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The biggest Bodybuilder on earth is the Great Khali, Dalip Singh. He is 7 feet 3 inches tall and 435 pounds of plant


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protein muscle mass, just like a rhino, gorilla, or elephant are the toughest in the world.. This is larger than every other omnivore bodybuilder. Here is a comparison with Arnold.

The Largest Bodybuilder on Earth is a Vegetarian. It has now been revealed that vegetarian diets beat virtually all other diets for building massive muscle. Meat and Steak has been found to contain ladies' estrogen. Men who eat meat, once believing that it was more manly, grow over time more feminized. Meat contains Estrogen. Paleo did not even make the minimum grade because the Paleolithic Diet has been found to be a hoax (Real Paleontologists revealed that it was originated by a gym-teacher, Loren Cordain, with no degree in Paleontology, Paleos told people ancient man didn't eat grains and Archeologists found actual pieces of grain right in the teeth of fossilized skulls of Neanderthals, and Paleolithic man, and the real discoverer of mankind's most ancient ancestors, and the discoverer of Australopithecus africanus, 'Lucy', has affirmed that Lucy was indeed a vegetarian, Our human forefathers such as Australopithecus afarensis, Australopithecus africanus, hominids, Paranthropus, etc were all vegetarians, not meat-eaters, the Paleo diet is now viewed widely as having been a scam and crossfit now regarded as "paleo-pilates". The Paleo diet is deficient in needed vitamins and nutrients, and since Paleo is deficient in Whey Protein (Paleo binds you from dairy), and deficient in soy protein (Paleo erroneously restricts you, no grain), Paleos are lacking and shallow in protein. You can't eat beef, or steak, and be Paleo either. Beef is not Paleo. If you've been eating beef, you're not qualified to state that you're paleo. Beef today is coming from cows. These cattle are Black Angus or Hereford cows. These only came into existence about 2800 years ago. During the farming and agricultural revolution. Beef is GENETICALLY BRED. Its DNA is changed. Cavemen didn't have it. Paleolithic man didn't herd cows. Black Angus and Hereford Cows didn't exist. So you can't eat Steak or Beef and be Paleo. If you did, you're eating a cancer-causing, processed, genetically bred and modified, food and you are sabotaging your health. Paleo ancestors never ate livestock, steak, or the genetic strains of cows, and even chicken and pork, so the Paleo Diet says if a caveman didn't eat it, you can't eat it. And Cavemen didn't have Black Angus or Hereford beef. That includes grassfed beef. You can't eat Grassfed Beef and be Paleo. It's been genetically bred. This breed of cows didn't exist until modern times. Cavemen didn't eat it therefore you're not evolved for it or designed to eat it. And being deprived of carbohydrates, paleos and crossfitters get tired easily, exhaust and collapse after weak effort, and even have a puke bucket because the Paleo diet doesn't taste very good and the slightest crossfit jumping around calisthenics type easy workout makes paleos nauseated to the stomach and throw up. (This is true, crossfit classes have puke buckets that they all throw-up their meals into, after just some burpees.) So this is too weak to do the type of massive powerlifting at the world class level needed to build bodybuilding calibre thick dense muscle. What they discovered is that livestock meat farmers have been implanting meat and steak with a substance called "17beta-estradiol", this is women's estrogen. Therefore when you eat meat, steaks, hamurgers, any meat at a restaurant, or BBQ, men have been eating girls hormonal pad secretions. You can confirm this yourself by simply putting "SYNOVEXS CATTLE ESTRADIOL" into google. What you will see are the places cow farmers have been getting meat implants of female hormones and pumping it into cows which remains in your steak. Why do they put this in steak? Because cow farmers wanted to get more money from you meat consumers. They used female hormones to fatten up the cows to make them weigh mor (bloating), so the meat farmers could get more per pound off of you, and didn't want to tell you they've been doing this for years. If you've been eating steak, you've been ingesting pre-menopausal ladies pregnacy fluids. That's why so many men who brag about eating a lot of meat, over time begin to grow a paunch stomach, fat waist, wide female like hips and pelvis, and a flappy chest. Meat eaters were found to have lower testosterone levels than vegetarians. This is because a vegetarian man has more testosterone and has not been ingesting meat and steak which contains ladies effeminizing horomones. Grass-fed beef does not solve the problem. Grassfed beef also contains hormones. This is ironic since the same farmers who told you meat was manly and were putting female hormones it it, are now selling you grassfed beef as if it is guaranteed organic and steroid free, it's not. The FDA certification for grass fed beef has nothing about it being organic. Grass-fed beef can still contain hormones, even though touters of it will deny it. However you can easily check this with the FDA which confirms its not, and that is a Federal Law. You've been sold another scam. Even if your grassfed beef was organic, it still contains estrogenic compounds. ALL meat when cooked, especially when barbequed, grilled, fried, contains what are called "heterocyclic amines such as PhiP" (look it up. google it). This not only acts like estrogen, it causes cancer. So all the while someone has been telling you to ingest 'grass' fed beef, it's been effeminizing you and linked to cancer. So in addition to the recently revealed Paleo Diet scam in which the paleolithic diet was found to be false, grassfed meat has now been exposed as a ruse. Not that grassfed beef was even paleo anyway, because Black Angus and Hereford cows only came into existend genetically bred 2800 years ago, during the agricultural revolution of civilization. Not from Cavemen. In the time of Cavemen, this beef didn't even exist, so beef is disqualified from being allowed in the paleo diet. You can't eat beef on a Paleo Diet. If you're on a paleolithic


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cavman diet you cant eat beef, hamburgers, steak, barbeque, or any cattle meat. It's not paleo. Cavemen didn't eat it. It didn't exist. The Paleo Diet, Crossfit, etc have all been revealed as unscientific scam fad diets that were made to appear scientific by perpetrators such as Mark Sisson, Robb Wolfe, Loren Cordain, The Primal Diet, etc. And urged along by a known front organization revealed to be fallacious known as the Weston A Price Foundation which was found to be dispersing false nutritional information made to appear scientific but found to be flawed and factually incorrect. The best sources of protein are vegetarian, and the most massive huge muscled BODYBUILDER IN THE WORLD IS A VEGETARIAN. And now you know!   ###

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