Dear Students, Please see attached writing topics. Choose one of the topic and do the following: 1.

Make a mind mapping about the topic you chosen. (10 points) 2. write an essay at least 250 words. (20 points) 3. Submit it in our portal. Your work will be submitted to turn it in, make sure you did not allow anybody to copy your work. For those who did not present in class, be ready to present you essay in class. Present your mind mapping about the essay and prepare power point presentation on your selected topic. People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Mind map:
1. Learning 2. Having more knowledge 3. Good rank 4. Have scientific degree 5. Gain experience 6. Become employable 7. Obtain better salary 8. Get promoted 9. High living standards 10. Show off

Introduction : There are many reasons behind the increasing number of college or university attendants . Some of them seek good career in his life and some would like to have better knowledge while others attend university for increasing their experiences . The recent decades have witnessed an increase in the number of the students who enroll in the college or university in most of the world countries. It has been a phenomena that needs detailed study since the reasons behind such attitude are different . Some people get access to the university to obtain experience as they think that having more study in certain filed in the university will increase their knowledge and consequently they strive at their study to achieve as much knowledge as they can. Most of them continue in the post graduate studies and achieve diplomas and PHD as well. Other people believe that the current world requires high graduates only. As business have been more technology based which implies a university graduates who are aware of the business status and they believe that employers accept highly skilled graduates only who have college experience and are university gradates. Preparation for career motivates most of people to obtain university degree. On the other hand, there are people who get access to college with the aim of improving their life standards. They may be employees and want to get promotions or find another job . They don’t have money problems and in many cases they are motivated from their managers and employers to continue their study . it is clear that the new leaders at work believe that employees empowerment and experience is very essential in at work as it will maximum the profits and reduce cost . In some cases , it a matter of sowing off as students get envied of the elders and from their relatives who are college graduate. They decide to get a university degree to be proud and avoid lame of the others.

Conclusion : Getting access to the university and having degrees is a better thing what ever the reasons behind that. Those who seek experience will be of great benefit for them selves and the community. Those who aspire good career life will have better job opportunities and finally those who want knowledge from specialized source will be able to change the world.

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