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Pastoral Care & Spiritual Formation

Recommended Reading
For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ. Ephesians 4:12

Most of these books can be ordered from The Falls Church Bookstore (703/532-1526), usually at a 15% discount. For Internet purchases use a books ISBN number to find the lowest prices at Many titles are also available in e-book formats.

Russell Woodgates 10/11

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The Healing Light

Agnes Sanford ISBN 9780-34530-6609 With winsome candor this clergy wife and spiritual pioneer tells how she gradually discovered ways to channel Gods healing power through visualization, prayer and the laying on of hands; explains the need for personal forgiveness and sacramental confession (see BCP pp. 446-452); how to teach children healing prayer; how to pray for world peace; anyone curious about Christian healing should read this first

Divine Healing
Power Healing
John Wimber & Kevin Springer 9780-06069-5415 / 0-88113-4910 (Spanish) A thorough overview of divine healing by the founder of the Vineyard Christian Fellowships; how reluctant recognition of his own healing gift eventually led to great insights and powerful ministry experiences (including his own healing); five steps to effective prayer; how to pray for physical, spiritual and emotional afflictions; how to run a healing team; glossary, Scripture indexes, more

Christ the Healer

F. F. Bosworth ISBN 9780-80079-4576 A foundational primer on the biblical principles of divine healing, with many testimonials proving that even a modest level of belief, like that which brings salvation through the sinners prayer, can bring healing through the prayer of faith


Francis MacNutt, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-87793-6763 Outlines the biblical warrants for healing prayer; the four kinds of healing prayer; 12 reasons why some people arent healed; case histories, more; MacNutt has ministered at TFC

Learning to Do What Jesus Did

Michael Evans 9781-57472-2321 / 9781-57472-2390 (Span) An all-in-one DIY manual for individuals and prayer teams; step-by-step instructions for praying with immediate and noticeable results; how to heal and deliver, wage spiritual warfare and advance the Kingdom of God by using the supernatural gifts and guidance of the Holy Spirit; Evans has ministered at TFC; recommended by Francis MacNutt

Healing Prayer and Medical Care

Abby H. Abildness ISBN 9780-76843-5900 After five years operating weekly healing services at the Hershey (PA) Medical Center (and witnessing unusual patient recoveries), Abildness tells how to organize effective healing prayer in local hospitals, nursing homes and clinics; how to cooperate with skeptical health administrators, conduct Christian prayer in non-sectarian chapels, train volunteers, more; It has the potential to unlock transformation throughout the medical world Ch Ahn

The Power to Heal

Francis MacNutt, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-87793-1331 The companion to Healing explains soaking prayer, resting in the Spirit, when and when not to pray; sacraments and blessings; case histories, more

The Forgotten Touch

Nigel W. D. Mumford ISBN 9781-59627-0664 The former Royal British Marine commando, now an ordained priest, tells of following Gods lead in healing prayer, often with miraculous results; relates his own healing from traumatic combat memories; offers prayer pointers for others; Mumford has ministered at TFC; suggested companion read: his first book, Hand to Hand: From Combat to Healing

Chauncey W. Crandall IV, M.D. ISBN 9780-44655-7207 A Yale-trained cardiologists eye-opening account of startling (and once near-fatal) encounters with the supernatural, first while desperately seeking a cure for his teenaged sons terminal illness; later, after reluctantly obeying a divine impulse to pray over the corpse of a man whom he had pronounced dead from a massive heart attack; today he often achieves optimal clinical outcomes by prayerfully combining the best of medicine and the best of Jesus

Raising the Dead

Christian Healing: A Practical and Comprehensive Guide

Mark A. Pearson ISBN 9781-59185-6290 How to understand and employ the healing of memories, spiritual gifts; explains Eucharistic healing; ministry by teams, counselors; diagnostic checklist; how to evaluate a healing ministry, more; Pearson has ministered at TFC

A Place of Healing

Joni Eareckson Tada ISBN 9781-43476-5321 The long-time quadriplegic, now battling breast cancer, discloses how she has overcome severe resentments, despair and anger with God via divine insights about who He is and how He works; candidly addresses the dilemma of unanswered prayers, Gods apparent toleration (and use) of her daily pain, more; A true spiritual gem J. I. Packer; suggested companion read: Tadas wider study of chronic suffering, When God Weeps

When God Doesnt Heal Now

Larry Keefauver ISBN 9780-78526-9755 Examines harmful myths about divine healing; emphasizes the proper relationship between prayer, healing and the sovereignty of God; offers a balanced look at faith teachings, faith healers and ways to bring biblical clarity to common notions that foster guilt, defeat and despair when believers prayers fail

Transforming the Inner Man

John L. & Paula Sandford 9781-59979-0671 / 9781-59979-1289 (Sp) The founders of Elijah House counseling ministries tell how the spiritual law of sowing and reaping often operates as a curse on ones adult progress in life because of (unwitting) childhood inner vows, bitter judgments and expectations, a performance-oriented approach to living, more; case histories from the Sandfords prayer ministry show how to identify and disable such derailing influences

Inner Healing
Total Forgiveness
R. T. Kendall ISBN 9781-59979-1760 Gods command is to keep no record of wrongs committed against us, to seek justice without vengeance, and to show mercy without bitterness all impossible to fulfill without the grace that God gives; after Kendall explains why forgiveness is the master key to healing, peace of mind and maturity in Christian living, he tells how to achieve it; study guide also available; recommended by Judith MacNutt

Anatomy of the Soul

Curt Thompson, M.D. ISBN 9781-41433-4141 A Christian psychiatrist discusses the dynamics of personal psychospiritual development, integrating recent findings in neuroscience with inner healing, the renewal of the mind, Scripture and the Holy Spirits influence; suggested exercises for growing spiritually, emotionally and relationally; Thompson has taught at TFC; recommended by Rick Wright

Gods Power to Change

John L. & Paula Sandford ISBN 9781-59979-0688 The companion to Transforming examines wounds to ones spirit (e.g., rejection, dejection, defilement, the slumbering spirit, shrikism); offers principles and guidance for awakening, repairing and restoring the spirit to new health

You Can Be Emotionally Free

Rita Bennett ISBN 9780-88270-7488 The charismatic clergy wife draws from decades of personal healing ministry experience in this comprehensive guide to gaining permanent freedom from besetting fears, regrets, prejudices and other entanglements stemming from childhood, marriage and/or adulthood; discusses different prayer types, how to forgive, steps to healing, more; highly recommended

Battlefield of the Mind

Joyce Meyer ISBN 9780-44669-1093/ 0-78990-3857 (Spanish) Using the story of her own mental renewal after a much-troubled past, the popular TV preacher explains how positive thinking, Bible study and the power of the Holy Spirit can undo debilitating mental strongholds (e.g., self-condemnation, anger, fear) built on lies of Satan that war against the truths of Gods Word; study guide also available; suggested companion read: Search for Significance

Healing Lifes Hurts Through Theophostic Prayer

Healing the Hidden Self

Edward M. Smith ISBN 9780-83073-6843 (OOP - Order from How to conduct healing prayer guided by the Holy Spirit to identify and resolve all kinds of emotional and spiritual problems; taught and used by TFCs healing ministry; recommended by Chuck Cook; suggested companion read: Healing the Hidden Self

Barbara Shlemon Ryan, R.N. ISBN 9781-59471-0339 Ryans simple DIY life review from pre-birth through adulthood can both reveal and relieve the causes of many unresolved present-day difficulties; suggested prayers; highly recommended

