(love).(Silence).Suicide) 0

as shallows, a gazelight leaks evanescent bonds, ours crossed. out spilt where intral forms wor’ of conivsiky our name stake well it waves tares at last caught white drapes lone near. at once at victories blasted trickles pure and wont name, caught deleted below the torn seems well, away broke ampr. more wil’el

I (love) it was her, her in her looking which is where you could just see on it forth splling from the everying grays green string and brown that it was, her, enviable, her, caught white bloom which would expand past herself catch her name, so flote as she would in her own bysides. and then would it even be just as well. each, careful bruseh syllable each mornign soft. and breaking hard into torrent. and declares. and casting around, the shallows of old,. marked graves lens and silhouette brushes. -names hark in years. bloods drawn out formed and hide. well. she’s, she should and you know, know. when names fell. by the black choke, along mirrored walls in eyeliner. charcoal by the bed side naked, cornered in the light and broken in dews by all as well alsa to our crosses swung. a shadow shallow oh, will you look? and when taken aback by the slight of such |s| strung wall eith its fabric in a blue hung nativity. and abound a’d by a night from which it let it all go on to and lead and fall to all over the occurrence. oh, as whell just as well, it would gush as juesy and yet yert, will you would you come back around? back through the paint and glister alls at and torrent on morening. more avey, and by baked eggs. in the scatter clothed kitchen it was a tentative. washed in hangover blissz well else. el.se -where you crept. cryptics where well into the gold brokerage and bronze sprout, riped in near the neck, a cross paths with which heach and everyone has had to place stretched browns and oils slicked. wallow out in eyes, she said. wonder on in hearts. doored by blocks and shot a needle that courage hands in showerless brime liquid; distil. when hope cross laughing harks broken near and in the damp. winds,stand and passage, well all of the rain crushes around our feet near and former and well the drawings had not begone. well. all given secrets. this, in here said she look walled, breaks the powder and blue infusion nears the hands, those trembling anxn twisted wine slprit in whisky born travels, an escalator and the some-ways tracks, you know when who is the first to say love long another -they where speaking, as we passed it spoke to hers, but we just glanced, out. at the passages of windows and bluew flowing purple lights to trail in matted dark hair. hangs to pushed around ebon stares. A felt breath crosses over and were it not ne’ to be in the caves and halls on

where darks dart where when produced candles broke and spilt, it was glass to our flesh and all the seeming to be such at there, welll gold runs liquid in the flesh. here at the hopes crosses and in flowers drawn at sidewalk paths, rails to travel ammarica. america republic born cries at our feet. even without child, without, the heart deaded in senate. konler, and whoever, she would not, she spoke not, left broke and stole the windows away from the diseased. well blue, from her ground flows in wet mops from by her head down dragging scrashs and broken nets. and all that was once to be produced, once left out, once run for in the cannons volley of after. for in the lights bleshing, have sorted our faith, and taken away, warm pessin in the winter sheets of feetbare and waterpelts, and now in line with mellow dreams and curtailing, she’s welled and up to wonder if at all over there it must known that all to be and will to keep at it and hard to prefer once as with all the walls shadowing and the rain still to keep., must now i? she wonders where is it that snow is not wet not covering where, i need not be always at the steps of so much lost and lied. and well all the crimpling of the notes worth and well, i keep, kept it and too swinging deserts and glass plates and another just to passing down pain, anxiety. and the tracks not marked. in flesh, broken, will and using used. and parted well. all them, and we stept up to the paths of those wondered every day when, it would be world to bring again a to faith be, so the winds will be as so sung, where well the yellows will cries, where we would now know our forever. lost in and out placed. dear. to on our heart. more spraie.s by giving, each and at all, too our eyes and more years and crossed onto towards capes of bight hills on brick built straw and flames nip warm sorting our and elements heat on aware. towards perfume rise in an essence coiling around the soft fabrics embroiderment soft pinks roses floral and white, brushed over and out the coolsnow air windows high above the sky outstretched and reaching away from the city, arms and french arcs cress soothed and hushed enough warmed into lettings go out, around the stone passage and over passways covering into the obelisk of our reaches meeting only stillness and soft hues echoing the absence of the silent voices.

II (silence) do you go. for everyy where and be fore the night is young, governin in the satly airz. those marks which are not to where we have gone to out onto the sea, there from everywheres looks up towards and as gone to bare woods; looking out. just to kn-knhow.

