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Connected with AT&T Network Client but unable to access all or parts of the IBM Network
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End-User Text Symptom: I am able to connect with the AT&T Network Client but unable to access all or parts of IBM Network.

Resolution: 1. Reboot the system and try to reconnect with the AT&T Network Client. 2. If the problem persists, set the AGN Adapter priority to the highest level by referring to scenario 1 in the solution for Setting the network adapter priority to resolve DNS issues. 3. If the problem persists, follow the SSL Setup instructions NOTE: SSL is the preferred method when connecting from hotels and customer sites. 4. If the problem persists, follow the IPSec Setup instructions. NOTE: IPSec is the preferred method when connecting from home. 5. If the problem persists, uncheck the UDP setting in AT&T by referring to the solution How to turn off UDP. 6. If the problem persists, change the VPN MTU size in AT&T by referring to the solution Adjusting the MTU size. 7. If the problem persists, create a new profile by referring to the procedure for Creating a new AT&T Network Client profile 8. If the problem persists, download and install the latest IBM Core Policy Import file for SCF from the IBM Virus CERT site. 9. If the problem persists, refer to the solution Verifying that TCP/IP Network Settings are Configured for DHCP 10. If the problem persists, refer to the solution Ensure the Windows Firewall is Disabled. 11. If the problem persists, check to see if you have any VPN software installed via add/remove programs. (eg. Cisco VPN, Juniper or Checkpoint client) If so, remove it, reboot. 12. If the problem persists, re-install the Symantec Firewall. (SCF, SCS, or SEP) 13. If the problem persists, open the control panel then network connections. Right click on the AGN virtual adapter, select properties. UN-Check 'LPX Protocol' and 'IBM Personal Communications LLC2 Driver'. Click OK. 14. If the problem persists and you can not reach your notes server, refer to the solution Troubleshooting Lotus Notes server access errors. 15. If the problem persists, refer to the Procedure for Uninstalling and Reinstalling the AT&T Network Client.

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12/18/2011 2:04 PM

ibm. This article was the answer to my frustrations at this client. (On 26 Sep 2011 08:47 AM . (On 03 Nov 2010 03:46 PM .ibm.... I cannot access etc).Version: 26) This document precisely describes the problem I had from one location only.Version: 25) Thank (e..Version: 25) Hello Hardik.. (On 06 Dec 2011 08:07 AM .com were not working.. ITHC covers only the versions currently supported. (On 28 Jun 2011 05:49 PM .. Ivonne Ramlow said . (On 10 Nov 2010 09:11 AM glad to hear you got it working. (On 15 Nov 2010 04:54 AM .Version: 27) Thank you so much... AGN adapter priority. Thanks SEAN 26) Could you update this and the related articles for those of us using the newer version of AT&T network client v8... Harrison S. Martin Dirk Schneider said . I can access all sites that start with w3. No one understood my issue and the Helpdesk could not help me either when I opened a ticket.. w3. Ivonne Ramlow said ..... (On 24 Jan 2011 04:57 AM . (On 19 Oct 2011 02:38 AM . Furland said . Added as #15. was the fix... HARDIK DAVE said .Version: 24) I tried all 12 steps (and IBM helpdesk had me repeat a few).com or w3... (On 24 Jan 2011 04:53 AM ...Version: 25) Hello Martin. (On 12 Sep 2011 04:57 PM .. there are a few other reasons that can lead to an issue like when connecting from outside of an IBM office using AT&T Net Client. select E.. UN-Check 'LPX Protocol' and 'IBM Personal Communications LLC2 Driver'... Document comments 12 Results found. (On 11 Nov 2010 11:46 PM . ATT level 2 support had me do the following which solved my problem: Open the control panel then network connections..g...Version: 25) You might want to reference the other authoritative document about the subject here: http://d02ntcl02... May want to include this in the write up. Any other options? Christian Ronchi said .Version: 25) -- HARDIK DAVE said .ibm.Version: 25) I am not able to access any IBM intranet sites which don't start with w3.Version: 25) Good right up.Version: 26) Hello Harrison.. As per rollout is planned for newer version we will update.. (On 20 Dec 2010 10:13 AM . Problem solved! 2 of 3 12/18/2011 2:04 PM . (On 01 Oct 2010 08:11 AM . Huan Shi said ... (On 15 Nov 2010 12:48 PM .......Version: 25) useful tips! Ivonne Ramlow said .Version: 26) Thanks for your feedback and (On 04 Oct 2011 04:47 AM .IBM Helpdesk http://d02ntcl02. It was very frustrating to be at the client and be the only IBMer who could not fully connect back into IBM... but in my case step 1-5 did not help.. Brunton said .com/Content /View/d61906bd-43bb-4b5d-91a0-17b1b1e14b64/troubleshooting_lotus_notes_server_access_errors Please see my comment (#29) on that page for another solution that I was advised to try by local deskside support.... Meraj Amin said .ibm.......... Ivonne Ramlow said Placing the AGN virtual net work adapter on top resolved my issue..Version: 25) Thank you. My issue was that I could connect to most of IBM intranet but some web site from Torolab and tap.. WILBUR said . The Helpdesk should be able to assist in performing a more detailed problem determination which might lead to the resolution of you problem Thomas D..3003? These directions do not cover how to change settings in this client.. Tahsin ROUF said .tap. Results per page 10 20 1 2 | Next Johnny Heath said . In hindsight the clue was the Internet Provider stating the page could not be found rather than a message from IBM.Version: 25) Hi Tahsin. (On 23 Jun 2011 11:21 AM . Right click on the AGN virtual Maybe you want to add it here also.Version: 25) -- Ivonne Ramlow said . Keeper said .. Action 8.. quick and immediately apparent fix for this problem... (On 19 Jan 2011 05:01 AM .. I updated the solution and moved the adapter priority solution on top of the list. Also the fix you mentioned is already listed in step 8... I have tried most the steps above and none of them seem to work. I wondered if this would be better placed at the top of the listing as it was a very simple. J.... but only after much time spent trying variations of AT&T setup. For example.... This solved my problem at a new client site.. Click OK..

. (On 05 Oct 2010 06:00 AM .com/Content/View/6028a84d-fcd0-4a6c-abc6-1faa5. Ivonne Ramlow said . Results per page 10 20 1 2 | Next Footer links Terms of use 3 of 3 12/18/2011 2:04 PM ...IBM Helpdesk http://d02ntcl02. I added as solution 24) Hello Thomas.... Thanks 12 Results found.