The Search for Significance

Robert S. McGee ISBN 9780-84994-4246 A further application of the principles discussed in Battlefield: how to recognize and refute unfounded lies about oneself that inhibit personal growth and effectiveness; Gods answers to the performance trap, approval addiction, the blame game, shame; understanding godly conviction versus sin guilt; selfinventory exercises, more; workbook also available

Two Hours to Freedom

Charles H. Kraft, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-80079-4989 The senior Fuller Theological Seminary professor draws upon 25 years ministry experience to describe a proven deephealing procedure for enabling frustrated Christians to enjoy more intimacy with Jesus and greater personal capability by freeing their spirit, soul and will from any spiritual, physical or emotional bondages; step-by-step instructions; especially useful for training lay healing ministers; foreword by Francis & Judith MacNutt

Restoring the Christian Soul

Leanne Payne ISBN 9780-80105-6994 How to pray through three common barriers to completion in Christ: failure to accept oneself, to forgive others and to receive forgiveness; definitive discussion of spiritual warfare; illustrative case histories from Paynes healing ministry, suggested prayers; suggested companion read: Reconciliation


Martin L. Smith, S.S.J.E. ISBN 9780-93638-4306 How to receive the forgiveness of God not just as a general truth or a vague promise, but personally, immediately, in actual experience; structured questions prepare one to make a confidential confession before a priest (see BCP pp. 446-452); for converts, those formally renouncing a period of hidden sin, anyone still troubled by nagging sin guilt (e.g., sexual history, combat memories, criminality); N.B. Smiths few references to sexuality imply unorthodox assumptions but are easily disregarded; recommended by Nicholas Lubelfeld

From Generation to Generation

Generational Healing & Deliverance

I Give You Authority
Charles H. Kraft, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-80079-2565 Fully explains how authority operates in the spiritual realm and the strong advantage given to Christians; how to recognize and then banish evil influences from family, job and other environments; highly recommended for parents, anyone stuck in seemingly intractable negative circumstances; subject, Scripture indexes; All will find here much reality, much wisdom, much encouragement J. I. Packer

Spiritual Housecleaning
Eddie & Alice Smith 9780-83075-1174 / 9-87557-0273 (Span) A DIY guide to identifying and eliminating spiritual pollution (while avoiding legalism and superstition); how certain books, games, artwork, jewelry, music, souvenirs, clothing and religious paraphernalia can insidiously defile; discernment of criminal influences, curses, hidden sin; suggested prayers; glossary; highly recommended

Patricia A. Smith ISBN 9781-88887-1241 (904) 765-3332 x219 (order from CHM) An indispensable DIY prayer manual; how to employ listening prayer guided by the Holy Spirit to obtain permanent release for oneself and others from harmful generational influences and/or sin patterns; explains the scriptural foundations for generational healing and Eucharistic intercessions; case histories, suggested prayers; Smith has ministered at TFC

Healing Your Family Tree

John H. Hampsch, C.M.F. ISBN 9781-57918-1086 / 1-57918-2895 (Span) (800) 647-9882 (order from Queenship Pub.) Exhaustive FAQ format fully explains the principles of generational healing and the power of Eucharistic intercessions; genogram template

Deliverance from Evil Spirits

Francis MacNutt, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-80079-4606 A thorough study of the biblical view of evil and its modern manifestations, including satanic ritual abuse; how to bring deliverance to people and places; suggested prayers; MacNutt has ministered at TFC

The Bondage Breaker

Neil T. Anderson, Ph.D. ISBN 0-73690-2414 / 0-82974-8490 (Span) A comprehensive DIY guide to overcoming oppressive sins, irrational feelings and negative thoughts; seven steps to freedom, including confidential personal inventory, suggested prayers and declarations; explains the Christians identity and position in Scripture; how to minister freedom to others; topical Bible references; highly recommended

Kenneth McAll, M.D. ISBN 1-88297-2643 / 1-57918-068X (Spanish) (800) 647-9882 (order from Queenship Pub.) Instructive case histories of healings resulting from Eucharistic prayers; healing the effects of abortion; theology of prayers for the dead; N.B. McAlls explanations for various physical and mental ailments and their possible psychospiritual causes are unique to him; suggested companion read: Healing Deaths Wounds, by Michael Mitton & Russ Parker

A Guide to Healing the Family Tree

Healing the Haunted

Kenneth McAll, M.D. ISBN 1-88297-2767 (800) 647-9882 (order from Queenship Pub.) Extraordinary case histories of people and places (schools, houses and locales, including the Bermuda Triangle) forever relieved of odd disturbances, ghosts and other unwanted phenomena by prayer; methodology for a Family Tree Eucharist, suggested prayers, more

Blessing or Curse
Derek Prince ISBN 9780-80079-4088 How blessings and curses operate; seven indications of a curse; self-imposed curses; soulish talk and prayers; seven steps to release; Scripture proclamations for continuing victory; study course

Unto Death
Barbara Cassada ISBN 9781-92867-2012 A concise (65 pp.) overview for anyone who may be suffering the ill effects of Masonic influences; traces the roots of Freemasonry, including works of darkness associated with its rites and vows; explains how Masons can unwittingly curse themselves and their descendants; resource list, suggested prayers

Healing Wounded History

Russ Parker ISBN 9780-82981-5023 Explains a highly effective approach to reversing the spiritually and socially destructive effects of bloodshed and/or long-term oppression on families, communities and lands by means of representational confession; suggested prayer strategies for those working towards economic, ethnic and social justice or reconciliation; Parker has ministered at TFC; workbook also available

The Screwtape Letters

C. S. Lewis 9780-06065-2937 / 9780-06114-0044 (Sp) A droll but deadly serious set of diabolical instructions to a young tempter-in-training describe Satans subtle strategies for hindering humanitys experience of Gods saving grace; the postscript, Screwtape Proposes a Toast offers a penetrating observation on how secular education and culture maneuver unwitting individuals into fatal conformity to worldliness

Basic Christianity
John Stott, D.D., C.B.E. ISBN 9780-83083-3573 An intellectually satisfying guide to the Christian faith in understandable terms; explains the fundamental claims and governing principles of Christianity, then defines their practical outworking in daily life; If I could only read one author, it would be John Stott John Yates

Spiritual Formation
Fresh Faith
Jim Cymbala with Dean Merrill ISBN 0-31025-1559 / 0-82972-1762 (Spanish) A foundational text for anyone trying to develop a sustaining faith in all circumstances through believing prayer; the pastor of NYCs Brooklyn Tabernacle shares inspiring stories of people and situations divinely changed through applied faith; explores how Scripture ignites the faith that God gives; study guide; highly recommended

Kings Cross
Timothy Keller, D.Min. ISBN 9780-52595-2107 The popular Presbyterian pastor and evangelical thought leader traces the story of Jesus as told in the Gospel of Mark, explaining how a noncredentialed itinerant preacher could attract so many different kinds of followers, confound his critics and correctly embody the ancient Jewish role of Messiah while turning it on its head; also explains the meaning of Christs atoning blood sacrifice and the Kingdom of God on Earth

Knowing God

J. I. Packer, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-83081-6514 A complete overview for laity of Christian belief in the evangelical Anglican tradition; Scripture index, study guide; Packer has preached at TFC

Fresh Power

Jim Cymbala with Dean Merrill ISBN 0-31025-1540 / 0-82973-2896 (Spanish) The companion to Fresh Faith tells how to live at all times under the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit; convincing biblical and modern examples of the wonderful outcomes that can result from letting the Holy Spirit order ones thinking and conduct; study guide; highly recommended

The Holy Spirit & You

Dennis & Rita Bennett ISBN 9780-88270-6238 The putative father of the charismatic renewal movement, with his wife, explains how to understand and receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit; how to understand and cultivate the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit; suggested prayers; workbook also available

Trusting God

Jerry Bridges ISBN 0-89109-6175 / 9-58914-9510 (Spanish) Explains why trust in God is never imparted but only learned in the midst of threatening circumstances; offers biblical and modern proofs of Gods wisdom, loving-kindness and sovereignty over everything and everybody; recommended for anyone asking the agonizing question, Why is God allowing this?