howveer-ew as gone just ever so towards where the travel had bared our way, wishpeereds towards the witching glows all kept the stilll’s in your voice and li(o)w. morenings so best be to take us where where not gone. and to yield a low wish[per dear. in our eyese at the keeper of gos no where. -locks the door and sits a lone in the dark<misty hangs swung through the air, mosit and soft like her golden lair of broken glass and leafless fig trees those who bear the light of emeralds. those which starie and are to be home gloth a wide in entricne prae which is held to kneel just as be for as golden grain felt whispers caressing their brittle stock the wind ordered them to be held blown to the blades, a wrath harked upon all with which was to be and scorned to hold broken at our nimble strides heart strung and laid. with all that went again against crossed on the rosed out skies, to be left and heard in the wind. All to the intightment lost to the sides that have all gone and oh it be well which still as static and glows blue fire; a rush over and before the eyes yellow and runs along white. Roads lead to flake and shiver ever over into where only done away resides. as banks along the wide cove, there breaks open at the sea of dawn as she told to the wind down river. Along she does go alone at these, in white idol drapes all of the golds from around and in her flings about at her feet well torn drawn tears, heart and floor all to backed sights to thrown paper covers wet at any site on urn. as moments are broke by a noon and the clokicks are at the door; well well, you’re going |hmm| through and in at a peering milieu of dark alleys near to my names, well droppings out around my |mone|; lets us trade silences. so well smokes curls and a yet of your torn brones well in those white drapes, an else without memory, without even a just, holding still, realing in by the homes and lights; oh towards hark givin blesh and joy. all to well in broken vinyl moments, as to where it’s just as well as well to find further stakes on stalked daylgith pawaywas through which we crossed and walked without ever even looking over to where we sat and burnt fire. here, caught us in the branchs of near broken blankets curaited(curtailed) gray sofa’dalz these is annedd for the cloths of joe dangled dead in the night well we still hold to the memory of object, a kept soft, and near blue crash gray blanket shirt and silence in rose gardens on our breast. keeping still in a still sorrow one wishes to when all nips as its not enough to be thrown in and destroyed.

an absence of silence appears in the wake of none other then her might strides eptied of all, once bared fruit joins places where a flow out of rosy sand plans rather it took away from the glow of her nights and dark fogure that pranced though the halls of despite to land olways carptingeyes, grosem tricks playing out in nightly sondovay. its a lot easier, always to say so and not ever even know how taken up in it all was the sworn but all the while there siting well the lit smoke passes between black and the eeys, and holdeds it out streached in time to soft wurrering in the hallways, streaching out past both figures allwasy tide. -breaks into the stire. walk home over floors to the lims in cought, all the ground swollen well those arms grip eveything on the countries wide eeys, stoalking up the local a neat palette of hornet swash and dew nectar posited on the sliteis needle, when he said used, it was only to take apart and gain in the pools that should form under the lids at the start of each and everry word which will not be of those to cross the flood.

no works. not to nothing on the sides but to a nothing in the lights as it bloomed out over’ the ever. to where ours and where, where took to your taken as surely as. the past. rose.

III (suicide) and, all the,. to an eve on desolate this, where a place to which we’re to go as it was here, that we sung and danced to preform al’l shall be still burning red and so torn,. in the wake ))___ she raises her hand pressed soft to the flowing mysts wrapping grays blackmakrs on her dress. flowes intwinds the stunned ground cooling autom greens, as there breaseimg never flows, trapping all the ember, lost. to, |s| might our tear. join into. just as so. before then as i extend into the white burning dress, in such a take, oh belove. should we, -yet, given, you, shook. in a joceled walking stained in grave of guilted and this is her mother’s hers. one whose voice already knew, in its brokerage of quivers inside the free, her house now torn out fallen and fell. rode all near by

her daughters soaked hand, by her quick salient and sliced red pool alone out on the carpet. having over all in and around on the floor at the ground broken stolls the light in an everance fordawn, where reigned in an office bathroom a tall mirror. rubes in the hand, well with each moment a closing of eyes, as in the torn fresh sqemshs out floods and is to dart down all to where we’d line just another cut pressing and break into blue pill powder. inhales, around our dark rings as all well as known. to be at soon and rolling in the pools of our blood. in here looking up around heavy, chasing in around the sites of each figures, well, see it’s only another hot blade and mother’s still to be across the floor of scarlet. yet (to) hold, child. in some many forms well she wonders, ghosts. white. shes in the robes, in the browns, in the skies torn and by the eyes of each so to be near a lost out at the far reaches of the coastal and former losses. always away from the fallen, kiev. what took so much to be and to have and to take so much as long. into the mornings. fill inside cold, well the darting still keeps in the mind, where all else shakes violent and rolls. well the cold keeps blood stiff, in the floor of glass, starching out where ours performs. staill movements in broken glass which hangs all around where we dare hung along creaking tarnsiehd planks, and green embrace burnt for each and catch as all that harks warm wrappers strifle and so you tear over the dinner when once we knew about the flows of dark and with yet bayin and stranded we let just hethro cross stains stare and grip the hands,. warshed colour pinking to white provided neat shatters which tinkers in the glass jars all wet all around the booked pages goldeing in the heat warth holding in age dews years blooms when torn open splits where you stode up curling away forgone to the winds, dashed in eyeless bloomed folds down the cloth and rolls to the pool in the darkening. a blue push, all coiles soft on the lips spills around the tung, galbs of that of airt, for her, for she’d like to behind the dark shades, and hark from wings, not wet, in torn, gardens blowing up, the startlight glow purple haze from teared moons golds crosss the day at which all too fastly she held her self out too the wildly winds tripe along the streamings pouring forth from her slashed flesh, spewing up the thoughts as rolled eyes candy gown ripens with foliage and the cure sweet warms fading in colour, as it takes out her pale and leaves only markupmark blush. Even, if she where to stand naked and eyes she’d only now be able to wines, fleshless, as the coroners of her figure curl in on her clevis pumping blood sharpé as it spreads into the arrangements, into the new cavities to fill life and air ruby reds glows into warmmerly. simmers heartxz. come closest to dreary light and care away the stone marks, won and told fixed. when before her stands and up dressed soothing away in heat swollen entry sticks about in her side. without will all wont be taken to weak breath a breeze over the solid and takes accimmation. St.{steet,at. once force and still.wet as one draws only over dear covering as old wails out whisked away. dear wept and to all for this is to be kept away in the sight over ever. falls without in.twards and if even to beloved should stand folds over herself, crimmpling the pages in their mosting from the runes that trikel around her palm.

