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Philosophy of Wind

By Piyush Jain, 18.12.2011 Scientifically speaking, Wind is the flow of gases on a large scale. On Earth, wind consists of the bulk movement of air, So this is wind according to science but what it is according to philosophy. Lets have a inner look to the PHILOSOPHY OF WIND , but doesnt it look strange, What could it be? (1) A freelancer having nothing to write or discuss upon (2) A theory or study based on facts and analysis. (3) Just another explanation of Wind theories based on science. (4) Another time pass. In my views all of the above are wrong. Lets See how. Just have look at below Photographs

Figure 1: The Calm and Beautiful Phase

(1) Looking at the figure above, one could just imagine about the calm and pleasant nature of the wind blowing at a rate, so as to generate useful wind energy for us. But just have a look below before you have any ideas floating in mind.

Figure 2: Turning violent

(2) The figure shows the wind blowing at a speed turning to be violent enough to upturn few trees and causing heavy rains with sustainable loss.

Figure 3: Violent and Angry

(3) The wind is blowing at a speed such that it is going to uproot every thing that comes in it way, trees, ships giant buildings, Forts etc.

So whats the PHILOSOPHY OF WIND. WIND remains simple, calm, patient and blows at a pleasant rate unless it is agitated by the external factors beyond its control limits and disturbing its natural course forcing it to turn into a violent but controlled phase to give warning of its anger and still if the external factors dont understand, The anger burst at speed that it does not stop until unless everything in its way is devastated. It is very much similar to the human Psychology. When we are angry we dont listen to anyone and want the things to happen our way, If they dont we become angry and often rude. There is great saying you must have heard bullet kills once and words kill each and every time, they are remembered. Wind is also so similar like this, It behaves in its natural course, calm and pleasant like the humans giving a refreshing breeze in summer, enjoyable breeze in rains and chilling breeze in winter, what you except more and when you expect more without doing much efforts things change and become violent, so violent that the loss is realized only after the destruction. Philosophy of the wind teaches us to stay calm and cool and impress everyone with the natural behavior, but when things go wrong we must prepare our self for the tough situation and teach the wrong people the right lesson. We must support each other and must let them feel our support because if we think, we are sufficient for tackling our problems, then we should think why are we living in a society why are we living in a nation. Our existence is with all, we should learn to stay together like the minute particles in the wind which when clubbed together in the force of the wind can uproot the best built buildings and the most old trees with their deepest roots in the earth

The effort was to make people understand the PHILOSOPHY OF WIND in a simple way, your comments and suggestions for the further enrichment f the text are most awaited.