The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind

The Creed

Bill Johnson ISBN 9780-76842-2528 Most Christians have repented enough to be forgiven, but not enough to see the Kingdom; Johnson believes Christians should normally experience miracles and direct revelation from God while walking in supernatural signs and wonders; examples of how his church members and others are now doing that; suggested companion read: Expecting Miracles, by Heidi & Rolland Baker, et al.

Luke Timothy Johnson ISBN 9780-38550-2481 There is something in the creed to offend virtually every contemporary sensibility; Johnson takes the Nicene Creed line by line, giving the history behind each phrase, both in Scripture and in Church tradition, then defending its relevance to faith in the 21st Century

Power in Praise

Merlin R. Carothers 9780-94302-6015 / 0-82970-4442 (Spanish) Explains the biblical imperative (our bounden duty BCP) to follow a praise-based lifestyle; discusses how thanking God at all times and in all places releases His power to transform negative situations into blessings; how to maintain optimism even while lacking full understanding or supportive feelings; many accounts of Gods wondrous responses to obedient praise; highly recommended


David Platt, Ph.D. ISBN 9781-60142-2217 This Baptist pastor uses his Alabama congregation as an example of how average, materialistic American Christians can be transformed by a desire to walk in radical obedience as disciples of Christ; challenges readers to follow The Radical Experiment for one year; suggested companion read: The Radical Disciple, by John Stott; recommended by Dean Miller

Know the Bible in 30 Days

J. Stephen Lang ISBN 9780-82494-7330 Behind-the-scenes details, insights into cultural traditions, biblical and world history, story summaries and captivating character studies enhance ones understanding of biblical themes and principles during personal Bible study and Sunday Scripture readings

How to Be a Christian Without Being Religious

Fritz Ridenour ISBN 9780-83072-7896 This clever explication of the Apostle Pauls Letter to the Romans gives both new and maturing believers a practical understanding of what it means to be a good Christian; useful gift for a convert, confirmand, anyone trying to live a godly, righteous, and sober life without legalism, judgmentalism or nagging sin guilt

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

C. Peter Wagner, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-83073-6782 This self-guided questionnaire explains the 28 spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible, including differences between natural and spiritual gifting; designed for easy use and self-scoring; spiritual gifts inventory, more

So Whats the Difference?

Fritz Ridenour ISBN 0-83071-8982 / 1-59185-5209 (Spanish) How does orthodox biblical Christianity differ from other faiths?; in a straightforward comparison, Ridenour explains the tenets of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Mormonism, Jehovahs Witnesses, Judaism, Christian Science, New Age, Scientology, Unitarianism, others

Take the Risk

Ben Carson, M.D. with Gregg Lewis 9780-31025-9657 / 9780-82975-6548 (Sp) The acclaimed director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions examines the hazards and rewards of avoidable risk-taking, suggesting a practical formula for identifying acceptable risk when facing tough decisions affecting others or ones own situation and calling

Tempted and Tried

Russell D. Moore, Ph.D. ISBN 9781-43351-5804 Feeling desires to sin is not in itself sinful, but a trial of ones faith in the continuing demonic struggle for the souls of the faithful; the Baptist theology school dean and Touchstone magazine senior editor gives modern examples of how Christs temptations and triumph help Christians to endure the strong pull of the world, the flesh and the devil; I can guarantee your spiritual health will benefit greatly from giving serious attention to this book Rick Warren

Life on the Edge

James C. Dobson, Ph.D. ISBN 9781-41431-7441 Wise counsel for anyone passing through the critical decade between 16 and 26; a frank Dutch uncle discussion of crucial matters pertaining to personal identity, sex, deciding whether to get a degree, selecting a spouse, choosing a career, discerning Gods will, more; a thoughtful birthday or graduation gift

Say Yes to God

Kay Warren ISBN 9780-31032-8360 After her husbands record-breaking bestseller, Warren unexpectedly became rich; After reading about AIDS her priorities unexpectedly shifted; After a diagnosis of breast cancer, she unexpectedly faced her own early death; This is her frank call to courageous surrender to the unexpected changes and chances of this mortal life and to Gods sustaining grace; discussion guide

Money, Possessions, and Eternity

Randy Alcorn ISBN 9780-84235-3601 How do Western materialism and American debtfinanced consumerism both enrich and impoverish?; What does Jesus really mean about our having life more abundantly?; Is that closely related to the prosperity gospel?; Do ones personal tithing, alms-giving, stewardship and investment choices really have repercussions in the afterlife? recommended by Bill Haley

Character Plus Common Sense

Richard Sevcik ISBN 9781-61579-4553 How to employ morality in the marketplace, military or mission field to bring out the best from ones colleagues; the former HewlettPackard boss offers a simple guide to several successful management approaches based on biblical principles; recommended for executive officers, supervisors, project/team leaders

Practicing His Presence

Brother Lawrence & Frank Laubach (Gene Edwards, Ed.) ISBN 9780-94023-2013 Time-honored spiritual direction from the 17th Century French Carmelite in modern English, with chronicles of similar discoveries by the 20th Century American missionary and literacy pioneer; these practices bring relief from vague, nameless existential anxiety or fear by fostering an immanent sense of Gods closeness, love and protection

Daily Light
Samuel & Jonathan Bagster ISBN 9781-58134-4356 A daily devotional companion to generations of Christians; thematic verses of Scripture (ESV) supply edifying biblical wisdom and encouragement for every morning and evening of the year; practical gift for a student, serviceman, missionary, prisoner

Celebration of Discipline
Richard J. Foster ISBN 0-06062-8391 How to understand and practice the classic inward disciplines of Christian meditation, study, prayer and fasting, plus the outward disciplines of simplicity, solitude and submission; study guide and journal workbook also available

Experiencing God Day-By-Day

Henry T. Blackaby & Richard Blackaby, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-80544-4780 In these foundational daily readings, with Scripture (NKJV), the father-son authors cover a wide range of practical, behavioral, moral and spiritual issues related to growth in faith and the knowledge and love of God; subject, Scripture indexes; excellent gift for a student, confirmand, anyone renewing his faith

My Utmost for His Highest

Oswald Chambers 9781-57748-9146 / 9788-48267-5244 (Spanish) The gold standard for daily devotionals; the Scottish minister addresses various spiritual themes while emphasizing reckless abandonment of oneself to Christs lordship and cooperation with His ruling disposition in all things as the only means to becoming wholly sanctified; comprised of excerpts from posthumous transcripts of talks at his Bible Training College in London, later at YMCA camps near Cairo during WWI; subject, Scripture indexes

Streams in the Desert

L. B. Cowman (James Reimann, Ed.) ISBN 9780-31021-0061 / 0-31140-0566 (Span) Difficult times and places are our schools of faith and character; generations of Christians going through a wilderness experience have been refreshed by these daily readings, with Scripture (NIV/KJV) and encouragement from Charles H. Spurgeon, George Mller, Hannah Whitall Smith, F. B. Meyer, A. B. Simpson, many others; subject, Scripture indexes

