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Poetry Evaluation

10:04 AM

By: Dynafrom Wang

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Reminiscent of the Hippie culture that succeeded this song, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds describes
LSD drug culture. Personified by the extravagant images of the perplexing, and intriguing images of
marmalade skies, and tangerine trees, thus to create experiences pictured by metaphors, hyperboles,
and symbols. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds draws pictures of distortions of reality when one takes the
psychedelic trip of LSD.

One can imagine the gentle swaying of the boat is similar to your view of perception when using LSD, in
effect to compare your conception of space around you, and the rocking motion of a boat. "Picture
yourself in a boat on a river." Through this a metaphorical comparison can be made between the
motions of a boat and the momentum of you; on a boat, mental perception says you standing perfectly
still, whereas the boat is in motion, this causes confusion and nausea in your mind. "Tangerine trees
and marmalade skies." Distortions of images of nature or rather a complex imagination creates the
images of the exotic to ensure the listener is to become one with the experience.

The over exaggerated composition of the piece showing how exaggerated LSD causes to reality to
distort, "Cellophane flowers of yellow and green, Towering over your head." This shows the hyperbolic
scope of your sense of sight and perception of height and size. Everything is more pronounced which
further describes the trip of the psychedelic drug.

Kaleidoscope is a symbol for reflection of reality or complexity of ones creativity more pronounced
when hallucinating. "A girl with kaleidoscope eyes." The kaleidoscope in purpose is to reflect of light to
create images, but rather in this context, a reflection of reality when one looks through a kaleidoscope.
The effects of the kaleidoscope provide vision of objects or shapes that although one who is on LSD may
see, a normal sane person will not. This is symbolic since it is the point of reference for the main effect
of LSD which is hallucination.

Good Morning, Good Morning

This is a song of the progression of time. Inspired by the Kellogg's commercial the essential message is to
tell the listener to have a good morning. To accomplish this, a lot of emphasis was created by use of
repetition of the first word in verses. To begin, in the first three verses it seems to emphasize daily life as
being monotonous, "Nothing to do to save his life call his wife in...", but careful observation shows
typical thoughts and feelings of waking up to face the day. Following these verses, repetition of the
same prefix "Everybody knows there's nothing doing, Everything is closed it's like a ruin," creates a
effect to which the reader is conformed to or is already in fact related to everyone and everything in the
feeling of a morning.

"Going to work but don't want to go feeling low down." This paradox is significant in that it really relates
to the average worker and their thought and views of work, it contrasts in that you have to go to work,
but you don't want to. This creates the juxtaposition of the different clashes of motives or ethics in one's
daily life. But despite this as the song progresses (as time does also) the effect begins to wear off, and
rather you want to spend more time awake.

"Everything is closed it's like a ruin." To compare the infrastructure of life as a an entity to a ruin is a
simile which describes the cause and effect of time to a social life. Ruins are unsalvageable states of
dilapidation in which its previous primary function or use is no longer functional or useful. This is to say
that when there is nothing to do it seems as if all useful daily functions of life are brought to a halt since
nothing is accessible or practical for you or I. Yet with the ruin, life still goes on as demonstrated,
"Everyone you see is full of life." This shows the paradox between time, and life; when one is useless
moments ago, later becomes apart of a useful function

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A Day in the Life

This song is true to its own title in that it is a recount or recollection of events which unfold on any
particular day. The song is rather misleading at first without careful observation and analysis of the
meaning of words. "He blew his mind out in a car." This single verse alone creates sound imagery, visual
imagery, to create an explosive image. This is rather significant since the song is centered around the
use of drugs; the image shows only effect but not cause which mystifies readers. One possible outcome
was that the driver was stoned and had then caused an accident or didn't cause one at all to which we
can imagine alternate scenario he was blown out of the world (mentally).

"If he was from the House of Lords." This is a allusion to the parliament building of the UK. This was
developed further from the driver who had blown his mind. This is significant in that it shows a different
tone from the song writer by transcribing a different idea of perhaps a politician was under the influence
of drugs. This was significant at a time when drug use was not as popular of a topic or mainstream as it
is today.

"Smoke, Somebody spoke and I went into a dream." Alliteration was used here since it is the only verse
with obvious drug references. It's significant because the dream was really just a representation of
losing consciousness and control over yourself which references back to the driving verse. It is similar to
the first scene because the driver didn't notice the lights had changed which means he could have been
in a alter-conscious state.

Fixing a Hole

This is another song about drug culture again. The song describes the limitations of the mind and the
lack of understanding from those whom have not experienced it. "I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets
in, and stops my mind from wandering." This verse is a creative metaphor of the writer describing the
rain as an entity of suppression. This could be compared to negative views of drugs, or propaganda. It is
important because it is the explanation of why people can't get into the door because they disagree with
the ideas of and those who are in the room already.

"And it doesn't really matter if I'm wrong/ I'm right." This paradox is a contradiction of statements. This
creates a intriguing point since you are unsure of by whose standards or values is the writer right or
wrong. Interpretations could be that the writer believes that he right and is allowed to exercise his
freedom of thought, and do whatever he wants, whereas society believes he is wrong, and disagree with
his points. This answers the question to which they cannot enter the door, it's because they cannot live
with themselves agreeing with those they have always disagreed with.

The hole is a symbol of isolation, banishment, or integrity. "I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in" The
significance of the symbol is the cultural and social view of drugs are generally negative, as a result of
this many people become isolated from their peers or family, or banished (sent to jail), or even lose all
respect and integrity for when using a substance such as pot. The writer is simply describing that he
would wish to stop the ideas or propaganda since the writer respects his own integrity rather then
caring how individuals judge them, thus fixing the hole, creates a barricade against isolation,
banishment, and negative views.

Lovely Rita

Lovely Rita in short is a song about the writer getting a ticker from a meter maid which today is called a
parking enforcement officer. This song is in a sarcastic tune as it mocks the officer despite not making it
obvious at first. "Made her look a little like a military man." This is a simile comparison between the
officer and a military officer. This comparison comes off the authority figure that she exuded, which
really pronounced her to be a authoritative figure, but this satirical identity sets itself up for failure when
the writer seduces her.

"When it gets dark I tow your heart away." Through the use of sound imagery by the towing action and
the visual imagery, you can grasp an idea that the writer is attempting for a more romantic route. The
dark is when a lot of car accidents happen (to create the image) and by towing her heart away he is
essentially collecting her emotions, and love with him. The dark is also a symbol of hidden intentions.
This is also important since in other verses he begins to reveal what would of been his true intentions,

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This is also important since in other verses he begins to reveal what would of been his true intentions,
"Took her home I nearly made it, Sitting on the sofa with a sister or two."

"When I caught a glimpse of Rita." This is a allusion to the theory which developed much later of Paul
McCartney being dead. Essentially it is Rita who had distracted Paul which caused him to crash his car
and killed himself. Although this was not written with this intention, it is important because this is the
song which plays an important role for the theory of the death of Paul McCartney.

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