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Now that we purchased ARIS, what do we do?

How do we establish ARIS as the standard for business modeling improvement and analysis? How do we integrate techniques such as Six Sigma, business architecture and transformation with ARIS?

ARIS Solutions
Successfully unleashing the potential from your ARIS Platform requires coupling your technology investment with strong methodology and expertise. Whether you are faced with developing a business process management (BPM), enterprise architecture (EA) or service-oriented architecture (SOA) solution, The Confiance Group provides the keys to releasing this potential through application of sustainable methods and techniques to achieve repeatable results. We offer several ARIS transformation services.

ARIS Implementation Solutions

In getting started with ARIS, it is essential to begin with fundamentals. This includes the successful establishment of the ARIS environment both technically and organizationally. Our implementation solutions include: ARIS Platform Installation & Configuration ARIS Solution Workshops ARIS Administration Services Reporting, Scripting & Integration Services

ERP Transformation ARIS for SAP Netweaver & Oracle BPA Suite

EA & SOA Management IT Architect & SOA Architect

Business Process Management Solutions

Transformation based on process competency ensures consistent results and drives innovation and speed to market. Business process standardization ensures achievement of change management and organizational alignment. Our BPM solutions for ARIS include: Business Architecture with ARIS Process Analysis & Optimization with ARIS Business Simulator & Optimizer

BPM ARIS Business Architect

Business Process Design & Implementation with ARIS Business Architect & SAP Solution Manager Process Intelligence with ARIS PPM & PEM BPM COE Establishment & Management

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ARIS Solutions
Enterprise & Service-Oriented Architecture Management Solutions
The Confiance Group aims to leverage the structure and methods of EA and SOA to eliminate the business and IT divide. This achieves greater efficiencies and effectiveness while providing a platform for continuous innovation. Our services include: IT Architecture Management with ARIS IT Architect & ARIS IT Inventory SOA Design, Validation & Implementation with ARIS SOA Architect EA & SOA Governance Data Architecture, Quality, Strategy & Governance with ARIS IT Architect

ARIS Training, Enablement & Mentorship

A comprehensive education program is required to establish the value of the ARIS Platform and benefits an organization can derive from it. The Confiance Group takes a three-pronged approach to achieve this. Our services include: Onsite ARIS Training E-Learning with ARIS ARIS Mentorship

The Confiance Group, Ltd. Washington, D.C. Chicago London Mumbai +1 866 398 9639