The Great Divorce

C. S. Lewis 9780-06065-2951 / 0-06114-0007 (Spanish) An amusing but cautionary tale about one mans experiences with a busload of daytrippers to the outlands of heaven; illustrates how Gods grace works for the willing; how persistent unforgiveness, possessiveness, pride and prejudice thwart His purposes

The New Pilgrims Progress

John Bunyan (Judith E. Markham, textual updates) (Warren W. Wiersbe, biblical annotations) ISBN 9780-92923-9132 One of the most influential works of all English literature; the allegorical saga of Pilgrim Christians perilous journey from his City of Destruction to the Celestial City conveys essential biblical truths that edify readers of all ages; good for family reading; includes a Bunyan bio and info on the Puritans

The Feasts of the Lord

Kevin Howard & Marvin Rosenthal ISBN 9780-78527-5183 Describes the seven Jewish feasts original purposes, ancient forms of observance and prophetic fulfillment through Jesus; how the Jewish feasts relate to seasonal Christian observances; written from a Hebrew Christian perspective through Jewish eyes that recognize the true Messiah; Scripture index; illustrated

Love & Respect

Emerson Eggerichs, Ph.D. 9781-59145-1877 / 9781-59185-5101 (Span) Based on Eggerichss marriage conferences inspired by Ephesians 5:33; explores the power of unconditional love and respect while cracking the communication code between spouses; suitable at any stage of marriage, including engagement; workbook also available; A truly helpful book John Yates

Marriage & Family

The Five Love Languages
Gary Chapman, Ph.D. 9780-80247-3158 / 9781-56063-6809 (Span) They are: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch; tells spouses how to recognize and interpret each others special love languages

The Remarriage Checkup

Ron L. Deal & David H. Olson, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-76420-7587 Each chapter discusses a key quality of successful remarriage relationships; includes a CPS (Couple Positioning System) with discussion questions that can help spouses discover where they are, where theyd like to be and how to get there; free online Couple Checkup; the authors specialize in stepfamily ministry

Formation Generation
Robert Michael Kurz ISBN 9781-60696-5566 A week-by-week prayer guide for parents to follow from conception to birth while nurturing a powerful spiritual atmosphere in which their unborn child can best develop; recommended by Anglicans for Life

And Then I Had Kids

Susan Alexander Yates ISBN 9780-80078-7929 When the Yateses twin daughters were born, they joined siblings ages two, four and seven! Sharing biblical insights and her own humorous stories, Susan helps young matrons handle common struggles, including priorities, discipline, fatigue, more

And Then I Had Teenagers

Susan Alexander Yates ISBN 9780-80078-7912 Having parented five adolescent sons and daughters at once, Yates well understands uncommunicative tweens and teens, those who reject the faith of their childhood or are hypercritical of themselves and others; addresses parenting issues raised by grades, dating, driving, drugs, TV and movies

How a Man Prays for His Family

John Yates, D.Min. ISBN 9781-57229-6527 As a devoted husband, father of five and grandfather of a multitude, Yates knows what hes writing about; how to overcome four barriers to prayer by using various tools for an effectual and consistent prayer life

Have a New Kid by Friday

Kevin Leman, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-80073-2189 How to reverse negative behaviors by focusing on attitudes, actions, and character; chapters for each day of the week, with advice on everything from rolling eyes to sibling rivalry to talking back to punching walls, more; 100+ specific indexed topics allow parents to flip immediately to any areas of concern for witty, straightforward, gutsy plans of action

Have a New Teenager by Friday

Kevin Leman, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-80072-0216 Gain respect even admiration from your teenager, establish healthy boundaries and workable guidelines, communicate with the "whatever" generation, turn around selfish behavior, navigate the critical years with confidence, become the difference-maker in your teenager's life; Youre just five days away from your adolescent asking, "What can I do to help?" Guaranteed!

The Power of a Praying Wife

Stormie Omartian 9780-73691-9845 / 0-78990-9359 (Spanish) The once-troubled wife of a famous record producer tells how systematic, affirming prayers for her husband released Gods power to transform him, her and their children; addresses attitudes, expectations, desires, wants and needs; scriptural power tools and suggested prayers; study guide

Raising Kids with Character That Lasts

When Kids Hurt

Chap Clark, Ph.D. & Steve Rabey ISBN 9780-80107-1836 Describes (in case youve forgotten) how so many teenagers find it hard to resist unwanted societal pressures and the conformist demands of their peers, all the while feeling abandoned by their parents and stuck in an immature youth culture; tells caring adults how they can exert constructive spiritual, emotional and psychological influences on adolescents; recommended by Jim Byrne

John Yates, D.Min. & Susan Alexander Yates ISBN 9780-80078-7844 The Yateses draw from their experiences raising five sons and daughters to describe how, through the normal daily events of life, parents and children can intentionally grow in integrity, faith, a teachable spirit, a servants heart, joy, self-discipline, courage and compassion

Barbara & Susans Guide to the Empty Nest

The Connected Child

Karyn B. Purvis, Ph.D. & David R. Cross, Ph.D. Wendy Lyons Sunshine ISBN 9780-07147-5006 Guides adoptive parents through difficult adjustments to infants, toddlers or children who present attachment disorders, trust issues, learning disabilities, failure to bond, abuse traumas, etc.; the authors are research psychologists at Texas Christian University; recommended by Leanne Payne

The Hurting Parent

Margie M. Lewis with Gregg Lewis ISBN 9780-31028-6615 A mother and once-prodigal son speak to the dismayed moms and dads of wayward sons and daughters lured far from their faith and family by the world, the flesh, and the devil; their advice to parents is empathetic, biblically insightful and practical; suggested companion read: I Give You Authority, by Charles H. Kraft

Barbara Rainey & Susan Yates ISBN 9781-60200-0605 A manual for mothers of fledglings whove flown the coop, leaving Mom home alone with a head full of questions: Who am I now? Does anyone need me? What should I do? How do I relate to my babies as grown-ups? Will my marriage be affected? Is it okay to feel sad? Or thrilled?

Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave Spiritual Depression
Edward T. Welch, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-87552-6065 The former heroin addict, now a longtime clinical counselor and Westminster Theological Seminary professor, defines every addiction as a worship disorder resulting from victimization and sin; how to achieve repentance, recovery and permanent self-control by pursuing progressive sanctification; separate step-bystep guidance for addicts and support partners; Scripture index, resources; highly recommended D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, M.D. ISBN 0-80281-3879 / 0-93912-5617 (Spanish) One of Britains most influential 20th Century preachers addresses torpor, lack of discipline and spiritual balance between the mind, heart & will, faulty love of oneself, general contempt for others, fear of the future, more; suggested instructions for achieving spiritual and physical revivification and restoration of joy

Shattered Vows

Debra Laaser ISBN 9780-31027-3943 Laasers bitter experience with sexual betrayal, a now-intimate marriage two decades after the disclosure of her husbands adulteries, plus extensive counsel with hundreds of other women, inform her sensitive responses to the questions of wives experiencing the same rejection and shock

Eyes of Integrity: The Porn Pandemic and How it Affects You

The Anger Workbook

Craig Gross with Jason Harper ISBN 9780-80107-2055 The founder of shows willing Christians how to end compulsive viewing habits and/or other Internet-related sexual addictions; how to identify and break addiction cycles, restore neglected relationships, porn-proof ones home, more; useful also for friends, family and counselors; suggested companion read: Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave

Les Carter, Ph.D. & Frank Minirth, M.D. ISBN 9780-84074-5743 Whether ones anger manifests itself in actual road rage, family conflict and work tensions or just a generally unpleasant disposition, the authors structured approach can help by first revealing learned patterns of relating, thinking and behavior that beget such anger, then offering effectual strategies for change

