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Hamburger Hill: Jake Sully

I was in the trenches; bullets whizzing passed me and some hitting the ground in front of me. Mortar shells were flying in and dropping everywhere. We sprinted up the hill and dove into the trench in front of us. I figured I would get a better view of the enemy so I low crawled to a nearby tree and stood up. I swung my M16 onto my back and started climbing. As soon as I finished climbing, I provided suppressing fire on the enemy troops below. My efforts allowed my platoon to gain the advantage in the assault. Thinking of the battle as a game calmed me down. After I let off a few more rounds, enemy troops had spotted me. As

soon as I extended part of my body out to move, they shot at me like crazy. Most of their shots missed but one got lucky and hit me in the arm. Ahhhhhhhhhh! I said as I screamed in pain clenching my left arm. I tried to return fire but I could not. My left arm was too injured to handle the weight of an assault rifle such as the M16. I threw the gun down and took out my Colt M1911A1 side arm and climbed down the tree while shooting in the general direction of the enemy. Just then at that moment I depended on my Colt side arm to save my life, to never let me down; the best friend a soldier could have. Once I climbed down the tree, I started running to the platoon medic yelling Medic! repeatedly. He laid me down, cleaned the wound then bandaged me up and I was eventually shipped off to a hospital in Thailand.

I was glad I did not have to fight for a while, leaving war behind. So I just closed my eyes and slept. Jake Sully recovered quickly and went back to America where he then joined his family for Christmas.

M16 Assault Rifle - diagram

Colt M1911A1 hand gun - diagram

Colt M1911A1
The Colt M1911A1 was a very popular weapon. It was used in many wars, such as: World War I, World War II, Korean War, and the Vietnam War. It uses a 45. Caliber bullet and was considered lightweight at 2.44 pounds, which made it an excellent weapon of choice. The handgun was designed by John M. Browning and had a seven round detachable magazine.

John M. Browning
John M. Browning was born in Ogden, Utah on January 21, 1855. He died in November 26, 1926. He was granted 128 gun patents, the first of which was granted to him on October 7, 1879. He was one of the most successful firearm designers in history. The weapons he designed and manufactured were so functional and efficient that his weapons were used in the military for decades.

The M16 model assault rifle is a very common weapon. It was used in many wars such as the Vietnam War, and its current version is still used today. Eugene Stoner and his helpful assistant James Sullivan designed it in 1957. The rifle had a weight of 7.18 pounds and it was 39.5 inches in length and uses 5.56 x 45 mm magazines. The rifles manageable weight made it a good quality and durable weapon to use. Over 8 million M16 rifles were manufactured and sold between 1963 and the present. Currently a new model, the M16A4, is being used by some branches of the US military.

Eugene Stoner
Eugene Stoner was a great firearms designer and manufactured many guns. He was born on November 22, 1922 in Gasport, Indiana. He was one of the most successful firearm designers in the 20th century. He has one assistant, James Sullivan to help him with his work. Together, the two designed the M16A1 rifle and perfected it. Eugene Stoner died on April 24, 1997 in Palm City, Florida.

GLOSSARY Trenches - A long narrow ditch that is used to shelter troops from enemy fire. Mortar Shells Ammunition containing an explosive charge and projectile. M16A1 An American made assault rifle. Suppressing Fire gunfire that degrades the advancement or movement of an opposing force. Platoon A military unit containing 16-50 soldiers Assault A military attack Assault Rifle - A type of weapon designed for ground force attacks. Colt M1911A1 Side Arm- A very popular handgun used in the military made in the US Medic- A field soldier who is trained in providing medical care to soldiers who are injured Thailand A country located in South Asia located close to Vietnam