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NOV 2007 ~ Volume 9, Issue 20 [San Diego / Los Angeles]
Advent of the Bhagavad-gita
hursday, DEC 20rd, we are going to

T celebrate the advent of the Bhagavad-

gita, the day when Sri Krishna spoke
Bhagavad-gita to Arjuna. As per tradition, on
this day we will make the Bhagavad-gita, and
a few other titles, available to one and all for
the printing cost only, even to those who are
not Sastra Dana members. The goal is to
sponsor as many Bhagavad-gitas as pos-
sible and thus commemorate this important
event in a very glorious way.

Please see below the list of available titles.

You have an option to distribute the books

that you sponsor or we can distribute them
on your behalf.

Yes, I would like to sponsor!(Orders must be submitted by midnight December 23, 2007)

Bhagavad-gita (hard) (1 copy= $4.25) (1 case or 12 copies= $51.00) Qty.:______________

Bhagavad-gita (soft) (1 copy= $1.80) (1 case or 50 copies= $90.00) Qty.:______________
Bhagavad-gita Museum DVD(1 copy= $5.00) (1 case or 70 copies= $350.00) Qty.:_____________
Library of Vedic Culture CD(1 copy= $3.00) (1 case or 100 copies= $300.00) Qty.:____________
Journey of Self Discovery (1 copy= $2.10) (1 case or 24 copies= $50.40) Qty.:______________
Quest for Enlightenment (1 copy= $2.10) (1 case or 24 copies= $50.40) Qty.:______________
Beyond Illusion & Doubt (1 copy= $2.15) (1 case or 24 copies= $51.60) Qty.:______________
Science of Self Realiz. Soft(1 copy= $1.65) (1 case or 72 copies= $118.80) Qty.:_____________
Path of Perfection (1 copy= $0.75) (1 case or 110 copies= $82.50) Qty.:_____________
Sri Isopanisad (1 copy= $0.60) (1 case or 176 copies= $107.60) Qty.:____________
Intro. to Bhagavad-gita (1 copy= $0.38) (1 case or 220 copies= $83.60) Qty.:_____________
Bhakti (1 copy= $0.38) (1 case or 400 copies= $152.00) Qty.:____________
Civilization & Transcendance(1 copy= $0.38) (1 case or 200 copies= $76.00) Qty.:_____________
Spanish Bhagavad-gita Hard (1 copy= $6.60) (1 case or 10 copies= $66.00) Qty.:______________
Spanish Easy Journey (1 copy= $0.38) (1 case or 200 copies= $76.00) Qty.:_____________

Do you want us to distribute the books on your behalf?________________________

Please send this form with your check to:

ISKCON - Sastra Dana, 1030 Grand Ave., San Diego, CA 92109
ISKCON - Sastra Dana, 3764 Watseka Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034
Email: <>, office: (858) 272-8263; cell: (310) 895-0104.

Your name:____________________________________________________________________
Your address:__________________________________________________________________
Your phone #:______________________ E.mail:______________________________________
Books Make
Great Gifts! ► December is the time of giving gifts. Are you wondering
what to give to your friends, coleagues, business partners,
relatives, and everyone else? Wonder no more. Give Srila
Prabhupada's books to one and all. What could be a better
gift then a book about Krishna consciousness?

► Giving gifts and charity is greatly beneficial. Acording to

the Vedas, charitable works made with faith and with law-
fully-earned money, procure endless rewards. For example
it is said that a giver of water obtains the satisfaction of his
hunger and thirst, a giver of food imperishable happiness, a
giver of land obtains land, a giver of gold long life, a giver of
a house most excellent mansions, a giver of silver exquisite
beauty, a giver of grain eternal bliss. BUT, a giver of the
Veda obtains spiritual world. The gift of the Veda surpasses
all other gifts, in spiritual and material merits.

► Make yours and others' lives successful: order lots of

books today!