Divorce Recovery Handbook

John P. Splinter, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-31057-3913 Covers everything from the initial moments of anger and grief to the process of inner healing and an eventual return to wholeness; field-tested by hundreds of divorced men and women; details a recovery program suitable for individuals and/or small group discussion

Healing Victims of Sexual Abuse

Paula Sandford ISBN 9781-59979-7533 Covers every aspect of childhood sexual abuse and its effects on adult perceptions and behavior (e.g., shame, fear, anger, sexual confusion); written primarily for lay healing practitioners; abuse victims will find it an encouraging support (but no substitute for direct prayer counseling)

My True Reflection: Freedom from Eating Disorders

Letting Go of Your Past

John L. & Paula Sandford ISBN 9781-59979-2187 Focuses on former relationships and events that disable one from relating effectively; discusses scriptural principles for healing to build and maintain healthy relationships, create the right balance between bearing one anothers burdens and allowing healthy separation; how to become psychically, spiritually and emotionally set free and able to finally get on with ones life in peace

Leigh-Ann Brisbin ISBN 9780-88270-5880 Details Brisbins success in overcoming the daily tyranny of her own eating disorder by gaining self-acceptance while drawing upon wise counsel, prayer, application of Scripture and the power of the Holy Spirit; suggested journal questions, prayers and Scripture references; useful also for friends, family and counselors

Self-Injury: When Pain Feels Good

Edward T. Welch, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-87552-6973 A concise (40 pp.) resource for anyone engaged in self-mutilation (i.e., hair-pulling, cutting, burning or other intentional harm of ones own body without conscious suicidal intent); 10 suggested action steps, more

When God Weeps: Why Our Sufferings Matter to the Almighty

Joni Eareckson Tada & Steven Estes ISBN 9780-31023-8355 Straight talk and sympathy for the self-pitying, to reintroduce some of Gods lemon to our thinking without ignoring his sweetness; Tada offers a quadriplegics understanding of the hard truths that much suffering remains unrelieved and that life is unfair even for Christians, while emphasizing the greater truth of Romans 8:28; suggested companion read: insights from Tadas personal sufferings in A Place of Healing

Between Two Worlds

Elizabeth Marquardt ISBN 9780-30723-7118 How children of divorce manifest inner conflicts resulting from family schism; the insightful findings of a national survey of 1,500 18-35 year-olds can facilitate selfunderstanding and recovery for anyone trying to sort out ambivalent feelings related to a step-parent, step-siblings, single-parent or blended family ordeal

Dying, Death & Grief

Complete Guide to Caring for Aging Loved Ones Cancer
Henry Holstege, Ph.D. Robert Riekse, Ed.D. 9780-84233-5881 A wealth of information for families facing the daunting challenges of terminal illness or chronic invalidism: physical, emotional and mental changes in the aging; medical, financial, and legal help; elder abuse; choosing a care facility; end-of-life decisions, more Willam A. Fintel, M.D. Gerald R. McDermott, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-80106-5019 A comprehensive overview for both patients and families from a Christian perspective; discusses spiritual and physical causes, testing, diagnosis and treatment (including alternative medicine); addresses fear, faith, doubt and the afterlife; also for Stephen ministers, hospice groups and caregivers; recommended by Francis MacNutt

A Sacred Walk

Donna M. Authers ISBN 9780-61524-5850 How to meet the practical, emotional, and spiritual needs of a dying loved one; also tells how Authers overcame her own fears to become a successful caregiver; recommended by Kathleen Christopher; suggested companion read: More Glimpses

As I Lay Dying

Fr. Richard John Neuhaus ISBN 9780-46504-9318 This is the story of what will happen, and is happening, to all of us; after surviving a bungled operation that had left him dying in an intensive care unit, the founder of First Things journal drew upon his rich theological, literary and social resources to eloquently reflect on his distress at having to soon leave this world and on his certain Christian hope of eternal rest with God


Joni Eareckson Tada 9780-31021-9194 / 0-82971-6904 (Spanish) Not a sentimentalist reverie but a thoughtful exploration, with poignant reflections, of how Scripture describes what heaven is (and is not), what we will (and will not) do there, whom we will (and will not) be with, more; how having a realistic anticipation of heaven enhances ones remaining earthly life; Theologically, spiritually, and humanlypure gold J. I. Packer

More Glimpses of Heaven

Trudy Harris, R.N., et al. ISBN 9780-80073-4404 Numerous accounts of visions and insights experienced by dying men, women and children attended to by Harris and other hospice and medical workers; how God meets the spiritual and emotional needs of the dying in ways that prepare them and console their survivors; A beautiful work, helping us know what might happen in our own journeyto new life Francis MacNutt

Jennifer ONeill ISBN 9780-75730-1681 The former movie star (Summer of 42) and model addresses women who have committed abortion; this step-by-step repentance and recovery guide works through feelings of shame, regret and selfcondemnation towards personal and divine forgiveness; testimonies from more than 25 women (including ONeill); suggested companion read: Healing Deaths Wounds

Youre Not Alone

Healing Deaths Wounds

Michael Mitton & Russ Parker ISBN 9780-80079-3708 A uniquely helpful book about profound healings that often result from properly committing to God ones departed friends and family members (esp. the miscarried, stillborn and aborted); wondrous examples from the authors Anglican congregations; explores the true meanings of purgatory, paradise, prayers for the dead, a cloud of witnesses, baptism for the dead; suggested committal prayers, more; Parker has ministered at TFC; foreword by Francis MacNutt

Grieving the Loss of Someone You Love

Raymond R. Mitsch & Lynn Brookside ISBN 9780-83073-4368 These 70 private daily readings provide empathy, insights, perspective, and much solace to bereaved Christians

Gone But Not Lost: Grieving the Death of a Child

David W. Wiersbe ISBN 9780-80101-3812 A sensitive resource for parents, siblings or friends; addresses deeply-felt reactions that often occur: despair over ruined dreams, marital friction, anger with God, self-recrimination, blame, jealousy, more

From We to Me: Embracing Life Again After the Death or Divorce of a Spouse

A Grief Observed
C. S. Lewis ISBN 0-06065-2381 / 0-06114-0074 (Spanish) First published under a pseudonym after the painful cancer death of Lewiss wife, this unflinching record of how a stalwart Christian lost all sense of meaning, then gradually regained his bearings, has helped millions of bereaved readers recover their focus and stability

Robert C. DeVries, D.Min., Ph.D. Susan Zonnebelt-Smeenge, R.N., Ed.D. ISBN 9780-80107-2406 Psychological and spiritual perspectives on how to gradually separate from ones former dual identity, then reinvest in an independent life; the authors are grief counselors who both lost spouses before marrying each other

Richard J. Foster 9780-06062-8468 / 1-59752-3607 (Span) How, when, where and why to pray; looks at 21 forms of Christian prayer around three movements (inward, upward and outward) that address three human needs (transformation, intimacy and ministry)

Breakthrough Prayer
Jim Cymbala ISBN 0-31025-518X / 0-82973-9793 (Spanish) Explains spiritual laws and principles governing answered prayer; how to cooperate with God in obtaining answers according to His will and promises; how to enjoy the fruitfulness of persistent believing prayer, more; inspiring examples from Cymbalas NYC congregation; highly recommended


Listening Prayer
Leanne Payne ISBN 9780-80105-9162 Describes roadblocks that keep one from hearing Gods personal messages; outlines a road map for conducting listening prayer, with instructions on how to begin a prayer journal; Payne draws from her healing prayer ministry to offer useful easyto-follow methods; recommended by Bob Ragan

On Earth As It Is in Heaven

Warren W. Wiersbe ISBN 9780-80107-2192 Just as children learn how to communicate in more complex ways, so can Christians advance from relying on elementary panic prayers and scripted supplications to a richer, mature prayer life; Wiersbe shows how the Lords Prayer can teach any believer to pray more effectively

The Path of Prayer

Samuel Chadwick ISBN 9780-87508-5784 How to understand and follow biblical directives to pray in secret, in the Spirit, in the Name of Jesus, to the Father, without ceasing, for healing; how to respond to unanswered prayer, more; recommended by Jim Cymbala

Gods Chosen Fast

Arthur Wallis ISBN 9780-87508-5555 A balanced look at what the Bible says about fasting, including questions surrounding four NT references; how to conduct a fast; Scripture index

Here Comes Heaven!

