It is obvious that over the years urban population increased in every continent.

In 1950 the continent with the most populated urban area (comparing with the continent’s number of people) was North America with 64%, then Oceania with 62% and Europe with 51%. At that time Africa and Asia had only 15% and 17% of people living in urban area. By 2007 they caught up and just like Africa and Asia the rest of the world showed increase in the percentage of population in urban areas. The continent that made the greatest progress in 57 years is Latin America / Caribbean since it’s percentage of population grew 34%. According to the estimations, by 2050 at least half the world’s population will be living in urban areas. This estimation shows that the population in urban areas in Africa, Asia and Latin America / Caribbean will shoot up and by 2050 they will reach at least 60% (in Latin America / Caribbean that rate is at least 80%). Europe and North America shows similar speed in increase. Meanwhile Oceania rises slowly.

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