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Ciba SMART PREP & CIBACRON reactive dyes

on SCLAVOS with WISDOM Technology

Integrated Textile Solutions

Value beyond chemistry

Benefits of Ciba SMART PREP

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Ultra-short pretreatment time; up to 50% quicker Minimum water and energy consumption up to 70% reduction Single-bath aftercleaning, neutralizing, peroxide removal and dyeing Optimum results for dyeing; maximum process safety and reproducibility


100% CO single jersey; liquor ratio 6 : 1 A Peroxide bleach 1.5 ml/l CIBAFLUID CD 5.0 2.0 4.5 ml/l g/l ml/l Ciba TINOCLARITE COM NaOH 100% H2O2 35%

B Neutralizing/afterclearing 2.0 ml/l Ciba INVATEX AC C Peroxide removal 0.5 ml/l Ciba TINOZYM CAT D Dyeing with CIBACRON dyes

C 110 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30

15 min at 105C

WISDOM Rinsing

LR = 6:1
15 min at 55C Total time 70 min


Athen is a breakthrough in profitability, no matter what the fabric type or quantity Athen features WISDOM Technology, which allows dyeing at LR 5:1 from 50% up to 100% of machines nominal capacity Thanks to WISDOM Technology, Athen adjusts automatically to any fabric, weight and dye parameter WISDOM technology ensures the shortest dyeing times and the lowest consumption of water and energy Athen for optimum conditions and optimum results 24 hours a day!

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Dye selection
CIBACRON H reactive dye
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New bi-reactive dyes for hot exhaust dyeing, high fixation rate Very good reproducibility and levelness Highly cost-effective recipes

CIBACRON FN & CIBACRON W reactive dyes

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Innovative bi-reactive dyes for warm exhaust dyeing, high fixation rate Highly compatible range for a wide shade spectrum and high fastness Excellent reproducibility and outstanding washing-off properties, resulting in increased productivity

CIBACRON LS reactive dyes


Innovative bi-reactive dyes with high tinctorial strength, tailor-made to the requirements of hot exhaust dyeing Highly compatible range covers a very wide variety of shades The first and only low-salt range in the market, creating a new state of the art in this sector Only 1/3 of the salt required by standard reactive dyes is needed Highly suitable for one-bath dyeing of PES/CEL blends

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Product overview
CIBAFLUID CD lubricant Suitable for dosing systems. Reduces the friction of fabric against fabric and fabric against machine parts by virtue of its structural viscosity. Assists formation of a protective water layer in high shear zones, creating an aquaplaning effect. No adverse effect on the color yield. Anionic/nonionic. Combination product for batchwise bleaching with peroxide. Controls the formation of active oxygen. No additions to the bleach bath required other than hydrogen peroxide and alkali. Good detergency and emulsifying properties. Anionic/nonionic. Special agent to optimize the washing process, mainly after bleaching or mercerizing. Core neutralization of the cellulose fiber and e xtremely clean fabrics through thorough removal of traces of impurities in the final rinse. High complexing/dispersing power and threshold effect. Phosphorous-free, contains no surfactant; anionic. Stabilized, liquid catalase. The catalase enzyme removes the hydrogen peroxide specifically by splitting it into oxygen and water. Improves shade reproducibility without loss of color yield with dyes that are sensitive to oxidation processes. Outstanding biodegradability. Very broad application spectrum: pH 310 and temperature up to 65C.

Ciba TINOCLARITE COM bleach processor

Ciba INVATEX AC cracking agent

Ciba TINOZYM CAT enzyme

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