Bill Johnson & Mike Seth ISBN 9780-76842-5024 This unique DIY guide for youngsters and youth aged 8-18 tells them how to wield Gods supernatural miracle-working power in their everyday lives using authoritative commands and prayers guided by the Holy Spirit; belies the counterfeit spirituality popularized by Harry Potter productions

Authority in Prayer

Dutch Sheets ISBN 9780-76420-4067 / 9-87557-0176 (Span) The well-known prayer warrior offers biblical how-tos on availing prayer in matters personal, corporate and universal; Sheets describes the mental, emotional and spiritual stances a Christian must adopt in order for ones petitions to have a significant impact

Joy Lamb ISBN 9780-97055-4642 (also available in Span) (904) 765-3332 x219 (order from CHM Bookstore) An invaluable prayer handbook; these inspired renderings of Scripture into declarative statements convey powerful authority when pronounced during intercessions for specific situations; suggested prayers for spiritual binding and cutting, renunciation, protection, deliverance, more; highly recommended

The Sword of the Spirit The Word of God

The Prayer That Heals: Praying for Healing in the Family

31 Days of Prayer for My Child

Francis MacNutt, Ph.D. ISBN 9781-59471-0551 An indispensable resource for any family; surveys the different healing effects of parental prayers; suggested techniques; MacNutt has ministered at TFC

Susan Alexander Yates & Allison Yates Gaskins 0-80101-2732 (OOP Buy from TFC Bookstore) How to develop the life-changing habit of talking with God about ones child, recording prayers and Gods answers

31 Days Of Prayer For My Teen

Susan Alexander Yates 0-80101-2716 (OOP Buy from TFC Bookstore) Addresses 31 common concerns parents of teens have; helps parents to verbalize worries, turn them into specific prayers, write out a Scripture promise and choose a character trait of God to focus on throughout the day

Kenda Creasy Dean ISBN 9780-19531-4847 The Princeton Theological Seminary professor of youth, church and culture examines how the faith of todays Christian teens is not enduring; A truly prophetic book. You cannot read this and not want to take action. Christianity Today

Almost Christian: What the Faith of Our Teenagers is Telling the American Church

Critical Thinking
Generous Justice
Timothy Keller, D.Min. ISBN 9780-52595-1902 The pastor of NYCs Redeemer Presbyterian Church challenges conservative Christians to quit dismissing social justice work as only serving the interests of doctrinally unbalanced liberals with a hidden political agenda; also confronts the assumptions of liberals who dismiss orthodox Christianity as only having a regressive social influence

The Radical Disciple

John Stott, D.D., C.B.E. ISBN 9780-83083-8479 The late Anglican thought leaders final book calls on the Church to be more daring and counter-cultural, examining eight neglected themes: Nonconformity, Christlikeness, Maturity, Creation Care, Simplicity, Balance, Dependence and Death; suggested companion read: Radical, by David Platt; recommended by Dean Miller and Bill Haley

Gregg A. ten Elshof, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-80286-4116 Its not so bad, Im still a good person; the Biola University philosopher discusses Christian self-talk and how it often disguises ones failure to live up to professed truths; suggests how to use perspective-switching to change ones thinking and reform ones manner of living; foreword by Dallas Willard

I Told Me So: Self-Deception and The Christian Life

Good News About Injustice

Gary A. Haugen ISBN 9780-83083-7106 After a decade successfully battling sex trafficking, slavery and other injustices, Haugen discusses the biblical foundations for such efforts, with stories illustrating actual strategies used by International Justice Mission lawyers, social workers, investigators, pastors and educators; foreword by John Stott; Haugen has preached at TFC; suggested companion read: Healing Wounded History, by Russ Parker

Culture Making

Andy Crouch ISBN 9780-83083-3948 Crouch calls on believers to stop condemning our post-Christian culture and establish influential subcultures within their own domains, seeing that God often uses small, seemingly insignificant enterprises (Zechariah 4:10a); helpful for anyone struggling with the sacred-secular dichotomy; One of the few books taking the discussionto a new level I highly recommend it Timothy Keller

Atheist Delusions

David Bentley Hart ISBN 9780-30011-1903 Instead of simply debunking the New Atheists, this Providence College theologian offers a more useful counter-narrative: highlighting the unique role of Christianity in improving the quality of life for all; how progressive myths of modernity edit out the formative influences of Judeo-Christian thought on science, medicine, law and education

The Convict Christ

Jens Soering ISBN 9781-57075-6481 An eye-opener about true biblical justice; Soerings remarkable biblical insights, personal experiences and cited research inform his compelling thoughts on the alarming moral concerns raised by criminal justice trends; a persuasive plea to Christians to give attention to the record 2.4 million adults now living behind bars, including Soering serving two life terms in Virginia; highly recommended (only for 18 and older)

The World Turned Upside Down

Melanie Phillips ISBN 9781-59403-3759 Astonishing numbers of people subscribe to celebrity-endorsed cults, Mayan Armageddon prophecies, scientism and New Age philosophies; millions more believe AIDS was created in a CIA lab, Princess Diana was murdered and that 9/11 was an inside job; Phillips traces such irrationality to the marginalization of religion and a rejection of the Judeo-Christian concepts of reason, progress and order upon which science and modernity are based

Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D. ISBN 9780-06178-7348 The former head of the Human Genome Project, now director of the National Institutes of Health, considers the rationality of the Christian faith with a broad selection of writings that have influenced his scientific mind, notably those of Os Guinness, Art Lindsley, John Stott and N. T. Wright, among others

Porn Nation
Michael Leahy ISBN 9780-80248-1252 After spending more than 25 years as a recreational smut consumer Leahy discovered Internet pornography the crack cocaine of sexual addiction; now more than a decade into recovery, he considers the broad consequences of a nation held spellbound by erotica, suggesting how reformation might still occur; discussion guide also available

The Privileged Planet

Guillermo Gonzalez, Ph.D. & Jay W. Richards, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-89526-0659 An astrophysicist and a philosopher-theologian explain how Earths precise combination of position, provision and proportion makes it uniquely capable of sustaining life; describe empirical evidence that Earths highly unusual formation and continued stability cannot only be the result of happenstance

The Fabric of Faithfulness

Steven Garber ISBN 9780-83083-3191 How do Christian collegians, during one of lifes most eventful and intense periods, relate what they believe to how they behave?; the director of the Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation and Culture examines the history of ideas, ethics, sociology and pop culture; especially useful for educators


Stanton L. Jones, Ph.D. & Mark A. Yarhouse, Psy.D. ISBN 9780-83082-8463 Can religiously informed psychotherapy change anyones unwanted same-sex attractions? Are such approaches harmful? The authors discuss the latest clinical research on faith-based reparative therapy programs and their effects, including long-term success and failure rates