blood curtails, slipsalongthe shards brokenoutconstricvinguponthe bits of all the extended world and nothingshecangrasp,today is bloched, tattedless as they always could be elsewhere may to find. such intoxication, lead on the windows glass wide in horrid watching as untoldfolds. what dream darking such places there semblence as approaches rises settled grasps.mutlation.breaths in weaves.slowly fulters.cooling settleinpurple stuckedout.last. those out stretched torts. sivvels cross the pathways of ordained to that lost, yet inside the moment shoots girave. gone tela. uare kifrevor. ;;;;;usaz. reimz. hivers. vivmy. forge. .. taken by bonds snapped and all the grown bours out yet, yet, caught by the stones rise high, high smoke fewms, black golds in the eyes rolling pelts the hearing hear scream over splits on the midnight light going out, yet, whell, when, shall we hold in the daylight broken rough days torn from the canopy of indifference. all the bloods will cool in misty and air, exposed. on to our moments and to be tookin away just as well. as the spreaded crimson ponds over flow by drips from all else, lips parched gone near necks bent in white dragged flares of her mark.

V (-(Dämmerschlaf)-) vocoding trigers and sets ablizer. forms emerge from within rapties. all the wile soaks onthe floor. and dips are snapped into cases with her hand. /regards/regretsReagrds, -it is looking away. If you can’t then just yet up, and leave the garments on. -With lazer proficiency. oh, lazy dears, well you in weptd hands abused. abuse and then all the gifts. and arcs into abess(abyss/bliss) wouldend, it be wonderful to rofcry at rotes in the soil which where so purem naked and soft and are near the source of envy, in eden. in plsent (garden soaking). rosey lool. your eyes. bore stacks and hacking unentations but yet well the home blows plan in a zaclone and calazablam!Z|. out in the starts of messages and where you to rig yours, to an outlooking stamp travelling up to yourd lovely roseiy and born. n;lwblow? upz, a drawn sleep, a comfort of powder and namesakes, smooth cool tasts like ocuan cool and

streams, all going towards the far foam costs of mysty islands, that allwasy are cross the gards of olkal. and should it be home to a place of sleep one would take dark storkes to our kept bed, away she sayds away will stay and their muddled my dear shall, before, i can’t force away, their heart no more, they will always rise and fall with my breathless, and near my hopes heart, dawns in stone and cool blood, its there my tears nolonger fear calm as they walk always in steps with hearts torn fleshed out and dear known, believed in sight of it all, that bless gentel flesh and there round as i sat. folden into an envelope deep withing gorund and soft dews along blands green a flower lilly blooms full in poured ice as groth untakes the flesh. through until the dusk, breaksettles in startickness of our sangraita morening as pronounced tides and pouls, split about necks hearing clouds keept and called and nor without which we should hang. the once that blows all over. noortth and soot shouts. where at every eclipse. only in into eyes and i sneak and wishper. into yours and a cold crosses as i know, when we set down to speak, your mother yours, eyes morments and blinkeng hooping. breeze in skyloft. and newyours tiptoes. in smog fills, giving over and up master rooms. and guests.last, resolved. last. sollvianret. in his arcm.in. in rooms loss lost. in heavbey to obay. what was just to be eldest and youngm breaks mannour. kevea. keave. instatutionalize. the apostates in the factory work isrlaimly skiyz as you are walking through the bloods in a moreing breaking where when ever. ever. their goina to find aour, ewhre. as it believed. and sorting moreing glows in everywhree. its just to speak of i ti and to eb fprefote. of it. in more will well is just as goin. gushs believed, forwakeward too take your nasme, vain bloom all at end everywheee, covered the glass in smears black in makeup out marks scratching and seathing in sidelines of wax into corse{coarse/course. of a now robed gentry. oh of it a soul-der. and making it much out to believe in our bress. it as all continued in wrappings toren away from ivory class. and dressed that drape on smeared sheets, a bluez all gentile all pouring forth,.

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