List of investment banks ABN AMRO BNP Paribas Baillie Gifford Barclays Capital (BarCap) Cheyne Capital Citi

Credit Suisse Deutsche Bank Dresdner Kleinwort Fidelity International Goldman Sachs ING Group JPMorgan KBC Bank Lehman Brothers M&G Investments Macquarie Marshall Wace Martin Currie Investment Management Merrill Lynch Mizuho Financial Group Morgan Stanley Morley Fund Management Rothschild Tibra UBS Watson Wyatt Worldwide

Barclays Capital: £37k basic salary, £8k golden handshake = £45k Greenhill: 39+10 = 49! Gleacher Shacklock: 37+8 = 45 Citi: 37+6 = 43 Deutsche: 36+6 = 42 ABN Amro: 37+4 = 41 Goldman Sachs: 35+5 = 40 McKinsey: 35+5 = 40



I had my AC a week ago and just want to help others out. I applied Client Coverage Graduate role, Barclays Corporate.

Interview:Basically prepare for examples on each of these competencies:-

well structured solutions • Understands end to end operational processes /Thinks outside the box PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT • Responsible for team members being motivated and committed • Understands the importance of giving. It’s easier than the ones I did online. This should not be too bad. (Go through percentages. open and honest feedback/Willingly participates in feedback activities in order to assist others with personal development • Actively manages poor performance appropriately/Effectively manages own development • Is aware of development opportunities COMMUNICATION AND INFLUENCE • Is fluent in English and demonstrate excellent verbal written communications across different audiences and channels • Articulates point of view and team direction in a clear and consistent way • Demonstrates the ability to challenge when driving points of view • Builds consensus across team effectively • Demonstrates resilience in difficult situations TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE • Candidate shows evidence of undertaking personal research on Barclays Corporate • Business acumen and common sense demonstrated when considering how our business functions For technical knowledge you get asked what challenges do Barclays face? (Also prepare for what challenges Barclays Corporate face? It will look very good if you have a good answer for this too just in case you get asked) How does Barclays Corporate make money? (For example the loans it provides to clients and so on) How does Barclays cooperate fit in with rest of Barclays and can Barclays corporate client use other services at Barclays? (Think about what services Barclays wealth provides and other areas of Barclays which can help Barclay’s corporate clients) Numerical test:- 35 questions in 35 minutes.CLIENT / CUSTOMER FOCUS • Ensures business unit answers queries and processes requirements accurately in order to meet client/customer needs • Ensures business unit takes pride in resolving client/customer queries professionally in order to create a positive client/customer experience • Demonstrates a high level of product knowledge and customer service DELIVER SOLUTIONS • Actively participates in team based problem solving within team. listening to and acting on constructive. If necessary do not hesitate to ask the assessor “I’m not too sure how this example question has been . One very good tip here is to try and fully understand the example questions you do. Some of the questions in the test follow the same format as the example questions. ratios and the usual stuff). There are 3 example questions you do before you start the 35 test questions. contributing towards solution delivery • Evaluates analysis to draw conclusions and develop insightful recommendations and solutions • Delivers high quality.

Befit is basically a diverse . which are doing very well. this may be expensive. he’s considering a merger with a German airline company called RhineAir. and a few more emails). can you explain this please?” They are more than happy to help you with the example questions. (Divide this folder and go through it excluding a lot of the un necessary information). (When you’re doing this exercise you will get emails saying that Van der Bass in being sued in India (issues regarding naming rights with a phone company). In this exercise you get a Barclays Corporate folder which basically explains the services that Barclays corporate provides.worked out. (There were a few more points but I cannot remember them) Background information:- Roger lavender (an ex rugby league player who had to retire due to injury) has established a set of gyms in the UK. So we accepted this booklet and so did the other groups at my ac. Obviously they will not be able to help you with real test you do!!! Group excerise:- The aim of the group project is to do a presentation on whether Barclays Corporate (Who you are working for in this group project) should give Lavender Gyms a £15 million investment to merge with a company called Befit. He has already tried expanding Lavender gyms to America but this has not been very successful. and make suggestions how they can be overcome. A few things to think about when doing the exercise:- The owner of Befit is a character called Van der Baas. His working style is erratic and filled with many success and failures. will Lavender and Befit be able to pay Barclays the money back?) You need to also assess if the risks mentioned can be mitigated or overcome. He is basically putting in £5million of his own and wants Barclays to put in £15million too for this merger with Befit who basically have stores all round the world. 3) Opportunities in this deal 4) Further questions you may want to ask on this deal. also you get a rather colourful booklet regarding the finances and general overview of the companies Lavender Gyms and Befit. In the presentation you need to address the following points:1) Should Barclays Corporate give Lavender gyms the £15 million to invest? 2) What are the risks? (Consider when answering this. but the point to remember here is that you would rather spend £15000 and get all the research on the industry rather than spend £15 million on a market you’re not fully up to date on and which has potentially future problems (For example I remember the booklet said something about future gyms memberships going down). During the excise you will get sent an email asking whether you should purchase a research booklet costing £15000.

10 minutes for the presentation and 15 minutes for the question and answer session at the end. Befit is actually predicted to make a loss short term and gains long term. maybe 5%). The predicted short term future earnings of Befit do not look good. . You get an email saying that the chief financial operator of Befit has left. REMEMBER WHEN THE TIME HITS 30 MINUTES ON THE TIMER YOU AUTOMATICALLY LOSE 10 MINUTES SO MAKE YOU SURE YOU KEEP THIS “FUN” SURPRISE IN MIND!!! I’LL REPEAT THAT AGAIN. Van der Baas is charging a 10% royalty charge for associating his name with Lavender gyms but this is only for the initial few years. Her exact words were that many people try to make the deal work but its an uphill struggle to accept the deal and justify your reasons. The question and answer session isn’t bad just make sure everyone in the group actually says something and one person isn’t answering all the question. which is a low cost gym. Timing:- You are given 1 hour and 20 minutes for the group work and presentation. (Consider as Befit is so diverse will it be able to give Lavender gyms. REMEMBER WHEN THE TIME HITS 30 MINUTES ON THE TIMER YOU AUTOMATICALLY LOSE 10 MINUTES SO MAKE YOU SURE YOU KEEP THIS “FUN” SURPRISE IN MIND!!! Once you time is up your given 5 extra minutes to prepare (use this time to basically decide who presents what in the group). Final few points:My group decided to go against this deal. I later spoke to the assessors and they confirmed we made the right decision. Also maybe consider if there is room for Befit and Van der Bass to be a silent partner in this business deal. in the booklet you get about Befit and Lavender gyms you see that. (Consider possibly renegotiating this figure of 10% to a lower figure. Lavender gyms is a high market gym and its potential merger with Befit gym. He has not left to a competitor but he does have a lot of experience of working at Befit. enough time or will it be busy with their other businesses. poses questions on what brand image Lavender gyms are trying to portrait. Consider the benefits and negatives of this. So one of the questions you can possibly ask is how much involvement does Van der Bass want in this deal?). remember who is our client. Also think if you can use other areas of expertise from Barclays such as Barclays Wealth this would be a very good idea to suggest this as it shows your knowledge on Barclays as a whole.organisation which is involved in many industries. However individual Befit gyms round the world are predicted to do well each year.

.Also be ready for the assessors to literally STARE at you while you work. Peace and Love People. If anyone else needs anymore more help let me know. I think that was about it. this can be off putting but try and ignore them.

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