Population Control

Steven W. Mosher ISBN 9781-41280-7135 The president of the Population Research Institute argues that the notion of world overpopulation is a myth and that the misguided efforts of population controllers to reduce birthrates have led to widespread human rights abuses, including eugenic effects via coerced sterilizations and abortions; resource list; recommended by Anglicans for Life

Pure Eyes: A Mans Guide to Sexual Integrity

Gender & Sexuality

Pure Heart: A Womans Guide to Sexual Integrity
Shellie R. Warren ISBN 9780-80107-2079 Interpreting body image in a sexualized culture; discerning lust from legitimate desire; understanding the true purpose and role of sexual intimacy vs. its insidious counterfeits (incl. romantic fiction/TV/movies, Internet distractions, emotional affairs); restoring and/or retaining ones purity, chastity

How to Get a Date Worth Keeping

Henry Cloud, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-31026-2657 Is there a Christian formula for knowing how to find or attract a good person to love?; Is dating around unchristian? Why is chemistry with the right date so often wrong? Is online dating wrong? Should one just trust God to reveal the right mate?; the Christian clinical psychologist offers frank answers, explaining how psychosexual attraction and avoidance operate; includes a six month money-back guarantee!

Craig Gross & Steven Luff ISBN 9780-80107-2062 Whether its overt erotica or just commonly oversexualized depictions of women, media images present a strong challenge to male purity; helps men, single or married, understand the true purpose and role of sex in their lives; suggested companion read: Crisis in Masculinity

Every Mans Battle

Stephen Arterburn Fred Stoeker with Mike Yorkey ISBN 9780-30745-7974 Encouraging accounts of men who have resisted the allures of pornography, fornication and adultery; details practical strategies for Christian men who have fallen, those trying to escape, others hoping to avoid temptation; a separate section offers women insights to male sexuality; workbook included


John & Stasi Eldredge ISBN 9781-40020-0382 The companion to Wild at Heart reveals the core desires women share: to be romanced, to play an irreplaceable role in a grand adventure and to unveil beauty; invites women to recover their feminine heart and encourages men to delight in the beauty and strength women were created to offer

The Four Loves

C. S. Lewis ISBN 9780-15632-9309 Warmly personal reflections on the virtues and weaknesses of relationships involving Affection, Friendship, Eros and Charity (agape); Lewis candidly explores questions of sex, possessiveness, jealousy, pride, false sentimentality, good and bad manners in loving and the need for more laughter between lovers; highly recommended

Wild at Heart

John Eldredge ISBN 9781-40020-0399 Considers the haunting boyhood question, Do I have what it takes?; tells both young and mature men how to stop projecting a fake persona to prove their adequacy and instead walk tall as a secure, accepted son of God with a revived masculine heart, listening to the Fathers voice and following His lead towards battle, beauty and adventure; suggested companion read: Crisis in Masculinity

Real Sex: The Naked Truth About Chastity

Lauren F. Winner, Ph.D. ISBN 9781-58743-1975 Confronts cultural lies about sex and how it is talked about in the Church; building on the thinking of Wendell Berry, the Duke University Christian spirituality professor calls both the married and single to a new understanding of Christian chastity, reflecting their conversion and amendment of life; discussion guide; recommended by John Yates

Intended for Pleasure

Ed Wheat, M.D. & Gaye Wheat ISBN 9780-80071-9371 A primer for enjoying fuller intimacy in the Christian marriage bed; the honeymoon; how to increase and time sexual responses; how to improve conditions for impregnation; sex during pregnancy; birth-control methods; sex after 60, 70, 80; impotence; STDs; subject, Scripture indexes; illustrated

Crisis in Masculinity

Leanne Payne ISBN 9780-80105-3207 A foundational text for understanding true biblical masculinity (as compared to mere maleness) and its proper functioning in both genders; Payne uses case histories from her healing prayer ministry to explore the causes of and remedies for unaffirmed or repressed masculine traits in children and adults; strongly recommended for parents, newlyweds

The Broken Image

Leanne Payne ISBN 9780-80105-3344 Different case histories drawn from Paynes healing ministry demonstrate how listening prayer guided by the Holy Spirit can cure men and women of unwanted homosexuality; explores the non-sexual roots of psychosexual identity problems and dysfunction

Can Homosexuality Be Healed?

Francis MacNutt, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-80079-4095 Presents a compassionate understanding of the biblical and social issues, practical advice for anyone seeking personal freedom from unwanted impulses or help for another; case history; MacNutt has ministered at TFC; recommended by Nicholas Lubelfeld

The Healing Presence

Leanne Payne ISBN 9780-80105-3481 Explores sexual healing via listening prayer through an understanding of incarnational reality, diseased introspection, symbolism and the true imagination, more; exposes and debunks several Freudian and Jungian falsehoods; case histories, suggested prayers; recommended by Bob Ragan

The Complete Christian Guide to Understanding Homosexuality

Joe Dallas & Nancy Heche, D.Min. ISBN 9780-73692-5075 A goto handbook for families, church workers, counselors, anyone struggling with unwanted samesex attraction; is it immoral?; genetic?; incurable?; gay marriage, parenting and adoption; how to respond constructively to a loved one who comes out, more

A Parents Guide to Preventing Homosexuality

Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D. & Linda Ames Nicolosi ISBN 9780-83082-3796 Describes the significant factors contributing to a fully-developed sense of masculinity or femininity; ex-homosexual men and women reveal what was missing from their childhoods; suggests how parents can help their child develop a healthy gender identity; suggested companion read: Crisis in Masculinity


Biography & Nonfiction

Faith Under Fire
Andrew White ISBN 9781-85424-9623 The persecution of our people is far worse than anything we read about in the Bible. Despite these atrocities, we are such a happy church. After 13 years as Anglican Vicar of Baghdad, Canon White is a changed man; though diagnosed with MS, he serves the spiritual and material needs of his beleaguered parish, enduring frequent Islamist attacks and murders, often relying upon supernatural help; photos

Praying the News

Wendy Griffith & Craig von Buseck ISBN 9780-83075-9262 The CBN News reporter/co-anchor and colleague relate true accounts of how men and women, inspired by the Holy Spirit, have influenced events by means of effectual fervent prayer (James 5:16; suggested strategies for responding to fearsome headlines, dire predictions and the everyday uncertainties of life, as well as for spiritual revival; resource list

Eric Metaxas ISBN 9781-59555-2464 German pastor-theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer forfeited his promising career by becoming a double agent hanged by the Nazis at age 39 for plotting to murder the Fhrer; Was he a reckless dissident or a modern martyr who paid the ultimate cost of discipleship? Metaxas reveals new facts about the young man whose life story continues to intrigue and inspire; photos; foreword by Timothy Keller; recommended by Dean Miller

Basic Christian: The Inside Story of John Stott

Little Princes
Conor Grennan ISBN 9780-06193-0058 After volunteering at a Nepalese orphanage, Grennan learned the kids had living parents who had unwittingly paid evil human traffickers posing as benefactors to move their poor child to a better location; with the fellow volunteer (now his wife) who brought him to Christ, he today reunites Hindi and Buddhist parents with their kids in a country where children are often traded as sexual and labor commodities; photos

All the Way to Heaven

Elizabeth Sherrill ISBN 9780-80075-8721 The best-selling Guideposts writer and biographer vividly describes her unexpected faith journey to an abiding awareness of Gods love and presence; how the troubling notions of her Unitarian upbringing were dispelled by surprising answers to prayer, her discovery of liturgical worship, more; A modern Pilgrims Progress that I believe will become an inspirational classic Brother Andrew