Dangerous Book
Excerpt from a talk walked into the compart- I was
giving by His Holiness ment and gave him a Krsna some-
Indradyumna Swami book. He looked at her for where
a moment, then he took the nearby,

remembered how Krsna book, and he was so and
once we were doing strong that he tore it almost someone
a Christmas mara- in half. Then he threw it on came
thon in Paris and we the ground, stood up, and to get
would send our devotees began stomping on it. She me. So
to the train stations. The broke down in tears. And he I came,
girls particularly would go was such a demon that he and we
on the trains and distribute grabbed her and dragged had to
books to the people just her by her hair through the carry her
before the train left. As the compartment and literally back to
train started to go, they threw her off the train. The the tem-
would jump off. One young train had just started, and he ple. And
French girl, small girl, very threw her off the train. She we were cursing that man. read the rest of it go to
pretty girl, very delicate dislocated her shoulder, and We were cursing him. Still, it
girl, I remember she was she had blood coming from was the marathon, and she
a very good book distribu- her hair down her neck. She was back on the marathon
tor, and she happened to landed on her face. She had four days later. (...)
approach a man on the this bruise for weeks. I think
train in a compartment. She she fractured a bone there. STORY CONTINUES. To
1,316 books!!! have been placed in
the following institutions:
Los Angeles Sponsors:
5783 / Plat it Again Dports / 3302 E. Yorba Linda Blvd. /
Jay Krishna Dasa $410.00 5784 / Dario’s Deli & Pizza / 1450 N. Kramer Blvd. / Placentia
5785 / Mama Papa’s New York Pizza / 3228 E. Yorba Linda
Advaita C Dasa & Sita T Dasi $177.00 Blvd. / Placentia
Cesar O. Lopez $30.00 5786 / Dr. R. Vermillion - Optometrist / 1428 N. Kramer Blvd. /
Jiten Patel $5.00 Placentia
5787 / Hair Concept / 1430 N. Kramer Blvd. / Placentia
TOTAL: $622.00 5788 / Diane’s Tailoring / 1422 N. Kramer Blvd. / Placentia
5789 / Angeles Nails Spa / 1418 N. Kramer Blvd. / Placentia
5790 / Edward Jones Financial Adviser / 1412 N. Kramer Blvd.
/ Placentia
San Diego Sponsors: 5791 / Nails & Spa / 1370 N. Kramer Blvd. / Placentia
5792 / Olsen Family Dentistry / 1320 N. Kramer Blvd. /
Jivananda Dasa $151.00 5793 / Kutting Edge Salon / 1360 N. Kramer Blvd. / Placentia
5794 / The Vegan Joint / 10438 National Blvd. / Los Angeles
Rangavati Devi Dasi $90.88 5797 / Peoples OB Whole Foods / 10438 National Blvd. / Los
Pedro $50.00 Angeles
Dharmasetu Dasa $31.00 5798 / Palm Springs Liquor / 10438 National Blvd. / Los
Rukmini Priya Devi Dasi $20.00 5799 / Peoples OB Whole Foods / 10438 National Blvd. / Los
Brian Bailey $5.00 Angeles
5800 / Palm Springs Liquor / 4301 Palm Ave. / La Mesa
TOTAL: $347.88 5801 / 4.0 Deli / 5844 Montezuma Rd. / San Diego
5802 / Peoples OB Whole Foods / 5844 Montezuma Rd. / San
5803 / Peoples OB Whole Foods / 5844 Montezuma Rd. / San
GRAND TOTAL: $969.88 Diego
5804 / Peoples OB Whole Foods / 5844 Montezuma Rd. / San
5805 / Peoples OB Whole Foods / 5844 Montezuma Rd. / San
*Your donations are tax deductible. 5806 / Peoples OB Whole Foods / 5844 Montezuma Rd. / San
Contact us for receipts. Diego
5807 / SIPZ Vegetarian Bowl / 5844 Montezuma Rd. / San
5808 / SIPZ Vegetarian Bowl / 5844 Montezuma Rd. / San

SPONSOR Book Distribution:
Tel.: (310) 895-0104
To learn more about the
Sastra Dana program visit 1030 Grand Ave., San Diego, CA 92109 (or)
3764 Watseka Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034