From this seminar conducted by the course of international relations today on December 20, 2011 in the hall of the building

of social and political science faculty, then I can summarize it and delivered on this discussion. The title of the seminar is "The development of the African Union Indonesia". Prior to the outcome of the seminar yesterday, then I will tell you that "What is the African Union". The African Union is an organization composed of countries - countries that are on the African continent. Vision and Mission of the African Union is as follows:

VISION Being "An institution that efficient and value-added driving African integration and development process in close collaboration with the African Union Member States, Regional Economic Communities and African citizen". 1


1. Respect for diversity and teamwork; 1 2. Think of Africa above all, 1 3. Transparency and accountability; 1 4. Integrity and impartiality; 1 5. Efficiency and professionalism, and 1 6. Information and knowledge sharing. 1

1. (Accessed on 24/12/11, 14:50 pm)

Ambassador Suprapto Martosetomo say that Africa is not a traditional market for Indonesia that has not been explored.The results of the seminar yesterday was as follows: The presence of African Union could be a modality for Indonesia. the father Suprapto said that Indonesia's relationship with Africa has been running since centuries . distributive channels. the nomination in various international organizations and marketing of Indonesian products quality at affordable prices.D Professor Zainuddin said that Indonesia has the opportunity to enter the African market opportunities with non-traditional technology.1%. NEPAD (New Economic Partnership for African Development) is one of the African continent bagiu container to encourage the economic growth of 3% to 6. In other words. which is supported by the mobile providers. Primarily. the presence of several representatives of Indonesia in Africa is needed to provide economic opportunities that benefit businesses Indonesia to more aggressively enter the African market. According to other sources of faculty from UI FISIP Djaffar Ph. markets and a population of nearly 1 billion million inhabitants.centuries ago when the sailors Indonesia yachting to Zanzibar and Madagascar and continued until the 20th century with a spirit of anti-colonialism. African region into opportunities for the future of Indonesia given the natural resources. Relations are increasingly strengthened with the establishment of the New Asia-Africa Strategic Partnership (NAASP) in 2005. a light touch regulatory framework for Africa's capital markets are still experiencing are underdeveloped. According to the sources of the Expert Staff of the Economic and Social Cultural Foreign Ministry. And in saying terkahirnya he said that. .

Indonesia" 20th December 2011 Name NIM Majoring : Eko Budianto Nugroho : F1I011006 : International Relations Social and Politik Science Faculty University of Jendral Soedirman .REVIEW THE RESULT OF SEMINAR "The development of the African Union .

TUGAS MAKALAH “PERMASALAHAN – PERMASALAHAN BANGSA INDONESIA” NamA NIM Prodi : Eko Budianto Nugroho : F1I011006 : Hubungan Internasional Fakultas Ilmu Sosial Dan Politik Universitas Jendral Soedirman .

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