Yasakajinja. Kyoto. Yasaka Jinja. Kitagawa. Kyoto Japan Address: 625 Gion-machi. Gion-san Type of site: Shinto shrine Dates: Founded 656 AD.LOCATION Names: Yasaka Shrine. Gion. Gion Shrine. most buildings date from 1654 Location: East end of Shijo-dori (Fourth Avenue). 24 hours . Japan Hours: Daily. just off Higashi-oji-dori.

Most of the buildings that remain today are from a reconstruction in 1654. the god of prosperity and good health. In 869. Because it's close to the shopping districts. the omikoshi (portable shrines) of Gion Shrine were paraded through the streets of Kyoto to ward off an epidemic that had hit the city. The Yasaka Shrine crest and view of the cucumber cross-section . and his wife and 8 children. This was the beginning of the Gion Matsuri. Yasaka Shrine is an important shrine for Kyoto's inhabitants. an annual festival that has become world famous. worshippers drop by frequently for a quick prayer to the god of prosperity and health.BRIEF HISTORY Yasaka Shrine was first built in 656 AD. It was dedicated to Susa-no-o. Today.

It is architecture without the similar instance else. The main shrine appointed to the important cultural property of the country is called “gion-zukuri". section . front view It is a style to wrap up a main shrine and the front shrine on one roof.EXISTING • Buildings The plan of the main shrine.

the Nishiromon Gate is considered the symbol of the Higashiyama district of Kyoto and Yasaka Shrine. and this design has become known as Gion-zukuri (Gion construction style). Designated as an important national cultural property and popular among tourists. the roof covers the front shrine as well as the main hall. the vivid vermilion-lacquered Nishi-romon Gate. Ema-sha . Main Hall The Iis a gallery of votive horse tablets. The present structure was rebuilt in 1654 by the 4th Tokugawa Shogun. The has an unique architectural style . Many paintings were placed around the wall. The Nishi-romon Gate was once known as the Yashamon Gate and the Kagomon Gate.The symbol of Higashiyama. Tokugawa Ietsuna.

your skin and heart will be beautified. this shrine is dedicated to three female deities of beauty: Ichikishima-himeno-kami. and Tagitsuhime-no-kami. it is said that if you wash your hands and face with the "beauty water”. There is a place for selling charms and amulets. There are lots of little shrines surrounding the Yasaka-jinja comple. A.Dedication ceremonies are usually held at but it can also be the setting for wedding ceremonies. B. One of those shrines is called Utsukushi-gozen shrine (picture C). Buden Hall. each of them serves spesific purpose. Tagiri-hime-no-kami. . C.

1/1 Okera-sai Prayers for health and happiness. 1/3 Karuta-hajime-shiki Dedication of the Karuta play.• Activities Other than for praying activities. the shrine is also use for many events. a Japanese traditional 1/9 Ebisu-sha-sai The ship of shichifukujin marches around the Shijo street. 7/1-31 Gion-matsuri Many events are held during the festival. 3/17 Kinen-sai Prayers for luxuriance with music and dance. Here are the main yearly events that take place in the Yasaka shrine. The highlights are Yoi-yama on the 16th and Yamahoko-junko on the 17th. . Also Hanagasa-junko happens on the 24th and ends with the Eki-jinja nagoshi-sai on the 31th. 9/ Kangetsu-sai A festival of moon viewing held on Buden 11/3 Bugaku-hono Dance dedication with a big drum and other music. 12/31 Imamiyaebisu-jinja tai hono On every new year’s eve. Imamiyaebisu shrine offers breams to Yasaka shrine.

D. And for foreigners who cant read japanese the maps might be useless. information boards . and it’s explain only about the history of the temple.ISSUES A. In each of the B. There is only one board with english explanation near Nishi-romon gate (picture D). B & C). C. all of the informations were written in Japanese (picture A. The maps of the Yasaka- jinja are only avalaible in japanese and they were placed far from the gates so the visitors might not be able to see them. .

and the avalaible signs were all written in japanese. B. D. circulation . The around the shrine complex is a bit complicated as for there are four gates.A. C.


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