. transcendence. club life. siddhis. air travels. circle of friends. dangers. penance (tapas). intoxication. all articles.Vata Dosha (Pisces) . auspicious events. hidden treasures. cognition of universal consciousness. wastes. pilgrimages. moksha. hospital. 12. barracks. Children. 4th younger sibling. profits. Family of spouse. occupation. success in undertakings. commerce.Emerald Sapta Dhatu . renunciation. 5th younger sibling. transformation. Calves.

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