Roger Steer ISBN 9780-83083-8462 Steer examines Stotts longstanding global influence on believers thinking and conduct, his spiritual formation and signal achievements as Anglican scholar, Bible expositor, pastor and teacher plus his occasional differences with others; also describes Stotts private life as an avid birder and confirmed bachelor; photos

Hand to Hand: From Combat to Healing

Nigel W. D. Mumford with Caroline Temple ISBN 9780-89869-5359 A former Royal British Marine commando tells how witnessing his sisters divine healing led him from training men to kill with their bare hands to laying his own hands on the sick in Jesus name and seeing them miraculously cured; his troubled conversion experiences and surprising healing discoveries; suggested prayers; Mumford has ministered at TFC; suggested companion read: his second book, The Forgotten Touch

Expecting Miracles

Heidi Baker, Ph.D. & Rolland Baker, Ph.D., et al. ISBN 9780-80079-4347 These missionary field dispatches tell of the blind seeing, the lame walking, the deaf hearing, the dead being raised and the poor having the good news preached to them with signs following; this material is potentially lifechanging for anyone dissatisfied with feeblish Western churchianity; photos; suggested companion read: the Bakers extraordinary first book, Always Enough

The Heavenly Man

Brother Yun with Paul Hattaway 9781-59856-3924 / 0-78991-3127 (Spanish) The author, with his wife and others, tells of his teenaged conversion and miraculous spiritual formation during the Sixties Cultural Revolution, their intensely persecuted work in China as house church leaders, his supernatural release from prison, more; how Chinese Christians are taking the gospel back to Jerusalem; photos

The Shadow of His Wings

Gereon Goldmann, O.F.M. ISBN 9780-89870-7748 A German Franciscans astounding chronicle of inconceivable ordeals and accomplishments during and after the Nazi era: youth, seminary, conscription into Himmlers SS, irregular ordination, covert ministry to Wehrmacht infantry, French imprisonment in North Africa, more; how God fulfilled a nuns implausible prophecies about him against all odds, miraculously answered his prayers and rescued him more than once from imminent death; photos, author illustrations

The Hiding Place

Corrie ten Boom with Elizabeth & John Sherrill ISBN 9780-80079-4057 During the German occupation of Holland in WWII, nearly 800 persecuted Jews were aided by this spinster watchmaker and her Christian family before they were betrayed and exiled to Nazi slave labor and death camps; horrific events ensued but also miracles; she alone survived to travel the world telling how, in all circumstances, Jesus is Victor; grippingly suspenseful and moving; photos

End of the Spear

Steve Saint ISBN 0-84238-488X / 0-78991-4565 (Spanish) When Saint was five, his missionary father was speared to death by Stone Age tribesmen in an Ecuadorian jungle; in 1995 he returned with his own family to live with the tribe as the adopted son of his fathers murderer; a glorious story of forgiveness and redemption that also tells how the gospel has come to be perceived and believed by one of Earths most primitive societies; photos; also a feature film

50 People Every Christian Should Know

Warren W. Wiersbe ISBN 9780-80107-1942 Charles H. Spurgeon, George Mller, Oswald Chambers, Fanny Crosby, Amy Carmichael, Jonathan Edwards, Hudson Taylor, 43 more; spiritual struggles are not new, and the stories of those who have gone before can help lead the way to ones own victories; bibliographies

Secret Places, Hidden Sanctuaries

Stephen Klimczuk & Gerald Warner ISBN 9781-40276-2079 Many once-private, often pseudo-religious enclaves of unobserved rituals and relationships have attracted recent interest; the authors reveal the true origins and doings of sects and sites from Rennes-le-chteau, Rosslyn Chapel and the Rosicrucians to Wewelsburg Castle, Skull & Bones and undisclosed locations; A compelling travelogue Touchstone

Eternity in Their Hearts

Don Richardson ISBN 9780-83073-8373 An intriguing analysis of how the followers of numerous indigenous folk religions were divinely influenced by their various pagan archetypes, beliefs or legends to comprehend and believe the gospel of Christs atonement when it eventually reached them; suggests how todays missionaries can make similar connections; study questions

John Yatess Personal Recommendations

The Call
Os Guinness, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-84994-4376 Why am I here? What is Gods call on my life? How do I fit Gods call with my individuality? How should it affect my career, my plans for the future, my concepts of success?; suitable for individual or group study; Guinness has preached at TFC


William C. Placher (Ed.) ISBN 9780-80282-9276 This unprecedented anthology gathers select passages on work and vocation from the greatest writers in Christian history (Aristotle, Berry, Cather, Day, Dillard, Homer, Lewis, Merton, Milton, Tolstoy, Wordsworth, et al.), demonstrating how the distilled wisdom of such saints, preachers, theologians and teachers remains relevant to Christians today; suggested companion read: Leading Lives That Matter: What We Should Do and Who We Should Be, Schwehn & Bass (Eds.)


Ben Witherington, III, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-80286-5410 The Asbury Theological Seminary NT professor considers work as neither the curse nor the cure of human life but something good that God has given us to do; explores our works relationship to rest, play, worship, the normal cycle of human life and the coming Kingdom of God, with vocational insights gleaned from Genesis to Revelation

Counterfeit Gods

Timothy Keller, D.Min ISBN 9780-52595-1360 An extremely insightful and helpful study of how modern man misplaces his trust; makes the sin of idolatry relevant and understandable; my wife and I read and marked the same copy twice, discussing it in depth several times, sharing how it spoke to and convicted us in various ways

To Change the World

James Davison Hunter, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-19973-0803 I have read and then re-read this fascinating analysis of how Christians can most effectively work to make the world a better place; the author of Culture Wars has long pondered the question of how gospel people can most strategically serve Christ in the world to have the most positive impact; Hunters cultural analysis and way of thinking are full of wisdom: his view of faithful presence is a powerful vision in an age when so many Christian political strategists on the left and the right have been so misguided


Don Cousins ISBN 9781-43476-8087 This former staff member of Willow Creek Church describes the basic but lifechanging lessons of faith we all have to learn if we are going to experience fully the kind of life that is an unexplainable advertisement for God; Cousins talks about fundamental shifts from the inside out, from a temporal to eternal perspective, from mine to His, etc.


Laura Hillenbrand ISBN 9781-40006-4168 The unlikely story of Louis Zamperini, a defiant boy who became an Olympic athlete, WWII airman and Japanese prisoner of war before learning humility and forgiveness in Christ; an instructive saga about the value of affirming human dignity; photos

C. FitzSimons Allison ISBN 9781-60608-5554 Bp. Fitz Allison has given us a huge gift with this analysis of contemporary culture in light of the 1st Century encounter between the gospel, Sadduceeism and Phariseeism; he looks at Anglicanism, modern art and contemporary theology through the eyes of a seasoned Anglican pastor and apologist; noone understands our contemporary church or culture better; he has preached at TFC; Os Guinness says, I started this book in an armchair and finished it on my kneesit is a rich treasurya profound and moving testimony to the wonder of the gospel and Gods grace

Trust in an Age of Arrogance

Christopher J. H. Wright, Ph.D. ISBN 9780-31027-5466 The Anglican author (Old Testament scholar and director of John Stotts worldwide Langham Trust ministries) grapples with the often-discouraging problems of evil, suffering, the enigmatic God of OT barbarities and much more; Chris has preached at TFC; foreword by John Stott

The God I Dont Understand